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Hopping Mad (This Ball is Bouncing)

By Marvolo666

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Part 1: Break a Leg (No Seriously Break it)

Harry James Potter had not had an easy life. He was never one to complain, never one to ask why. He just accepted the things he could not change and tried to help others instead. However, in the middle of his fourth year, a year in which he had fought both his best friend and a Dragon, Harry had an epiphany. It was as if his eyes had been opened for the first time. Now he just wanted to shout his revelation for the world to hear…

Being a Teenager Really Sucks!

He had to ask some bloody girl to the bloody Yule ball despite having just about all of them turn on him just weeks before. He did not want to bloody dance in front of the whole school and look like a bloody idiot. He did not want to ask out most girls since he was a bloody fourteen-year-old and therefore utterly terrified of them. Not that he wasn't interested… he was just too scared to talk to any. Those he did know were Ginny, Ron's sister, and Hermione, practically his own sister.

There was one girl he wanted to ask out. She was a wonderful, pretty, angelic, girl with an amazing personality and brains befitting of her house. She had completely won Harry's heart to the point he was actually able to overcome his fears and ask her to the ball.

Her name was

"Cho Chung"


…No wait


Chang Chu?





Cho Chang! That's it. Cho Chang!

Ok… Harry wasn't remotely in love with her, he didn't even really know her. However, being raised in a loveless home… and being a stupid teenager. Teenagers are stupid. Admit it. Too many hormones, too little brain usage. He didn't know the difference between love and lust. Before he could learn this in the most awkward and painful way, however, Cho Chang saved him. She already had a date to the ball.

His name was Cedric Diggory, and unlike Harry, he wasn't teenager stupid. He was really bloody stupid. He was the type of guy who reminded you of everything wrong in the world. He looked like a douche, talked like a douche, was a douche, and Harry really wished he would just die.

"He is stupid and ugly, Hermione. The little shit," Harry grumbled under his breath as he made his way to the Gryffindor tower.

Hermione, who was at his side, as usual, couldn't help but laugh. "Harry, he is not ugly. He's actually quite handsome. His skin practically sparkles. You're just jealous he got the girl and you didn't. Oh, and don't curse Harry, it's not civilized."

Harry reluctantly conceded and nodded. "But you do agree that he is stupid."

"Merlin yes! It's a wonder he passed his OWL's!" Hermione chuckled as Harry's mood lightened.

It was at this moment Harry's life was changed forever. It wasn't what Hermione had said or done. It had nothing to do with their conversation at all. It was the sound Harry heard while walking past a small cupboard, one he had never seen before.

Hermione had stopped when she realized Harry was no longer next to her. She looked over her shoulder to see him facing the cupboard with a strange look on his face. "Harry, what is it?"

Harry held a hand up to silence her. In the quiet, they could both hear a sound from inside the cupboard. The sound of crying.

Harry slowly approached the door and quietly knocked. "Hello?"

The crying stopped and the small voice of a girl came from within. "Please help me."

Harry tried to open the door but found it had been locked. Without even thinking Harry took out his wand and cast "Alohomora."

Harry was shocked to find the door would still not open and began banging against the door. Hermione watched as Harry struggled violently as though he were the one locked in the cupboard.

Hermione tried to calm Harry down before he hurt himself, "Harry, we should get a professor. I'm sure they can get her out."

Harry wasn't listening as he again aimed his wand at the door. "Hello? If you can hear me, I'm getting you out of there. "Portaberto!"

To Hermione's amazement, a light came from Harry's wand and the door handle melted to the floor. Harry threw himself against the door, knocking it over.

The girl was lying on the ground at the back of the cupboard. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen yet the sight of her reminded him of the dead unicorn he once found in the Forbidden Forest: beautiful, but sad. She had angelic blond hair, glowing silver eyes and radiant skin as white as snow. Harry could tell she had been crying, most likely because of her swollen, twisted ankle. He was certain it was broken.

"Hermione, get a teacher or Madam Pomfrey, NOW!" Harry shouted, causing Hermione to take off without a moment's hesitation. She hadn't seen Harry in such a rage since he found out about his Godfather's supposed betrayal.

Harry approached the injured girl who was looking at him with a hint of fear before recognition reached her eyes and any trace of unease vanished. "Hello Harry Potter, I had a feeling we would meet one day."

Harry took off his school robe and started wrapping it around the offending limb. "This should hold it until help arrives."

"But help has already arrived. You have helped me. No one has helped me before. Thank you, Harry Potter." The girl whispered as she grimaced from the pain.

"It's just Harry." The young wizard mumbled.

"Hello, Just Harry, I thought your name was Harry Potter," The Girl hummed.

"It is," Harry answered, "but my friends just call me Harry."

"My name is Luna Lovegood, but people just call me Loony," Luna announced as she shook Harry's hand, "I wouldn't know what my friends call me since I don't have any."

Harry frowned. "Why would anyone call you Loony?"

"I can't be certain, but I suspect Nargles," Luna whispered conspiratorially.


"They are invisible creatures that fly in your ear. They also like to steal my belongings. I bewitched my necklace to keep them away," Luna said, "That said, I have spotted my classmates stealing from me as well."

Harry's eyes darkened. "Did they lock you in here and do this to you?"

Luna looked at her broken ankle and nodded. "They like using tripping spells. I don't think they intended to hurt me, though they didn't seem that upset about it. I must say, I've broken my share of toes, but this hurts far more."

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Harry asked.

"You have already done enough Harry Potter. The others like to say mean things about you, but I think they're just being rude. You are a good person Harry."

"Uhh…Thanks, Luna," Harry muttered embarrassed.

"Why thank me for saying the truth? Must be Wrakspurts," Luna said with a smile, "You're the first person to call me Luna other than my Dad. Otherwise, it's either Lovegood or Loony."

"What about your Mother?"

Luna looked down, and for the first time, a hint of sadness crossed her face. "She used to call me Moonchild, but she hasn't called me anything since she died."

Harry felt his heart drop to his stomach. "I'm sorry Luna."

"I was nine, she did love playing with spells. One day it went wrong and she died right in front of me." Luna whispered. "It's ok though, I know she's someplace where she's happy. One day we'll meet again, but I do miss her terribly."

"I'm sorry Luna," Harry repeated, taking her hands, "Really, I am."

Luna stared directly into Harry's eyes. "You really mean it. Don't you?"

"Of course I do," Harry insisted, "I know what it's like to lose a parent."

"I guess you would. I'm sorry about your parents Harry Potter. I'm sure they are very proud of you." The girl said.

Harry nodded with more emotion than he wanted to admit he was feeling. "Thanks."

Luna sighed, "Definitely Wrakspurts."

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of rushed footsteps as Hermione returned with McGonagall. Without saying a word, McGonagall rushed into the cupboard and started examining Luna's leg. She didn't need her wand to confirm it was broken.

In a matter of minutes, they were all in the Hospital wing as Luna was having her leg fixed up. Harry was standing by Luna's side in the hospital bed with leg levitated and extended before Madame Pomfrey. Hermione sat on the neighboring bed, observing the two from with some curiosity. The healer began her report. "The good news is your leg is no longer broken, I fixed those in a heartbeat but the bad news is you tore some muscles which will take more time to heal."

Luna nodded numbly as she stared at her leg. "Will I be able to walk soon?"

"Not for another two weeks I'm afraid. I have placed your leg in a state of petrification to stop you from damaging more ligaments," The nurse answered, "In the meantime, you should be able to move around with crutches. It'll be tough, but they will get you from point A to point B all the same. Now if you promise to rest your leg, I see no reason why you can't return to your dormitory."

"Oh, OK Madam Pomfrey" Luna hummed airily.

"Professor Flitwick will speak with you tomorrow about what happened. Now please tell me who did this." McGonagall said.

"I don't want to get anyone in trouble," Luna murmured.

Professor McGonagall let out a long drawn out sigh before she spoke in a slightly exaggerated voice. "Luna, I have to know who it was. Otherwise, I can't remove the...um... Wrackspurts infesting their...uh heads."

"It was Cho Chang and her friends Marietta Edgecombe and Sue Li," Luna answered immediately without a moments hesitation.

"Bitch," Harry muttered.


"Pitch! I said Pitch, as in I can't wait to fly around the Quidditch pitch," Harry lied, wilting under both the Professor's and Hermione's glare, though Hermione's seemed half-hearted. Harry wasn't surprised it was Cho. Who did that Chung girl think she was? Wait, Chang, her name is Cho Chang...Harry was suddenly worried he was becoming racist.

McGonagall huffed, "Well. I will be informing Professor Flitwick about all this. Now I suggest you all return to your common rooms before curfew. Will you need any help, Miss Lovegood?"

"Not at all," Luna said as she hopped off her bed and fell onto her face as her leg immediately gave out. "Maybe a little. Madam Pomfrey, I think I broke my nose."

It was a slow walk to the Ravenclaw common room. With Luna on crutches, it took them over an hour to reach the room. It had taken another five minutes in the hospital wing to heal Luna's broken nose before Harry offered to help her back to her dormitories. Hermione had left for her own dormitories with an odd look resembling a smirk. Harry listened to Luna talk the whole way and found he liked the eccentric girl, though eccentric might be a polite way of saying it. Harry thought the students had it right when they called her loony, but he didn't hold it against her. He honestly didn't think he had ever met a nicer person. Not even Dumbledore, even he proved to be a fighter with a backbone if the situation called for it. Luna didn't seem to have a cruel bone in her body.

"I was really impressed with how you handled the dragon." Luna hummed happily as she glanced at him.

Harry felt his cheeks burn. "Really?"

"Yes, everyone else tried to hurt their dragon in some way, while you just avoided it. It was really kind of you," Luna replied.

"Really? Did anyone actually hurt their dragon?" Harry asked, deciding that saying he would have killed the dragon in a heartbeat if it meant surviving the task might upset Luna.

"Only Victor Krum, he hit the dragon in the eye but that only made the dragon angry. I was most upset that they used real dragon eggs. Father has been writing articles about the abuse of dragons and other near-extinct creatures for years. He thinks it's related to the Rotfang Conspiracy." Luna whispered the last part secretively.

Harry took something different from her words, "Your father's a reporter."

Luna must have heard the unease in Harry's voice, as she stopped and rounded on him looking serious. "Father is a journalist and owner of the Quibbler, the greatest magazine in Wizarding Britain. Unlike the vultures that run the Daily Profit, we run stories with plausible evidence, though some question our legitimacy because they are scared of the truth,"

Luna took a deep breath before returning to her unusual self, "That reminds me, did you put your name in the Goblet and if so, was it because you wanted to prove yourself to the Wizarding world, or did Dumbledore blackmail you with the threat of revealing your affair with Professor Quirrell, which resulted in the Professor faking his death and leaving England?"

Harry stared at her for what seemed like hours before his brain kicked in. "W-W-What?! Of course not, I did not put my name in the Goblet, I don't want to be anything but a normal Wizard and I swear on my magic I did not have a bloody affair with Quirrell. He's dead, I saw it happen. Voldemort's spirit killed him."

Luna looked at him suspiciously for a second before she smiled. "Ok."

The move shocked him. Luna simply continued her slow trek down the corridor, smiling, as she realized they had arrived at the Ravenclaw Tower. Harry spoke up as he reached her, "That's it, you believe me?"

"Of course I do," Luna replied as she tilted her head to the side, "I trust you, and I like you. You're the closest thing I've ever had to a friend."

Harry looked at the girl, surprised at her comment. "Thanks, I don't have many friends. Uhmm… we could be friends… I mean… if… you don't mind?" Harry grimaced. He still could not talk to girls, even the weird ones he only wanted to be friends with.

Luna looked at Harry for a moment before she beamed at him and started hopping on her good foot. "I would love to be friends Harry Potter."

Harry smiled back, her smile was awfully infectious. "Great, but if we are friends you have to call me Harry."

For a second it looked like Luna blushed as she whispered. "I call you Harry, what do you call me?"

Harry was confused for a second before he remembered what she had said about not knowing what friends would call her as she had none. "What would you like me to call you. I could just call you Luna."

Luna smiled at that. "I'd like that."

Harry realized she looked rather normal in that moment, though he wasn't sure why. Maybe it was her smile, Harry thought she was very pretty when she smiled, she looked like the bell of the ball…

Luna tapped Harry on the shoulder and hummed. "Harry, are you OK? You're not being attacked by Wrackspurts are you?"

Harry looked at her as his brain put two and two together...





Luna had already taken out her wand and pointed at his head. "This really hurts and you might be vomiting for a couple of days but it's the only way I know how to stop a Wrackspurt infection."

What? No. I don't have Wrackspurts!" Harry exclaimed before saying. "I was just… just."

Harry took a deep breath before asking. "Luna, would you like to go to the ball with me?"

Luna's mouth dropped as her eyes widened, then she frowned. "That was rather mean of you, I thought you were different… oh wait, it must be the Wrackspurts!"

Harry waved his hand across his face protectively. "NO! NO! I really want to go to the ball with you. I mean we're friends now and my other two friends either have a date or is a guy and I really need to go to the ball with someone or I disgrace Hogwarts and Gryffindor and the girl I wanted to ask out was mean to you and turned me down and his evil..."

Luna looked confused which was a rather odd look on her face. "I can't go to the ball, though."

"If you have a date that's a fourth-year or older, then you can go to the ball," Harry said excitedly.

Luna was looking at him like he was rather simple, she also seemed somewhat amused as well as disheartened. Harry had no way of knowing how he knew this since her expression had hardly changed since he first met her. "I know that silly, but I can't dance," Luna said, "I can hardly walk."

Harry slowly looked down to her cast leg and resisted the urge to punch himself in the face. "Oh".

Luna giggled which made Harry's face turn crimson. "Well… Luna, I'd still like to um… go to the… um… the ball with you. We can think of something. I… um… maybe we will just have an excuse for how bad my dancing is. I hate dancing anyway way and…"

Luna ended Harry's mumbling by hopping up to him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "You are sweet. I would love to be your date to the ball. I just hope I don't get you in trouble."

"Who cares!" A blushing Harry blurted out before adding. "Trouble I mean, I… Really? You want to go..."

"Yes, that's what I told you, are you sure there aren't any Wrackspurts?"

"No… I got to go, I'll see you at the dance…hopefully sooner…bye, Luna."

Harry quickly gave her a peck on the cheek before bolting away from the sweet yet strange girl and her anti-Wrackspurt treatments. It wasn't until he was halfway to the Gryffindor common room at he realized what he had done and blushed redder than a tomato.

When he returned to the common room he saw Hermione waiting for him, reading a book and looking rather tired. "Harry, what took you so long? I was worried sick something had happened. Why are you blushing?"

"I… Uh was just helping Luna to her the Ravenclaw tower. Her leg is mostly healed, but it will take a few days before she can properly walk on it," Harry really tried not to smile as he said this but Hermione wasn't fooled.

Hermione smirked knowingly at Harry, and what she said next left him gaping like a guppy. "So I guess the only question now is, how do you dance in front of everyone at the Yule Ball with a lady who has a broken leg?"


Filius stormed out of the Ravenclaw common room, he had just finished punishing some members of his own house for harassing another member and breaking her leg before locking her in a cupboard. Of course, said Ravenclaw should have arrived by now, even with the damaged limb.

It did not take long to find her. She was standing right outside the Ravenclaw door. She was swaying on the spot with a goofy smile on her face. She hummed as her eyes spun around in circles.

Filius looked to the door knocker which spoke, sounding sleepy. "She has been standing here for over thirty minutes, she hasn't even tried answering my riddles."

"I like deers," Luna sang to herself.

"Sure you do," Filius muttered under his breath before speaking out loud. "I mean of course you do. Let's get you into your dormitory and I'll get you a...bugger what are they called...Snorkel?"

"I like Harry."

"...Right...I'll make sure it's a hairy Snorkel." Filius continued speaking to her in an exaggerated tone while helping Luna into the dormitory. "Miss Lovegood, why did you ignore the Door's riddle? Miss Lovegood? Luna? Are you listening to me? I bet I could call you a Loony and you would even notice! Hey, Loony what's up!?"

"I like kisses."

"...I'm going to bed."

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