Slight AU: okay so au Silas dumped Stefan into a lake

Disclaimer: I do not own the vampire diaries only Isadora.

Stefan POV:

This is agony. I would give anything to end this... if I had just 3 inches more room to maneuver my arm I would tear my own heart out just to feel the relief of putting a stop to this. No no no, please not again please!

Isadora POV:

I am wandering though the forest, I love getting lost in nature it helps ground me and keep me centered. I am starring up and the tangled tree limbs when suddenly I am overwhelmed by such intense crushing emotions. Despair and panic are the strongest. I take some deep breaths before stumbling towards the source of the emotions assaulting me.

I discover they are coming from a lake. This confuses me until... wait is someone drowning? I quickly dive in and kick as hard as I can toward the bottom of the lake but before I can reach what looks to be a safe the uncomfortable burning in my lungs from lack of oxygen forces me to return to the surface. Just as I am about to dive back down the emotions stop. Oh no, I am too late! I am resigned to return home and call the police but just as I emerge from the lake panic and pain erupt over me.

I am so confused how can that be? It would mean whoever is down there died and came back? Oh my god it has to be a vampire, it is the only explanation. I am not proud but I hesitate going back in. Vampires are not the most benevolent of creatures but I find I can not reason anyone, no matter their sins, experiencing this kind of prolonged torture.

Determined I head back into water. I make my way back towards the safe but when I finally reach it I discover I am unable to open it on my own. I'll need supplies... on the plus side it looks like my knowledge of morse code is no longer going to be in vain.

I tap out

".. .- .. .-.. .-.. ... . .-.. .-. -.- - ..- .. .- .. .-.. .-.. -... . -... .- -.-. -.-"

Telling the vampire I will help him.

Stefan POV:

Oh my god, oh my god... it this real? Maybe its another hallucination? but no it felt different, it didn't have that glow effect or involve Damon or Elena, no I think this was real. someone out there is really here to help me. I swear I have never been more religious then I am right now in this moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, God.

I died 14 more times before I heard more tapping... this time it was telling me to... turn to my left? Why would I turn... I stopped thinking and just did it. As soon as I moved over BOOM! BOOM! There where two loud shots of gunfire into the safe and then I saw what looked like a snorkel tube? The tapping told me to put it on and... move to the right? I quickly get over and enjoy the sweet taste of oxygen again when suddenly BOOM! BOOM! Fuck I think I might die one more time just from a heart attack. The next thing I notice are chains being threaded through the blasted in holes and then nothing just quiet. I don't have all my faculties... being deprived so long from blood and the physical exertion by my body drowning continuously for I don't even know how long weeks? Hell maybe even months? And now that I have access to oxygen and I am not dying every 7 minutes I'am pretty sure I must have nodded off but suddenly I am slammed into the door of the safe I realize the safe is being dragged. Oh my god I think I am really about to get out of here. If the person doing this has any ill will I know I am screwed because there will be no way I can fight back in my current state but something tells me not to be afraid.

BANG! Shit I think I am out of the water now. Yeah the safe is definitely shaking like its going over terrain. I am so blissfully relieved to be out of there. I thought for a moment that that was to be my eternity. Thankfully someone out there thought I was worth saving. I wonder who it will be my brother and Elena? Caroline? Maybe Bonnie or Sherrif Forbes.

We've stopped moving I strain to listen but I am so depleted I pass out again.


I wake again to find the oxygen gone and replaced by hot violent sparks, who ever is attempting my rescue is using a welding torch to try and cut me free. I scan the edges of the door it looks like they are only 30% done. Where the hell is Damon why doesn't he just rip this door off already, surely 2 or 3 vampires together could get it off, what is taking so long?

The noise has stopped, I look around but I am still not free. I looks like there is just half a foot left to cut through... why did they stop. I think I hear a heartbeat... a normal one not slow like a vampire. Is whoever out there human? It must be Liz then but why wouldn't help have gotten here yet? Maybe Silas got to them, all this time I thought I was the one in peril but what if Damon and Elena and everyone else is dead? I am starting to panic when I hear the gentlest voice come to me.

Isadora: "Hey hey, its okay. I am going to help you, I mean you no harm. I only paused because... because I am worried you'll be too hungry to control yourself when there is no longer anything separating us and I kind of like my neck intact...Ohhhh, dammit I don't think there is any way around this."

I think she says that last part to herself. I have no idea who she is, I have never heard her before I would remember a voice so sweet. I want to tell her she has nothing to worry about, that I am to week to hurt her but my lungs are still repairing themselves and painfully slowly due to lack of blood.

"Okay, maybe this is foolish of me in fact it definitely is but I committed to saving you and I am going to see that through. Please try not to kill me."

There is quiet again and then the sound of the torch is back the last bit of steel is cut through and then a crow bar is used to shimmy it off the rest of the safe.

Sun, I forgot how much I miss it. Its beating down so strong its hard to see but suddenly something is blocking it. I try opening my eyes again and that's when I see her, my angle.