Damon's Bedroom:

Elena: "I can't believe all this time Bonnie has been gone... at least Isadora has a way of getting her back."

Damon: "If you trust Catwoman that is."

Elena: "You don't?"

Damon: "It all just seems a little convenient don't you think, she just happens to be taking a stroll near the quarry? Our history with outsiders isn't great I'm just being cautious."

Elena: "But Stefan already became human for her, isn't it a little late to be questioning her?"

Damon: "Yeah Stefan's human and thats great, no more ripper binges and he can finally remove that stick that's been in his ass for a century and a half, I'm just saying it seems a little too good to be true."

Elena looks down contemplating what Damon said,

Damon: "What do you think of her?"

Elena: "She seems amazing... incredible. I'm happy for him."

Damon: "You said that a little too quick my dear."

Elena: "If I said it slower you would complain I hesitated too long, alright yes it's weird to see him with someone else but I am happy for him and I hope she truly is as amazing as she seems because Stefan is happy and he deserves to be happy, plus it lets us be happy with out having to feel any guilt, see it's win win."

Damon: "Hmm, if you say so."

Elena: "I do, now stop talking about your brother and kiss me." She orders him and he is happy to obey.

Forbes House:

Tom: "So that Stefan guy who looks just like me, he used to be a vampire?"

Caroline: "Right,"

Tom: "And now he's not because he married someone who made him like her,"

Caroline: "I think so, I'm not 100% clear on how Stefan is mortal again,"

Tom: "And the third one of us..."

Caroline: "Silas,"

Tom: "Silas, he's the bad guy he wants to..."

Caroline: "He wants to kill Katherine and drink all of her blood so he can become human and die with out being trapped in the Other Side... this purgatory for supernatural beings. Apparently the love of his life, Amara, died a human and he just wants to be with her."

Tom: "And why is that so bad, I thought Katherine wasn't one of the good guys... can't you just hand her over so he leaves you all alone?"

Caroline: "I don't even know anymore it's so confusing and now Isadora is saying Amara isn't dead she's the anchor, whatever that means and to get Bonnie back we have to make her the anchor."

Tom: "Hey, hey, it's okay." Tom says holding Caroline, "You'll figure it out, your the smartest girl I've ever met, you'll figure out the right thing to do."

Caroline looks at him a little stunned,

Caroline: "No one has ever called me smart before..."

Tom: "Why not, you are... your amazing and brave and-" Tom is cut off when Caroline kisses him and he quickly kisses her back, the two just get lost in each other forgetting their problems for a night.

Stefan's Room:

Stefan had woken up before Isadora and was just laying and watching her sleep. He wished they could be back in Italy, he knew things were only going to get more crazy the longer they stayed in Mystic Falls, and he was scared now that he wasn't a vampire anymore he wouldn't be able to protect her.

The Next Day:

Jeremy, Damon, Stefan and Elena traveled with Tessa to a warehouse where Amara had been stashed, unfortunately due to Stefan's presence they didn't realize Silas had been following them. Silas was able to free Amara but quickly Stefan saw how right Isadora had been, Amara had quickly tried to kill herself desperate to end her torment, fortunately as the anchor she was immortal and indestructible... but it made him worried about what the hell they were signing Bonnie up for.

Silas was heartbroken his one true love tried to leave him and in his grief he paused allowing the gang time to steal her back.

Back at the boarding house Katherine provided enough of her blood so Amara was able to turn human, now Tessa was working quickly to finish the spell before Silas caught up and ruined everything.

Stefan and Isadora were sent away not wanting to dampen anyone's powers tonight. However Silas found them and kidnapped Isadora, she was now buried somewhere on the property.

Stefan was desperate to get her back he didn't care if his presence ruined the spell or that they lost the chance to get Bonnie back, he couldn't think about that right now he had to find the woman he loved and save her, just like she had him.

Jeremy, Damon, Caroline, and Tom all helped search for her still trying to keep Stefan looking further away from the house to give Tessa a chance at pulling off the spell.

Isadora POV:

I woke up in a box, it was so dark I couldn't see my hand in front of me, I tried to feel around me to see what I was in, soon I panicked figuring out I was in a coffin most likely buried. I knew Stefan would be looking for me, I tried to calm down and control my breathing not knowing how much the oxygen in here would last me. I needed to try and use my ability to signal my location... but I couldn't just project panic, he was most likely feeling that already...

I tried amusement/humor, essentially pumping the area with emotional silly gas.

3rd Person POV:

Stefan was frantically looking everywhere for signs of fresh dirt, suddenly he heard Damon laugh, he rushed over to the sound and saw Damon bent over laughing hysterically.

Stefan: "What the hell is so funny?"

Damon: "I don't know..." Now with Stefan close Damon's laughs quieted down...

confused Stefan left to keep searching and Damon broke off to look in another area.

Soon Stefan heard Caroline laugh, he went again to see what it was and she had no answer, suddenly it occurred it him what was causing them to laugh.

Stefan: "It's her, Caroline listen to me I'm going to go far away you find the funniest spot and dig, she's here I need you to find her for me."

Caroline: "I will I promise."

Stefan started running away faintly hearing Caroline's laughter as he took off. He hated he couldn't be the one to save her but as long as she was okay that was all that mattered.

With everyone distracted outside Silas was able to get close


Amara: "I'm sorry."

Tessa: "What was that?"

Amara: "I'm sorry."

Tessa: "Oh."

Amara: "That is what you want to hear, isn't it? How I have suffered, how every moment of my life has been a living hell? It has! [Tessa smirks.] My sin was falling in love, and I've learned my lesson. You win. You won. Now, please, kill me. Please. Please kill me!"

Tessa: "Don't worry. When I make someone else the anchor, I will, and since you're nothing more than a non-supernatural human, you'll pass on while Silas is trapped on the Other Side, and then you and Silas, you're gonna spend eternity apart and that is gonna be kind of fantastic for me. Selfishly speaking.

Katherine comes in,

Katherine: "Let's be clear. I don't care about Bonnie Bennett or the Other Side going away or Elena getting her best friend back."

Tessa: "You want something. I'm shocked."

Katherine: "I was vampire then I was force fed your cure... I don't want it, I want to be a vampire again and you are going to make that happen or else no blood."

Tessa: "Fine. When the ritual's finished and Bonnie is the anchor, we'll find a way to make you a vampire again,"

Katherine: "Thank you."

Tessa: "Now, where's Tweedledee and Tweedledum?"

[Later, in the drawing room, Amara, Katherine and Elena stand around a small table. Tessa puts a grimoire on it.]

Amara: "What is that?"

Elena: "It's Bonnie's grimoire."

Amara: "A grim-what?"

Katherine: "It's a magic spell book. [under her breath] Idiot."

Tessa: "It's a talisman. Since Bonnie can't be here, her grimoire will have to do. Hands in, palms up."

[Amara extends her arm shyly but Tessa grabs her and cuts her palm with a blade that was on the table. The blood falls on the grimoire.]

Tessa: "Sorry, love. Did that hurt?"

Amara: "I've been through worse."

Katherine: [She extends her arm.] "Easy, okay? I'm fragile these days."

[Katherine grabs the blade while Tessa is holding it by the handle. She squeezes enough that it cuts her, she winces in pain, and the blood falls on the grimoire as well. Elena smiles and extends her hand to Tessa who just punctures her hand with the tip of the blade. She keeps smiling and looks at Katherine while the blood falls on the grimoire. She shows no signs of pain.]

Katherine: "Showoff."

Tessa: "Ina pran khos suptheia jhem ai pada khey rasattan. Ina pran khos suptheia jhem ai pada khey ra sattam, ina pran khos suptheia jhem ai prada khey rassattan!"

[As Tessa casts the spell, the blood of all the three doppelgängers form the celtic symbol called Triquetra, meaning "trinity". All the candles light up, then they turn off. Bonnie is standing there, but it's not clear yet if the spell has worked.]

Tessa: "No."

Katherine: "Is it done?"

Tessa: "No, it's not done."

[With everyone distracted outside rescuing Isadora Silas was able to get close. The wind blows strong, the lights crack with electricity and the bulbs explode.]

Elena: "What is happening?"

Tessa: "Silas is happening! Show yourself, bastard!"

[The room goes dark.]

Katherine: "I can't see anything. Can you?"

[Damon walks in with a flashlight.]

Damon: "Electricity's out in the whole house. What happened."

Elena: "Silas is here."

Damon: "Well, Isadora is safe and now Silas owes me a fuse box."

Elena: "Wait what happened with Isadora?"

Damon: "Long story, hang on. I only count two doppelgängers. Where's crazy pants?"

[Elena realizes Silas is behind it and walks out of the room.]

[Meanwhile Tessa walks into the library with a lit candelabrum.]

Tessa: "That was quite the show, Silas."

Silas: "Thank you. You haven't seen the love of my life running around here by any chance, have you?"

Tessa: "Nope. Maybe you shouldn't have turned the lights off, genius."

[She magically throws an empty glass container in Silas' direction, but he evades it and it crashes against the wall.]

Silas: "You've had two thousand years to watch us suffer. You've had your fun. Why can't you just let it go?"

Tessa: "Maybe I'm just not wired that way."

[She moves another glass against Silas, but again, she misses.]

Silas: "Honestly, I feel sorry for you. Hateful vengeance is for people without real love."

[She moves another glass to hit Silas, but he catches it in front of his face. He throws it back at her, but she dodges it. Silas, with magic, moves a fireplace iron tool and shoots it into Tessa's shoulder.]

Silas: "You spent two thousand years waiting for me to die just so you could be with me, when all along the universe knew I belonged to somebody else. Doesn't that make your whole existence, like, I don't know, a total waste?"

Tessa: "I loved you."

Silas: "Yeah? Well, get in line."

Silas' phone rings. He answers.

[Stefan got a call telling him Isadora was safe, he was coming back to get her when he ran into Amara, he picks up the phone and call Silas]

Silas: "Sucky timing, Stefan."

Stefan: [on the phone] "I disagree. I have Amara just beyond the property line. You have ten minutes to come find us."

Silas: "Well, I'm a little busy right now watching my nemesis bite it. Plus, I have no interest in saving Amara's life."

Stefan: "I know that, which is why I'm gonna take her away, and I'm gonna keep her alive by any means possible while everyone else hunts you down like an animal. You now have nine minutes."

[Silas hangs up.]

[Back in the parlor, Caroline walks around with a flashlight. She finds Katherine sitting on a chair by the fireplace, wincing in pain, holding her cut hand.]

Caroline: Katherine? What are you doing?

Katherine: Tessa's stupid non-surgical incision won't stop bleeding.

[Caroline bites her own wrist and offers it to Katherine.]

Caroline: Here. Heal.

[Katherine takes it, but she starts gagging and coughing once she starts drinking the vampire blood.]

Caroline: What's wrong?

Katherine: "Nothing. Just another tragic side effect from taking the cure. Apparently the universe just doesn't want me to heal from vampire blood. Stupid universe. Find me that damn witch so she can finish that spell!"

[Elena walks into the library using a flashlight and finds Tessa with the iron poker still stuck to her shoulder.]

Elena: "No way."

Tessa: "Can't a witch rest in peace?"

Elena: "It's a flesh wound. Get up. [Elena pulls the iron poker from her shoulder.] You're not done yet. Come on." [She grabs Tessa and drags her with her.]

In the Woods:

[Amara is tied to a tree and gagged with a cloth. Silas approaches her.]

Silas: "Amara."

[He undoes the knots. He looks at her and grabs her face. She does the same.]

Amara: [sobbing] "I loved you. I still do. But I can't live any longer. Please understand."

[They touch foreheads.]

Silas: "I understand. I love you."

[Silas pulls out a blade from his pocket. He places it near Amara's neck. She closes her eyes waiting, but he just stands there. She opens back her eyes to see a very sad Silas, crying.]

Amara: "Silas, please. I'm ready."

[Silas starts cutting on Amara's neck. Stefan appears out of nowhere and pushes Silas away from Amara and against a tree, holding him by the neck.]

Stefan: "Remember me? I remember you. I'm sorry, is it hard to breathe? Is your throat closing? Did the fear of dying start to creep in yet?"

[Silas tries using his magic on Stefan but it isn't working, he gives up and just fights the old fashioned way punching him, Stefan staggers back holding his nose in pain. Amara starts untying the ropes binding her to the tree.]

Silas: "I hear every emotion is heightened for a vampire. All those memories must be eating you alive right now, Stefan. What's it like to die? I've never done it... You must have done it a thousand times over this summer."

Stefan: "Not really, more like a couple hundred, someone saved me and [Stefan removes his hand showing how his nose isn't healing] I'm not a vampire anymore."

Silas: "Well look at that, still it wasn't Elena or your brother that saved you was it? No they forgot all about you as you suffered they we're having the time of their lives. The safe was the easy part, wasn't it? Being forgotten about, that's the real torture, isn't it? How long till mrs. rebound is tired of you and forgets you too?"

[Stefan sees Silas' knife lying on the ground, grabs it and throws it into Silas. Silas groans and starts falling down while Amara gets herself free.]

Amara: "Silas!"


Damon: "Stefan and Amara are not inside."

Elena: "That's because Stefan took her. You have to go find him before he gets himself killed."

Damon: "No. He's luring Silas away so he can finish this. It's typical Stefan. He'll be fine."

Elena: "He's human now Damon, he's not thinking clearly. Please go find him. We can't lose him again."

Damon: "Okay."

Tessa: "Ina-pran-khos-suptheia-jhen-ai-pada-khey-rassattan."

[Tessa continues chanting her spell to replace Amara with Bonnie as the anchor to the Other Side.]


[Amara looks at Silas' dead body, removes the knife from his chest and points it toward her stomach.]

Amara: [to Silas] "Our eternity starts now."

[Amara stabs herself and gasps while Damon is watching her. He moves fast to her and catch her as she bleeds to death.]

Damon: "No! Amara. No. Amara, Amara. [He bites his wrist and puts it to her mouth.] Drink this. Drink. More."

[Amara starts coughing and throwing up the blood.]

Damon: "No, no, no. Okay. [She falls down on the ground on her back.] No. Hey. Stay with me. Look at me, look at me. Amara, Amara. Hey! Look at me."

[Amara looks weak and her eyes close, but she opens them when Damon speaks.]

Amara: "I've been in hell for two thousand years."

Damon: "What's another five minutes, huh? Hey!"

Amara: "Let me die."

Damon: "No! Amara! Come on. Please."


[Tessa continues doing the spell while Elena is sitting right in front of her. We move to the living room where we can see Jeremy. Bonnie is coming from behind.]

Bonnie: "I came to say good-bye."

Jeremy: "What are you talking about? Tessa's doing the spell."

Bonnie: "Amara's dying, Jer."

Jeremy: "No, that's impossible...Damon–"

Bonnie: "Stop. We don't have much time."

[In the drawing room, Tessa continues chanting to complete the spell while Elena watches her.]

Jeremy: "Bon..."

Bonnie: "Tell me. Please."

Jeremy: "I love you."

Bonnie: "I love you, too."

Jeremy: "I'm not ready to let you go."

[He lifts a hand to her face, and they are both stunned that they can touch.]

Jeremy: "I can feel you."

Bonnie: "I can feel you."

[Elena and Caroline enter behind them.]

Elena: "Bonnie?"

[Bonnie turns to face them.]

Caroline: "Please tell me this is real."

Bonnie: "You guys can see me?"

Jeremy: "Bonnie, it worked."

Bonnie: "It worked!"

[Elena and Caroline run to Bonnie and they group-hug.]

Elena: "You're here!"

Bonne spots Isadora across the room dirty from her kidnapping,

Bonnie: "Thank you." she mouths, and Isadora nods but looks down sadly fearing Bonnie doesn't yet understand her new role.

Caroline: "Oh my god, oh my god! And we can be roommates, 'cause we have that extra bed, and we can clear out half the closet–"

Bonnie (and Elena): [in unison] "Caroline!"

Caroline: "I'm sorry, I just—I can't believe you're really here!"

Bonnie: "I'm here. I'm back."

[Later, Bonnie and Jeremy stand in front of the fireplace. Bonnie has her hands out to the fire, enjoying its warmth.]

Bonnie: "I miss this. I miss feeling warm. I never felt warm on the Other Side."

Jeremy: "I missed this. Holding your hand."

[He takes her hand and pulls her close.]

Jeremy: "I am never gonna let you go again."

[They kiss.]

[Tessa stands alone in the library in front of the lit fireplace. Katherine enters.]

Katherine: "Okay, I'm ready. Let's do this."

Tessa: "You, right... but see Cat lady was right, I was playing God... altering someone's lifespan is what started this whole mess in the first place. I've learned my lesson. I'm not turning you back into a vampire."

Katherine: "Excuse me?"

Tessa: "I won. Amara's gone, and Silas is waiting for me on the Other Side."

[Katherine sees a pool of blood on the floor around Tessa. Tessa drops a sharp object, her hands bloody.]

Katherine: "No. NO! [Tessa collapses] Help! Help, somebody help her, she's dying! Don't die, I need you!"

Tessa: "True love prevails...the universe be damned."

Katherine: "NO! No."

[Bonnie is standing alone in the library smiling as she enjoys the fireplace warmth when Tessa walks up behind her.]

Tessa: "You're the anchor, now."

Bonnie: "Tessa. Where did you just come from?"

Tessa: "I'm dead. As I pass through you, you'll feel my death. You'll feel every death. Every supernatural being that passes over to the Other Side will pass through you. Sorry. That's gonna hurt like a bitch."

[Tessa touches Bonnie, disappears, and Bonnie starts screaming in pain.]

Isadora comes and holds Bonnie trying to send her peace,

Isadora: "You thanked me too soon, Anchor."