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Chapter 26


"Are you sure, Lover? Because I can't even express just how much I'd love to see that bastard squirm," I ask for what must be the hundredth time as I press the cool ice pack to my love's tiny, swollen fist as she sits between Godric and I on the sofa, the three of us having left the bar shortly after Sookie's apparent parking lot showdown.

"I said I took care of it, Eric," she sighs out, looking down to where Godric is trailing his fingers over the blossoming, purple bruises now marring her golden flesh. His normally tranquil, emerald eyes flash with momentary rage before he's sending her a sympathetic gaze.

"But Sookie," Godric tries, earning a firm headshake from our headstrong love.

"No, it's alright, really; I'm alright," she answers back softly, raising her free hand to softly caress his cheek. "I feel good, really good actually, let me just have this little victory, alright?" she asks of us and I find I just can't argue with her, feeling inwardly proud knowing just how well she was able to handle herself tonight.

"Fine, but that asshole is barred," I enlighten her, raising a brow to let her know I mean business and upon receiving her glowing smile, I know the matter is settled, at least for now.

"So long as you're alright," Godric chimes in, wrapping an arm tightly around our shared love before pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.

"I'm just fine now, perfect actually," she answers back with a sigh, snuggling closer between the two of us, a fond smile playing at her plush lips, an action I find myself mirroring. "Thanks for the party," she adds. "It really was nice, the subsequent argument notwithstanding."

"Of course, Lover, you more than deserved it," I answer back wholeheartedly, wrapping my own arm around her whilst checking her diminutive fist once more. I shake my head, wanting nothing more than to hunt down her asshole of an ex before granting her injury a soft kiss.

"I really am fine, better than Bill anyhow, better by a long shot," she adds with a smirk and I find myself grinning at the thought of that bastard bleeding with his pride nowhere to be found.

"Somehow, I believe that to be true," Godric remarks amusedly, shaking his head at our Sookie. "And I'm glad to know you enjoyed the party, even if we did leave much earlier than intended."

"Oh? You mean the party's over?" Sookie questions lowly, her sapphire eyes sparkling with wicked intent. "I was kind of thinking it was just getting started, in all honesty," she purrs, instantly sending my lusts for the two of them spiking.

"Hmm, I like the way you think, Lover," I answer back, turning to see dual sets of blazing eyes set upon me, one startling sapphire, the other hypnotizing emerald. Damn, just damn. I have to shake off my momentary reverie, once more questioning just what I ever could have done to deserve the two of them.

Godric stands then, reaching for both our hands and Sookie and I both eagerly take hold, letting our dark haired love lead us back towards our shared bedroom. He pauses just before the bed and my anticipation is steadily building within me as I see emerald orbs carefully calculating, looking back and forth between the bed, Sookie, and myself.

"You're overthinking things again," Sookie remarks, the smallest of smirks playing upon her lips before she shoots me a knowing look.

"That's our Godric," I concede, the two of us stepping forward together, trapping our third between us.

"I suppose I should just leave things up to the two of you then," Godric answers back lowly, his eyes fluttering shut as Sookie leans up to press her lips against his own. Never one to be left out, I twine my fingers through darkened locks, tilting Godric's head slightly before leaning down to press my lips against pale, supple flesh.

Godric's throaty moan encourages my actions as I proceed to lavish his throat with wet kisses along with the lightest of bites, using just enough pressure to leave him trembling between us. Familiar fingers weave themselves through my hair and I'm left smirking against flushed flesh, before my hands are slipping beneath light cotton to smooth over the muscled expanse of Godric's chest.

"Off, now," I breathe against his ear, tugging roughly at his dress shirt before earning a keen nod in return. Clothing is then being eagerly shed between the three of us before hands and mouths are everywhere, exploring, worshipping every inch of exposed flesh.

"Oh, God," Sookie breathes out, her head falling back in bliss once Godric and I are both granting each of her pert breasts devotions with lips, tongues and teeth. Godric catches my knowing gaze and the two of us are soon left lowering Sookie's now unsteady form to the edge of the mattress together, our combined mouths never faltering as her throaty moans sound out louder above us.

"Sookie, God, Sookie," our shared love's name begins falling reverently from Godric's reddened lips as his kisses begin trekking down her writhing body. I follow his actions, the two of us peppering kisses and licks along either side of Sookie's golden abdomen together, working steadily lower towards our ultimate destination.

"Lover," the endearment falls raspily from my lips once Godric and I are spreading either silken thigh wide before us. The sight of my love's glistening, pink sex is enough to make my breath hitch ever so slightly, before I'm granting languid, teasing licks and kisses along the supple expanse of Sookie's inner thigh.

"Please, oh God, don't tease me," Sookie's voice pleads out above us just before Godric's heated gaze catches my own. He sends me but a nod and with that, we're leaning forward in unison, our heads resting upon either of our love's thighs before dual tongues are trailing together through wetted silk.

My eyes close in pure ecstasy, relishing in the exquisite taste, in the heady scent of my love, as the two of us proceed to pleasure her together, eliciting a series of throaty moans and soft cries to echo out around us. I lose myself fully in my actions and am left jolting in momentary surprise upon feeling a heated palm wrapping firmly around my now throbbing length. Oh, fuck yes.

Wanting to give just as good as I get, I find myself reaching across Godric's lap, soon finding exactly what it is I'm after, before wrapping my fingers firmly around his own hardened arousal. His rhythm upon me is slow, gentle, almost teasing, and I find myself mirroring his movements whilst growling lowly against Sookie's sodden sex as the three of us proceed to work one another ever closer to desire's impending edge.

"Shit!" Sookie soon cries, her thighs visibly trembling to either side of us once she hits her explosive peak. Godric then sends me a triumphant wink, his mouth glistening with our love's essence and I'm powerless to keep myself from capturing his mouth with my own, savoring the familiar taste of his lips, his tongue, now delectably laced with the flavor of my second love.

"More," Godric gasps against my lips once our passionate kiss has managed to leave the two of us breathless. I'm left smirking, silently agreeing wholeheartedly, before raising up to make a beeline towards the adjacent bedside table.

I take hold of the familiar bottle before turning and momentarily find myself paused by the sight of my two loves sharing an endearing kiss. Beautiful. A wistful smile finds its way to my face, still in awe of the depth of love shared between the three of us, before I'm drawing closer, my gaze fixated upon the two of them.

"So beautiful," I breathe against Godric's jaw as I drape my taller frame over his own. "The both of you," I add, looking between them as they pull from their kiss. They each send me identical smiles, smiles filled with obvious affection, with endearing love and my heart swells at the sight.

Godric then plants a chaste kiss to the corner of my mouth whilst pulling Sookie to the very edge of the bed and the signal is crystal clear. I coat my palm with slickened oil, proceeding to liberally coat my arousal before trailing my fingers between Godric's thighs.

A light gasp escapes him as I add just a bit of pressure to his entrance and I press a reassuring kiss against the crook of his neck before pressing forward. My free arm wraps around him tightly, feeling him shudder against me as I work to stretch him, readying him for more, and it's not until he sends me a light nod that I proceed to align my hardened arousal against him.

"Fuck," I hiss out, pressing ahead slowly, carefully, now knowing full well just what he's experiencing as I feel his own hips falling slightly forward to sink himself deeply inside our Sookie. Our three bodies are soon married snuggly together, connected in the most intimate of ways and our combined movements cease momentarily to leave me in a state of reverence. God, how I love these two.

Bodies soon begin to sway gently, joined hips rocking against one another in a loving rhythm as the three of us quickly lose ourselves fully in one another. Slender fingers weave themselves into my hair and I find myself drawn downwards until my lips are met with Sookie's silken ones. She kisses me deeply, relaying with lips, tongue and just a hint of teeth, the depth of her affections and I let myself fall into that kiss, feeling thrumming waves of love cascading over me.

Godric's own mouth locks upon my throat, proceeding to lavish my flesh with gentle kisses along with rather possessive nips and sucks to bring an approving growl from me, loving whenever I have the privilege of seeing this more domineering side of him. My subsequent thrusts become a touch harder, deeper, rising to his unspoken challenge to leave him groaning appreciatively into my flesh.

Much too soon, I feel my impending release encroaching and with a few final, deep thrusts, the three of us are plummeting over the precarious edge as one, our now sated bodies left shuddering lightly against one another. With a few lethargic movements, we somehow manage to find ourselves as a heaving, glistening piles of limbs upon the bed and a grateful smile stretches across my face as dual arms wrap around me tightly.

The three of us lay like that for a time, wrapped up in one another and once Godric sits upright beside me, I'm left sending him a questioning look. He proceeds to lean over the side of the bed, granting Sookie and I both a rather enticing view before he's drawing nearer once more.

"Really?" I question, seeing him pull open his laptop, the smallest of smiles gracing his now softly glowing face.

"What?" he questions, his shoulders shrugging gallantly. "You were the one who talked me out of working earlier, remember?" and I can only sigh in response, curling my limbs around him as I feel Sookie molding herself along my back.

"Apparently the two of us need to work a bit harder if he still has energy to write afterwards," Sookie remarks amusedly from her perch upon my shoulder to bring a smirk to Godric's face.

"Not at all," he answers back with a wink to earn dual headshakes from Sookie and myself as I hear the familiar sound of his fingers beginning to fly expertly across the keyboard. "There was just one little thing I wanted to take care of," he insists to leave Sookie and I exchanging rather exasperated looks.

"Hey, I'm trying to teach him to relax, to teach him that it's okay to stop and smell the roses one in a while," I defend myself to Sookie, earning an amused snort from her as the sound of typing abruptly ceases.

"Done already?" Sookie questions incredulously as we both turn towards him once more.

"I think so, if you two wouldn't mind just taking a peek," he answers back, earning mirroring groans from the two of us even as we sit up together before accepting the laptop from him. I glance rather disinterestedly at the screen, wanting only to get back to a bit of naked cuddling when my brows pinch in confusion, momentarily confused over what it is I'm looking at.

"What is this?" Sookie questions, reaching over to scroll through numerous images, her eyes, along with my own, widening in shared surprise before we're both turning to Godric for answers.

"A house of course," he answers back matter of factly. "A bigger house to be exact," he adds with a smirk to earn a wide grin from me.

"You didn't," I remark, seeing his smirk widen to a full out grin as his dark head nods.

"I did and it's all ours come Monday morning, that is, unless the two of you have a problem with that," he adds the last rather sheepishly and I find myself sitting open jawed, hardly believing he managed to get away with such a sneaky plan without either of us knowing.

"Goddy!" Sookie exclaims excitedly, launching herself across my lap to take hold of him. A low chuckle escapes him as he moves the laptop aside before proceeding to pull our Sookie into his lap and it's not until the both of them turn matching, questioning looks my way that I realize I'm still just sitting, open jawed beside them.

"Eric?" Godric questions, clear hesitance lacing his words as I'm left shaking off the remnants of my shock, before an approving grin slowly finds its way across my face. "Look, if this is too fast, I'll understand," he begins to explain, earning only a fervent headshake in turn.

"No, no, this-," I choke out, suddenly finding myself overwhelmed with emotion before having to take a deep, calming breath. "This is perfect, really," I assure him, seeing dual sets of eyes alight with excitement just before I find myself being pulled eagerly between them.

"I love you," Godric and Sookie remark in perfect unison, their brows then rising in momentary shock before the three of us are falling into laughter together.

"I love you too," I chuckle back, unable to fight against the assuredly goofy grin stretched over my face as I pull them both a little closer, knowing this is only the first of many mutual joys the three of us will surely share together, and already, I find myself looking forward to the next…and the next…and the next…