Summary= They don't know where they are and they don't know what had happen to Master Splinter. But what scared then the most was Mikey had been left alone without a family.

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This fic is set in the 2012 universe.

The sky dark dim and the sun barley out, New York City was a mess skyscrapers and homes, busies and shopping centres no longer standing and only ruins had taken there stand. No life, no colour, only a mess of ruins were now only evidence of a city ageing from time. However sewers now collapsed on into then self, five bodies, three turtles and two humans began to slowly wake up.

"Ahh, my head," Leo said as he slowly got himself up. "Where are we, where am I?"

Leo eyes widen as he notice two of his little brothers were down already thinking the worse he rush over towards Don, since he was the closers. Kneeing down, he place a hand on the third youngest shoulder.

"Don. Donnie, wake up."

"M-Mikey, leave me alone," he said half asleep.

"It's not, Mikey. It's me Leo," Donatello eyes snaps open and looks up at his older brother.

"Leo?" Slowly getting up back to his feet with Leo helping him his eyes starts to scan his whereabouts.

"Where are we?" Don asked.

"Don't know."

"What the shell?" Both heads turn to see Rahp standing up. "Where are we?"

"Guys, can we keep it down, please. Some of us have a major headache."

"April!" Donnie yelled. "You're okay, but why are you here? I mean it's great that you're and all-"

"Donnie, headache."

"Whops, sorry I didn't mean it." He quickly covers his mouth to stop him talking.

"Whoa, cool. Where are we?" Casey said as he got up.

As they waited for April to recover from her headache the boys had decide to look around, the brothers had an uneasy feeling about this place. It was home, will the part of home that was left it was as if they were gone for years. No sign of Master Splinter and no sign of Mikey, Raph eyes narrowed as he notices paper sicking out from underneath a pile of bricks.

Removing the bricks the hot head turtle notice a comic book, one of Mikey old comic book, torn edges and a fade front page. The comic itself was falling apart barley being held together, sending alarm bells in Raph heads, it was bad enough that New York City look as a war went on, but seeing the sharp of Mikey comics only raised more questions.

What happen to you little bro.

"Any idea of where we are?" April asked as her headache was finally gone.

"Nope, no idea," Leo adds.

"I might have a theory, but it just can't be."

"What's the theory Donnie?"

"Guys I think were in the future and this is what left of New York City."

April gasp covering her hands over her mouth, while Leo and Casey exchanged glares. Raphael hadn't moved from his spot still staring down at one of Mikey comic books unable to, come to terms of what could have happened or did happen.

"But if that's the case, then what an earth happen to make this city look like a war field?" Casey asked.

"I don't know."

"Guys, we need to search the place and find Mikey along with Master Splinter." Leo said, before he could run of Donnie had stop him.

"Leo, weren't you listening? This could possibly be the future, we don't know how far down in a timeline we could be or how far back. Master Splinter and Mikey could be-"

"Don't say it," Raph said, as he points towards the group holding up Mikey comic book in his hand.

"I'm sorry Raph, I hate the idea as much as you do, but it's just a possibility."

"Hey Raph, what's that man?" Casey asked.

"It's a comic book found it in some rabble. I-it's one of Mikey's," the hothead said, looking down at the ground in shame.

He didn't want to think about what happen to the lair or if Mikey was dead or not.

"Guys, I just thought of something," April adds brining all eyes on her. "If this is the future and we've been missing, how long had Mikey been alone for?"

The group stood still, guilt flooding through the group, Mikey was always carefree and happy, but what would have happen if the people he loved just didn't, come back home. The worse part was nobody remembers how they ending up here in the first place, everything was a blur.

Anything could have happen, he could have been kidnaped and was force to wait as the others, came to help him only nobody did. However even though there were darker thoughts on what could have happen to the youngest and carefree brother, they wonder if Mikey was happy in the end. Little did the group know ninjas were watching then, watching and waiting for an order to go, forward.

"Okay guys, let's move out and look for any signs of life. Let's go."

The group was soon at a halt as Ninjas started to jump down or run over towards then standing still in a protective guard.

"Is this a good enough sign of life for you Leo?" Raph mocked.

"Guys, think there the foot?" Casey asked.

"I don't think, so, they don't have the foot symbol on them. Inserted it's some other strange symbol," Leo adds. As he tried to view the red symbol that was attached to the ninjas clothes.

"That's, because it's the symbol for brother in Japan," Donnie claimed.

After a couple minutes past Leo let himself to relax a little, he notices that these ninjas were not intending to fight. Even though they clearly had weapons on then most of then stood still arms crossed or just watching over, whatever they, came for wasn't for them.

"I don't think these guys, want to fight us," he said, gaining uneasy glares from everyone else.

"You sure, Leo," April asked.

"I think he right," Donnie adds. "If they wanted to fight us they would have already attack us."

"Then, what are they waiting for?" Even when Raphael walks closer towards his brother noun of the ninjas moved from there spot.

"Why, hello Leonardo it has been a long time." The teenagers look around for the source of the woman voice. "It has been a very long time."

All heads turn towards the direction where Ninjas start to move, they didn't move in for an attack instead they moved as if they were making way for someone.

"Karai," Leo said quietly.

The girl that he once known was taller and older, she had grey hair instead of black. Face coved in wrinkles looking tired and worn out, her battle armour in dints and battle scars on the right side of her armour just like the rest was the same Japanese symbol as the others. The group quickly went back into defence mode unsure on whose side Karai was on. Last time that they had come, face to face with her was during Shredder control.

"So, what's the deal Karai did Shredder print out new symbols for the foot soldiers." Raph mock, his eyes widen in surprised as the ninjas pulled out there weapons similar to their own.

The hothead didn't understand one minute they were cool, not a care in the world and as soon as he mentions the 'foot,' they were ready to kill.

"Enough, stand down all of you. This group was unaware, they know nothing. Do you understand?" She order, the ninjas put away their weapons before nodding.

"Please, come with me."

"Give us a reason, why?" Casey asked.

"Guys, I think it's best if we do follow," Leo adds.

"What why?" Raph complains.

"Think about it Raph," Donnie buts in. "We don't know where we are."

"Yeah we do, somewhere in New York," Donnie face palms at his hothead brother answer.

"Fine, we know where we are. But we have no idea what happen and I can't believe I'm saying this, but Karai our best bet to help us work out what happen to Master Splinter and Mikey." Raph rolled his eyes and Donnie logical answer.


"So, you will come?"

"Yes Karai, we will come," Leo answered before the group start to walk away.

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