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Used To Be Mine

By Kittenshift17

Chapter 9

31st August, 1995

Grimmauld Place

Hermione looked up at the sound of Sirius's records playing in his bedroom. She could hear them floating down the stairs toward where she stood in the library, doing a last minute check over the books she wanted to take with her to Hogwarts. Sirius had told her to take whatever she wished and to owl him if she wanted to change anything out while she was away. He'd picked the Beatles record she'd bought for him and she smiled when she heard him begin to sing along softly to the tune.

Her hearing ability had increased exponentially as the time she spent with the Mandrake leaf inside her mouth and unlocking parts of her magic to attempt Animagi went on. She could hear a number of things she wished she didn't, ranging from the sounds of Molly and Arthur partaking their martial rights, Ron self-satisfying himself in the shower, and the sound of Kreacher sneaking about the house at all hours. At that moment, however, Hermione was grateful for it because a little known fact about Sirius Black was that he had a delightful singing voice.

He crooned the words softly, apparently to himself, the music soft enough that he likely wouldn't disturb anybody who didn't have increased hearing abilities. Leaning against the bookshelf for a moment, Hermione closed her eyes just to listen to him softly singing the lyrics of her favourite Beatles song In My Life. Unable to resist joining him, Hermione abandoned the books - something she was sure would shock her friends - and left the library.

It was late. Molly and Arthur had already gone to bed, as had almost everyone else. Hermione had snuck out of the room she'd been sharing with Ginny when the girl had gone to bed early, shipped off to bed by Molly who'd insisted they would all want to be well rested for their return to Hogwarts tomorrow. Hermione didn't see why, given that she could sleep on the train if she wanted to, and so once she'd been sure everyone who'd complain had gone to bed, she'd gotten back up.

Creeping up the stairs to Sirius's room, Hermione found the door ever so slightly ajar – an indication that he was more than happy to accept company. Hermione knew he was feeling depressed over the notion that she and Harry would be returning to Hogwarts tomorrow because it meant that everyone else would leave, too. Remus would stay, of course, but everyone else would vacate the house and it would be empty and dull once more.

When she pushed the door open slowly, she found Sirius reclining on his bed, singing along absently to the words of the song whilst flipping through a photo album. He didn't look over as she pushed the bedroom door all the way closed once she was inside. Hermione crossed to the bed on tiptoes, not wanting to disturb him, suspecting he might be lost in his memories again.

She climbed up on the bed beside him when she reached it, setting aside one of the albums he'd laid open on the covers. Burrowing into his side, Hermione laid her head upon his chest, looking on as he flipped through the album, still seemingly unaware of her presence. He must've been in his cups again; she could smell the whiskey on his breath as he crooned the words of the song. She watched the way his fingers caressed a picture of James and Lily on their wedding day, his eyes lingering on their laughing, happy faces and Hermione felt a painful squeeze inside her chest.

The next page bore the first glimpse she'd see of herself - older than she was now – yet twenty years in the past. There upon the page, dancing close with Sirius, was her. Or rather, Mimi. Curls loose and wild, the girl in the picture seemed far removed from the girl Hermione knew herself to be. Her eyes were alight with laughter as she danced, she was barefoot, dressed in a pretty green bridesmaid gown. Sirius himself wore expensive looking dress robes, though he'd undone his tie and unbuttoned the top few buttons on his shirt.

She could hear the pain in his voice even as he kept singing along, his fingers caressing the image of the girl in the photograph.

"Fuck, I miss you," he whispered brokenly, and Hermione feared her heart would shatter. Cuddling into him even closer, she wished there was some way to ease his pain, but she knew that though she might be the girl in the photograph, she wasn't the one his heart ached for.

He longed for a girl who'd grown up with him, gone to school with him, fallen in love with him not as the godfather of her best friend, but as his girlfriend; his pack-mate; his teenage crush. She wasn't any of those things because she hadn't lived the life Mimi had done and Hermione found herself almost wishing she hadn't given the Time-Turner back, wishing that the time-loop Mimi had been on hadn't been broken, rendering Hermione to this new future where she was just a painful memory for Sirius and Remus.

"I wish there was something I could do," Hermione murmured to Sirius, pressing her lips to his bare chest, right above his heart.

"You and me both, treasure," he murmured in reply, turning the page and revealing a picture of Remus appearing beside them just as the couple from the previous photo spun out to arm's length. Indeed, Mimi spun right into Remus's arms and proceeded to be twirled around by him, still smiling her love at both men in the photo.

Hermione laughed when he turned the page again, showing instead and image of Remus and Sirius dancing together, waltzing and looking like they were having a good laugh as they danced in circles around Mimi.

"I loved her, Hermione," Sirius said, surprising her to show he was actually aware of her presence and just whom he was talking to.

"I know," Hermione nodded.

"Remus told you," Sirius said softly. "Gods, witch, but we both loved that girl."

Hermione's heart clenched. She wondered if there might ever be a time when they could look at her and not think of Mimi. If there would ever be a moment when they loved Hermione as they'd loved Mimi.

"Hurts you to think we loved her, knowing she's who you might've become, doesn't it, treasure?" Sirius murmured, tipping his gaze from the photo album to look at her.

"Yes," Hermione murmured softly. "It hurts knowing that every time either of you look at me, your hearts ache for her. Part of me might be a tiny bit jealous, but mostly I'm just sad that you feel pain when you see me."

"We feel hope, too," Sirius whispered, holding her gaze. "You're her, love. You and Mimi. Different versions of Hermione Granger. She ended up like this as a result of time-jumping and growing up with us… You're still growing up, and we're tainted by grief, but that girl and you are one and the same, at the end of the day."

"No, we're not," Hermione shook her head sadly. "I could never be her, Sirius. I might look like her, I might even grow to act like her… but I'll never be the girl you danced with at James and Lily's wedding. I'll never be the girl who pulled pranks with you at Hogwarts, or who ran with you at full moons through the Forbidden Forest after busting Moony out of the Shrieking Shack. It hurts to think that you want me to be her, and it hurts even more to know I can't be."

Sirius sighed, holding her gaze carefully. He lowered the album to lay it across his lap before reaching for her. He cupped her cheek gently, lifting her head to better hold her gaze. Hermione smiled sadly at him.

"You're more like her than you know, love," he whispered before he leaned in, capturing her lips carefully.

Hermione melted into his kiss, her lips moving against his. He traced her lower lip with the tip of his tongue and Hermione sighed as she opened to him. He tasted of whiskey when his tongue swept into her mouth, sliding hotly against hers. Shivers of delight washed through her and she could smell his desire as it began to grow.

He looped his free arm around her, pulling her closer until she was stretched out of top of him after moving the photo album, one of his hands finding its way under the hem of her shirt to smooth across the small of her back, the other tangled into her wild curls. Sirius kissed her gently, yet insistently, his tongue sweeping surely against hers, stealing her ability to think clearly. Hermione kissed back enthusiastically.

Remus's suggestion about dating the twins as a warm-up to him and Sirius and his mentions of the things they all needed to do whilst waiting until she was of age played on a loop inside her head even as she snogged Sirius hungrily. She could feel his body reacting to her proximity and their kisses, and he hissed when she rubbed herself against the growing bulge. The breath rushed from her lungs in a huff when he suddenly flipped them both, rolling her across the bed and crawling on top of her. Hermione smiled against his lips as he deepened the kiss, kissing her hotter, his tongue sweeping faster, his weight delicious as he pressed her into the bed.

Hermione moaned softly when he broke from her lips, kissing her neck and nipping at her pulse-point. She clutched at him, arching under him, her whole body on fire with desire and aching to be touched. Gods, she wanted to have her way with him. She wanted him to have his way with her. She wanted to ravish him until the ache in her nethers was sated and the hole in his heart was healed.

"Fuck, you smell good, treasure," Sirius's voice was husky and low with desire as he kissed the length of her neck and across her collarbones, nudging aside the straps of her singlet to better access her flesh.

Hermione arched into him again, her hands trailing over his bare shoulders and back, nails scraping lightly, insistently, trying to draw him even closer.

"Sirius, please," Hermione breathed when he kissed her chest slowly, right along the low-cut cleavage line of her top, dotting her skin with little nips, his stubble scratching her skin in the most delightful way.

A low sound escaped him, too low to be discerned with regular human hearing, at the sound of his name on her tongue, begging him for more. Hermione's eyes crossed when he levered himself up just enough to pull her top the rest of the way down, exposing her breasts to the cool night air. For a moment, he simply looked and Hermione fought the urge to squirm self-consciously.

"Fuck!" Sirius whispered, his eyes darting to her face, his expression wrought with pain and confusion and need and worry that he shouldn't be doing this. When he leaned in, engulfing her left nipple and suckling it into his mouth, Hermione whimpered softly.

"Need Silencing charms," he muttered when he pulled away from one breast to lave attention on the other. "You'll wake your friends with your noises, love."

Hermione's head was swimming but she found herself fumbling in search of her wand, jerking it from the waist band of her shorts and twirling it, muttering Silencing charms and wards to keep anyone but Remus from entering the room and to keep anyone from overhearing them. The last thing she needed was Ron, Ginny, Harry, or the twins being far enough along with their mandrake leaves to hear her hooking up with Sirius.

"Heh!" Hermione gasped quietly, her breath ragged, her head swimming as he took his time, suckling at her flesh like he couldn't resist the urge to devour her.

He'd begun rolling his hips, rubbing himself against the junction of her thighs and making Hermione crazy. Prying his lips from her nipple, Hermione pulled his face back to hers, snogging him hungrily and feeling the smirk on Sirius's lips as he kissed her back. She wanted him. She wanted him so badly her whole body ached with it. The idea of returning to Hogwarts in the morning and not being able to see him for months, or being able to write to him without the letter potentially being intercepted made her chest ache and she wondered how he and Remus had possibly survived losing Mimi. She couldn't even bear the thought of being a few hundred miles away from them, knowing they were alive and well. They lived with the pain of knowing that girl was dead.

"Merlin, 'Mi," Sirius groaned when she nipped her way along his jaw before kissing his neck. "You're testing my self-control, love."

"Bugger self-control," Hermione replied huskily.

Sirius groaned, kissing her again and making her head spin.

"Remus will kill me if I ravish you now," Sirius said, pulling back several minutes later even as he kept rubbing himself against her.

"Why?" Hermione frowned. "He can join in, too."

Sirius's eyes flashed with desire and heat and a longing so poignant she almost cried.

"You're too young, treasure. I've pushed my boundaries with you as it is, in the initiation the other day, and now. I should be keeping my hands and lips to myself."

"I'm old enough," Hermione protested. "Using the time-turner technically makes me of age."

Sirius shook his head. "You're too young in the eyes of the world, time-turner or not. And I reckon Molly would throw me back in Azkaban herself if she knew about this."

"Well… who says Molly has to find out?" Hermione asked, feeling a rapidly fizzing dislike begin to form where the Weasley matriarch was concerned.

"Gods, witch," Sirius whispered, smiling slowly. "Every word that comes out of your mouth just makes me want you even more."

"Then what are you waiting for?" Hermione asked breathlessly.

Sirius smirked, leaning in and kissing her again, devouring her lips and sweeping the whiskey taste into her mouth. Hermione's heart was pounding inside her chest and she whimpered needily when he brought his hands up, capturing her nipples and rolling them lightly. When he broke the kiss, Hermione slipped her hands along the bare planes of his chest, feeling the ripple of each muscle, the bump of each rib, the silkiness of each scar. She skimmed her thumbs over his nipples, enjoying it when he squirmed, ticklish.

"Fucking hell, 'Mi," Sirius groaned, lowering his mouth to her breasts once more while Hermione traced her hands south toward the waistline of his pyjama pants, intent on freeing him from them.

Sirius skimmed his hand up the inside of her thigh, lifting off her enough to watch her quivering with need.

"Please," Hermione whispered when he skimmed his fingers over her sex through the fabric.

"So polite, love?" he teased, nipping her nipple gently and making her cry out.

Hermione dipped her hand under the waistband of his pants and Sirius hissed in a surprised breath when her small hand wrapped around his cock, taking hold of him firmly.

"Godric fucking Gryffindor!" Sirius exclaimed breathlessly, his whole body trembling when she worked her hand up and down slowly, experienced enough to know that much, at least.

He claimed her breasts with more fervour, his fingers pulling aside the fabric of her knickers and tracing over her silky sex reverently.

"Please, Sirius," Hermione whispered breathlessly, bucking her hips under him when he touched but didn't impale her onto his fingers the way she ached to have him do. Her hand pumped over his cock surely, gripping him tightly while her heart fluttered and her body trembled.

When he dipped his fingers into her silken sheath, Hermione huffed in delight.

"So wet for me, treasure," Sirius said smugly. In response, Hermione swiped her thumb over the leaking head of his cock, gathering the moisture there and making his breath hitch.

Hermione whined when he beckoned his fingers within her, working her sweet spot and driving her mad.

"Pull your shirt off, 'Mi," Sirius murmured to her, pulling back from her nipples to watch her ride his fingers.

Hermione frowned.

"I'm a little busy," she protested, not wanting to relinquish her new favourite toy. Sirius laughed.

"Bloody hell, where's Moony when you need him?" Sirius said.

"Where is Remus?" Hermione asked, frowning as she used her free hand to pull at his pyjama pants, freeing his cock from them and pulling them down until the gathered around his knees while he knelt over her.

"He was on duty tonight," Sirius shrugged. "Said he'd be back around midnight."

Hermione nodded, fishing Sirius's hand from her pussy and insisting he rid her of her shirt. He pulled it off over her head as Hermione sat up. She smirked as he pulled the garment free, stooping slightly and poking her tongue out to lick at the moisture leaking from his exposed cock.

"Sweet fucking Circe!" Sirius hissed in surprise, dropping the shirt. Hermione grinned at him wickedly before licking him again, manipulating him with her hand and watching his eyelids flutter at the sensations. "Fair warning, beautiful, you better be willing to let me repay the favour if you're doing that."

Hermione opened her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head of his cock before easing him between her lips and sinking down on him. She'd done this particular activity countless times when she'd dated Viktor and she rather prided herself on her ability. An ability she very much wanted to share with Sirius. He groaned at the feel of her mouth enclosing his cock, his hands tangling into her curls as his head dropped back in delight.

She took her time, working him over with her hands and her mouth in tandem, swirling her tongue along his length and around his circumference, learning his taste and his dimensions, committing them to memory.

"Fuck, baby, I can't ever let you go," he muttered reverently and Hermione smiled around him, enjoying her task and enjoying his reactions. "Bloody hell, 'Mi. You're going to bring me undone, you little vixen. Shit."

Hermione grinned, moving one hand to cup his bollocks, fondling them gently as they tightened with his impending release. She'd never felt so turned on or so alive as she watched him, his eyes dark and stormy when he dropped his head, meeting her gaze, watching her suck him with lust glittering in his eyes.

She almost missed the click of his bedroom door opening, and if not for the indrawn breath and a low groan from the doorway, she might've missed Remus's arrival.

"Oh, bloody hell," Remus groaned.

"Moony?" Sirius moaned, his eyes darting to the werewolf even as Hermione slanted her gaze that way without ceasing her motions, licking Sirius's dick as more pre-cum leaked onto her tongue, tangy and salty and making her crave the taste of him as he exploded.

"Fucking hell, Pads!" Remus groaned, the door closing behind him as he leaned against it, looking tortured, torn between wanting to join them and knowing he should be stopping them instead.

Hermione reached toward him with one hand, inviting him over, wanting to bring him off too, wanting to go at him next, just as soon as she brought Sirius off.

"Come here, Moony," Sirius begged, also reaching for him while his free hand tightened in Hermione's curls.

"You're not supposed to… she's too young… shit," Remus protested half-heartedly, his feet carrying him toward the pair upon the bed even as he made his objections.

"Too late for all that, love," Sirius told him, gripping the front of his shirt when Remus was within reach, pulling him in and snogging him hard on the mouth.

Hermione smirked when Sirius's hips bucked, almost messing with her rhythm while Hermione reached with the hand not smoothing over Sirius's silken steel length, for Remus's belt buckle. The sight of the two of them snogging made her whole body thrum and Hermione hummed her delight when Remus's tunnelled his fingers into her hair, too.

"Fuck," Sirius whispered, pulling back from Remus to look down at Hermione as she sucked him hard, hollowing her cheeks. "Bloody hell, 'Mi, I'm gonna…"

Hermione flicked her eyes up to meet his stormy pair and Sirius groaned as she bobbed her head once, twice, again. His hand in her hair tightened just as she managed Remus's belt buckle, one-handed. Sirius's breath caught before a low whine tore from him. He tried to pull her free, apparently worried about coming in her mouth, but Hermione refused to budge, swallowing him as best she could just as hot liquid spurted across her tongue.

He shuddered when Hermione hummed at the taste of him.

"Fuck," Remus groaned, kissing Sirius again while Hermione dipped her hand inside his jeans, seeking out his cock too.

Sirius kissed Remus hotly, his hand in Hermione's hair prying her mouth off him when he was spent. Hermione smiled, self-satisfied, wiping at the corners of her mouth and releasing him. She knew that continuing after a wizard had come always made them too sensitive to touch. Releasing Sirius completely, Hermione turned her attention to Remus, both hands fishing his cock from his trousers before she copied her seduction of Sirius, licking the head of his rapidly hardening cock and noting the difference in flavour for the two of them.

Remus tasted wilder, somehow. Breathing in the sweet tea and loam scent of her favourite werewolf, Hermione manipulated him carefully, licking him from base to tip and almost making his knees buckle. Sirius caught him before he could fall and Hermione laughed softly.

"Merlin, 'Mi," Remus whispered, breaking his kiss with Sirius to speak. "You don't have to… we really shouldn't be…. Oh, fuck."

Remus's attempts to make excuses about why they shouldn't do as they were doing came to an abrupt halt when one of his purring-growls escaped him as she engulfed the head of his cock inside her mouth. Both of his hands sunk into her hair and Hermione closed her eyes, ignoring the ache in her jaw from having already given one blowjob.

"Lift up a bit, beautiful," Sirius said, his hands pulling at her shorts and her knickers, trying to strip her completely. Hermione lifted as best she could. "Closer to the edge of the bed, Moony. And spread your legs. 'Mi, slide your legs between Moony's, would you? I want to taste you."

"Sirius… we shouldn't be…" Remus tried to protest before he stopped when Hermione hollowed her cheeks around him, sucking hard.

"Shut up, love," Sirius chuckled. "Shut up and enjoy it. She's going back to school tomorrow and we'll all be on our best behaviour. But we've got to say a proper goodbye."

Remus hummed in agreement as Hermione's mouth bobbed over him, her rhythm a little jerky as Sirius manipulated her body around, pulling both of her legs through Remus's spread pair. He pulled her shorts from her ankles and then pulled her down a little further, prying her knees apart. Realising he was planning to eat her out, Hermione spread her legs wide.

"Gods, I love how eager you are for it, love," Sirius complimented, trailing a burning line of kisses up her inner thigh.

"You alright, love?" Remus asked when Hermione moaned softly around him.

Hermione opened her eyes to find him staring at her, his eyes bright green as he watched her, his hands in her hair and his body tense. Hermione fixed him a hot look, smirking around him as best she could without actually releasing him. Her eyes rolled back in her head when she felt Sirius's fingers trailing over her sex, peeling her open before he leaned in and began to feast. Sweet merlin, she'd never felt anything so good, despite having received oral sex before.

Sirius was tricky with his tongue, dipping in to taste her, lapping at her slit, suckling her clit and making her crazy. Hermione struggled to keep her rhythm around Remus, hands and mouth working furiously now. He shuddered at the sensation every time Sirius drew a moan from her.

"Fuck, you're beautiful," Remus complimented her softly, his gaze lustful. Hermione glowed at the praise, lapping at him, suckling him. His breath was ragged, his cheeks pink, his hands tight in her hair. Hermione could tell he was close and that watching her get off as Sirius licked her out was turning him on all the more.

"So fucking sweet," Sirius was groaning between her legs as he lapped at her hungrily. "Missed that taste so much. Gods, I could do this all night."

Hermione whimpered when he suckled her clit and drove two fingers deep inside of her, beckoning with them, making her gush.

"Gods," Remus muttered, his eyelashes fluttering. "I'm close, love. So close."

Hermione hummed around him and a low purring-growl emitted from the werewolf, his hands tightening in her hair and his hips jerking as though he wanted to take control and fuck her mouth but knew better.

"So bloody good," Sirius was muttering, lapping at her when a gush of juices escaped her under his attentions.

"Ready, love?" Remus murmured, breath coming in sharp gasps now. Hermione sucked as hard as she could, surprising him and Remus gave a cry that turned into a soft howl when he exploded, pumping her mouth full of his essence. Hermione swallowed it down, delirious with pleasure to know she'd gotten them both off and inundated with even more pleasure thanks to Sirius's clever fingers and wicked tongue.

"I love it when he howls," Sirius was saying as he licked her.

Hermione released Remus carefully, holding onto his hips to keep him from staggering when his knees actually buckled and he almost ended up sitting on Sirius.

"Oi, wait your turn, Moony," Sirius protested before realising what was happening. Remus stepped back so he wasn't straddling her and Sirius didn't have to crouch between his legs.

Hermione flopped back onto the bed, overcome with the sensations as the Animagus ravished her all the more with better access. She could feel her heart pounding, her pussy throbbing, her tension coiling and building, ready to snap free. When it did she uttered a soft shriek of surprise, listening to Sirius's triumphant chuckle as she broke.

"Ungh," she hummed in contented delight and mild protest when Sirius licked her clit once more, lapping up every drop of her before he pressed a kiss to her mound and crawled up her body.

"Move over, Pads," Remus murmured, still panting from his orgasm but jostling his boyfriend aside and scooping Hermione into his arms and shifting her up the bed. Hermione didn't protest, boneless with delirium and contentment. When Remus had laid her in the middle of the bed, moving aside the albums and things still scattered there, he crawled down her body languidly, pausing to lavish each of her nipples lazily.

Hermine tangled her hands into his sandy hair, smiling softly when Sirius shuffled to move the clutter from the bed before he curled onto his side next to her, tracing the shape of her lips with the tip of his finger and watching her adoringly as Remus kissed his way south.

"I don't think I can do it again," Hermione murmured, lifting her head enough to meet green eyes threaded with gold when Remus kissed his way across her stomach and her mound.

"You can," he assured her, smirking wickedly. "And it's only fair that I repay the favour, darling."

Hermione smiled softly at him, a low whine leaving her lips when he burrowed into her hungrily, licking his lips wolfishly before he began devouring her. Hermione reached her free hand for Sirius who began toying with one of her nipples, seeming to enjoy watching Remus licking her out almost as much as he'd enjoyed doing so himself.

"Fucking hell, you're beautiful," he praised her when she arched against Remus's tongue, the werewolf licking and licking and licking and driving her out of her mind. Her body all the more sensitive after the first orgasm, she whined when he took her clit between his teeth, twisting it to one side gently and making sparkles of light burst behind her eyes.

"Gods, I can't…" Hermione said, a sob catching in her throat when Remus twisted her clit back the other way while burrowing two long fingers deep inside of her.

"You can, love," he promised, kissing her skin hungrily and lapping at her. Tension coiled tightly once more and Hermione screamed when he drove three fingers deep inside her, working her over and lapping at her juices as they gushed. She broke on his tongue, sparkles behind her eyes, magic pulsing through her core, making her ache and throb and flutter and clench all at the same time.

She lost consciousness from the power of it, a flash of bright white behind her eyes before her mind closed off.


"Is she alright?" Remus asked of Sirius, watching the Animagus when he frowned suddenly, reaching for her.

"She…" Sirius frowned. "Hermione? Love?"

He gave her a little shake but she didn't respond.

"I think she passed out," Sirius said, glancing down at Remus carefully, shocked. Remus smirked at the idea before recalling this wasn't Mimi, who'd grown accustomed to being shared by the two of them and could handle the pleasure and the magic and the wildness of the three of them together.

"Bloody hell," Remus muttered, giving her one last lick, unable to resist cleaning up the last of her sweet cream before crawling back up her body. "Hermione? Wake up, love. Shit, Sirius!"

Sirius was frowning too, jostling her slightly.

"Come on, treasure, wake up," he murmured. "Maybe we pushed her a bit too hard."

"You think?" Remus asked. "What were you even thinking? We agreed that we would hold off on touching her after what happened when Harry joined the Pack."

"I… she snuck in while I was in my head," Sirius admitted softly. "Before I knew it I was kissing her and I tried to say it was a bad idea and we shouldn't but you know how persuasive she is."

"You're blaming her?" Remus asked.

"She's the one who said Molly would never know. She's the one who begged," Sirius shrugged.

"Ah, shoot," Remus sighed, resting his forehead against the middle of Hermione's chest, trying to think past the delirium the three of them together could always inspire. "We're going to hell for this, Pads."

"Because she's too young? She'll be sixteen in three weeks. With that time-turner she's closer to seventeen," Sirius argued.

"She's still too young, Pads. We agreed on that. She's certainly too young to handle the magical repercussions of shagging the two of us at the same time. She passed out!" Remus pointed out. "Damn it, Pads! I told her that she might need to warm up to shagging us by dating the twins. How's she going to be convinced to do that now when we've proven we're more than willing to devour her?"

"Didn't much like the idea of the twins touching her, anyway," Sirius grumbled.

"If they don't work her up to it, she'll pass out every time, Pads. You know that. It took us ages to get to the point with Mimi where we could actually share her completely without almost overloading her magical core. And we were both significantly less powerful back then. Hermione's not old enough to handle the magical transference that comes from sexual exchange, we've overloaded her core now."

"Not necessarily," Sirius countered, poking at Hermione to try and wake her up. "Maybe she was just overwhelmed by the orgasm. Some girls do pass out from pleasure."

Remus shot him a deadpan expression, not believing that for a second.

"Mi, come on, love. Wake up," Sirius was saying, leaning in and kissing her cheeks and across her nose, trying to rouse her.

Remus shook his head, thinking that they were definitely going to hell. Just as he was about to try a spell to revive her, Hermione jerked slightly under him, her eyes opening. She blinked in confusion at the pair of them for a minute, a slow smile slipping across her face when she realised just where she was and whom she'd just committed such acts with.

"Why are you both frowning at me worriedly?" she wanted to know, her voice thick with sleepy contentment.

"You fainted," Remus informed her.

"Oh," she said, blushing a little at the idea. "How embarrassing. Well, at least you know you're gifted, right?"

Sirius snorted at her words.

"Are you feeling alright?" Remus asked her. "We shouldn't have done that. The sex-magic has likely overloaded your magical core. Do you feel dizzy?"

"Um… I don't think…. Oh, bugger!" she suddenly exclaimed, her eyes widening.

"What?" Remus and Sirius both asked, eyes wide with worry as they watched her.

"I swallowed my mandrake leaf!" Hermione lamented. "Bollocks! I was so close to the month mark, too! Does this mean I have to start again and hold the new one for an entire month?"

Remus stared at her, slowly shaking his head in disbelief while a soft grunt of amusement escaped Sirius.

"Yeah, Mi. It does," he chuckled. "But that's alright. You can last the full month and just push the transformation back a bit. I didn't much like the idea of you trying it for the first time all by yourself, anyway."

Hermione looked put out by the idea of having to start again.

"Do you have fresh ones so I can start now?" she asked, looking over at Sirius, who'd been keeping the leaves hidden in his things to prevent Molly from finding them or catching on.

Sirius grinned, nodding as he got off the bed, fixing his pants as he went to fetch one of the leaves for her. Hermione turned her eyes on Remus and he watched the way she searched his face carefully.

"You're angry with me?" she asked gently, raising her eyebrows.

"No," he shook his head, sighing. "Just worried about you. You're sure you don't feel dizzy or anything?"

Hermione shook her head. "I feel sleepy, though," she admitted. "And a bit… exposed. Feels nice with you on top of me."

Remus smiled at her softly, shifting to press a kiss to the middle of her chest.

"Do you want your clothes back?" he offered politely.

"Not really," she replied, a wicked little grin slipping across her face. "But I suppose I should put them back on. Thank you for…"

Remus grinned at her. "Anytime, love. And thank you, too. I wasn't expecting to come home to that."

"Glad you did though, aren't you?" Sirius said, returning to the bed and handing Hermione a leaf. She tucked it under her tongue, looking annoyed about having to start over with the leaf.

"I don't want to go back to school tomorrow," Hermione confessed, curling one of her legs around Remus's hip and reaching for Sirius when she flopped back down on the bed beside her.

"I don't want you to go," Sirius agreed. "Any of you. Going to be awfully quiet in this place without you lot running around."

"It's for the best, and it's unavoidable," Remus sighed, pressing another kiss to her chest. "You have classes to study for and we have to be removed from your presence for the sake of persevering a little dignity, I think."

"Why must you always ruin things with your logic, Remus?" Sirius grumbled.

"Because she's not yet sixteen, Pads. And because you and I, old fuckers that we are, are twenty years older than her. That's frowned upon no matter what, but while she's still in school? Still a teenager? We'll both be tossed in jail for touching her!"

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Already been, mate. And I'm never going back."

"You will if we're caught," Remus said.

"So keep your trap shut, stupid," Sirius said.

Hermione shook her head at the two of them as they continued to bicker, her mind feeling floaty and light with contentment. She was tired now, her body sated and her heart singing. Closing her eyes, Hermione let the sounds of their voices as they talked carry her away and before she knew it, she was asleep in their arms.