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Humphrey's P.O.V

I slowly started to wake and once i opened my eyes i saw kate sitting at the den entrance looking out in the forest.

I then walked up to her and sat down next to her.

"Kate, You ok?" I asked.

"Yea, i'm fine." She said.

"C,mon Kate, what's wrong?" I asked.

"I just want to ask you something, but i don't feel that comfortable asking you it." She said.

"Kate, you can ask me anything." I said.

She then sighed. "Humphrey, do you want to have pups?" She asked.

As soon as she asked that i then pinned her to the ground.

"Kate, i've been wanting pups since we became mates." I said. "I was just waiting for you to ask me the same thing."

"Well, i have a little suprise for you." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"This." She said as she pulled me in and locked me into a kiss.

Once we finished the kiss we then went out and had a little date.

-The Next Day-

Kate's P.O.V

I had just woke so i slowly opened my eyes so i don't hurt them because every morning the sun always shines into the den. Once i opened my eyes i saw humphrey just laying in front of me with our noses touching.

"Goodmorning, sexy." He said.

I blushed. "Goodmorning, handsome." I said as we got back up on our paws.

"You think it worked?" He asked.

I then gave him a lick on the cheek. "Let's hope it did." I said.

"Well, i'm going to get some breakfast." He said.

"Ok, but be careful cause you don't even know how." I said.

"Don't worry, i've learned a thing or 2 watching you hunt." He said as he walked out the den.

While i was laying around waiting for Humphrey to get back i went to get a drink from the river by the den.

When i got to the river i was greeted by Garth and Lilly.

"Hey, sis" I said.

"Hi, Kate." Lilly said. "Wanna come join me and Garth in a game of tag?"

"No thanks. i'm just going to get a drink and come back to our den before Humphrey gets back with breakfast." I said.

"Well, ok then. see ya Kate." Garth said.

"Bye." I replied.

and with that we went our seperate ways.

-Few minutes later-

Once i was done getting a drink i ran to a bush and threw up so i then went back to the den. Once i got back Humphrey was sitting by the caribou that he suprisingly caught with a look of sadness on his face. I then walked up and sat next to him.

"Humphrey, You ok?" I said in a worried tone of voice.

"Yea, i'm alright." Humphrey said.

"You sure, because it don't look like it." I said.

He then sighed. "Kate, do you remember the day we met?" He asked.

"Of coarse i do, it was when we were pups." I said.

"Well, i was relocated from my home in Montana." He said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yea, i was just thinking about my parents." He said. "I just want to see my parents again."

I felt bad for him cause it's been 3 years since we first met.

"Humphrey?" I said.

"Yea?" He asked.

"How about we leave first thing tomorrow morning and find your parents." I said.

He then looked up at me. "Really?" He asked.

"I'm positive." I said.

He soon had a face of joy.

"Thanks, Kate." He said. "I'm glad that your always there for me."

"No problem." I said. "C,mon let's eat this thing."

And with that we went to chewing on the caribou. Once we were done eating we licked each others face to clean our faces.

"Oh, and i was thinking." I said. "Do you want to go see my mom to see if i'm pregnant or not?"

"Sure." He said.

and with that we went to go see my mom.

-Few Minutes Later-

We had just got to the entrance of my parents den and walked inside.

"Hey, mom." I said.

"Hello, Kate and Humphrey." My mom said. "What brings you two here?"

"Well, we just wanted to have a pregnancy test cause we mated last night cause we want pups." Humphrey said.

"Well, ok then." My mom said.

-Few Minutes Later-

"Well, Congrats you two." She said. "Kate, your pregnant."

"Thanks, Eve." Humphrey said.

"Anytime you two." My mom said.

"Oh, and mom." I said. "Can we leave first thing tomorrow to find his parents."

"Sure." She said. "Just be back here in a week, if you go longer you might not make it back."

"Ok but, we just want to live with his parents cause he was relocated and that was how we met in the first place." I said.

"Well, ok." She said. "Looks like i don't have to take care of my daughter anymore."

She then faced Humphrey.

"Humphrey, Can you take care of Kate." She said. "I don't want to lose my first daughter."

"Don't worry Eve, I will guard her with my life." He said.

It then started to get late.

"C,mon Humphrey, it's getting late." I said.

"Ok." He said.

And with that we left back to the den.

"Sure is a beutiful night." He said.

"Yep." I said.

"But it's not as beutiful as you." He said.

I blushed. "I'm glad that you love me." I said.

"And i'm glad you love me back." He said.

We had just got to the entrance of our den and went inside. Humphrey had just laid down in his usual spot so i laid down and pressed up against him.

"Goodnight, Kate." He said. "I love you."

"Goodnight, I love you too."

And with that we drifted asleep.

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