Disclaimer: These are not my characters and this is not my world.

A/N: Written for the Halloween 2016 challenge at Fag Ends for the prompt "The Green."

Buffy follows Xander through his open door, then veers off to flop facedown onto his sofa while he heads toward his bedroom.

Xander's got his shirt halfway off his head when Spike emerges. He takes in the dirt that covers Xander's… everything and the grass stain that got smeared across Buffy's chest around the sixth hole and asks, "How'd it go?"

"Well, we killed the angry mole demons," says Buffy. "But then it turned out they weren't just harassing golfers for kicks, but they were in a turf war with some golfer demons."

Spike crosses the living room and sits down beside her. "I think Angel's pals with some of those." He reaches out and untangles some grass from her hair.

"Every time I think 'there's not a demon for that,' there is a demon for that," says Buffy. "You know those golfing gloves with the little pom-poms?"


"Not part of the glove."

Xander returns with clean clothes and an exaggerated gagging noise. "Trying to repress over here."

"Sorry." Buffy scoots in closer so she can rest her head on Spike's thigh while he keeps up his grooming. "But then we killed those too."

"And then Buffy got us kicked out of the Country Club."

"For slaying?"

"No," Buffy says. She sits up and dislodges more grass so that it falls into Spike's lap. "For wearing a sleeveless top into the café."