Dear Readers, this is a short notice before I continue with this new story. Many have noted that my story, 'Madness, Magic and Muggles' is incredibly similar to misteeirene's story, 'The Stark Truth.' I have read this story and was unaware of the unintended plagiarism. I am dreadfully sorry for this and the story has already been deleted. Thank you.

Chapter One: A Dying Child

A collective groan sounded as the founders watched Voldemort storm into the house of the Potters. They were keeping an eye on the British wizarding world as usual from their castle in the clouds and this was it at its worst. They weren't dead, having been granted immortality eons ago, and were quite happy living life to the fullest in their magical bubble that defied both space and time. It would move instantaneously to any destination, allowing them to observe the wizarding world when they so wished.

"How can that prat be my heir? The boys an idiot!" Salazar exclaimed in exasperation. "No style, no flare, and look at that idiotic grin on his face. I disinherit him, you hear me, I disinherit him!" The potions master raved, not even wanting to watch his decendant kill a clearly valuable ally. Honestly, the boy would be safe as soon as his bitchy mudblood mother sacrificed herself for him, it was obvious.

Helga chuckled. "Calm down, he's doing well for an amateur. Remember, you fell for the 'old friend' thing. First trick in the book." She reminded him gently.

"The book hasn't been wrote then!" Salazar shrieked. The other three founders rolled their eyes at their friend's temper tantrum.

"Helga is right. You know he'll make a Horcrux out of the boy now." Godric grinned. Rowena and Helga shared an exasperated look, then went back to observing.

The house was missing a roof. The small Potter child was crying, freezing. They knew it'd be another few hours before help came, and in that time the baby would die.

"Oh Salazar, please, you know how long we've wanted a child, can we bring him up here?" Helga said sadly. Rowena and her looked up at the two men beggingly. It took a moment for them to reply.

"We can raise him to be a strong man!" Godric agreed with a leonine grin.

"And smart enough to protect himself from strong men," Salazar muttered with a glare at his counterpart.

Helga grinned and whistled, calling her familiar. The unicorn bowed before his master, then, with her on his back, descended to collect the orphaned boy.

Harry Potter continued to cry mournfully as he was picked up, beginning to quiet as he was gently rocked by familiar-seeming arms. These arms continued to rock him as he slowly fell asleep, exhausted from the outburst of magic, snuggled up to the woman carrying him as they ascended to a pristine white castle.

Salazar sneered down at the sleeping child within the blue bassinet surrounded by magic. He would never admit it, but he adored children, even if this one had eradicated his line. As he stood there, staring down at the sleeping boy, his face unwilling broke into a small smile.

As Harry woke up, he giggled at the strange man smiling down at him. He looked a bit like Paddy. He loved Paddy. Paddy was nice. But this wasn't Paddy.

The man reached down and tickled his chin lightly, making him giggled more.

"I am Salazar, Lord of the Snakes." The man announced to the child. Harry tilted his head, then grinned toothlessly.

"Sally!" He declared, reaching to be picked up. When the man, shocked at the twisting of his name, didn't pick him up, Harry pouted. "Up." He demanded, giggling happily when the man obediently picked him up.

Salazar stared down at the child in his arms. It, no he, had spoken, aloud, with clarity. He frowned, muttering a spell.

He gasped in shock. The boy's magical core was larger than that of all the Founders' combined.

Shocked by this descovery, he took off to find the others, his cloak billowing ominously behind him as he strode towards the Grand Hall.