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Oh and Mimmi's name in this version of the series is Zoe like Legacy.

Here are the stories that deserve to be read…

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Closer to The Truth: Moonlight Mermaids

This is Mako Island. For generations, it was mermaid against merman. Then one day, everything changed.

Guided by her thoughts, a rapid shape, enveloped in water. Inside the bubbling figure, was a girl with dark red hair with some blue streaks in them, fair skin, a silver tail and deep blue eyes. The water around her bounced as she swam as fast as she could to meet her friends with her boyfriend, who was running late.

I met Raiden. And together, with our friends who also met their matches and reunited with their families, we have shown two cultures, divided by hate and fear that we can live with each other, learn about ourselves with each other, and even raise a new generation together.

Thalassa Santos surfaced to find herself surrounded by not just her best friends who had been there for her, even when they became mermaids themselves, but by new friends, mermen. By day, they were a clique of 8 misfits. But by night, they were the infamous Sirens Creed.

"Where's Raiden?" Xhiva Tiraken, an Indian merboy asked.

"He said to go on without me." said Thalie shrugging.

"Raiden or no Raiden, this contest is on!" Helen Carter, a rather competitive girl exclaimed.

"Easy Hellfire." said Rosalina Gomez or Rose, the sweet one of the bundle. "We just have to be patient."

"You know me, I'm never patient." said a smirking Xandou Tiraken, the fast and impulsive one. A few months ago, he had changed his hair to a mohawk style, in other words, shaved his head until his hair was a thin strip of it.

"We know that SD." said Diablo Nagual, swimming close to Rose, his girlfriend. "You can never wait."

"You're the one to talk." said Yukimi Hamasaki or Kimi smartly.

"Great." said Helen. "Now that everyone's here, can we go?"

"If you wanna go, then sweet Jesus, go!" Kimi exclaimed.

"Oh I will go." said Helen. "And when I do, I'm gonna light this trick contest on FIRE!"

She dived down below and illuminated her body alight with Greek Fire, a fire that could not be extinguished by water. The green fire followed her, illuminating her path a few meters and she rose out of the water, the green fire changing from Greek Fire to regular fire as she tucked her tail in and did a somersault, her tail instantly drying up and as she fell down, fire shot out of her bare feet like rockets, propelling her forward to the rest of the merkids who watched her in awe and she was only 3 feet from them when she dived back down, instantly transforming back into a mermaid.

"Impressive." said Xandou, kissing his girlfriend. "But I can do better."

Kimi smiled and rolled her eyes at their antics. While the couple loved each other, they did occasionally banter on who was better at things.

"My turn." Xandou boasted. "Let me show you amateurs how a real merman does it." He dived underwater and swam some meters before he tried to rise up and dry off his tail, but he was so distracted that while he was drying off his tail, he had jumped so high and landed right on his stomach with a loud SLAP! He was in his swim trunks so that was why his stomach wasn't protected. The boys laughed a little while Helen swam before any of the girls could as fast as she could towards her boyfriend. Helen may be tough, but like Xandou, Erik, and Raiden, she had a heart of gold.

"Xandou!" She cried. "Are you ok?"

"Never better." He winced out. As raised by a crime family, Xandou was no stranger to pain. But a belly flop from a height of 15 feet in the air? That hurt.

"Should we take a break?" Thalie asked.

"No." said Xandou. "I'll heal. Let's just see my brother do better than that."

"Better than what?" Xandou's twin brother challenged. "Your epic fail?"

"Xhiva." Xhiva's girlfriend, Kimi warned with a death glare. "Come on, like we practiced."

They took each other's hand and began to glide with Xhiva moving them telekinetically along the waves. Xhiva had limited control over water because of his status as a Delta merman, the child of an Omega, but he made a wave big enough for the two to ride on and Kimi, using her Omega of Winter powers to freeze the wave as well as increase it's size so they slid down and Kimi manipulated it to create an arching wave as to carry them around and Kimi made it explode into small ice crystals that fell the sky. It was dusk so no one probably saw anything.

"That was amazing!" Rose said in pure joy.

"My turn!" Diablo shouted changing into a shark, then rising to change into an eagle, then playing dead, falling into a dolphin's mouth but barely escaping but turning into a dolphin and swimming back.

Most of them were laughing while Diablo looked scared out of his mind. One thing that set Diablo apart from most merpeople, was his ability to change his shape into various animals. His type of merman was rare but not unheard of. An Alpha merman. Unfortunately, because this status, he could not manipulate water nor boil it or use a moon ring.

"No me gusta." He said.

"Hey it was kind of funny." said Xhiva patting his best friend's back.

"You ok?" Rose asked.

"Soy bien." replied the Argentinian merman.

"Alright." said Rose. "Everyone get back." They all did instantly and Rose went under and collected air as a whale did when getting ready to sprout and she did. Bursting from the water in a giant water sprout she performed several backflips before conjuring a cloud to bring her down down. Like Diablo, one thing that set Rose from the other merpeople apart from being the Omega of Air was her ability to fly. But she could only fly with her legs. It would be weird to see a literal flying fish.

"Hey Terrible Twos." Diablo said. "Why don't you do something cool? Like Zac and Zoe?"

"We can't." said Xandou and Xhiva in perfect unison, which what something that they tended to do due to them having almost a similar mindset.

"Delta merpeople can individually do amazing things i

"Guys!" A panting voice reached them, and behind them was the merman they were waiting for to show up. He was a teenage merman with skin kissed by the sun, brown hair with a few gold streaks in them and big violet eyes.

"Raiden!" Thalie hugged her boyfriend. "What happened? I thought you lost track of time."

"Mother made me lose track of time." said Prince Raiden Bauman-Consorzio. "I would show you but there is present company included in my presence." He eyed his best friends, mainly the Tiraken Twins and Diablo.

"Why?" Rose asked concerned. "What's the matter?"

"I would show you but like I said, present company included." said Raiden.

"Come on bro." said Xandou. "We promise we won't laugh."

"Much." Diablo said quietly.

"You're not getting cold fins are ya?" Helen asked.

"Fine." said Raiden bringing his head and his body into view. On his lean but sculpted torso, was armor that was somewhat of Egyptian style crossed with a pauldon without the shoulder pads. Replacing the shoulder pads, was the brown light leather wrapping, holding the real armor in place. Gold straps on his chest, in an X appearance that covered down to his ribs, small amethysts decorated the straps and in the middle of the X was a bright big amethyst. On his forearms were armbands, similar to the one Diablo had except they were gold and had amethysts decorated on each band in the shape of a lightning bolt.

"Oh my God dude!" DIablo said gwaffing. "You look like a purple disco ball!"

"I never thought you as the jewel type." said Xhiva, who was trying not to laugh. "And that's saying something considering back in the day you always picked out the shiniest things."

Xandou however was laughing so hard, he had to hold on to both Kimi and Diablo for support. Merpeople could breathe water but even they needed to catch their breath.

Thalie looked over to Helen who shrugged her shoulders while smiling, and keeping Rose from losing her breath. Rose was an empathetic laugher. If someone laughed, she laughed along just as hard.

Thalie just rolled her eyes and smiled at her friends antics and kissed her embarrassed boyfriend who was crackling with embarrassment-and quite literally one would add.

"Well I think." She said. "You look very handsome, Prince Raiden."

"Thank you m'lady." Raiden whispered charmingly before enveloping her in a kiss.

"Raiden." said Thalie, flushed. "We have our rick-tay to how-say."

"Say hoe?" Raiden asked confused.

Thalie chuckled before tapping her boyfriend's nose. "No silly. I'm trying to say it's our trick for the contest."

"Wait, we're first right?" Raiden blanched.

Kimi winced. "Sorry my friend. You guys are last. But don't worry, we'll fill you in. For now, just go."

"We will when we all get underwater so no one can see us." said Raiden.

Everyone dived to the surface a few feet below and Raiden and Thalie took off, swimming side by side until they stopped as Thalie created a wall pushing them back, pushing them forward and then diving down into the dark depths. She created a tunnel in the dark deep that elevated them upward with Raiden's fingertips illuminating the entire tunnel with electricity. It seemed to happen in slow motion. The two merteens, their arms raised mighty high, concentrating on power, were momentarily distracted by each other but they regained focus by hold hands and just like that, Thalie broke the tunnel just as they were about to reach the surface and Raiden shot out a burst of electrifying energy that burst in the water like fireworks.

They're still the best. Kimi said mentally, since merpeople couldn't talk underwater.

We'll catch up later! Thalie said to all of their friends as they swam apart and Thalie with the new clan's prince swam to Mako Island, known more as the West Island.

There were 5 islands in a clan and four about 20 miles away from Mako. For a clan, it depended on where the resources for each faction was but for the Bauman-Consorzio clan, the North Island was for magic, potions, and knowledge, the kind of place Zoe or Kimi would be likely to hang out. The South Island, was for agriculture, mining, and craftsmanship, which included blacksmithing. Mako Island or the West Island, was the cultural and historical center. The merpeople there are tasked with reminding others of how far they had come to become one people. They were also the guardians of all the traditions a clan typically upheld. Mako was chosen for the Moon Pool of course. And then, there's the East Island, also known as Guardia Island. Only the best of the fighters live there. And the best of doctors. It was kind of convenient, having to be brutally injured while training and having a doctor right around the corner. It was also where the merpeople version of the police worked. That's what Guardia Island was, law enforcement, war and medicine. Finally, there's the central island. The command center of the clan. It's where the royal family lived as well as the the advisors, architects and the ambassador.

Yep. Thalie narrated as she and Raiden entered Mako. That's a clan for you. Most people who know how the mermaids living in the Mako Pod became the Mako clan would expect all the problems to just go away like that. Unfortunately, merpeople may have tails and all but they're still… well, people.

As the couple surfaced to view in the scene, the had surfaced to what looked like the recipe starting to make a warzone. Mermaids and mermen everywhere, fighting each other, one sex after the other, just looking for a fight.

"Let go of my food! That's mine! Drop it pesky merman! Mermen!"

"Those are my shells mermaid!"

"Let go of that, bitch! That's my harpoon!"

"Give me back my bras merman!"

The two merkids swam around carefully and literally treading water to avoid angry civilians as well as their complaints. They were split apart by a swarm of mermaids diving right into them.

"Well this swim hasn't been so relaxing." Thalie muttered after coming up for air.

"You think?" Raiden asked. "Let's high tail out of here."

"Really?" Thalie asked smirking.

"Poor choice of words." The couple swam off to the South Island only to find more chaos!

"Look out!" A mermaid accidentally bumped with a large piece of her shell accidentally tearing off a nearby mermaid bra!

"Watch it!" Sheila yelled at the fleeing young mermaid.

"Ok, did not need to see that." said Raiden swimming and bumping into two of his old friends from the original Ares Tribe.

"Hey Mulch." said Thalie.

"Hey Bane." said Raiden sheepishly. "Sorry about what you had to see."

"Eh." said Bane, a silver haired merman from Ireland. "We've seen worse, lads. A tip of the cap."

"Better than the days when it was kill or be killed." said Mulch a sandy haired merman from Australia. "Hey Voltage, we've got that order of fish for that mother of yours. Bane, give the boy the herring."

Bane reached into his satchel only to find nothing. "What? I could have sworn I packed this blasted fish. I caught and killed it myself."

"Uh Bane was it?" Thalie asked politely. "Not to be the bearer of bad news but I think that someone else caught it from you." She pointed to a sneaking small tiger shark with the fish in his mouth. The shark gave a look as if to say, What? I'm hungry.

Raiden had a sneaking suspicion that it was Diablo himself on account of his eyes being Diablo's unusual eye color of bright amber orange.

Bane slapped his hand to his forehead while Mulch chuckled. "Old habits die hard."

Raiden took a look around at the fighting scene and said, "You don't say."

The chaos was a regular occurrence and Queen Persephone with her family struggled to keep it together, with occasional help from Thalie and the others. Erik was away, training to be a king. The chaos wasn't permanent, it only lasted until nighttime.

Most of us here are willing to take the good with the bad. Thalie narrated. But there are those who will never accept change and will do anything to drive their enemy away.

That night, far in the eastern side of Mako, was a sleeping mermaid in her 50's, disturbed by a loud noise.

That old mermaid is Gyűlölet (A.N that's pronounced, U-lo-let), Mako Pod grump and resident merman hater.

Muttering, she got up and saw a merman hitting a sword against a rock.

"Hey!" She shouted. "The East Island's that way!"

"Sorry miss." The merman grunted.

When she tried to get some sleep again, she found her hair being chewed by a shark.

"My hair!" She exclaimed, shooing the shark away and snarling, "That tears it!"

The mornings in the Gold Coast, even in the water were always carefree but busy. Today was one of those pretty busy mornings because of the food storage problem.

Taking care of that problem, in the Central Island, was Queen Persephone Bauman-Consorzio with her niece, Princess Zoe Khatha. She used to be known for her nickname, Mimmi but it was changed to people wouldn't get confused.

Both were wearing quite the bejewelled outfits. Persephone was wearing a strapless bra with sapphires covering all of it, small silver bracelet bands on her wrists, sapphire earrings and an elven style silver crown with a clear white diamond in the centerpiece, symbolizing hope and equality for a queen's people.

Zoe was wearing a round neck bikini with black diamonds covering it, silver bracelets and silver moon earrings. Unlike her aunt, she did not wear any crowns.

"We'll have to come up with a schedule." said Zoe to her aunt.

"Right." said Persephone. "We're running out of lobster and there's not a lot of seaweed in the areas."

"Persephone!" Gyűlölet shouted, swimming up to them.

"Oh look." said Zoe. "Here comes Gyűlölet with the complaint of the day."

"You picked a really bad time for this Gyűlölet." said Persephone getting in front of Zoe. "I'm in the middle of an important discussion, we have to store food."

"And why do you think that is?" Gyűlölet challenged. "Don't you see my Queen? These barbarian mermen are not fit to live among civilized women."

"Neither are you." Zoe quipped. "Why do you think we make you sleep so far on Mako?"

"Ah joke all you want." Gyűlölet snarled. "In the meantime, these mermen are everywhere! Turning people's routines into chaos! They steal food! They disturb school, meal times and even an old woman's rest! Can't you see these bags under my eyes?" She pointed to her face, and aware that some mermaids were listening and agreeing with her.

Zoe was close to tackling the mermaid right there. She was reminded of Veridia, who like Gyűlölet, hated merman to the T. Up until she went with Ondina to the Gold Coast, she hated mermen too and when she discovered that the merman she was to take down was her brother and that two Aresmen were her cousins, she quickly changed her views. To her, mermen now may be wild and unpredictable, but they were still of the same kind!

"You need to put these mermen in cages!" Gyűlölet shouted, the mermaids agreeing with her.

"ENOUGH!" Zoe shouted after teleporting in shadow in front of the old woman. "Mermen don't mean harm! Slade is gone! They were just misguided, and now they're without a leader! We all need to get used to each other and you need to broaden your appeal!"

Gyűlölet continued to glare at Zoe before Persephone stepped in. "If there's a problem, I'll deal with it."

"Oh there is a problem Persephone." said Gyűlölet threateningly. "And I think I speak for everyone when I say, You better do something about it."

At that point, the mermaids and even the mermen lodged their complaints while Persephone and Zoe could only pray that this whole peace treaty wouldn't get out of hand.

Later that night, Rita had let the Royal Family use the grotto since construction was still in progress at the Central Island and the Moon Pool had been reserved for a night class Ondina was teaching. Rita even had been invited to attend the meeting, just to offer ideas on the domestic dispute. Rita had also been appointed as a part time advisor for the Royal Family. Ondina's parents were busy working at their jobs and Jacob Khatha, Zoe and Zac's biological father was still in Ko Ban taking care of Sirena who was comatose at the time from the Battle For Mako that took place almost 5 months ago. (A.N it's the middle of April at this time.)

"You can't just let the mermen and mermaids swim around like they own the place." said Rita.

"Nor can I impose my job." said Persephone. "Besides, I'm just acting Queen until Erik completes his training."

"Hey!" said Zac aloud. "We could put up signs."

"Signs?" Raiden asked. "For merpeople?"

"What's wrong with that?" Zac asked.

"Zac." said Raiden. "Before Erik and I fled to land, we had trouble reading, so we snuck to schools and that was how we got our education. But it still took a long time."

"That's a great idea." said Zac. "We could teach them!"

"That might be a little problem." said Persephone sadly.

"Why?" Zac asked, still not seeing the problem.

"Zac." said Zac's biological twin sister, Zoe. "Your girlfriend did a little research. And according to Evie's survey results, about 95% of the original Mako Pod and 45% of the original Ares Tribe are functionally illiterate."

"Oh so what?" Zac asked.

"Zoe's right." said Rita. "Why only last Friday, at the North Island Race, they tried to spell out, 'Go Team' and they spelled out, 'To Game'

"Oh yeah." Zac's face fell into dissapointment.

"Maybe we can make new laws." Zoe suggested.

"Take it from me." said Raiden. "Rules to us, are more like guidelines than actual rules. There's a difference."

"Well I don't hear you coming up with anything." Zoe challenged.

"Well I'm just being realistic." Raiden shot back.

"Children!" Persephone exclaimed, immediately bringing the teenagers out of their fight. "We cannot come to fighting now while we have our people fighting. We'll have to think of something."

"Wait." said Zac standing up. "What if me and my sisters handle this?"

"You three?" Rita asked, already concerned for her daughter, Thalassa Santos.

"You know Zac does not have a bad idea." said Zoe, standing with her little brother.

"Well I'm not sure about my daughter doing this." said Rita. "She has enough going on." Rita was one of the few people who knew about Thalie's nighttime activities.

"Well Thalie or not." said Zac. "Zoe and I are the Chosen Pair. So maybe we can talk with both sides."

"Zac's right." said Zoe. "This could be a chance to be a man and a woman."

"You both aren't those yet." said Raiden.

"Not if you guys don't give us the chance to be." said Zac.

There was a heavy pregnant pause, and it weighed on the room before Persephone agreed.

"You get your wish." said Persephone. "Starting tomorrow."

"Yes!" The twins shouted in unison, high fiving each other.

"Don't screw this up Zac." said Raiden seriously.

"Don't worry cuz." said Zac happily. "This'll be a piece of cake."

Oh was Zac going to eat his words…

The next day, before the twins could swim out, Zoe was having a hard time getting her brother out of grotto sea entrance

"Come on Zac!" Zoe said, pulling her brother by the arm but the merman decided to freeze his wet hand to the ledge.

"No." He drawled. "I look like a loser."

"You're fine." said Zoe, still trying to drag out her brother. "Do you see me complaining?"

"That's because you're a girl." Zac argued.

"Come on." Zoe tried teleporting using her Primary Power of teleportation via darkness. But unfortunately Zac was using his Primary Power of Force Field Projection via light.

Delta children tended to have special powers based on their personality. When it came to twins even Deltas, they tended to be polar opposites.

"If Cam sees me like this, I'll never hear the end of it." Zac deadpanned.

"It's not that bad." said Zoe.

On his sculpted torso, was armor that was quite similar to Raiden's; somewhat of Egyptian style crossed with a pauldon without the shoulder pads. Replacing the shoulder pads, was the brown light leather wrapping, holding the real armor in place. Gold straps on his chest, in an X appearance that covered down to his ribs, small deep yellow diamonds decorated the straps and in the middle of the X was a bright big sun with a fairly sized diamond the same color. On his forearms were armbands, exactly like Raiden's except they had deep yellow diamonds decorated on each band in the shape of a sun.

"I look like a yellow glow stick!" Zac yelled.

"Hey." Zoe chastised. "You did promise Aunt Persephone you would wear your formal attire at least once."

"I know, I know." Zac grumbled. "And for formal occasions for people to recognize my status as Royal. But is this necessary?"

"Let's go." She dragged her miserable little brother out of the grotto.

The day started off with Zac going to the South Island to discover a mermaid and a merman arguing.

"I'm telling you, it's a pearl for a lobster's dozen!" A mermaid shouted.

"Bah!" A merman shouted. "Yesterday's price was 10 shells!"

"Oh stop you lying cheat!" The mermaid shouted.

"You should talk!"

"What's going on here?" Zac asked, swimming in front of them.

"This bitch is saying that for her catch of lobster, I have to pay a pearl when clearly she said, pay with shells!" The merman shouted. "And do I have a pearl on me? I don't think so, and I've got a son to feed!"

"This one is lying!" The mermaid shouted. "I said a pearl! He's making stuff up!"

"How about this?" Zack asked, pushing the mermaid and merman back from each other. "He pays with what he has now and he will be let off with a warning. And miss, a lobster does not cost a pearl."

"I need to feed somehow." said the mermaid.

"You know, if you set the prices lower, you can get more people to pay." said Zac. "Does that sound fair?"

"I suppose."


Suddenly, a mermaid had burst through them, chasing a shark.

"Oh come on!" Zac shouted, annoyed, diving after the kid.

Meanwhile, Zoe was having less luck.

"Damn! For sea turtles, they're fast!" Zoe panted.

"What are you doing with my pets?" A mermaid shouted. "I've been looking for them everywhere!"

"Sorry!" Zoe called back, swimming with them to the owner.

"You should mind your own things." said the mermaid before swimming off.

"Ok! Ok! Whoa!" Zac shouted as he was accidentally whacked back.

"Get out! I'm trying to basket weave!"

"Enough of these mermaids!"

They were everywhere! Swimming off with food, clothing, personal possessions...basically, there was too many of them to keep track of.

Zac and Zoe had surfaced not far from Mako to clear their heads of the disaster.

"Remember when I said this would be a piece of cake?" Zac asked. "I really take it back. Being a prince is harder than it looks. I kind of feel sorry for Erik and Artifix."

"Feel sorry for why?" They heard Carly's voice near them. She was on a fishing boat with Cam. Apparently they were going on a date. Zac was too stressed to even care that Cam was there.

"Bit of advice." Zac breathed out. "Don't go near Mako or any of the islands. It's in a word...shitty."

"Why do you look like you walked out of a diamond mine?" Cam asked, trying not to snigger at the sight of his best friend.

Zac on the other hand, was fuming, and when angry, his eyes would glow blue. Zoe's did too. "Can it Cam. I'm having a really, really, bad day." A camera's snap could be heard and Carly quickly put her phone in her pocket. "Carly! Do not let that go viral!"

"No, but it's going on record." said Carly.

"Look." said Zoe. "Zac and I are trying to get things sorted between the mermaids and the mermen."

"I get of needing to get used to new things." said Carly. "But it's been almost 5 months."

"Old habits die hard." said Zac.

That night, Zac was spending the weekend at the Central Island since it was Spring Break and his parents were away. His and Thalie's foster parents.

"Ugh." Zoe moaned. "My aching everything!"

"Tell me about it." said Zac. "And I can feel your pain. I mean everything hurts. Even my armor. Which by the way, I'm not wearing for a long time."

"Don't be so sure." said Zoe. "There is Erik's coronation."

"Which is not due for another 7 months." said Zac. "So I get to spend some of my freedom now." He lay down on the ledge, running his fingers through his curly hair. "Zoe, I don't know how I'm gonna do this. I mean, being able to lead, I don't know how you seem to do it so easily."

"It really isn't." said Zoe. "Trust me, my first day when I moved to the Mako Pod. Disaster."

"Speaking of which." said Zac. "I'm gonna be seeing flaming coral in my sleep for the next month."

"Children." said Persephone swimming up to the cave Raiden was due to arrive in, where the Khatah twins were sleeping in. "What is going on? All the islands look like a war zone, and we haven't had one for at least 5 months."

"I know it looks bad, but Zoe and I have it covered." said Zac. "We have a plan."

"You do?" Persephone asked suspiciously, crossing her arms.

Immedeatley, knowing what her brother was thinking, chimed in saying, "Yeah. We had to study the conflict so we can resolve it."

"Tell that to Ondina who had her entire class ruined on account of a prank." said Zac. "Were never gonna hear the end of her rants about that."

"Alright." said Persephone believing their bluff. "But you better hurry. Gyűlölet has the whole clan in a stir and if we don't get this settled, it'll be history repeating itself."

Meanwhile, in the Secret Sanctum, deep beneath the Santos House, the Sirens Creed was in the living room discussing plans on what to do for the clan. Xandou volunteered to stay at the clan to send messages to Xhiva twin style in case something went wrong.

"Guys!" Thalie, the group's leader exclaimed. "I like all of your ideas, but we're missing the main problem here; everyone is out of control and now we're turning to that point. Raiden's family has been doing the best they can but they're gonna need more help."

"Thalie's right." said Xhiva. "They're tearing each other apart, sometimes quite literally. We want to live with each other, we just don't know how to adapt to each other's lifestyles."

"Xhiva this isn't about two people." said Raiden. "We're talking hundreds, hundreds of merpeople!"

"Well they've been blowing stuff up so we need to do something about it." said Kimi.

Unfortunately, a certain adrenaline junkie or two took it the wrong way. "Blowing stuff up?" Diablo asked excited. "Now we're talking!"

"No that's not what we meant." said Helen. "Although that's not a bad idea."

"I'll never understand your fetish for demolition." Kimi said, rolling her eyes.

"Well we could hold a meeting." said Rose.

"Like the one we're holding now?" Thalie asked interested.

"Yeah but it would involve the whole clan." said Rose.

"How would we get all the islands in one place?" Kimi asked.

Raiden was about to reply when Xhiva cried out, holding his head.

"You ok?" Kimi asked her boyfriend.

"It's Xandou." Xhiva said holding his head. "There's trouble at the North Island."

"Let's go help him." said Thalie running with the team to the water entrance and speedswam to the North Island, only to find, potions blowing up, people arguing and the food cave blown up.

"Everything's gone!" yelled Ondina. "Now we'll have nothing for 2 months!"

"I can't believe this!" Xandou yelled, covered in soot.

"What happened man?" Diablo asked.

"Some things are better left out." said Xandou.

At that moment, Gyűlölet decided to make her apparence. "See? I warned you lot! I warned you all! But did you listen to me? No you did not!"

"Gyűlölet, stay out of this!" Ondina shouted.

"Caging is the only thing for these mermen!" Gyűlölet shouted.

Diablo growled, literally, due to his werewolf heritage, his eyes glowing bright amber. He had to be held back by Helen, Raiden, Thalie and Xhiva.

The mention of a cage even brought out Diablo's wolf side. As a child, Diablo had been put into a animal cage twice. Once by werewolf hunters when he was 6 years old, another by his own zealously misandrist mother, Veridia.

"The only person who belongs in a cage is you!" Helen shouted.

"How dare you come here and rub in these people's faces the mistakes of the past!" Thalie shouted.

"Everyone!" Phoebus shouted nearby. "We need to get more of that food!"

"It's too late." said Maya. "It took 6 cycles to get all that in store."

"We have to keep trying!" Persephone shouted diving back in, leaving the teens very, very worried.

Later that night, Raiden was in Thalie's room with her, trying to take a breather over the catastrophic day. Zac was with his girlfriend, Evie. He had helped her get there anyway since she had trouble swimming. At the Battle For Mako, she had lost her foot after it was brutally injured and it had to be amputated and replaced with a metal prosthetic. Unfortunately, even with a fake fin, she couldn't swim very well and had to have help whenever she swam. They hadn't been able to get her an assistance dolphin so Zac volunteered to be her swim helper.

"I'm not cut out for this prince stuff." Raiden complained.

Thalue looked at him appalled. "Raiden, don't say that."

"Thals, I screwed up." said Raiden. "My mother was counting on me-on us. This prince isn't what he used to be. My criminal record still has it's toll."

"Stop it." Thaie held his hands and looked him in the eye. Deep blue met bright purple. "Raiden, you can't forget your past, but you have to let it go. I know you've been through a lot, I understand what that is like, but right now, your people need you and your family. Being someone, having something to do, is not about birthright or entitlement. It's about doing what's right for your people because it's what is best for them. A prince is not someone who is the child of a king or a relative to one. He is someone who people look up to because he displays all the traits that person wants to be.

"I'm not exactly a role model." Raiden said dejectedly.

"I meant before Raiden." said Thalie. "You may have had a crappy past, but you're a survivor and now you're an inspiration for so many people even if they don't realize it."

"Thanks Thalie". Raiden leaned in and hugged his girlfriend which she returned.

"I don't know what we're gonna do about this whole ordeal." said Thalie sadly. "So much time and culture has shaped so many lives for generations. I mean, here we are, trying to pretend that the horrors over a thousand years hasn't happened but we can't ignore it. Time is nature and sometimes, there's no point in arguing with it."

Raiden shot up, an idea swarming in his head like a rushing tide. "Wait, say that again."

"Nature always wins?" Thalie asked.

"That's it!" Raiden shouted with glee. "That's what we've been missing!"

"What have we've been missing?" Thalie asked.

"Nature!" said Raiden, excited. "Look, we've been trying to impose a new way of life on everyone even ourselves without realizing that we're all gonna do, what we're gonna do, even the mermen. It's our nature. We just need to learn how to use it." He hugged Thalie and enveloped her in a quick yet passionate kiss. "God, I love you. Come on!" He dragged Thalie out of her room and into the sea.

The next day, Mulch and Bane were with their fishing nets that they stole from the marine, trying to get more fish in the deep blue. It would take forever to get all of that fish, but they had to try.

"Nothing." said Bane when they surfaced.

"Come on Bane." said Mulch. "We've got to try."

"It would take a miracle to get 6 moon cycles of fish." Bane said pessimistically.

And a miracle would come. In the deep blue, Helen lit herself with heat, red and gold light covering her body as she grabbed Xandou's arms and filled him up with her heat and in a snap, Xandou was off, at a speed of near Mach 1.

One of the downsides of being the child of an Omega mermaid or merman was that although you had a great power, you also had a great weakness. Your Primary Power along with the rest of your powers, would be tied to a weakness and strength. Xandou's for example, relied on heat. The hotter he was, the faster he went.

The velocity of Xandou Tiraken was enough to scare up a year's worth of fish!

Thanks mate! Mulch shouted through the mind link.

That's right! Xandou boasted. That happened!

We'll see you! Helen called out.

On the other side of Mako, was Gyűlölet trying to farm her crops near some rocks when a voice yelled out, NOW!

She had to swim out of the way when lightning hit some random spots where she was going to plant her seaweed and a sharp water wave came and sliced the spots where the lightning hit and created a line of work.

What are you buffoons doing?

3 o clock! Xhiva's voice rang out. Time for the fertilizer!

Fertilizer? She asked.

Ok Delphin! Thalie said to her dolphin friend and his pod in dolphin tongue. Let her rip!

Sure enough, the dolphins heeded their calls of nature into the sliced sand spots. Gyűlölet, being the grump she was, was not happy at all

Smile Gyűlölet! Thalie shouted. We just saved you 2 and a half months of work!

Meanwhile, Rose, Kimi and Diablo were busy scaring some whales back into their territory and helping other islands with their stuff such as potions and people.

They all met near the North Island.

"Amazing!" Kimi shouted.

"That was awesome!" Helen exclaimed.

"Nice!" The twins shouted in unison.

"Raiden how did you know this was gonna work?" Thalie asked.

"Because we're merpeople and people are gonna do what people are gonna do." said Raidn non chalantly. "We just have to work with it and not against it."

"What is going on here?" They all heard the angry voice of Persephone, who had surfaced near them and looked livid with her infamous steely gaze. "Raiden Antonio Bauman-Consorzio, you have lot of explaining to do."

Yep. Thalie thought. We're dead.

On the Queen's orders, the group of merteens with the Royal Family had gathered in the grotto, all kids sitting down to await their punishment. Rita was also looking stern.

"What's she gonna do to us?" Rose asked.

"Nothing we haven't faced before." Helen said soothingly.

"I'm to badass for jail." Xandou muttered.

"Who told you that?" Xhiva challenged.

"You all snuck behind my back." said Persephone. "Which means there will be consequences."

"I told you we were gonna get into trouble." Kimi whispered to Raiden. "At least someone thought this through."

"Mother if anyone is going down it should be me." Raiden said standing up.

"No." said Persephone authoritatively. "You all played a part in this."

"Your Majesty." said Thalie. "If I may, I was the one who gave Raiden the idea. The fault is mine."

"As I just said." Persephone put her hand up. "You all had a hand in this. You conspired against the clan. You performed activities without consulting me or anyone in the court. Things are going to change around here. That's why-"

"You're all given a chance to be a part of the advisor court." said Rita.

"I was gonna tell them that!" Persephone said slightly annoyed but laughed a little anyway.

"Sorry I couldn't hold it in." said Rita.

"Getting back on topic." said Persephone. "The people are getting along more than ever! I have never been more proud of you all and there has never been a much more peacful start to a new clan! You all, including Zac and Zoe, who couldn't be here today, have all made me very proud. Including you Raiden."

"We will consider taking the position." said Kimi kindly. "But thank you Your Majesty."

"Now all you have to do." Rita said to her daughter. "Is give advice."

"Not a problem." said Thalie. "Besides, I've got my friends now, and new ones too. I've got a feeling we're gonna make more along the way."

That evening, the North Island was storing off supplies and getting ready for the night. Mermaids and mermen were not arguing but helping one another.

Because of time and different teachings. Thalie narrated. Mermen and mermaids can't changed on how they were raised.

In the South Island, everyone was getting ready to go to bed when a mermaid accidentally stepped her hand on an urchin and a merman nearby took care of her. They didn't know it, but a spark was forming between them.

But who cares about the past anymore? When you grow, there's only one way to go, and that's forward.

In Guardia and Mako Island, all was well and peace had never been so enjoyed.

In the Central Island, when morning came, the people got up and were ready to start the new day.

Merpeople together, are strong, kind, powerful, amazing creatures..

The Mako Gang was out on a swim, enjoying the view and excited to see all the work that they had done was beginning to pay off.

But we are also survivors. Which means that out of the obstacles we all face, there is a chance that we can now build a bridge to help us cross into a better and brighter future. And while we build that bridge, we're gonna learn everything there is to know about each other. Wouldn't you?


It was a quiet normal night in the city of the Gold Coast. The dogs were barking here and there, and the streets were full of busy people driving from work or to parties. Overall, the nightlife was it's usual liveliness. It was a night that started like any other but ending changing the course of many lives.

Carly Morgan was out from her late shift at the Ocean Cafe, emerging from a frozen yogurt shop with a cup of tasty strawberry yogurt. She was enjoying it when she heard growling in the nearby alley. Relying on her instincts, she started to walk away when she heard the struggles of a little boy as if he was in pain.

"Hello?" Carly asked, when she was in front of the cowering boy in the alley.

The boy looked to be about 12 years old, wearing a green hoodie, brown cargo pants and brown sandals. He had dark brown curly hair which his small hands kept running through.

"Are you ok?" Carly asked, walking towards him.

"Get away from me." The boy's voice sounded like it was losing its humanity.

"I can get help." said Carly. "Do you wanna go to a hospital? Do you want me to call your parents?"

"No." The boy struggled to make out. "I..have to….get back...to my pack. Tauna..need...me"

"Ok." said Carly, trying to comfort the boy but he pushed her back and walked behind a dumpster.

"Kid." said Carly gently. "I don't know any Tauna Pack but I know you're hurt in some way." An animalistic snarl could be heard behind the dumpster. "I can help you if you'll just trust me and come out."

Suddenly, the growling stopped. There was silence in the air, hanging like cloth on a line. Fearing the worst for the kid's sake, she walked behind the dumpster only to be attacked by the kid, whose face had changed to almost a wolf's!

Scared for her life, Carly tried to get away only for the wolf kid to grasp her by the leg and she felt a hot sharp pain in one of her legs. Without thinking, she slapped the kid in the face and managed to escape, forgetting her purse, running as fast as she could, as far from the wolf kid as she could.

Near some stores, far from the alley, all the adrenaline left Carly as the pain from her leg began to creep into her mind.

She looked down, lifted her pants up, and there it was. On her right calf, was a large bite mark, sluggishly bleeding.

"What's up with him?" Carly wondered aloud, walking back to get her purse. But she stopped to think: What if the wolf kid was still there? It was better to lose her purse than her life so she went home.

It was then Carly heard something strange;

The Howl of A Wolf.

Alright everybody, that is it for now! But don't be sad it's over already! We've got a lot of ground to cover. Come on! This is Tails of a Halfblood. Now that we've got the clan out of the way, we've got a whole new supernatural species, a potential virus, and this time, we may even have a scandalous teen pregnancy! So keep your eyes peeled, because this is just the beginning!


Carly is talking with Evie:

"It was too dark to see much but I think some wolf kid bit me." said Carly.

Carly growls animalistically at the beach with her eyes glowing green.

"A wolf bit you?" Cam's voice sounded.

Jodie is having a confrontation with Carly at the volleyball game.

"What the hell is going on with you Morgan?" Jodie demanded.

"I can see, hear and smell things, that I should NOT be able to see, hear, and smell!" Carly shouted back, clearly freaked out.

Carly is playing volleyball with amazing athletic prowess.

"Whatever you do." Xhiva's voice sounds. "Do not let Carly out of your sight! Tonight's her first full moon!"

The full moon has risen and Carly is chained up and sweating heavily. She looks down at her nails that are now claws.

"What's happening to me?"