By Marvolo666

Part 6: Prince Charming is a WHAT? (The Reality of Fairytales)

It didn't take long to find Luna. He only had to follow the footprints she left behind in the snow, as she had left the sanctuary of Hogwarts, which had failed her so many times before. She was standing by the Great Lake, which had frozen over from the cold. Harry cast a warming charm on himself, the moment he had stepped outdoors, Luna hadn't done the same. She stood in the midst of winter, in only a wet ball dress, shivering from the biting cold winds. Harry cast a warming charm on her and the girl sagged with relief, but it did not turn around. Instead, she replied in her usual airy voice. "Thank you, Harry."

Harry stood by Luna's side and took her hand. Even though she looked away, Harry felt her squeeze his hand back. They stood together silently, Harry didn't know what to say, so he didn't say anything. Eventually, Luna finally spoke. "This was my mother's dress, it's very special to me, it was made out of the hair of a unicorn my Mother had befriended as a child. Her name was Sunrider, I still have some pictures of her. She was so beautiful, so wild and free."

Luna took a deep breath before continuing as Harry listened silently. "When my mother died...Sunrider changed. She became sullen and withdrawn. Father told me that Sunrider was just sad like us, but that we would all feel better as long as we kept my Mother's memory in my heart. So I did, and it brought me some comfert...but Sunrider never got better. One day we found her sleeping by Mother's final resting place, she never woke again."

Luna sighed forlornly, a sound Harry never thought he'd hear from the witch. "I had a vision, of all these people I looked up to and respected, and they were all asking if I was alright if I was happy, and every time I told them I was, my nose would hurt. It wasn't the lying that hurt me...it was that they didn't care if I was or not. No one has ever truly asked me if I was alright. No one wants me to be happy, they just want me to smile and not ruin their moods. Dad doesn't want me sad because it drives away the Snorkacks, The Professors want me to be happy because it makes their job easier."

"For the longest time, the last time someone asked if I was ok and meant it, was Mother. When I lost her, I never felt better, like dad had promised, I just felt more alone...until you found me in that cupboard. You asked if I was ok, and you meant it because you care, Harry, you care about broken people like me." Luna sniffed and Harry realized she had started to silently cry.


"I am broken, everyone knows it, I'm Looney, not because the things I believe in are imaginary because they are real. It not because I'm different, I like being different, I like me, no matter what anyone says. I'm broken because, no matter how hard I try, I'm not happy. I just feel, distant, as if everything is happening to someone else, and I'm just observing my life." Luna whispered. "I'm broken because I never even realized it until I met you, Harry. Since I met you, I feel like I'm living my life again. You make me feel the way I used to feel when I was happy."

Luna looked down and whispered so softly, a hint of a blush appearing on her pale cheeks. "You make me happy."

Harry closed his eyes as he took in Luna's words, no one had ever opened up to him like this before. Harry could only listen in silence as Luna poured her heart out to him, and Harry was at a loss for words, until Luna spoke again, in a thin trembling voice, "Please don't leave me."

Harry knew what he had to do as he turned around and lifted Luna chin until her waterly eyes met his. Her eyes were full of such fear and sadness, as well as a hint of something else. Harry wasn't much for words, but he did know there was only one thing Harry could say after Luna bore her secrets to him.

"I'm not going anywhere," Harry said as he wiped the tears from Luna's face. "I'm broken too."

Harry nearly fell over as Luna tackled him with a hug, burying her head into his chest. Luna was many things, and her intelligence was probably her most underrated quality. Luna knew in her heart that Harry meant what he said, and that like Luna, he had never admitted that to anyone before. Instead, the two souls held onto each over fore comfort, each recognizing that no matter what came of this, where ever their relationship would take them, tonight would be the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.

When they parted, Luna smiled a genuine smile that reached her eyes, before she turns back to the froze lake once more. "Thank you, Harry, for saying that."

Harry smiled as he rubbed the back of his neck. "You want to come back inside."

"Not now, later maybe." Luna sighed as met Harry's gaze. "You can go back inside Harry, I know you're not leaving me."

"What if I feel like staying, what if I don't want to go back to that atrocious ball without you," Harry asked with a rogue grin that made Luna's heart melt.

"I would like that, but I would like a moment to myself more," Luna whispered before she whispers. Harry had to strain to hear it. "I was hoping tonight would be different."

"What do you mean," Harry asked softly.

Luna closed her eyes as she whispered serenely. "I just wish that for one night, it was OK to be different. For the outcasts to be welcomed and the freaks to be free. For one night I wish poor could be rich, the broken could be fixed, the losers could win. That a lonely little girl could feel like a princess, just like in the fairy tails."

Harry's somber expression perked up as Luna finished speaking and a light-hearted chuckle escaped his lips. At Luna's inquisitive look Harry shook his head and explained. "Fairy tails are more real then you know. My life has been one big fairy tale, I...I didn't have the best childhood, my aunt and uncle...were very nice. The next thing I know, a friendly giant shows up and whisked me away from my cupboard under the stares and takes me to a magical castle where I meet friends, learn magic, and unfortunately battling a Dark Lord who keeps trying to kill me. Sometimes it's been really hard here at Hogwarts, being the bloody boy who lived, but if thats the price of being free of the Dursleys..."

Harry trailed off, lost deep in thought. Luna suspected he had shared more than he intended to, or even was aware of, but Luna didn't let it show. Harry smiled and whispered. "I probably sound like an idiot, but Fairy tales are real Luna, were in one."

Luna smiled at the sentiment as Harry turned to leave, Luna quickly spoke. "I won't belong."

Harry turned around with a roguish grin and Luna felt herself blush. "I know."

Luna smiled and watched as Harry walked away, He kept looking over his shoulder, which made Luna smile and her cheeks begin to redden. Luna wanted to follow him, but there was something she had to do first, or at least she had to try.

Luna raised her wand and slowly became to carve a hole in the icy lake. Luna smiled and hummed as she finished carving the hole before she kicked off her high heels. Luna made sure to apply extra heating charms to herself as she stepped in the lake, but even that couldn't prepare her from the freezing cold water. Luna let herself plummet int to the lake as she closed her eyes and held her wand up to her face.

This wasn't Luna's fir voyage into the Great Lake, but she had not entered such freezing waters, since the month her Mother died, Luna felt it was time to repeat the ritual, she had read in a letter her mother had left her.

Luna closed her eyes as she felt her bare feet touch the bottom of the lake and held her wand to her head, projecting her thoughts allowed for the spirit of the lake to hear. It was an ancient language that expelled from Luna's mind, and even though Luna had memorized the passage, she did not know exactly what she was saying. She only knew the most simple of interpretations. Luna let go of the sorrows that weighed her down, and suddenly she felt herself begin to rise.

Luna took a deep breath as she reached the surface, where she now floated. Luna let her eyes remain closed as she embraced the air on her face, the air in her lungs, the air in her soul. Luna waved her wand and rose from the icy lake and gently landed in the snowy shore. Luna quickly cast warming and drying spells, though she knew she would need some hot chocolate before the night was done. Luna looked down to put on her heels and smiled and clacked in both surprise and delight. The ritual had cleansed her dress of its stain, looking as white and sparkling as it had before.

Luna smiled and stretched her arms before turning around to head back indoors. To Luna's surprise, Ron Weasley was standing there, staring at her as if she was a crumbled horn coming out of her head. "ARE YOU MENTAL!"

Luna looked back at the icy lake and before meeting Ronald stupified gaze. "Probably."

Ron shook his head as Luna hopped past him. Luna had a feeling Harry had made sure Ron kept an eye on her after what happened the last time she had left her sight. Considering she had just been bewitched, she decided to let this pass. "What have I missed Ronald."

"It's Ron...never mind. I didn't exactly stay long, Harry had sent me out the moment he spotted me...I shouldn't have said that." Ron said with a contrite blush.

"I already knew that Ronald." Luna hummed with a smile. "I hope Cho and Many are getting treated for the Nargle infestation they have. They can be rather pesky you know."

"I don't know about Cho, but Mandy's been suspended for forcing a 13-year-old girl to drink forbidden potions. I think Cho made her take the blame since her Mother is in a high enough position in the Ministry to get her out of too much trouble. "

"That's a shame, the long the Nargles have their influence, the harder it is to rid them from a person. Nargles can have a rather negative effect on one's life." Luna uttered thoughtfully before pausing. "See, her Nargles must have driven Cedric away."

Ron followed Luna gaze and saw Cedric and Fleur running across the snow-covered grounds. Ron cursed under his breath. "Lucky son of a...hold on?"

Luna was way ahead of him, as her ears perked up to to the sounds Fleur was making. They weren't cries of laughter, but screams of terror.

"Ronald, get help." Luna began to hop towards the Wizard when Ron grabbed his hand.

"You get help, I'll handle this." Ron countered as he raised his hand

"Normally I'd agree, but I broke my leg again running here," Luna whispered as she looked down contritely. "I didn't want to tell Harry..."

"Luna focus!" Ron snapped, "You can't take on the Hogwarts champion!"

"Neither can you Ron, but you much faster," Luna replied with a determined look on her usually serene face. "I'll be fine as long as you hurry, go."

Ron looked between the Castle, Luna, and Cedric, who was gaining ground on Fleur. Luna shouted. "Hurry!"

Ron took off, as reluctant as he was to do so while Luna walked forward on unsteady legs. Luna hoped that Ron didn't notice how scared she really was. Luna was many things, but a fighter wasn't one of them and She was just a third-year student who, though bright, did not pay nearly as much attention to her classes as she should have. Cedric was a 7th year Hogwarts champion who survived a tango with a Dragon. Nevertheless, Luna had to rescue both Cedric and Fleur from the Wrackspurts.

Luna quickly realized she was too slow to catch up to the two Magicals. So she did the only thing she could do, gain their attention. Luna took a deep breath and let out the loudest scream she could, her scream piercing through the freezing darkness.

It worked as Cedric stopped chasing Fleur and his head snapped around his neck to face her. Luna gasped as Cedric stared at her with big red eyes. This was not the work of Wrackspurts, this was something far, far worse. Luna could only exhale in fear. "Oh dear."

Cedric snarled as he began to glide towards Luna, who held her wand with shaking hands. Cedric was fast upon her and Luna could not think of a spell to cast, she stood frozen, petrified, as if her brain had stopped working. Luna wished she paid more attention in class, instead of drawing doodles of Nargles and Snorkacks in all her textbooks.

Cedric was upon her and Luna cast the first spell that came to her head. "Lumos?"

Cedric recoiled from the light of her spell, Luna could only look on in shock as her spell actually worked...for about 2 seconds. Cedric swiped her wand from her hands and sent it sliding across the ice-covered lake. Lua gulped as Cedric bared two are fangs and growled with a shaky voice. "Need, Blood!"

His face was white as snow and lip as red as rose, but his eyes were as black as coal. Luna realized, she made a terrible mistake sending Ron for help. She was not dealing with just a seventh-year wizard, she was dealing with a...

Cedric made to lunge when a white beam wrapped around him like ropes. Cedric fought against the beam of light as Fleur gripped her wand tight and yelled. "Run Loony Run! He's a Vampire. He's a Vampire!"

Luna could not run, even if she was capable of it she would never abandon Fleur to the Vampires clutches. Fleur was a Veela, a creature of the light, full of love and life, a Vampire was a creature of death and darkness, far stronger than even a full-blooded Veela, Luna looked to her wand across the Icy lake, and did the only thing she could do. She hopped onto the ice and nearly fell over as her leg shook as she nearly slipped. She hopped and again and his time she fell. Luna cried out as she was certain she damaged her leg badly this time.

The Vampire shook as he started to break free and Luna crawled as fast as she could. Luna lunged forward and grabbed her wand just as Cedric broke three of the Fleurs spell and jumped. The Vampire soared through the air. Landing right in front of Luna who quickly cast. "Incendio."

Cedric's robes caught on fire but the Vampire paid it no mind as he hovers over Luna, like a wolf ready to pounce. He showed his fangs and roared a horrible, inhuman roar, suddenly the ice gave way from beneath him, melting from his burning robes, and sinking into the death of the great lake. Fleur helped Luna to shore before the french witch took Luna in her arms. "Merci Merci, you save my life Loony."

"It's Luna," Luna responded without thinking, trying to wrap her head around what just happened.

"Pardon, Merci Luna," Fleur quickly said, and Luna realized the Veela probably didn't know what Loony meant in english., being it was her second langue. Flur let go of Luna and pulled on her arm only to notice Luna's grimace. "Your hurt!"

"It's just my leg," Luna replied calmly though she knew it was in bad shape. "Madam Pomfrey will be upset I broke it again, but-"

A hand suddenly smashed it's way free of the ice and gripped the ice, causing fleur to let out a shriek of horror. Fleur quickly lifted Luna onto her feet and began to run towards the Castle, only for Cedric to suddenly appear in front of her, as if by magic. Cedric hissed and Fleur started running in the opposite direction, while Cedric only walked after them slowly. Luna looked past the dark vampire and noticed wand light coming outside the castle. Help was coming, and clearly, Cedric knew this. He was chasing them away from help, like a shepherd herding sheep. He was sending Fleur running into the Forbidden Forrest, and she was taking Luna with her.

Ron cursed under his breath as a burst into the Yule ball. All eyes turned to him as he gasped for breath and shouted. "Cedric, attacking Fleur, Luna's with them. Help!"

Harry, Hermione, and Ginny, immediately looked towards Ron in alarm, but they were one of the few who did. Everyone else just rolled their eyes, and students began to make snide remarks. "Very funny, Weasley, Did the Looney tell you that one,"

"Stop trying to ruin our Dance"

"Just because you made a horses arse of yourself doesn't mean you have to ruin our dates."

"You got to believe me," Ron shouted in a panic, fear drenched his figure, even the professors were ignoring him, and even worse, Dumbledore was missing. Ron spotted Harry and ran up to him. "I heard a scream, I think it was Luna, she told me to get help, I shouldn't have left."

Harry ran past Ron, wand already in hand. "Accio Firebolt."

Hermione's eyes lit up as she uttered. "Accio 3 brooms."

To everyone's surprise, another voice uttered in a deep Bulgarian accent. "Accio Firebolt.

Everything was silent, except for the terrible sound of 5 brooms zooming through the school towards them, smashing into whatever stood in their way. Hermione was grimacing every time a loud boom or smash echoed in the distance, causing untold damage as the broom wreaked havoc. Finally, the brooms arrived and zoomed into the summoners hands. Hermione ducked as 3 brooms zoomed for her head, and Ginny was able to catch two of them, while the third zoomed past her and smashed through the great wall's stain glass window. Hermione blushed. "Sorry.."

Ron quickly grabbed one of the brooms in Ginny's hands and took off, following Harry who had left the moment the broom had reached his hand. Ron was soon followed by Krum, and Ginny, who shared her broom with a terrified Hermione, who on top of hating flying was trying to calculate just how much damage she had done to the School.

Harry was already way ahead of them, his face full of grit and determination, just the thought of Lunascream sent chills down his spine and made him want to be sick. He just hoped he wasn't already too late.

Luna ducked as Fleur nearly ran her into another branch, the Forbidden Forrest had was a dangerous place, but it had always been a place of solace for Luna, as no bullies dared go in, and the Magical creatures treated Luna rather well. However in the dead of night, while being chased by a bloodthirsty Vampire, the Forbidden Forrest was nightmarish and Luna felt fear clutch her heart.

Suddenly Fleur tripped on a branch sent both of them to the ground. Luna looked up to see a bat fly into the clearing before reappearing over them before them, before transforming back into a Vampire. Luna looked to fleur and realized she was out cold, Cedric stared as he beautiful neck and drooled. "Let me drink you!"

"NO!" Luna cried as she raised her wand and shouted. "Lumos"

Cedric recoiled from the light once more before he looked back with red eyes. "You must be mad, stand between a Vampire and his prey!"

Cedric grabbed Luna by her robes and hauled her up before he slammed her against the nearest tree. "Cho was right, you are a Looney."

Luna glared back at the dark creature before her. "There are worse things than being Looney."

Cedric grinned and nodded. "Your right, there are worse things, like being my meal!"

Luna could only watch helplessly, as Cedric bared his fans and slowly brought them to Luna's exposed neck witch glittered so prettily in the moonlight.

Luna felt her life flash before her eyes, she remembered spending time with her Mother and running through the nearby forests with her father. Luna remembered coming to Hogwarts and her many adventures in the Forbidden Forrest. Luna remembered the death of her mother, her's father's mental breakdown, and the years of bullying she had to endure from her fellow students. Luna remembered being locked a dark cupboard with a broken leg, and how she cried and wished she could go away, and leave life her behind, and travel the world until she found what she was looking for.

Luna saw the light, as Harry Potter stepped into the cupboard, with a friendly smile on his face. Luna remembered all of their conversations and reconnecting with her old friend Ginny. Luna remembered how happy she felt whenever she was with Harry, she was always happy with Harry.

Luna gripped her wand tightly, this couldn't be the end, not now that she had finally realized. The one thing Luna truly desired was at Hogwarts all along, friendship.

All this happened in a split second as Cedric sunk his fans in, she was too late...

Cedric recoiled and screamed in agony as he dropped Luna to the ground and started grabbing at his fangs in agony. Luna reached for her throat but found no wound, Luna felt her butterbeer cork necklace, which had previously been invisible, but now two of the corks had holes in them. Luna looked up at the Vampire that screamed in agony. Luna pushed herself to her feet and removed her necklace, holding it out to Cedric, who recoiled in horror.

Luna smiled, suddenly thankful she had convinced Ginny to make her necklace invisible, instead of leaving it in her dorm for the Yule Ball. She remembered telling Ginny. "You never know when you need protection from the Nargles."

Luna smiled as she spoke to the Vampire. "You're just a big bully!"

Luna stepped towards the Vampire with continued to back away, his eyes now full of fear. "Go away you big Nargle, I'm not afraid of you anymore!"

Luna felt powerful as she stood up to the blood-sucking bully. Luna had never felt strong before and though she didn't like bringing pain to the Vampire, she was not going to let this Vampire take what was herse. Luna swore to herself, she would never let anyone or anything hurt her again, not without a fight.

"Luna!" A familiar voice yelled and Luna looked up to see Harry and Ron, land their brooms. Harry quickly dismounted and raised his wand by Luna, while Ron landed by Fleur, who was just starting to wake up.

"Bloody...Cedric's a Vampire!?" Ron exclaimed as Cedric's fans and hissing made it clear to anyone who studied magical creatures.

Harry wasn't paying any attention to Cedric though, his focus was immediately on Luna. "Are you ok Luna? Ron said he heard you scream, you weren't bitten, were you. I shouldn't have left you again, I'm such an idiot, for Merlin's sake you were attacked twice in one night. I must be the worst date..."

Luna only watched with wide eyes as Harry ranted with worry, and she felt a smile appear on her face. The way he was fussing over her melted Luna's heart and she didn't even think about it, Luna just leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on Harry's lips, witch silenced him midsentence. Harry blushed bright red and Luna was certain it matched her own. "I'm fine Harry, I'm always fine when I'm with you."

Luna would never have found the courage to kiss Harry, under normal circumstances, yet again, defeating a Vampire will do wonders to one's confidence.

The two young magical's stared into each other's eyes until the spell was broken as Fleur awoke with a panic. "What happened, where am I. Were's Luna."

"ARG!" The Vampire roared as it lunged for the Veela, taking advantage of Luna's distracted state.

"No!" Ron quickly shoved Fleur to the side and the Vampire grabbed Ron's throat instead. The Vampire growled with frustration as it tossed Ron to the side like a rag doll, before gliding towards the Vella.


Everyone blinked as Cedric froze in the middle of the air, before dropping to the ground, a broomstick sticking out of his chest.

As everyone started in shock, Hermione, Ginny, and Krum arrived, with the latter two landing their brooms, while the aviophobic Hermione waited until she felt the ground beneath her feet before letting go of Ginny and opening her eyes...

...Only to grow even more pail at the sight before her. "Oh dear Merlin, I killed Cedric Diggory?

It was getting close to midnight, and the students were growing restless. As fun as the Weird Sisters were, they had stopped playing over an hour ago. The frontman refusing to play on when a Muggle-born began to shout free bird. In fact the frontman would soon be making a public appearance at the Ministry, where he apologized for recent comments made against Muggle Born's, the French, the Quibbler, Trolls, Hob, Elves, Centaurs, Free Birds, Nargles, Human/Goblin hybrids and a Lynard Skynard, whoever the hell that guy was.

The orchestra had fixed and retuned their instruments, and was finally ready to play the ceremonial waltz that traditionally opened the Yule Ball...well better late than never. There was just one problem...

"This is a disaster!" Percy shouted in a panic as he spoke to Bagman and the other professors at Hogwarts. "As if this Ball wasn't already a disaster, we have a ceremonial waltz to perform and no Champions insight."

"Is this really such a serious matter, I mean I'm sure they'll be back soon enough." Bagman uttered tiredly.

"Perhaps I wasn't clear," Percy muttered before he turned red and roared. "ALL THE CHAMPIONS ARE MISSING, WE HAVE ZERO CHAMPIONS!

Severs sneered at his fellow professors. "You don't assume there was any truth to what Weasley, your youngest brother, said about Cedric attacking Miss Delacour, and possibly Miss Lovegood."

"Wait, what?" Percy exclaimed while the other professors exclaimed guilty looks. "When did this happen, Why wasn't I informed."

"You were trying to find Professor Dumbledore, who mysteriously vanished...again." McGonigal sighed, she was feeling too old for this nonsense.

"No one believed Weasley, his idiocy being made apparent, so Potter and his foolish friends followed him. Mr. Krum and your sister left with them!"

"GINNY LEFT TOO!" Percy shrieked.

"What I came right back." Ginny's voice answered causing everyone to look around.

Ginny entered the hall with a pale white Hermione. Ron was helping Fleur while Harry carried Luna on his back. Luna was laughing and yelling wee, while Harry looked ready to collapse. Harry placed Luna on the nearest table before yelling. "Madam Pomfrey, Luna bro-"

"Oh for Merlin's sake." Madam Pomfrey, uttered, brandishing her wand and began to walk towards Luna, she stopped however when Krum entered the Great Hall, levitating the body of Cedric Diggory.

"What is term," Krum uttered as he was faced with the horrified masses. "It not what it looks like."

The Great hall was suddenly full of screams as the student's pandemonium set in. The flashing of Colin Creeveys camera blinded half the students, as they screamed and ran into each over

Professors and Ministry officials worked to prevent a full-blown riot fro taking place, which was not helped when Lavender shouted. "BLOODY HELL, HE'S A VAMPIRE!"

True enough, Cedric's fangs could be seen by all, as well as the stake sticking out of his heart. Cho Chang could be seen feinting as panic set in and the Great Hall descended into chaos.

Just as the Great Hall was about to descend into total bedlam, Albus Dumbledore entered the Great Hall with a big smile on his face. "What did I miss?"

It was truly a historic moment, the Triwizard tournament had more than its fair share of casualties throughout the years, but never before had a Champion been killed during the Yule Ball. The Aurors had to be called, and though they would further investigate the matter the next day, it was quickly determined that Cedric's death was a combination of self-defense and sheer dumb luck.

Hermione was still pretty shaken by what had transpired though as others had been quick to point out, overpowered Accio had most certainly saved Fleur's life, well that and Ron's quick actions. Fleur as more than happy to thanks Ron for this, by kissing him flush on the lips in the front of the entire Great Ball. Ron had yet to stop blushing, much to everyone's amusement.

Another story that was spreading through the Great hall like wildfire, was the heroic actions of one Luna Lovegood. As the adults in the room rushed to restore order, Luna was sitting by Harry, her leg having been temporarily healed once more, though by this point Pomfrey had informed her she would probably need to have the bones in her leg regrown. Harry grimaced while Luna merely shrugged with a smile, happy to just be sitting with the boy she fancied.

"You know Luna, when I returned to the Yule Ball, after your..." Harry trailed off uncomfortably

"Nargle attack?" Luna interjected much to Harry's relief, who had wanted to avoid using the phrase, Metal Breakdown

"Yes, well, when I returned to the Yule Ball, just about everyone here came up to me, bombarding me with questions, asking if you were alright," Harry stated with a smile. "I'm not going to pretend that some people were acting like wankers and laughing at you, but most of them, they were just worried."

"Really? How nice." Luna replied with a smile as she leaned on Harry's shoulder. "I don't need them, not really. I'm fine just the way I am, especially when I'm with you."

Harry's face reddened at this but he held Luna closer to him. Both of them smiling like...well...like loons.

The sound of Bagman's voice could be heard coughing into a microphone. "Ok...now can everyone here me. Well, it looks like the Triwizard tournament is indeed a TRI-wizard tournament again ha...uh too soon? Yes well, I'm afraid that due to the circumstances the remainder of the Yule Ball is canceled..."

Suddenly the microphone flew out the of the bumbling man's hands and into the hand of Dumbledore. "I have a couple of announcements to make. Firstly I would like to pay my respects to Cedric Diggory, one of the greatest students Hogwarts has ever seen...before he started to feast on the students. Luckily, no other students were killed, though a couple of Hufflepuffs are being sent to Saint Mungo's for blood replenishing pulls and anti-vampire Potions."

"I would like to further state that Vampires are not necessarily evil, though sadly some do succumb to their darker desires. This does not necessarily different from us." Dumbledore intoned wisely. "We all have the power in us, to do great and terrible things, it is up to us to choose what we shall do with that power. Will we make the world a better place, or cast it in darkness The choice is yours alone."

Dumbledore further smiled. "In the face of tragedy and darkness, students in this school acted with true bravery and valor, when others dared not. First I would like to award 25 points each to, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron, and Ginny Weasley. I would like to also offer a further 20 points to Ron Weasley, for selflessly throwing himself in front of Cedric's path, willing to sacrifice himself, to save the life of the BeaxBatton Champions. "

"On a more personal note, I would like to give 10 more points to Gryffindor, to both Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley, for find the courage to love, in a word that so often snuffs it out." Dumbledore declared proudly while Hermione and Ginny blushed.

"If I could award points, to our fellow Champions, I would. Nevertheless, it should go without saying that Victor Krum and Fleur Delacour acted heroically and made their schools proud. I hope they will be treated as such, by both their faculty and fellow students.

"However, last but certainly not least. Everyone here, be they students of Hogwarts, Durmstrang, or Beaxbaten, owe a great deal of gratitude to the one student who above everyone else, save the life of both Miss Delacour, as well as anyone else who would've crossed the Vampire's path. Luna Lovegood."

Luna looked up in shock, more surprised then she had ever been in her entire life. Dumbledore spoke over the crowds murmuring. "It was Luna Lovegood, who first realized that Miss Delacour was in mortal peril, it was Luna Lovegood, who had both the selflessness and the wisdom, to send Ron for help, at her own peril, so the Fleur would have a chance of survival. It was Luna Lovegood, who despite only being a third year, and have a broken leg, summoned the ire of the Vampire, on more than one occasion, to again save Fleur's life. I can not stress enough that without her Mother's love and protection, Luna Lovegood would not have survived. Luna Lovegood showed traits that would make all 4 founders proud, and for this, I award her 100 points."

Just like that everyone in the Great Hall was cheering, only the Slytherins, who had been effectively taken out of the running for the House Cup, were not applauding and cheering with vigor. Luna would be the first to say she didn't care about House points, but as Luna looked on with wide eyes as the students cheered her name, Luna could help but smile tearfully, as her emotions got the best of her.

Dumbledore was not done however as he added. "I also feel, that this is cause for celebration and I believe it would be unwise to break tradition. As it is 5 minutes till midnight. I will give the Champions a moment to choose a dance partner for the ceremonial Waltz. For those who wish to continue dancing all night, I am announcing for one time only, No Curfew."

Luna and Harry had to cover their ears as the ceiling shook from the screams of delight. Once it was safe to uncover their ears Harry took Luna's hand and whispered. "You still up for a dance."

Luna smiled brilliantly into Harry's eyes, she didn't question the condition of her broken leg. Luna was going to have her dance with Harry Potter, even if it cost her a leg. Harry helped Luna up and began leading her to the dance hall. Madam Pomfrey noticed this her protest died on her lip as Dumbledore whispered to her knowingly. "Her leg has endured much just to get here and I'm sure one more dance won't hurt. Let the girl have her moment."

As the crowd hustled and bustled out of the dance floor to let the champions have their moment, one figure was making her way towards Luna Lovegood. Filius Flitwick noticed this as he shooed away McGonagall, they were his students, we would handle the situation.

Harry found himself being shoved away from Luna as Luna found herself staring down a very angry Cho Chang. "You...Killed...My...Boyfriend."

Luna frowned in confusion. "I didn't kill anyone, I was just trying to keep Cedric from eating anyone. I'm sorry he died, I was hoping we could treat with a diet of Moon Frog's and-"

Luna was interrupted by a nasty slap to her cheek as Cho shouted. "Shut up! Shut up! I'm sick of you nonsense I'm sick of your sweet, goody two shoes attitude. I'm sick of you doing whatever you want and not worrying about the consequences. There a price to being weird and that price is me!"

Luna shook her head unphased by Cho's slap or her rant. She held out a hand to stop Harry from drawing his wand when Cho slapped her, but Luna wasn't angry. "Calm down Harry, it's just the Nargles, she doesn't know what she's doing.

"Like hell, I don't!" Cho snapped.

"I feel sorry for you, the Nargles have really done a number on you." Luna sympathetically. "I keep saying you need to be treated but no one seems to try."

"You think I should be treated!" Cho snorted piggishly. "That's rich coming from a Loony like you."

"It takes a Loony to know a Loony," Luna replied knowingly. "I think you're just sad that you chose to fit in instead of being happy. I think deep down, you wish you could be free."

Luna ducked as Cho swung again and Luna shook her head. "So many Nargles, I'm not upset, it's just the Nargles, you must really need to be cured.

Luna frowned for a moment before a smile lit her features. "I know a remedy for the Nargles that my father taught me. Unfortunately, I've heard it can be rather painful. Oh well, you'll have to let me know if it works."

"What are you going to do Loon-" Whatever Cho's retort was died on her lips, as Luna punched her as hard as she could, square in the face. Cho dropped to the floor crying out as she held her broken nose.

Harry's jaw dropped at the sight, as did just about everyone else who saw the incident, though with everyone running around setting up the ceremonial dance, few did.

Luna held her throbbing hand as she frowned at Cho. "Oh dear, I'm not sure I did it right? You'd really need to ask Father about treating Nargles. You're not supposed to be bleeding either."

Harry noticed Professor Flitwick was heading there way and quickly pulled Luna away. "I'm sure she'll be fine, let's have our dance."

Luna smiled as she hopped after Harry. "I do like dancing."

Filius arrived and healed Cho's nose with an Episkey spell. Cho jumped to her feet and pointed to Luna. "She...She punched me in the face."

Filius looked unconvinced. "Are you sure about that? That sounds pretty farfetched,"

"Punisher her now!" Cho screamed, stomping her foot.

"Very well, that will be 50 points from Ravenclaw," Filius uttered with a pointed look. "For bullying."

Filius walked away from a gaping Cho with a smug smile on his face. As he slipped through the crowd of taller students he muttered to himself. "60 points to Ravenclaw, for...effective treatment of Nargles."

Meanwhile, Ron remained in his seat, as Ginny held Hermione's hand and whispered in her hear, trying and succeeding in breaking Hermione out of her shaken state. Ron couldn't remember the last time he saw Hermione laugh so much, and honestly, he had never seen Ginny happier. He sighed, as he smiled a bittersweet smile. He heard a voice utter to his left. "They make a cute couple non?"

"I guess, I'm happy they're happy," Ron uttered sadly before he realized who was speaking to him.

Fleur Delacour smiled as Ron's face turned redder than a ripe tomato. She held out her hand asked. "May I have this dance with my savior."

Ron gulped and tried to saying something, but nothing came out. Fleur giggled and Ron thought he was going to faint. Fleur pulled him to his feet and began to drag him to the dance floor. "I'll take that as a yes."

Ginny pointed at Ron, and Hermione began laughing so far she could hardly breathe. When she was finished she looked up to see Victor Krum extending a hand. "Miss Weasley, would you mind if I borrowed, Miss, Grang...ger, for this one dance."

"Oh no," Hermione shook her head. "I've had enough excitement for one day, I'm sure Ginny would-"

"Oh no, you don't." Ginny retorted as she pushed Hermione up and Krum smiled as he dragged Hermione to the dance floor, who's halfhearted protests lost credibility as she laughed.

Harry smiled as he and Luna were joined by the other champions and their dance partners of choice. The Dance floor was clear and finally it was time for the Champions to have their stupid ceremonial dance, only it didn't feel so formal anymore. Luna's voice broke him from his thoughts. "I still can't dance, now more than ever."

Harry looked down at the pretty girl in his arms and whispered. "I don't mind if you don't"

Luna gave a shy smile. "I never mind."

"Ahem." Bagman coughed into the microphone before he announced. "The Yule Ball's ceremonial waltz shall finally begin at the stroke of Midnight, which is in exactly 5...4...3...2...1...

The chiming of the bell could be heard and with their cue, The musicians started to play their instruments... and not a sound was heard.

Everyone looked to the band, in turn, who looked at their instruments. Percy could be heard shouting. "What the bloody hell is going on now!"

Then it happened, a single shimmering guitar chord echoed through the Great hall, as a mysterious figure walked from the shadows and sang in a deep crooning voice.

"You gotta be sincere! You gotta be sincere!

You gotta feel it here,

'Cause if you feel it here,

Well, then you're gonna be

honestly sincere!"

Harry watched on in confusions as the majority of the Great Hall ran to the stage screaming with teenage hysteria. while the adults looked outraged as they tried to regain order. It was Dumbledore's face that caught Harry's attention. He looked conflicted between one of concern, yet also trying not to laugh.

"If what you feel is true,

You really feel it, you

Make them feel it too.

Write this down now, You

Gotta be, Honestly sincere!"

The voice sang before a group of oddly dressed figures appeared on stage, as if from thin air and playing their instruments, upping the tempo into an old rock song Harry vaguely recognized.

The shadowy figure stepped into the light and was met the screams of adoring teenage fans. Harry swore he was staring at a very good Elvis impersonator. From the hair to the eccentric white suite Elvis would wear. He looked like he'd put on a few pounds so to speak, but then again so did Elvis before the end. He shook his hips and Harry saw Percy faint. Harry wasn't sure if it was because his delicate sensibility was affronted or for other reasons...

Luna clapped with a giddy smile on her face. "Harry you didn't tell me he was back!"

Harry just looked confused. "To be honest, I don't know who that is."

Luna looked at Harry with a tilted head. "Isn't it obvious, it's your Godfather."

"Stubby Boardman and the Hob Goblins are back!" The Singer roared over the screaming hormonal teenagers.

Harry couldn't help but laugh at this. "That's not my Godfather..."

Harry trailed off as he got a closer look at the man, he swore their met, and Stubby Boardman winked while delivering a mischievous grin he knew anywhere. "Son of a Bi-"

If you're really sincere

If you're really sincere

If you feel it in here

Then it's gotta be right!

Oh, honey!

Hug me!


Stubby Board laughed as he uttered in a voice Harry recognized belonged to one Sirius Black. "It's been a long time! Hope your all enjoying the Yule Ball. I heard this song was being suggested and it is one that is very near and dear to my heart. It's called Free Bird."

Harry shook his head at his Godfather's antics before meeting Luna's knowing gaze. "So tell me more about these Nargles your always on about."

Luna's eyes shined and she smiles so brightly it nearly blinded Harry. When the familiar organ and guitars began to play, Luna shook her head. "Maybe some other time."

"If I leave here tomorrow,

Would you still remember me?

For I must be traveling on, now,

Cause there's too many places I've got to see.

But, if I stayed here with you, girl,

Things just couldn't be the same.

Cause I'm as free as a bird now,

And this bird you can not change"

Harry smiled as he held Luna close as he looked to his Godfather, who truly was pulling the Mother of all Pranks. Harry gave his Godfather a thumbs up, who responded with a wink, before continuing to sing.

As the music played, he looked down at the sweet pretty girl in his arms and as the music started to go faster Harry leaned forward and kissed Luna deeply. Luna's eyes widened before they closed as she pulled Harry into the blissful kiss. When they parted, Harry saw a tear roll down Luna's cheek as she whispered. "You were right Harry, fairytales do come true."

Lord, I can't change

Won't you fly high, free bird, yeah

"20-minute guitar solo Ha"

The End

"Hey, It's not over yet! Stubby Boardman says start dancing.

I want this Ball Bouncing,"

Jump, Jump like your on one leg.

Oh Merlin Hagrid, stop jumping before you kill someone.

Your all Hopping Mad

The Songs performed are,

Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd


Honestly Sincere by Lee Adams and Charles Strouse.

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