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Let it Burn

By Kittenshift17

Chapter 8: Crackle

By the end of the day, Hermione was bone weary and exhausted. She didn't think she'd ever worked a harder day in her life and she was dreading the idea of having to do it all again tomorrow. The entire afternoon had been spent dealing with the number dragons that had been carted in from the field with injuries. Caroline had informed her that being in charge of the Sanctum meant that Hermione was likely to just get busier and busier and had asked her how well she usually did under pressure.

Her body ached when she dragged herself alongside the other Tamers into the pub that night where everyone downed too much whiskey to be healthy. Hermione went easy on it, not wanting to add a hangover to the protestations and aches she knew would plague her in the morning. She gobbled down her dinner like she hadn't eaten in a week and Charlie had laughed when she'd sneaked a few chips off his plate when she thought he wasn't looking before giving up on trying to steal his food and ordering something extra for herself.

Her side was aching where she'd been burned and her back ached from shovelling all morning and Hermione had never been so tired.

"Come on, Granger. Keep up," Jason teased, nudging her when she was nursing her fire-whiskey after dinner while the rest of them downed glass after glass of whiskey, drowning their hurts in enough alcohol to pickle just about anything.

Hermione blinked at him, feeling like her eyelids weighed a tonne and like something tried to hold them closed every time she tried to lift them once more.

"Worn out, love?" Caroline chuckled when she saw the way Hermione looked so dazed.

"Just a little bit," Hermione said quietly.

"You had a big day," Caroline nodded. "Dunno if I'd have still been awake if there'd been a dragon brawl on my first day here. I'd be passed out in my bed without dinner."

"You were passed out in your bed without dinner on your first day, even without the brawl," Sid teased her, grinning.

"Shut up," Caroline laughed.

"I'm surprised you're still awake, Granger. The whole day spent handling the Sanctum with this grumpy sod riding your arse and keeping you hopping," Jason jerked a thumb at Charlie. "Last time I spent a full day working with him, I slept right through work the following day."

Hermione laughed, shooting a grin at Charlie, who lifted his drink to his lips and drank deeply, looking quietly proud of his work ethic.

"Yeah, tell us how your day went, Granger," Greg said. "You patched pretty much all of us up this afternoon after that brawl, but what about your morning? Did Weasley let you have it?"

"I'm not a complete arsehole," Charlie protested.

"Mate, you made me singlehandedly take on that raging Horntail when he was waking up before he was patched up," Sid reminded him. "You're a hard bastard and you've never been easy on newbs in the Sanctuary. I'm surprised she hasn't run for the hills."

"Was I horrid, Hermione?" Charlie appealed.

"Positively dreadful," Hermione nodded, grinning. "I don't know how I'll possibly drag myself out of bed in the morning to face another day of you barking orders at me and forcing me to scrub scale rot."

Charlie's wild eyes rested on her for a moment for her completely sincere tone and the other Tamers all looked quietly pleased, obviously expecting him to have been horrid to her. But it was all an act. Hermione couldn't wait to drag herself out of bed tomorrow, just so she'd be able to spend the day right next to him, learning about the dragons and how to care them, and just being in close proximity to the man she'd been crushing on for way too long.

"You better be there on time or I'll drag you out by the ankles, witch," he warned her, and Hermione wondered if he knew she was lying for the sake of her pride and his reputation.

"I'd expect nothing less," Hermione smirked before throwing back the remainder of her drink.

She winced when the movement made her side twinge where Azreal had burned her.

"You're hurt?" Caroline asked, catching the wince.

Hermione nodded. "I caught the fire this afternoon."

All the Tamers glanced at her.

"When?" Jason asked, frowning.

"Not long before the call came in about the Horntail," Hermione shrugged.

"You were popping about all over the place fixing us up with painkillers in your system and your first dragon-fire burn hindering you, and you didn't say a word?" Caroline asked, frowning. "Granger, you've been working hard all afternoon!"

"So have you," Hermione shrugged. "You caught the fire today, too."

"How badly were you burned?" Caroline asked, and Hermione glanced at Charlie.

He shrugged. "Show her, if you want. The amount of blistering and scarring left after the healing session won't keep them from figuring out how bad the burn Az gave you was."

Hermione set down her glass and twisted to one side, lifting her shirt to reveal her midriff and her side. She peeled back some of the bandaging, wincing when she noticed the way the blistered flesh had split open. It had been aching all afternoon and she'd thought about going to the clinic for more pain medication, but there hadn't been time while she was helping Charlie get the newest residents of the Sanctum settled in and afterward she'd barely had time for a hasty shower before being interrupted by Caroline and dragged over to the pub for dinner.

"Shit," Charlie said, glancing at the wound. "You split it. How aren't you screaming?"

Hermione shrugged her shoulders, digging a hand into her pocket and fishing out a jar of burn salve. She unscrewed it and smeared some over the wound, watching some of the redness fade and sighing at the cooling effect of the medicine.

"He caught you pretty good, eh?" Caroline said, inspecting the wound before she could cover it again.

"Crazy witch was bucked off after she caught the fire, almost trampled, and then went back for more to finish the job, remove the scale rot and bandage the rampaging sod up before we got out of there, too," Charlie told the group and there was grudging respect in his voice before he downed the rest of his whiskey and got up, taking her cup with him to get the next round.

"Blimey, Granger," Jason smirked. "You mad, girl?"

Hermione shrugged. "He needed to be healed."

"So did you," Caroline argued.

"Az needed it more," Hermione said. "It's really not that big a deal."

"Not a big deal?" Greg laughed. "Granger, that's a nasty burn. Most people go into shock the first time they catch the fire. Some even for the first twenty times. There's no shame in admitting that these beasts are tougher and crueller than us, girl."

Hermione pressed her lips together, shrugging again and relinquishing the jar of burn salve to Caroline when the other woman dug into it before smoothing more cooling gel over Hermione's hip and her back.

"I've known worse pain," she said softly, lowering her eyes and remembering the long minutes of repeated agony when she'd endured Bellatrix's Cruciatus curse.

Everyone was silent, watching the way she subconsciously fingered the scar upon her forearm.

"So," Jason spoke up to break the silence as Charlie returned. "Hurts like fuck now, but how'd you like catching the fire that first time, eh? Going back for more? Or running for the hills?"

Hermione felt a slow, wicked smile stretch across her face.

"I think I could take a little more," she admitted. "It's certainly a unique sensation before the sting really sets in."

The Tamers all smirked.

"I think we've got ourselves another addict, lads," Sid said, smiling widely.

They all laughed when Hermione blushed, accepted her fresh whiskey from Charlie, and downed it in one.


Charles Weasley smirked against the rim of goblet, watching the curly haired little witch wilt in her chair, her head resting on her arms, her glass upside down to indicate that she couldn't drink another drop. He knew she was tired and that she was hurting. He couldn't remember being as proud of a witch as he was of Hermione today.

He hadn't been sure she'd was cut out for the life of a Dragonologist when she'd turned up, if he was being honest. She loved her books, and she was so logical at times that it hurt, and Charlie had thought that she might not be interested in sweet talking a cranky beast and shovelling shit, and running after raging, fire-breathing dragons just for the sake of trying to protect and control the population of wild dragons still roaming the earth. But she'd dived in with an eagerness that reminded him of himself and she hadn't complained even when she'd been injured in the line of duty. Her palms were bloody with blisters, he'd bet she had rub marks on her feet from her shoes, she had a wicked burn on her side, and he'd wager every muscle in her body was screaming at her after the hard day spent shovelling and twisting and practicing physical labour.

"I reckon we got us a keeper here, lads," Caroline slurred, catching sight of the fact that Hermione had fallen asleep and chuckling, looking entirely too pleased about their newest recruit. Charlie would have to remember to let the witch know tomorrow that Hermione went in for wizards, rather than the fairer sex, though doing it now would just embarrass and upset the pretty little lady.

"I'll believe that when I see it," came Amy's bitter reply.

Charlie rolled his eyes at the other woman's pettiness, wondering if he currently had the authority to fire the bitch. He'd wanted her out of the Sanctuary and far away from Dragonsmeade for months, if he was being honest. The minute he'd realised she didn't have what it took to date a bloke like him, Charlie had written her off for a lost cause, and now he couldn't look at her without seeing all her flaws and all the things he couldn't stand about the woman. Things certainly weren't helped by her continued interest in him, despite his cold rejection on more than one occasion.

He supposed he couldn't blame her. Until recently he'd pushed her away right up until he was drunk enough and horny enough to ignore her flaws just long enough to fuck her. Shaking his head to himself, Charlie downed the remainder of his drink, thinking it might be high time he got his charge home to bed.

Being breeding season, and seeing as he was currently in charge of the Tamers and all the dragon related goings-on in the Sanctum, Charlie doubted he'd get a decent sleep until the other side of this mess, but he wouldn't begrudge their newest recruit the rest she sorely needed, and he certainly wouldn't pass up an opportunity to carry the pretty little witch to bed. Even if Amy was going to be a bitch about it.

"I reckon she needs to be put to bed," Charlie said, wiping his mouth on his sleeve before getting to his feet.

"Oh, and I suppose you're going to be the one to put her there?" Amy asked snidely.

"Since she'll be on lookout tomorrow watching my back in the enclosures with Migration antsy dragons, yeah, I'm going to put her to bed and I'm going to set her alarm so that she makes it to work on time and I might even make her a packed lunch, too," Charlie sneered hostilely. "Unlike some of the women I work with, this one's wellbeing is important to me. And if anyone's got a problem with that, take it up with me now, or hold you're fucking tongue."

Amy narrowed her eyes hatefully, almost looking like she might dare to say something just to be a spiteful cow, but then she looked away, too scared to get in his face and tell him he was out of line, or that he was showing favouritism, or to pretend she had a bloody spine. It was one of the things he'd found he couldn't stand about her. She wasn't willing to go toe to toe with him. She didn't want to get in his face and scream at him for being a cunt when he got ornery. She didn't want to risk catching his fire. And Charlie couldn't stand weakness and spinelessness like that.

"Yeah," Charlie grunted. "That's what I thought."

Scooping his arms around Hermione carefully, he lifted the petite witch into his arms, nodding gratefully at Caroline when she tucked Hermione's head against his shoulder to keep it from lolling uncomfortably. Caroline smiled, offering him a sluggish wink before she lifted her cup to her face and downed the rest of the whiskey inside, clearly intending to escort him across the village while he put Hermione to bed. He knew it was likely because she was a chatty drunk, and because she didn't want to risk being caught having to walk home with Amy, but Charlie didn't mind. It would make a good alibi should Amy try to turn this stunt into something that she could get Hermione fired over.

"Come on, Weasley," Caroline grunted. "I reckon if I drink another drop, I'll fall down drunk like Sid. So… you just… walk me home like a bloody gentleman, yeah?"

"Thought you didn't go in for the gentlemen, Caroline," Charlie smirked at her, swaying a little on his feet thanks to his own intoxication, but keeping his footing to ensure he wasn't going to drop Hermione. His wounds from the dragon scuffles over the past two days throbbed dully at the effort of carrying the petite witch in his arms, but Charlie ignored them. He'd deal with them when he got home. It would give him an excuse to go home. And he needed one, else he might just crawl into bed beside Hermione in her cabin and hold her all night long like he'd done the night before.

He'd forgotten, until last night and the early hours of this morning, what it was like to hold a witch in his arms for no other reason than comfort and warmth and the sweet, content feeling of being able to do so.

"Eat me, Weasley," Caroline said before blowing a raspberry at him.

"I don't think you'd let me," Charlie teased, shamelessly flirting with the witch because he knew it would piss Amy off, and because it would better throw the bitch off the scent of something untoward between him and Hermione.

"I would," Caroline disagreed. "In the dark, a hot tongue lapping at my cunt is just a hot tongue, you know? Don't much care either way when it's dark and I'm drunk. It's just when I'm the one doing the eating that I take issue with the gents."

Charlie laughed.

"Scared of a bit of cock, eh?" he teased, wincing when the witch socked him in the arm hard enough to almost jolt Hermione awake.

"I'm not scared of anything, fucker," Caroline replied. "I just don't like choking on uncooked meat at someone else's pleasure, you know? I prefer to eat at my own pace."

Charlie shook his head, chuckling at the other dragon tamer in amusement and wondering if he had the power to promote her. Not that she'd take the job, he reckoned. She liked it here, for all that she whined about there not being enough bent women in her vicinity.

"Don't we all?" he chuckled, grinning sideways at her as they left the pub and sauntered along the quiet streets of Dragonsmeade.

"Not enough witches, no," Caroline chuckled. "Been too bloody long since I got laid, actually. Not many bent girls go in for Taming, eh?"

"Next Christmas I'll bring you home with me and introduce you to some of the birds of my sister's Quidditch team," he promised. "You'll be able to eat until your heart's content."

Caroline snickered. "Thought your sister was close to popping with the spawn of the Potter bloke?"

"Yeah, she is," Charlie grinned. "But she's got some bent friends you'll love."

"I do love pretty ladies who know how to fly," Caroline said.

Charlie knew the look on her face, knowing her mind had strayed from sexual fantasy and back to the love of dragons that kept them both bound here where they could play with the glorious beasts all day, every day.

"How'd she do today, Weasley?" Caroline asked. "For real?"

She nodded at Hermione where the girl was cradled in his arms. Charlie glanced at Hermione to make sure she was sleeping.

"She did good," he admitted. "I was hard on her. But she loves a challenge, this one. Always has. She's coming at all this from the research angle, trying to figure out how to boost the breeding numbers and population for her field studies through the Ministry. But she didn't balk at the scale-rot or the stench or the death-defying acts that we've got to perform to survive this place every day."

Caroline grinned. "She loved catching the fire, too."

"Who doesn't?" Charlie smirked in return.

"She's a pretty little thing. Amy's got her knickers in a twist about this one, you know?"

"Course she does," Charlie scoffed. "Hermione's prettier, smarter, and somewhat famous back home."

"Yeah, and she's got your attention," Caroline chuckled as they reached her cabin.

"Meaning?" Charlie asked.

Caroline grinned at him. "Come on, Weasley. You might fool everyone else with your aloof bullshit about being a hard-arse boss on her today, but you're sweet on this one. Have been for a while, I'd wager. You look at her in a way I've only ever seen you look at a rampaging dragon who's ten seconds away from roasting you. You want to pull her hair and fling all that caged fire in your heart right at her just to watch her dance. You want to find out if she's brave enough to stand in the full force of your not inconsiderable rage and power. I could see it last night. You want her. Thought you would've had her last night, too. Especially when she came to work sporting those love bites this morning."

"Trouble with Herc distracted me," he admitted.

"But you want her?" Caroline confirmed.

Charlie looked at the little curly haired witch cradled in his arm, tracing his eyes over her.

"I want to find out if she can handle me," he admitted, lifting his gaze back to meet Caroline's eyes.

The witch smiled widely, looking pleased.

"Well, you better watch it, eh?" she said. "Amy won't make it easy for you."

"Amy might find herself relocated to the Sanctum in Australia if she pisses me off while I'm in charge," Charlie grunted.

"Be doing us all a favour if you could make that happen," Caroline laughed, leaning against the door of her cabin as she tried to pull her boots off. "It's bad enough watching Saskia and Greg flirt and taunt each other. Putting up with the ugliness between you and Bitch Face is bloody unbearable."

"Yeah, well," Charlie shrugged. "You convince her to get the fuck out of here and we'll all be happier for it."

"And Hermione?" Caroline asked. "What happens if she can't handle your fire, Charlie?"

Charlie chuckled. "I'm pretty sure she can. But if she can't… well, she's practically part of my family. We'll shove it in a box, pretend it didn't happen and get on with things like uncomfortable cousins, or something."

Caroline laughed. "Just try to remember she's here for at least a year to complete her training and don't go making things too awkward right out the gate, yeah? And deal with Amy before you start something with Hermione. Amy will make her life, and yours, a nightmare if you don't get this shit sorted out with her first. She's not above getting Hermione disqualified from the Sanctum if she thinks she's still got a shot with you, or that she can get Hermione out of here on a technicality."

"Can't you just seduce her so that she stops chasing me and starts chasing you?" Charlie asked.

Caroline laughed. "I'm good, Weasley. But I don't think I'm good enough to turn that obsessive little bitch off of you. Not when you walk around looking like that and burning with that intensity that makes even my knickers wet, and I don't even swing your way."

"What intensity?" he frowned.

Caroline scoffed at him.

"That intensity that makes it seem like you're just looking for the right witch to come along before you bury yourself so deep inside her, you'll never be free. You've had it for a while. It's almost a look of desperation. You want a woman who can handle all your shit; one who'll be waiting in your bed for you when you crawl back bloody and blistered from a midnight round against Herc, just waiting to pull you into her embrace. Your siblings are all starting to pop out rugrats of their own, and in the back of your mind you're on the prowl for a woman who'll pop out a few of yours before too long passes between when your siblings all have kids, and you do, too. You want a woman. You want a wife. You want to keep this crazy life, but you want a family too, buddy. You're tired of the quick thrill it is to shag someone like Amy whom you can take or leave when the sun comes up. You need the burning intensity of love hotter than dragonfire, and if you don't find it soon, I think you might go mad."

Charlie blinked at her. "What? You think I'm getting egg-crazed?" he teased.

Caroline laughed.

"Nah," she shook her head. "I think you're hitting your musth."

He recoiled a little at the term. In dragons and other animals, like elephants, musth was a periodic condition of heightened testosterone activity flooding the system by up to one hundred times the normal amount, causing aggression and overstimulated libido.

"I'm not a bloody bull," he laughed at the witch.

Caroline smirked at him.

"No," she agreed. "You're a Balaur looking for his koroleva."

She winked at him before opening the door to her cabin and letting herself inside.

"See you in the morning, boss," she smirked before she disappeared, closing the door behind her and leaving him standing there a little thunderstruck, clutching Hermione in his hold.

Shaking his head and trying to push aside the thoughts she'd stirred up, Charlie walked away, strolling down the street in silence, intent on taking Hermione home. When he glanced at her again, he realised with a jolt that having sent Caroline to fetch her for dinner, he still didn't actually know where she lived.

"Shit," he cursed, frowning at the girl.

It wouldn't do to let her sleep over with him a second night in a row. Not with Amy intent on getting her thrown out of the Sanctum. Not with thoughts running through his head of how good it had felt waking up with her wrapped in his embrace that morning, and how nice it had been when he'd crawled home last night, injured and high on painkillers after his scuffle with Herc. Merlin, his whole body ached, and he didn't have time to worry about trying to figure out where she lived. He'd apparated there earlier, but he was too drunk off his arse to manage apparition now without splinching himself. His only mode of transportation was walking, and he didn't know the way.

It wasn't that late, by his standards, but he knew he was going to be tired and sore in the morning, and he needed to get Hermione to bed or she'd be just as tired and just as cranky. He didn't want to scare her off too soon with his foul temper just because he wasn't getting enough sleep.

"Fuck it," he muttered, thinking to himself that Hermione could just Floo back to her cabin in the morning and they could start fresh tomorrow.

Shaking his head, and heading for his own cabin, Charlie told himself he was just being practical and that Caroline's observations meant nothing, and that the snog he'd shared with Hermione that day had just been born of awe for her determination to get the job done and look after the dragons, rather than any burning intensity building up inside of him. He shouldered open the door to his cabin when he reached it, unlocking it with his wand awkwardly as he cradled the sleeping witch, before kicking the door closed behind him and carrying Hermione down the hall and into his bedroom.

He laid her down on it when he reached the bed, settling her on top of the covers before pulling off her boots. She was still dressed in jeans and a jumper, and he doubted she'd be comfortable in them. He wondered if it would be wrong of him to peel her out of the jeans. Probably.

Before he could debate it too hard, the witch began to wriggle.

"You awake, Hermione?" he asked.

She grizzled at him without opening her eyes, her hands going to the fastening on her jeans and wrenching them open. She peeled them halfway down her legs before cycling her legs like she was riding a bike, kicking the jeans from her body with limited grace. Charlie couldn't help but laugh, catching her legs and helping her out of the jeans.

"Jumper too, love," he told her. "Or you'll overheat."

"Charlie?" she asked, sounding sleepy.

"It's me, Hermione," he said.

He didn't know what to make of it when she smiled, her eyes fluttering open briefly as he helped her out of her jumper.

"Come on. Into bed with you," he told her.

She complied, her eyes closing once more as she wriggled around until she was under the covers.

"I'm gonna grab a shower, alright?" he told her. "You better not be hogging the covers when I get back."

"No promises," she murmured before a soft snore escaped her and Charlie chuckled to himself, hurrying out of the room and jumping through the shower until he was clean. He winced when he got out and laid eyes on the many wounds littering his body. Az, Herc, and the others had all given him a good run for his money since last night and he was bleeding in several places.

Patching himself up as best he could without having to go to the clinic, Charlie staunched all the bleeding and applied the salves and creams he'd been collecting over the years as a Tamer, used to the pain and the wounds that came along with a dangerous profession. When he was as comfortable as he could be whilst still awake, Charlie pulled his boxers on and flicked his wand, dousing the lights before returning to his bedroom.

Hermione was sprawled across the mattress, spread-eagled, and he couldn't help but laugh as he crossed the room and peeled open the covers, arranging the witch's limbs to fit himself into the bed beside her. When he was in, the little witch immediately began snuffling about, clearly sensing his presence despite still being asleep.

He didn't even feel guilty when he rolled on his side to face her and looped his arm over her middle, rolling her to face away from him before spooning his body around hers. She was warm, and she smelled delicious, and Merlin knew he'd spent far too many nights longing for the feel of a witch in his arms as he fell asleep. Longing for the feel of this witch in his arms as he fell asleep, if he was being honest.

Closing his eyes, Charlie smirked a little to himself, listening to the way she slowly ceased her fussing once he was holding her. He'd lied to her last night when she'd showed up. He hadn't had any idea she was coming to the Sanctum before she'd appeared in his presence, but he was hardly as dense and as behind on the news about her comings and goings as he'd let her believe. It wouldn't do, after all, to let her know that he'd been extremely aware of the exact date she and Ron had called it quits, and that he'd been keeping tabs on who she'd dated and how serious the relationships had been since then.

It wouldn't do to let on that she'd caught his eye long before she should've been catching any man's eye, if he was being honest. He'd done his best to put her out of his head, but every time he'd been home in recent years, certainly since the end of the war, he'd been extremely aware of all the little things about Hermione Granger that he had no business knowing about his younger brother's girlfriend.

Last night, looking at her when he was already a good many whiskeys into his evening, he'd been thinking that it would be a very bad thing if he let on that she'd had his attention for longer than he cared to admit. So he'd lied, and let her think he had no idea what she'd been up to. And he'd walked her home and been intent on fucking her right here in his bed before Herc had gone postal, and while he'd never hated one of the dragons under his care before, Charlie was resenting the hell out of Herc for interrupting them last night.

Part of him wanted to try his luck with her tonight, but he knew it would be foolish. Mostly because she was bone-tired and needed her rest if she was going to be any use to him tomorrow, but also because – thanks to Herc's attack on Marla – he was technically her supervisor for the next few weeks, or months. Amy would have her thrown out, and Caroline was right that if they tried things on for size and it turned sour, it would make working together bloody uncomfortable.

He needed to spend more time testing her and pushing her before letting himself do anything as foolish as he'd done today when he snogged her. He didn't regret it, and Merlin's fucking socks, he wanted to do it again. But he would have to wait. And watch. And assess whether or not she could handle a bloke like him, and handle this life as a Tamer.

Even if she had made that little comment about how long she'd already waited. Circe's cunny, he wanted to know what she'd meant by that. When she'd been dating Ron and dating those other tossers she'd brought along to functions at the Burrow whenever he'd been home, he'd been sure she just thought of him as an interesting distraction who knew a lot about one of her favourite topics. He genuinely hadn't known she'd been so interested in Dragons and he'd had no idea she wanted to be a Dragonologist until last night.

But maybe he'd been wrong. Maybe she'd been side-eyeing him in the minutes when he looked away. Maybe she'd entertained a naughty fantasy or two about him over the years. Merlin, he hoped so. She'd seemed keen last night before he'd been called away, and she'd seemed beyond keen when he'd snogged her after Az had caught her with his fire. Jupiter's moons, what he wouldn't give to watch her come undone under his touch.

She hummed contently in her sleep when he curled himself around her a little more snugly and Charlie grinned, burying his face in her messy curls and breathing in the sweet scent of her lavender shampoo. Holding her close, Charlie let his mind rest, pushing aside thoughts of seducing her, and the trouble that might come of it; pushing aside worries about the Sanctum, and the dragons, and the migration, and all he had to do in the coming days and weeks to get the lot of them through Breeding season with as few hiccups as possible.

He breathed her in and he held her close, and if he liked the way she wiggled back, grinding her bum against his cock, well, no one had to know. And if he fell asleep to dream of snogging her senseless all over again, well, all the better.