She stood in front of him trying to hide her nerves. The pull she had to him she could not deny it any longer and she was going to have to let him know like this… Like a typical high school student. She had tried to wait until most of the students had already left for their classes after lunch but there were still stragglers lurking in the halls. Her nerves were now a wreck as she held on to the pink envelope that expressed how much she had liked and admired him for the last two years.

She kept out the part about how she was in love with him.

To everyone else's eye, and most likely, to the boy standing in front of her, she was nerd.


She was not a nerd because she was in class F. She was more like a dork… a nerd who was stupid, and he was in class A. Top of his class, blessed with god given looks and brains she could not help but to be attracted to him… but there always seemed to be something more to him. Something that drew her in to loving him so unconditionally even though she had never spoken to him before this moment.

He probably never gave her a second glance and that was the point. Two golden blond ponytails hug behind her almost touching the floor. At the top of her head her hair was tied in to two balls. Much too large glasses covered her face and her bangs were a muss hiding her eyes even more. Her clothing was far too large as her uniform hung off her small form. Every inch of who she really was had been hidden away.

"Excuse me." She asked with a bow of her head. She had faced so much worse than this; however, this was the most terrified she had ever been in her life.

"Who are you?" The object of her love and affection asked coldly taking in her appearance, clearly uninterested. His eyes, which she was sure were midnight blue, looked dully at her. His black hair was falling around his eyes, framing his handsome face. His perfectly chiseled jaw line seemed slack… bored. He was far taller than she was and she not only was small… but look her gave her made her feel small too.

She paused nervous and took in a breath of air.

"Tsukino Usagi, from class F." She said too quickly but he caught them all the same.

She held up the pink envelope that concealed a letter telling him of her true feelings. She was offering him just a piece of her but all of her heart at the same time.

"Could you please read this, Chiba san?" It was her voice that actually made him actually look at her. He had assumed it would be squeaky and nervous like her appearance but when she spoke her voice was melodic and beautiful. Mamoru looked her over again trying to match the voice to the person in front of him. This was a joke. He rolled his eyes now annoyed that he would be late because of an F class student.

She had kept her head bowed but when he said nothing she looked up. Yes, he was annoyed with her. His face showed that he was not impressed with her somewhat unkempt look. If he could really see past the bangs and the glasses he would see the vulnerability in her eyes.

"What is up with your hair? It looks like odangos." He commented, a small smirk now on his face, some emotion finally showing through his cold exterior.

She went red from him making fun of her but she was determined. She lifted the letter toward him again, her heart racing.

"I don't want it." He said as he turned away from her, his rejection stinging like she had been slapped a thousand times. Her chest hurt slightly and she pressed the letter to the burgundy bow at adorned her shirt watching as he walked away.

Laughter filed her ears as she continued to stare at Chiba Mamoru's retreating back. Looking around it seemed that the rumors had already begun as students snickered. Tsukino Usagi had tried, and failed miserably, to give Chiba Mamoru a love confession.

Though she had every right to be embarrassed she was not. Heart break and irritation turned to anger.

"What a jerk." She hissed under her breath. Sure she didn't look drop dead gorgeous and sure her F class status lumped her as unintelligent, but he could have at least taken the letter. She thought that the Japanese were big on the whole 'saving face' thing. Mamoru clearly had not received the memo.

"Usagi!" She could hear Seyia coming toward her. His footfalls were a sound she had memorized like so many others. Ugh, Seyia had told her so. So many times he had told her so. She didn't want to face her friend.

"So, you did it?" He wrapped an arm around her small form pulling her close to him. She was much shorter than he was and her head fit in to the curve of his arm.

She nodded in to his bicep.

"Was he a baka?" He asked a growl in his voice. Seyia did not like Chiba Mamoru for two reasons. 1. He was an arrogant prick 2. Usagi loved him.

"Total jack off." She said trying to sound forceful but it was more like a sigh. Really what had she expected? She knew he was cold. She knew he had no clue who she was. She sighed again.

"Well, don't worry princess, you always have me." He pulled her to walk back in to the school. She looked up at him. He was handsome as well, not that anyone from Azubu High School aside from her friends knew what a dish Kou Seyia was. He wore square shaped glasses that did not look good on his heart shaped face. He always wore his uniform messy, one shirttail hanging out of his pants. His tie loose around his neck. The biggest change on him was his hair. Instead of his long hair being tied in to a long ponytail at the back of his neck, he had pulled it up in to a bun at the top of his head. He looked like a sumo wrester.

"We have a class to sit through." and he squished one of her odangos.

"Seyia chan!" She yelled. He pulled a pigtail and took off. She ran after him. "SEYIA!" She yelled down the hallway, their laughter filling the halls.


"Come on, Usagi." Her father told her opening the door to their new house. His long silver hair was hanging perfectly down his back. Usagi's father looked… cool. He always had people stopping and staring at him as he walked. Tsukino Artemis was tall and regal. His silvery white hair always perfect, parted down the center with some bangs framing his face. Both of his ears were pierced, small gold hoops in each ear. He always wore a kimono which made him look slim but hid how muscular he was underneath. White was his color of choice and today it was no different. Usagi hated the way people were in awe of her father and then scrunched their noses in distaste when they saw his gangly daughter behind him.

Life had always been different for Usagi and after Luna left it was even harder. Moving back to Japan two years ago, now almost three, had already taken it's toll but losing her mother figure was so painful.

Usagi pulled the head phones out of her ears looking at the house. It was cute. So cute that Usagi mouthed 'kawaii' when she looked at it. It was also very close to Azubu high school and not too far from the center on Tokyo.

"Oto-san. I love it. Maybe we can move the meetings from the temple to here from now on." She beamed. One less stop for her would really be a godsend.

"Always thinking ahead." Artemis smiled at her as he pulled the keys out and opened the front door.

Walking inside Usagi could not keep the smile from her face. Their penthouse in England had been so nice. It represented how wealthy her father was but when the attacks came he swore to keep them as unnoticeable as possible. When they first moved back to Japan because of the Nega verse activity, they stayed low key in the center of Tokyo in a small apartment. Between awakening and training with the other senshi and school it had become too much for Usagi. She was already failing Azubu high school when she started her first year here. Her father changed her schedule but it was just easier to barley pass and make up her grades in cram school every day.

She needed the sleep anyway so that's what she did in class. She hung out with her friends and acted as normal as possible. Rei, Sailor Mars, and Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, also stayed in class F with her at Azubu. It was easier than explaining why they missed school after major battles and they could cover for one another. Even more so they were there to protect her.

They utilized school, not for learning, but as an outlet to have fun. Class F was honestly a joke and no matter how hard their teacher, Ms. Haruna had tried over the last two years they barely passed. As they became older and the routine of battle, train, school and some social life fit in to their adult bodies rather than fifteen year old they could have done better in classes… easily. But it was more convenient to barely pass and had become second nature; however, they maintained a C average; which in Japan was failing.

Her father had the house fully furnished and stocked with normal items. There was nothing special about the house other than it was theirs. She ran like a child, giddy to find what her father had done with her room. She noticed it right away as it was set for a princess. She smiled at the light pink walls which so happened to be her favorite color. It was an actual room, not a closet that was classified as a room in Tokyo. Her walk in closet in England was bigger than their apartment in Tokyo. But this room was large. Beaming at the gold wrought iron bed she jumped on it sinking in to the soft blue bedding. She had been sleeping on a futon for far too long. The long nights and battles would be easier to bear with a real bed to sleep in.

"Ahhhh!" She said relaxing in to the soft mattress she closed her eyes.

"PAPA! I LOVE YOU!" She yelled loudly in English.

She heard his chuckle from down stairs. She just needed to finish this year and then she would start college her cram school credits already guaranteeing her an acceptance. Her father had promised that she could stop all of the disguises come graduation day and let the real world meet the real Tsukino Serenity Usagi. She bit her lip thinking about Mamoru's rejection. She wondered if he would have given her the same reaction had he seen what she really looked like; however, she did not want to do that. She wanted him to like her for her and not how she looked. By giving him the letter she thought that he would be at least curious but he had not even taken it. Even with the rejection she loved him. It was not just 'like'. It was irrevocable love that was so unnatural to her mind and yet she felt as if their souls should be one. Even if he was a baka.

An explosion stole her from her thoughts. Another loud BOOM filled that air making her house shake in reaction. Flipping off the bed quicker than any human could she looked out the window.

A youma, a geisha with pale white skin and blood red lips, stood in the middle of the street. Her hand on a fan that had been spread wide was the cause of the destruction. Her long kimono was wrapped like long red ribbons around people stealing their energy.

"USAGI!" Her father yelled.

Clearly Usagi was taking too long to take action.

"ON IT!" She yelled to him and then she called on her henshin. Red ribbons bursting from her broach surrounded her as her sailor uniform formed on her body. The transformation making her come to life as it filled her with an intense ancient power.

The moment she was fully armored she opened the window, jumping out in to the street.


She ran toward the youma punching her square in her painted face, sending her in to a nearby car. The car buckled around her and the windows exploded with popping noises. The blow had unraveled the dangerous kimono from around the victim's bodies and they fell limply to the ground.

"MARS CELESTRIAL FIRE SURROUND!" A burst of fire blasted in to the youma causing an explosion of heat to make Moon back flip out of the line of fire… literally.

"I like my eyebrows, pryo!" Moon yelled but Mars only smirked at her.

"SUPREME THUNDER DRAGON." The massive lighting dragon met with the fire. The two senshi had caused a storm of epic proportion engulfing the youma.

The storm sizzling with lighting and fire started to grow smaller and laughter could be heard from inside the cage of death. Slowly the geisha emerged and what was left of the attacks were being absorbed in to her. The three senshi stood there stunned for a moment confused as to why she had not been destroyed. The youma began to glow a sickly green and black lines like veins popped from her skin like tiger stripes. The geisha's black eyes rolled in to the back of her head exposing the white behind them. They could see the power building in her as her body jerked and expanded. Then like a bullet from a gun it was released, expelling itself from the youma at an alarming speed.

"MOVE!" Sailor Moon yelled as she dove to the ground, somersaulting away from the powerful blow.

In a matter of seconds Usagi's new house was destroyed before her very eyes. It was incinerated with lighting and fire leaving only a scorched cement foundation and piles of ash. Her father and guardian's mouth even dropped open at the sight. His passive calm turning to rage and fury.

Sailor Moon's fury could rival the King of the Moon's at the moment. The power building in her from the silver crystal growing ready to destroy at her command. She pulled out her moon rod and gripped it tightly in her hands.

"SILVER MOON CRYSTAL POWER!" Her voice boomed in the street and the power that was omitted from the staff made everyone's head turn away from the blinding light.

The youma did not even have time to scream as it exploded in to dust and the people's energy returned from her energy blast.

Sailor Moon stood breathing heavily trying to control her anger. The moon rod held in one hand ready for action again if evil dared to show itself again. Sailor Mars and Jupiter gather around her.

"Woah." Jupiter breathed out looking at the dust of the dead monster swirling in the wind. "What pissed you off?"

"She just blew up my house." Sailor Moon ground out through clenched teeth. Her visions of her new life blown up with it, she knew she should have pushed a penthouse just a bit more… 'No Serenity… a house would be less inconspicuous' her father's words rang in her ears.

Yeah until they are destroyed. She thought with a snort.

The air became thick with dark energy and the three senshi looked to the sky ready for action again.

Before them the maker of the youma floated. His gray uniform looking pristine, the red lining standing out looking so wrong on the blond. Mars's eyes narrowed at him. The look of sadness had been replaced weeks ago with a new look of firm determination.

"Getting stronger, senshi bitches?" Jadeite spat at them.

"YOU ARE NEXT!" Mars yelled at him, her hands in fists at her side.

"Always so feisty little fireball." He taunted.

Moon could tell that even though this general did not remember who he was in a past life, he was still entranced with Mars. She knew immediately during their original meeting on the bus that he was taken with the human form of Hino Rei, the miko. His soul was still in him even if it had been tainted and filled with malevolence.

Sailor Moon held back her tears looking up at General Jadeite, her friend.

"This is not you! She has you brain washed!" She yelled to him. It was a plea. He narrowed his eyes at them, confused, as he always was when they told him things like this.

"I will kill you all. All of you, but not today… oh no. I will make you all suffer, soon. Be ready to give me your crystal, Moon." He snarled at them, a reaction from his confusion.

"AND I WILL SAVE YOU!" She yelled back at him as he disappeared as quick as he came. She wiped at her determined tears as she put her free hand on Mars back to comfort her.

"I will save him. I will turn him back and he will come back to you. I will turn all of them back. I promise." Moon had vowed this before and she was determined to make her words in to actions.

"I think you have bigger things to worry about." Jupiter said turning her head around to look at the smoking street. She could hear the fire trucks coming in the distance.

"Gods." Sailor Moon put her hand to her forehead.

"Let's go before the cops get here." Mars said pulling them away from the house. I don't want to deal with press today.


"Yes, it was a scary monster! The Sailor Senshi were battling it and my daughter and I came out of the house to see what was going on. We were so lucky we did or we would have been killed." A tall good-looking gentleman with silver hair told the news reporter.

"HINA! HINA! Come in here for a moment!" Tomomi Chiba yelled to his wife pausing the news with the remote.

A short woman with dark black hair pulled up in an elegant twist came running in to the room. She was a stereotypical housewife, a flowery apron covering her long shirt and blouse. Her hair pulled neatly in to a bun at the back of her head and a simple strand of pearls hanging around her neck.

"What? Is everything okay?" She panted looking at her husband. Chiba Tomomi was tall and had thick black hair that was silvering on the sides. He was a bigger man, years of being over worked and over indulgence taking a toll on his body.

"My college roommate, Tsukino Artemis house was just blown up by a monster!" He pointed to the television where Artemis stood paused and a small girl with golden blond hair in a funny hairstyle stood next to him. Eyeglasses too large for her face hid the beauty that was underneath.

Tomomi pushed play on the television.

"So where are you planning on living." The newscaster asked them.

Artemis's face went stern. "We just purchased this house and moved in today but my daughter and I will surely find something."

The news report went in to deep description of what on lookers had given in their overly dramatic stories and Tomomi turned off the TV.

"I owe Tsukino so much. I owe him this lifestyle of ours." He shook his head. "This is just awful news."

Hina had just stared at the girl who stood on the sidelines. She could see through the look that she tried to pull off. The girl was beautiful and Hina could see the anguish in her eyes hidden behind thick back frames. She took a fist and pounded it in to her hand.

"We will have them stay here!" She exclaimed. She was always an over exuberant woman and her two poor children sometimes were embarrassed by her. They were nothing like her at all. They were all brains and too quiet. Hina tried not to think of them as boring as she loved them dearly but they were no fun. Sometimes they would come out of their shells but Mamoru was so focused and Shingo wanted to be just like him so he hid things as well. She had no chance alone to give her children a full rang of emotions even though she tried her hardest.

"Really? That would be okay?" Her husband asked excited getting on his knees to take her hands. He was worried she would change her mind.

"Yes!" Now go find them. I am sure they are pulling whatever they can out of the rubble." Hina exclaimed.

"Right!" Tomomi rushed out of the room toward the front door.


Mamoru walked in to the house looking out for his mother to try and avoid her. He looked in to the two rooms that flanked the large foyer. Once he saw that they were empty he headed up the stairs. The Chiba household was large. Larger than most homes located so close to the city. Stepping on to the landing he looked around the wide room, which served as a retreat from his parents. The room was fitted as a living space with two comfortable sofas and a large screen TV. He noticed his younger brother, Shingo, leaning against the back of one of the sofas looking in to one of the guest bedrooms frowning.

The small black haired boy rolled his eyes at the sounds coming from inside. Mamoru could hear his mother banging away at another one of her crazy projects.

"What's she up to now?" Mamoru asked his little brother annoyed.

"We are having guests and mother is going overboard as usual." Shingo said with a headshake.

"And that involves her moving furniture and re-decorating." He said sarcastically. Mamoru could not believe his mother sometimes. Yes, she was funny and entertaining but as his mother he had higher expectations of her.

"They are coming to live with us." Shingo said exasperated letting his head fall and hit the back of the couch.

This brought Mamoru up short.

"What? Who? Gods that that woman we call mother!" Mamoru didn't need any more frustration in his life. He just wanted to be left alone and now his small sanctuary would be invaded by strangers.

"Tsukino Artemis and his daughter Usagi." Shingo told him. Apparently oto-san and Tsukino san went to college together and Tsukino san is the one who gave oto-san the money to start his business." Shingo recited the explanation that was given to him.

Mamoru looked aghast. Wasn't Usagi the same girl that tried to confess her love to him this very morning? He was sure that is what the blond with the awful hairstyle had said and Asanuma confirmed that her name was Tsukino Usagi… as he never forgot anything. Mamoru never believed in karma until this very moment not realizing that it was destiny. Always the pessimist.

"Then why can't they afford to go somewhere else?" Mamoru huffed thinking about the gangly, stupid, nerdy looking girl. He had seen how obnoxious she was with her friends now that he was aware of her presence. Running through the halls laughing and yelling, acting so childish.

"They can but father insists. They need to stay near Tokyo and Azubu so they will stay until their house is rebuilt." Shingo explained.

At the very moment his mother burst out of the guest room. Mamoru could see the pink screaming from the open door. His mother always wanted a daughter and now she was not going to miss out on this.

"Mamoru! Did you hear the news? Oh you should come see what I did to the room. It's so beautiful I hope Usagi chan loves it." Hina babbled on.

Mamoru just shook his head ignoring his mother and walking to his room shutting the door.

The rumors had already started about him and Usagi. His fan club of girls whined all day long that he now liked a stupid nerd over them. He hated his 'fan club's' notion that one of them could ever be an acceptable girl for himself and he was offended by the rumor he would date someone from class F. None girls at school had any pull for him. Sure some were pretty but they were all not his type.

He thought back to Usagi's stupid hairstyle. He laughed. Odango Atama. That would be her nickname and he was sure it would get under her skin.


Usagi was surrounded by Seyia, Rei and Makoto. Seyia was upset he had missed the battle yesterday to meet up with Kakyuu who had come to beg him to come home to Kimoku. But he vowed to protect Usagi since the moment he fell in love with her. So in love with her that he was giving up his own responsibilities to stay on earth for a little while longer.

A breeze blew through the cobble stone courtyard. They sat at one of the tables under a large tree trying to be strong for their friend.

"So where will you be living?" Rei asked concerned. She pushed her glasses up. The miko, like Usagi used glasses to hide her beauty. Makoto just looked as unapproachable and messy possible and it worked for her, as no one wanted to get near enough to see how gorgeous she was. They didn't need anyone at school digging in to their personal lives especially how busy they were.

"I think oto-san found somewhere temporary, but it seems like meetings will have to take place still at the temple." Usagi said trying to hide her lies.

She was livid when her father told her where they would be living.

"You cannot be serious!" Usagi yelled in the hotel suite. She was pulling stuff out of her subspace pocket like crazy, trying to find something to wear. "We can EASILY afford a new place. Like that penthouse I insisted upon."

Artemis paled. "Chiba san insisted. We were really good friends in college he looked so hurt when I tried to tell him no."

"You tell me NO all day long! I already have to hide behind my glasses and crappy clothing at school and now I will have to do it there as well. It's my last year of high school. Beryl has been relentless and I have yet to save one general from her spell." Usagi went off.

"Look, this is part of our lives Princess. Until you can claim the throne we will stay here. I will have to change your schedule and you will just have to do better in school. I scoped out the house and you should be able to sneak in and out easily."

Usagi could not believe she was going to have to live with Mamoru. Goddess she was in love with him. Like seriously in love with him. Her life was already so dangerous and mysterious. It took all of her pride to give him that letter and to be rejected had been already so painful. Her father would see her obsession. Another distraction he would call it.

"Seriously!" Usagi threw herself down on the plush hotel bed. "I will go live with Mako chan or Rei Chan."She meant it too and he knew it.

"I will make a deal. If you go along with this then I will transfer Ami to Azubu for senior year." He had already planned on this wanting more people guarding his daughter.

Usagi sat up intrigued. "And Minako!"

He cringed. Minako and Usagi were a tag team of destruction. In England it was bad enough training them let alone getting them to pay attention. Plus the stunts they pulled… trying to sneak in to see Prince Harry… if his hair was not already gray it would have been. Putting Minako in to school with Usagi could have dire consequences.

"PLEASE!" She begged as she pouted her lips and made her eyes wide and pathetic.

"FINE!" Artemis agreed. Usagi smiled in triumph. That look worked every time.

"But you will never guess what?" Usagi said with a secret smile.

"You ate a whole buffet?" Rei asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Shut it pyro!" She screeched loudly.

"Yeah, Pyro! Shut it down." A voice came from behind them. Turning quickly the girls and Seyia saw Minako and Ami standing there in Azubu uniforms, large smiles on their cleverly disguised faces.

Usagi looked smug as Rei and Makoto stood up in shock.

And then Usagi screeched and jumped up and down in complete joy to have all of her friends together.


Mamoru turned toward the loud shriek. He saw Odango Atama yelling and then jumping ecstatically on two girls. The rest of her friends went crazy as well as they formed a circle yelling and laughing.

Mamoru cocked his head toward them confused.

"All of them are really dorks." He said out loud looking over the group of odango's friends. It's like they did not have mirrors at home. Uniforms too big, oversized glasses and a messy demeanor on all of them.

"Who is?" Asunuma asked him looking in his direction. "Oh, Tsukino and her friends. Hum. Looks like those two new girls are friends with Tsukino san."

"Yeah, it does. That's odd to have two transfer's that know each other." Mamoru muttered. He watched as the tall black haired boy that was always with them wrap an arm around Usagi and pulled her close to him. Something about the gesture annoyed him but he could not put his finger on it. The group began to walk, all of them chatting excited as they neared the school entrance. They passed him and headed toward the doors to the school. Usagi was stopping to show her friends things and she was clearly in the way.

"Can you move, Odango Atama?" He said loudly. He couldn't help the smirk that came with saying the nickname.

The pigtailed girl turned on him quickly. "What did you call me?" She asked him incredulously her facial expression challenging him.

"Odango Atama. It fits you, don't you think?" Mamoru told her looking down at her.

"Who do you think you are talking to, Chiba?" Kou san spat out clearly not liking him giving Usagi a tug away back under his arm. Mamoru was already annoyed with his childish antics.

"You already hurt her enough and now you have to call her names?" Kou went on.

"Seyia kun." Usagi snapped at him. "Let the baka be."

"I am a baka?" Mamoru asked her with laugh. Asunuma also laughed at the name-calling. "I am pretty sure that I am number one in the grade and you, odango, are what? Last?" He did not know what overcame him to taunt her. But here he was smirking at an annoyed bunny.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "I cannot believe I ever liked someone as rude as you."

"Are you sure about that?" He teased her, surprised at himself. He never teased anyone let alone a girl but she stood up straight, laughter in her eyes hidden behind her glasses.

"You were number one, Mamoru baka, please meet one of my best friends." She turned toward the transfer student with the blue hair. "Mizuno Ami. The smartest girl in Tokyo. She just transferred here. You should get used to being second." She said pleased with herself.

She turned and laughed as her group of friends joined in on the laughter, Seyia's arm still around her.

Mizuno Ami? He thought. Yes, he had read about her and she was very smart. He thought that this girl claiming to be the smartest in Tokyo would annoyed him but he wasn't. It was a challenge for once and in addition to Tsukino Usagi it seemed his life was changing.


"No Toki. I won't be by today. Moving." She sighed in to the phone. She played with one of her pigtails with her free hand.

"Yeah, I know. It's been rough." She answered his questions.

"Yeah, I am okay. I didn't get hurt either did the other girls."

"Okay. Tomorrow night. K."

Mamoru was heading to the bathroom when he saw Usagi on her phone in the hallway. He didn't mean to eavesdrop on the phone call but she was not hidden very well.

"Shouldn't you be learning something in class?" He taunted her making her turn around quickly.

"Listening in on other peoples conversation's is rude." She snapped. She pushed her glasses back on to her face where they had begun to droop.

"You speak so loudly I am sure anyone could have heard you."

She narrowed her eyes at him.

"You really are arrogant." She said matter-a-factly.

"I have reason to be. You…" He looked her up and down. "Have no reason to."

She wanted to slap him so hard but she refrained. Instead she smiled.

"I will see you this afternoon, baka. After all we will be roomies. Should I let the school know?"

She lifted an eyebrow to challenge him. His facial expression turned to a sneer.

"You wouldn't dare." he practically snarled.

Truth is she didn't want ANYONE to know. Not even her senshi but Mamoru didn't know this tidbit.

"You should try being nicer." She gave him a smile that was so wide that Mamoru stepped back.

"Je ne Baka." She turned and skipped away just like the child she pretended to be.


Mamoru took his time getting home. A small moving truck in the driveway made him groan. 'This was going to be a disaster,' he thought. Walking in the door he could already his mother and Usagi chattering away. His mother seemed to be enjoying herself and he could hear Usagi giggle.

He rolled his eyes. The calm household he was used to would most likely be loud from now on out but even her loud voice was musical.

He walked in to the living room to get the introductions over with.

"I apologize for the late introductions. I am Chiba Mamoru. Pleased to meet you." He said the moment he walked in to the room. He took in Usagi's father. He was a tall man with long silver hair. He had an odd look about him… an almost inhuman beauty. He seemed regal in his stance and his face was warm and friendly.

Then he looked at Usagi whose eyes seemed to widen at his appearance as if she forgot he would be here… in his own house.

"It is very nice to meet you Mamoru." Artemis stood and bowed. The look he gave Mamoru was more than taking him in. He seemed to be un-nerved by his presence in the house. Mamoru wanted to scoff because there was no way he had to worry about anything happening between his daughter and himself.

"I was told that Usagi and you go to the same school." Hina said with a smile.

Mamoru nodded and Usagi was surprisingly quiet.

"The same class and everything?" She questioned.

"Well, we are quite far apart in classes, but Tsukino and I met in a very unusual way the other day. Right, Tsukino san?" Mamoru looked at Usagi who had look of panic on her face. He smirked at her.

"Err… yes we did." She said nervously looking at her father to make sure he wasn't listening to the conversation.

Usagi's phone went off in her pocket interrupting Mamoru's intentions of embarrassing Usagi. She paled and looked at her father. He gave her a look that she could answer it. She hit the on button, her face serious. She didn't even say hello she just answered and listened.

"Got it." She said quickly.

"Excuse me. I have to leave for a bit. Is it okay, oto-san?" She asked sweetly.

"Yes, go ahead. Be back as soon as you can and be careful." Artemis told her. She smiled at him and gave him a wink.

"I am so sorry. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I will be back." She stated heading for the door.

She opened it quickly and Mamoru could tell that she was already running. He wanted to smack his head against something. This could not be happening to him.


Hello Everyone. Yes, I am sort-of back. Truthfully I have been working on my own book but I actually have this story (the first part 227 pages) completed and I wanted to share it with you all. This is my re-telling mixed with wonderful works of Manga plus my own re-telling of Sailor Moon. Enjoy and review.