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Chapter 1

The night was dark and quiet as the shadow made his way to the window and pulled his knife to jimmy the lock. He pushed the window up, pausing when it squeaked loudly and waited, listening for any movement inside. Nothing reached his ears, so he climbed into the kitchen and looked around. It was small but useable. Zeroing in on the fridge, he opened it to see if there was a cold one he could snag. He was out of luck this time; there were no beers to be had. He straightened and made his way through the dimly lit living room only to be attacked by someone swinging a baseball bat. In one quick motion he deflected the blow and had the body on the floor and disarmed. He could already tell this was not who he came to see and turned toward the doorway when a light was turned on.

"Who the hell are you?" he growled jerking the guy from the floor and pushing him toward the other guy standing stock still afraid to move.

"We should be asking you that question." one guy quivered out not sure what to do with the angry stranger.

"Where's my brother?"

"Your brother?"

"Yeah, he was living here a couple of months ago."

"Oh you mean Sam." one guy said stepping forward. "We don't know."

"Whatta you mean you don't know?"

"Sam and his girlfriend disappeared over a month ago. Never told anyone where they were going or anything."

"Girlfriend? Sammy had a girlfriend?" he questioned.

"Yes, Jessica, Jess. They'd been together a while now. We were friends."

"He left no forwarding address or anything?"

"No, the college doesn't even know where they went." the guy shrugged starting to relax a little now. "It was like they just vanished, left most of their stuff here. We only moved in three weeks ago."

"Alright, sorry 'bout breaking in. If he comes back, have him call his brother." Dean told them before heading to the door to leave.

"You're Sam's brother? Dean?"


"Sam mentioned you a couple of times, he seemed to miss you."

"Um, thanks." he answered, giving them a quick questioning glance before leaving.

Dean headed back to the Impala and got behind the wheel. He sat there for a moment deep in thought wondering what had happened to his brother. The last he had checked, Sam was staying in this complex and still going to college. He didn't understand why his brother left or where he would of gone and with a girlfriend in tow too. He pulled his cell from his jacket and scrolled down the contact list until he found Sam's number and dialed it. He had not called this number since the night Sam announced he was leaving to go to college. It felt foreign to him now and he regretted being so bull headed that he hadn't contacted him. He listened to a message saying that the number was no longer in service at this time. Dean swore under his breath and tossed the cell into the empty passenger seat beside him. His Dad was missing and now it seemed his brother was too. He pounded the steering wheel in rage not knowing which one he should look for. Dean had been hunting mostly on his own since Sam had left to go to college. His father and him hunted together for a while, but finally split up to do their own thing. That didn't mean they didn't occasionally call upon the other when they needed backup. Dean had hunted with Bobby, Caleb, Pastor Jim, and Josh when called upon, but preferred to be on his own. That way he didn't have to worry about anyone else but himself.


A Month Prior

The blood dripped from the body pinned on the ceiling onto his face making him jerk and look toward the ceiling. He pressed himself into the mattress and cried out in fright as his girlfriend looked down at him before the flames engulfed her body.

Sam cried out as he bolted upright in bed and looked toward the ceiling of his bedroom. He panted hard trying to catch his breath as his girlfriend laid a warm hand on his arm.

"Sam, are you ok?" Jess asked softly.

"Yeah." he got out as he tried to take deep breaths to slow his racing heart.

"Was it a nightmare Babe?"

"Yes." he said laying back down and throwing an arm over his face.

Jess cuddled down beside him, resting her head on his chest and listening to his heart as it slowed down. This wasn't the first time he had woken her up having a nightmare since they had moved in together. She was worried about him, especially when he wouldn't tell her anything about them no matter how hard she pressed him. She didn't know if it had to do with his past since he really wouldn't talk about that either. She did know he had a brother, Dean and that his father was still alive. That was about it. She knew something happened to alienate him from his family but she didn't know what. There were a couple of times she thought about sneaking his phone and calling Dean to talk to him and find out what happened but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Jess hoped maybe someday when he was ready he would tell her. In the mean time she was going to be there for him.

Sam let his arm wrap around her and hold her close as he got his emotions under control. He knew she was worried about him and she had good reason. How could he tell her about his dream when it was her being pinned on the ceiling on fire? He knew from his father that was how his Mom had died too and it was a demon that killed her. He didn't understand why he would be dreaming of Jess like that. Something was going on with him and he really wished his big brother was here to help him figure it out, but he wasn't. They hadn't talked in nearly four years now, not since that night he left to go to college. Sam felt bad about that and wished he had reached out instead of being so stubborn about it. When his father told him if he left to never come back, Sam took it to heart and had not bothered to reach out to either of them.

"Go back to sleep." he whispered to her kissing her forehead.

"You too." she mumbled back rubbing his chest with her hand.

"I'm fine." he told her knowing there would be no more sleep tonight. He needed to talk to her, but wanted to wait until morning got here. He wasn't going to ignore his dream and depending on how she answered his question would determine what the next step would be.


"Hey Babe, you get any more sleep last night?"

"Not really, Jess can we talk?" he asked pushing a cup of coffee her way.

"Sure, what is it?" she asked taking a seat at the table and accepting the coffee.

Sam took a couple of deep breaths and tried to calm himself as he looked up at her for a moment before speaking.

"Jess, I love you so much I hope you know that."

"I know Sam, I love you too. What's the matter?"

"Do you trust me?"

"Of course, you know I do." she said concern laced her words.

"Trust me enough to do something even though it might sound crazy?"

"Sam you're scaring me. What's going on?" Jess asked leaning closer to taken his clenched hands in hers.

"We need to pack and leave today. We can't tell anyone where we're going; I mean no one, not even the college. We have to disappear." he tried to explain trying not to sound too crazy. "If you think I'm nuts and don't want to come, that's ok too. I have to leave, I can't stay."

"What's going on Sam? What are you not telling me?"

"Please Jess, come with me. We're not safe here."

"If I come with you will you tell me why we need to leave and why we're not safe?"

Sam thought about it for a moment before answering. He didn't want to leave her here and if that's what it took for her to come with him he'd do it. If she believed and loved him enough to come with him, she should know the truth.

"Yes. You deserve to know, but only after we're out of here."

"Then yes, I'll come with you." she said taking his hands in hers.

"C'mon let's get our stuff packed."

"Like right now?" she asked getting up to follow him into the bedroom. She watched him grab a duffle from the closet and begin to fill it with clothes from the dresser. She found her suitcase and started filling it with her clothes wondering what had scared Sam so badly that he thought they had to leave. "Sam, how are we leaving when neither of us have a car?" she asked as she continued to pack.

"Let me take care of that, just keep getting our stuff together." he told her. "We'll leave tonight after everyone's settled in so we won't be seen. This has to be a clean break."

"Alright, I have two classes today, should I go to them?"

"Yes, act normal and don't tell anyone what we're doing. It's imperative Jess, please don't talk to anyone." Sam begged.

"Alright Babe, I won't." she assured him.

"Good, I'll get us a ride this afternoon. Do we still have that ice chest?"

"Yes, it's in the kitchen."

"Right. Jess, you need to go by the ATM and get as much cash out as you can, and we'll run by when we leave so you can get more. There'll be no using credit cards or ATMs, only cash from now on."

"I've gotta get ready for my first class and the other isn't until two this afternoon, why don't I go to the bank and close out my account? That way I can get everything I have, it'll be better that way."

"Alright, I'll get everything we're taking into the living room and everything else can stay." Sam told her grabbing his duffle and her suitcase to move to the living room. He began to figure how much cash he had stashed away and reasoned he could hustle some pool if they got too low. They could make this work, they had to.

Jess headed for the bathroom to get ready for class wondering what danger they were in. Could Sam be in witness protection or had he crossed some really bad guys who had found him or was his past catching up to him she wondered feeling afraid for him. She had never seen Sam this jumpy before and knew he had to have a good reason for it. After doing some figuring in her head, she thought about how she might be able to get some additional money for them. If they were leaving and going god knows where they were going to need money. With that thought in mind she headed out the door and to her first class.


Sam pulled into the back of their building and parked the ratty van as close to the door as he could. It wasn't pretty to look at, but seemed to run ok and it had room for their things. He looked around the darkened parking lot before getting out and heading up the back stairs to his apartment. Jess looked up as he opened the door and started grabbing up bags nodding to her to do the same. She filled her arms with what she could carry and followed him downstairs faltering in her steps when Sam opened the side door of a dirty blue van. Sam put his bags in the van and reached for the ones she was carrying and sat them beside his. They went up and down the stairs three times finally getting everything they were taking into the van. They stood in the middle of the living room looking around the room one last time before walking out for the last time and not looking back. Jess got comfortable in the passenger seat and Sam got behind the wheel. He reached down and snagged the two loose wires and touched them together to get the van started so they could leave. She didn't say anything as she watched him wondering what else she didn't know about her boyfriend. Sam stopped at a gas station and filled the van while Jess went in and grabbed some snacks and waters for them. After they were settled back in the van, Sam backed out and disappeared into the night hoping this was the right decision and that he could keep them safe.



Dean knew if Sam had left a month ago he wouldn't be anywhere near the college. He could be anywhere in the country by now and that was a lot of ground to cover. He couldn't for the life of him figure out why he had to disappear unless something supernatural was after him. Before he left the area, he went back and checked for any strange deaths or missing persons just before the time Sam left. He found nothing that warranted further investigation so this made him worry all the more. He checked reports on missing vehicles, but didn't see anything there either. If Sam was running from something, especially with his girl, he would want room to take what he could. He knew Sam would of changed out the license plates, so that was a bust, but he was sure Sam was heading east and probably as far away from here as he could get. Dean decided to head to the last place his father had been at in hopes to get his help in finding Sam. If he was in trouble, he needed to find his brother. Dean headed the Impala to a small town in California named Jericho.


Before Dean got to the town of Jericho, he stopped to check out a crime scene the cops had roped off on a bridge. Turns out another person had gone missing with no trace but his car was splattered with blood. He headed into town to find the guy's girlfriend and see if she had any additional information. He learned about a legend of a woman that killed herself and was said to haunt the area. Deciding to check the local library to see if he could find anything on the woman and why she would kill herself. He finally found an article about a woman who jumped off a bridge committing suicide. Her husband told the cops she was depressed because of the accidental drowning of their two children when they were taking a bath. She had only stepped out of the room for a few minutes and when she came back in they were dead. Dean thought that sounded really fishy and decided to check the bridge out where she had jumped only to have the spirit possess the Impala and try to run him down. After taking a dive off the bridge, Dean headed to the motel to get a room and found out his father was staying there too. He broke into the room and figured he had missed his Dad by days but from his Dad's notes discovered he had figured it out. He was looking for a Woman In White. Knowing his father would want him to finish the case, Dean decided to stay and be sure he put the spirit to rest before any more innocents died and then move on.