A Denali's Charm

Summary: Bella moved on after Edward left. It was hard but she did; now years later she found herself moving to a small town known as North Denali, only she didn't plan on there being vampires.

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or any of its characters they belong to S.M.

I was happy to be moving to someplace of my own. While my dad Charlie had made it clear I could live with him till I died of old age, I wanted to experience the adult life. I mean really experience it, live on my own have all the responsibilities any other 21 year old had. So as I unpacked my clothes and the few possessions I had I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face.

My dad had hooked me up with a job at a local book store a buddy of his owned. I was supposed to meet this man, Mark I believe, tomorrow on my first day. I was excited to say the least.

As I unpacked the last box I figured I'd go grocery shopping. I'd arrived in North Denali early this morning, so it was about noon now. I grabbed my keys and headed out to my new car. After the Cullens left I was sort of comatose. I soon realized that I was hurting Charlie with my comatose state, and decided to find a way to forget about the Cullens. After six months of therapy, I had finally gotten over the shit storm that had claimed my life courtesy of Edward. So when I decided to move to Alaska I decided I needed a new car, since the old one reminded me of the Cullens way more often than I'd like. I ended up buying a 1996 Ford Mustang. It was a beautiful silver with leather interior and a grey dash.

As I got in I smiled. This was going to be a new start, and I was going to enjoy every minute of my new life.

When I got to the grocery store I quickly fell into the familiar task as I picked up the necessary items and a few things for snacks; chips, soda, yogurt, etc. After I paid and made my way to the car. I headed back to my small little one bedroom house. Charlie had helped me buy it. I had saved up enough for a down payment but Charlie insisted that he paid for it completely since I hadn't used any of the money he had saved for me to go to college seeing as I decided not to go. I was touched by Charlie's want to help and caved.

As I put the groceries away I decided I should make lunch. It was already 1 o'clock and I was starting to get hungry. I quickly fixed a sandwich and grabbed a glass of water. I sat down at the small table and ate. Thankfully Charlie's friend Mark helped furnish before my move. As I ate I decided that I should probably familiarize myself with the town. So when I finished I grabbed my keys and headed out.

I saw a library and a grin broke out across my face as I decided to stop by and check it out. I walked in and literally ran into what felt like a marble statue. I looked up to apologize to whoever I had ran into, only to have my words caught in my throat. There standing over me was a beautiful golden eyed vampire.