Bonded Souls: Year of the Snake

C1: Summer Loving

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In the few weeks after their last meeting Fabian and his seven mates had been juggling their life at home and spending as much time as possible with their parents and Cordelia and Cepheus.

Right now Fabian was at home with Yvette while the rest of their mates were at his mother's house to help out a bit.

"It's been a while since we spent some quiet time together, hasn't it my love?" She asked as she cuddled into her husband a bit more.

He smiled and kissed the side of her head. "It has love, it's been too long since we spent any kind of time together."

Yvette smiled and let her hands roam underneath her lover's shirt. "There is another thing we haven't done together in a while baby, and I would love to feel you inside of me again." She said softly.

Fabian groaned softly and pulled his love into his lap. "And I would love to be inside of you too my love, but maybe we can combine our two favorite things. Making love and taking a swim together." He said with a smile.

She smiled and nodded before getting off of him and pulling him up with her. "That is an even better idea my love, you know how much I love to be fucked in the water." She said before rendering them both naked.

He picked her up bridal style and carried her outside, while she kissed him deeply.

As they stepped into the water together, Yvette repositioned herself a little bit, wrapping her legs around his waist while he walked them deeper into the water.

Yvette smiled and let one of her hands glide downwards to start stroking his dick softly. "You're already so hard love, is that for me?" She said coyly.

He smiled and kissed her softly. "Of course it is my love, you know my heart beats only for you and our mates, and right now I am completely yours." He said softly.

"And I have a few spirited ideas of what to do with this bad boy. I want you to push me against that rock and fuck me like it is the first time we made love." She said with a smile.

Fabian smiled and kissed his wife deeply. "If that is what you want my love, who am I to deny you your needs." He said as he pushed her against the rock and slid his dick inside of her, making his wife moan loudly.

"You have no idea how good it is to feel you inside of me again love. it really has been too long." She said before pulling her husband into a kiss.

He smiled into the kiss and pulled her close as he started thrusting into her. "I think I have a pretty good idea my love. It feels amazing being inside of you again. I'm sorry it took a while before we got to make love again. You know I would never want to make you feel left out." He said lovingly.

Yvette smiled at her lover, and pushed herself flush against his body as she wrapped one leg around his waist. "I know we've already talked about this a few months ago, but I want you to know I have never felt left out since then talk, on the contrary, I felt no more connected to you and our lovers than in the last few weeks." She said with a soft smile.

Fabian smiled and gave his wife a deep and loving kiss., which made the redhead moan loudly in his mouth as they fell into an easy loving rhythm.

"Baby, I want you to fuck me from behind, this rock is scraping my back a bit." She said with a soft moan.

He nodded and pulled out of her slowly, while she unwrapped herself from him and positioned herself against the rock.

He had to resist the urge to drool when she looked back at him coyly. "What are you waiting for love. Fuck me."

"Whatever my redheaded vixen requires." He said before burying himself inside of her once again.

Yvette moaned loudly and pushed her hips backwards to match his thrusts. "Yvette my love, I can't hold it for much longer, I'm going to come." He said softly.

She smiled at him. "Then come my love, fill me like only you can." She said in a similar tone.

He smiled and groaned as he came inside of her, Yvette moaning as she felt him empty his balls inside of her.

As he pulled out he smiled at her. "I feel a bit guilty baby since you didn't get to come." He said softly.

Yvette smiled and pulled him into a kiss. "I came with you my love, it just wasn't as big as usual." She said as she rested her head against his shoulder.

He smiled and kissed her. "Shall we take this inside my love, it's getting a bit chilly in the water." He said softly.

She only nodded and smiled as he took her into his arms and again carried her inside.

After drying off a bit, he took a look at her back, which was a bit scraped up from their time in the water.

"It looks like you got a bit scraped up love, want me to heal you up a bit until Fleur gets back?" He asked softly.

She nodded and laid down on the couch face down, so her lover could treat her injuries, even when they were as minor as they were.

He straddled her naked body from behind and gently started removing the small pieces of stone that were in her back.

She groaned softly at the sensation and almost heard him sigh as he worked on her. "Don't beat yourself up over this love, I thought the rock was smooth enough we could do this." She said softly.

"I know love, but you know I hate to see you hurt, especially when it is by something that could have been easily avoided." He said as he got off her and cuddled up behind her.

Yvette smiled and pulled his arm around her. "It's okay love, it doesn't hurt anymore, and Fleur will make sure that tonight any traces of it will be gone. Now, how about we take a nap before the others get home, because I must admit I'm kind of tired."

He smiled and kissed the back of her neck. "Then sleep my love, I'll be right beside you the entire time."

She smiled and cuddled into his body as she closed her eyes, quickly falling asleep with a smile on her face.

As his lover fell asleep, Fabian had to smile as he traced random lines across her arm, making her shiver a little.

He relished in the feel of her body against his own, and he wondered how he survived before his relationship with the fiery redhead.

Deciding that he might as well catch up on some sleep as well, because as much as he loved his girls, they tended to be insatiable in bed.

A few hours later the two lovers were woken up by the sound of the Floo, hearing soft giggle coming from the fireplace.

As they looked up they saw how Fleur, Gabrielle and Luna were smiling softly at them. "Good afternoon my sweets, did you have a nice nap?" Gabrielle asked softly.

They both nodded before sitting up, Yvette wincing only slightly as she did. Fleur noticed and frowned a bit. "Are you okay baby?" She asked softly.

Yvette smiled and gave her a kiss as the blonde took a seat next to her. "I'm okay Fleur, it's just that our time in the sea left me with some scrapes on my back." She said softly.

Fleur smiled and twirled her finger, motioning the redhead to turn around so she could take a look.

Yvette nodded and showed her back to the blonde, who on her turn let out a sigh of relief. "It's not that bad baby, I can fix this easily." Fleur said with a smile.

As Yvette felt her lover's powers at work, she couldn't help but let out a soft moan, much to the amusement of her lovers. "Does it feel that good my love." Fleur asked softly.

"You know it does my Goddess. You know I always loved to feel your hands on my body." Yvette said with a smile.

Fleur smiled and gave the redhead a kiss on the back of her neck. "And you know the same goes for me my Vixen."

Yvette blushed a little as she was pulled into Fleur's arms, the two girls smiling softly at each other as they relaxed in each other's arms.

Meanwhile Luna and Gabrielle cuddled up against Fabian, while he wrapped an arm around their shoulders.

"I'm surprised it was just you three that came back, I figured all six of you would come back together." He said with a soft smile.

"Nym had some things to discuss with her mother, Hermione had an appointment at Gringotts and Bella wanted to help feed the twins." Fleur said softly.

Fabian smiled at that. He knew that Hermione needed to have a word with the Goblins about getting an accountant to manage their fortune.

"Then I'll go and get changed and get started on dinner, I have a surprise for you that I think you will like." He said with a wink.

The four women smiled at that. "Did you need any help with your surprise love?" Yvette asked softly.

"No love, it wouldn't be a surprise if you knew now would it." He said with a smile.

She nodded and smiled as Luna crawled into her arms while their husband made his way upstairs.

The girls all watched him walk up the stairs without a stitch of clothing and moaned softly when he rounded the corner. "Why is he always so hell-bent on making us hot and bothered." Luna said with a slight blush.

"It's not like we do not the same thing to him Lu, but you are right. It's like he intends to have us ready for him before we go to bed tonight, so I think he has a plan for tonight." Fleur said softly.

The girls smiled at that. "I think it's sweet that he still tries to prove his love for us, even if he doesn't have to anymore." Gabrielle said softly.

"That's true, but I think he doesn't see it like that. I think he just sees it as doing something special for us, since we usually beat him to that." Yvette said with a smile.

The girls nodded at that, smiling as they heard the Floo again and Hermione stepped out.

"Hey love, were you successful in acquiring an accountant for us?" Fleur asked with a smile.

Hermione smiled and after kissing her lovers, she took a seat next to Yvette and Luna.

"I was love, they were quite keen to work for us. It must have something to do with the amount of money we have, which I am surprised to say keeps growing every month." Hermione said with a smile.

The girls smiled at that. "That is something we expected, it is normal in magical Britain to deposit the interest of your account monthly instead of yearly, and if your House is one of the oldest in the Sacred Twenty Eight, the Goblins will always be honored to work for you." Luna said with a soft smile.

Hermione smiled and gave the blonde a kiss. "I thought it was something like that, but where is that lovely husband of ours? I figured he would be glued to Yvette's side until dinner time.

"He's upstairs getting changed love. He said he had a surprise for dinner, so we're waiting for him to come back down, so we can go upstairs to get changed ourselves." Yvette said with a soft smile.

As if on cue the Floo once again burned green as Nym and Bella stepped out, smiling brightly when they saw their lovers again.

"Hello my lovelies, how are you all doing?" They asked as they gave their lovers a kiss.

"We've been good love, we were just talking a bit." Fleur said with a dreamy smile.

The two women smiled at that. "And since you are all still wearing clothes, save for Yvette, which is expected since you spent the entire morning and afternoon with our dream of a husband." Nym said with a smile.

"Speaking of our stud, where is he?" Bella asked with a smile.

The girls smiled as their lovers joined them. "He's upstairs getting changed, he said he had a dinner surprise for us." Yvette said with a smile.

The two women smiled at that. "That sure is sweet of him. And I suspect when he starts dinner, we'll be upstairs picking out the perfect outfit to tease him during dinner with?" Nym asked with a smile.

The girls nodded at that. "Of course we will, I was thinking mini-skirts and tank tops, preferably without anything underneath." Fleur said softly.

They all smiled in agreeance. "Now I'm kind of curious how he will react if we sit there in similar outfits." Luna said with a giggle.

"Probably a similar reaction as usual baby, you know he loves it when we dress sexily for him, and we all know he like clothes that leave little to the imagination." Hermione said with a smile.

"I think he will love it my sweet. But I think I hear him on the landing, so act like everything is as normal." Yvette said in a whisper.

The girls nodded and smiled as their husband came downstairs, dressed in a comfortable pair of trousers and a loose shirt.

When he saw that all of his mates were home again, he smiled and kissed them all. "Hey sweeties, did you have fun today?" He asked softly.

"We were without you my love, you know how we get without you by our side, but we had a productive day none the less. Your Mums even said how natural we looked with the twins on our arms." Fleur said with a soft smile.

He smiled at that. "Well that at least is a good prospect for when we are ready to start our own family." He said softly.

The girls nodded and gave their husband a kiss before they made their way upstairs, so he could start on dinner and his surprise.

When the girls walked into their closet they had to smile. They had gone on another shopping trip a few days ago, and they were eager to show him their new purchases, which were by far the raunchiest they had ever bought.

"I never thought that I would ever wear something like this a few years ago, even if it was for something I loved." Hermione said with a blush.

The girls smiled at that. "I'm glad our corruption has helped you come out of your shell a bit love." Fleur said with a wink to the brunette.

Hermione smirked and pushed her blonde lover against a wall. "And I'm glad you all showed me the perks of dressing sexy, but I'll show you corruption." She said before kissing her deeply and plunging two fingers inside of her.

Fleur moaned loudly and pulled the brunette closer to her body, the two girls quickly grinding against each other.

It didn't take long for the others to also lose themselves in each other. Bella had Gabrielle in her arms and the two were fingering each other quickly. Luna had sunk to her knees in front of Yvette and was already eating her out with a vigor. Nym had kneeled behind Hermione and was stimulating the brunette's butt and pussy with her fingers.

Their moans quickly filled the room and it therefore didn't take long before they screamed out their orgasms, the girls slumping against each other as they came down from their orgasms.

"That was… different to say the least." Hermione said as she got her breath back.

Everyone smiled at that. "I know right, it's certainly something different from our usual orgies." Luna said with a dreamy smile.

The girls blushed at that. "You make it sound so dirty Lu, but I can't say I mind." Yvette said before giving the blonde a kiss.

"What can I say love, you girls have a good influence on me over the last year." She said with a wink.

"Why thank you love, but I think we better get dressed before we get sidetracked again, and while none of us would mind, I think our dear husband has a big surprise for us tonight, so I think we are going to need our strength." Bella said with a soft smile.

The girls smiled and nodded before getting dressed, all of them giggling slightly when they looked at each other's already hard nipples that were visible through the fabric.

"I must say girls, we look ready to seduce our husband tonight." Fleur said with a smile.

"I happen to agree with you sis. He'll love it." Gabrielle said as she wrapped an arm around her sister.

The others smiled at their lovers. "What do you guys say we complete the ensemble by a nice spot of make-up." Yvette said with a smile.

They all nodded and with their arms around each other they made their way to the bedroom for their make-up.

Meanwhile downstairs Fabian was enjoying himself in the kitchen, his surprise for the girls was coming together nicely, and he thanked the Gods for his magic that made cooking so much easier. Tonight's dinner consisted of fresh oysters laced with a special potion he had received from Snape a few days ago. He knew what his wives were planning, but he knew they all needed a good night's rest for once. All of them were running on empty for the past few days, so tonight's dinner would make sure the girls would be asleep by the time they finished dinner, and because of that he would make sure they would regain some much needed energy.

He also prepared his signature mushroom soup with bacon as an entrée and if they would get there, he had a nice bowl of ice with strawberries and whip cream for them, and if they were asleep before dessert, he would keep it for tomorrow.

Since this was the first time he was preparing oysters, he followed the instructions Jupi had provided him with to the letter, so once they were in the water he set the fire on so he could start on the soup, which by now he knew how to make by heart.

About half an hour later the girls made their way down, and his eyes widened as he saw their outfits. All of them were wearing mini-skirts and tight fitting tank tops which left very little to the imagination.

"I must say that you all look stunning my loves, what's the occasion?" He asked softly.

They smiled and moved to kiss him softly. "We just wanted to wear something comfortable and sexy for the man we love." Bella said with a wink.

"You have succeeded in that my love, you all look stunning." He said softly.

The girls blushed a little and took a seat in the living room while their husband cooked their dinner.

It took another fifteen minutes before everything was done, and as he called them for dinner, he only hoped they wouldn't be too upset in the morning.

They talked quietly during dinner and as expected the girls were already yawning profusely once the oysters had time to settle.

"Are you tied my loves?" He asked softly.

They all nodded and smiled sleepily. "Then we'll go to bed early my babies." He said with a soft smile.

The girls smiled and leaned on each other and their husband as they made their way upstairs, all of them asleep as soon as they hit the pillow, or in Bella's case on top of her husband.

The next day the girls woke up alone at the start of the afternoon, wondering where their husband was. "I don't know the last time I had such a relaxing night's sleep." Hermione said with a still sleepy smile.

"Or as long, I may add. It's already midday." Fleur said softly.

"And correct me if I am wrong girls, but wasn't there a stud in bed with us when we went to sleep?" Bella asked softly.

The girls smiled at that. "You should know love, he was between your beautiful tits after all." Luna said dreamily.

Just as she said it the bathroom door opened to reveal their husband, fresh out of the shower. "Hello my loves, how did you sleep?" He asked with a smile.

The girls smiled and swamped him as he sat down on the bed. "We slept amazing love, but I want you to be honest. Did you do anything to dinner last night? Because we haven't slept this long for a very long time." Yvette asked softly.

He sighed and nodded. "Yes girls, I'm sorry, but we've been running around for the last three weeks with only winks of sleep. I figured that it would do us good to have a good night's rest. I know I should have talked to you all about it, but I know you would have downplayed how tired you actually were, because I know how you think by now." He said softly.

"That was really sweet baby, thank you, and you're right we probably would have gone on until we couldn't anymore, so it is probably just as well that you did this for us. we promise that we will say it when we are tired in the future." Gabrielle said with a smile.

He smiled and kissed them all deeply. "I'm glad for that my loves, I wouldn't want you girls to exhaust yourselves anywhere else then inside of our bedroom." He said with a wink.

The girls smirked at him, their eyes twinkling with love and lust for their husband. "Really now love, and how exactly did you plan to do that?" Fleur said seductively before they all pushed him down to the bed.

"Well my sweet darling wives, I was thinking we could all make it one hell of an afternoon, if you girls are up for that of course." He said with a wink.

They smiled at that. "The question is not can we keep up with you my love, but if you can keep up with us." Luna said as she kissed him.

Fabian smiled at that. "I think I can my loves, but the real question is, how are we going to do this? We usually have a bit of trouble finding something that will work for all of us."

"We know love, and we have the perfect idea. We'll just let it happen instead of planning everything in advance like we usually do." Hermione said before kissing her way down his body, while the others gathered around them, groping and kissing each other as they became a tangled mess of limbs.

Soon enough Bella and Nym had their tits wrapped around his dick and traded kisses between his sisters while he was also fingering Yvette and Hermione. This only left Luna and seeing no other option, she kneeled and licked the tip of his dick every time it came up between Bella's and Nym's tits.

"Do you want to switch with me Lu, I have an even better idea." Nym said softly.

Luna nodded and gave the brunette a kiss before switching places with her, not at all surprised on seeing Nym growing her dick again. Nym then took up position behind Bella and gave the raven haired witch a kiss before she slid her dick inside of her, making her Aunt moan loudly into Luna's mouth.

"I think we all needed this love." Yvette said to Hermione with a soft moan.

Hermione nodded and leaned in to kiss the redhead. "I know love, we did need this, more than anything right now. The last few weeks have been crazy, even by our standards. I'm sure we have all missed this closeness the past few weeks." She said with a smile.

Yvette nodded and kissed the brunette again, both girls playing with each other's breasts as they moaned into each other's mouths from their husband's fingers inside of them.

I didn't take long before the girls were moaning out their orgasms, but it seemed their husband was far from coming, and the only one who had any lucent thoughts left was Luna, who smiled as the others cuddled up to each other, all of them completely sated for the moment.

Luna smiled and straddled him, kissing him deeply as she lowered herself on his length.

"It's been a while since we've done it with me on top love." Luna said with a dreamy smile.

He smiled and kissed her. "It has love, and it feels amazing being inside of you again." He said as he laid his hands on her ass and squeezed gently, knowing how much she loved it.

Luna moaned and kissed him as they fell into an easy rhythm, which would make sure they would last for a while.

As Luna rode her husband, he pulled her down for a deep and passionate kiss, both of them reveling in the feeling of having each other close.

The others smiled at them, Fabian and Luna had a special connection since the day they discovered the blonde was a part of their bond, and even before that Luna would draw to Fabian whenever they were together.

It was made almost painfully clear when Fabian was knocked out at the beginning of fourth year, when only Fleur and Gabrielle could come close to consoling her. And when she saw he was okay, they could almost taste the love she had for the black haired boy they all loved.

Sometimes, it looked like the two were having an entire conversation with their eyes alone, and every time they did that, they were lost to the world, sometimes for hours at a time.

While the girls were watching their two lovers, Luna screamed out his name over and over as she came, shuddering against his body.

As she slumped against him he smiled and gave her a kiss. "Are you okay baby? That looked like it was a big one." He said softly.

Luna smiled and nodded. "I'm okay love, but I must admit that it wore me out a bit." She said softly.

He smiled and flipped them over before pulling out of her. "Then rest my love, you have more than earned it." He said softly.

"But you haven't come yet love. Are you going to be okay?" She asked with a soft smile.

"I'm sure one of our lovers wouldn't mind finishing me off, you can barely keep your eyes open." He said before kissing her.

Luna shared a look with the others, and after some silent deliberation, Bella gave her a kiss and crawled towards their husband, taking his cock in her mouth without a word as Luna rolled into Gabrielle's arms.

Fabian groaned and was quickly pushed to the bed again as Bella took all of his length inside of her, moaning softly on his dick the entire time.

He knew he wouldn't last much longer, and if he was honest he was getting a little tired as well. "Bella love, I can't hold it any longer." He said with a soft groan.

She only smiled and let his entire length slide into her throat, keeping her head there as she felt him paint her throat with his semen.

When there was nothing more to be had she let him fall form her mouth with a soft pop. "That was a tasty breakfast love, but I think we should wait with that until all of us have regained our strength a bit." She said before kissing him.

He nodded and kissed her again before cuddling up in her arms, the others already fast asleep in each other's arms.

They didn't sleep for long since they still hadn't eaten today, and a few hours later they woke up again. "You know, sometimes I wish we could plan our lovemaking sessions better, I'm famished." Nym said softly as her stomach grumbled.

The others smiled and nodded at her. "What can I say love, nothing can stop our passion for each other once we get started, which is quite easy if you think about it." Hermione said with a smile.

Nym smiled and gave the brunette a kiss before getting up. "Should be bother getting dressed, or did you have something planned for us today love?" She asked softly.

"Well, actually I was wondering if you girls would like a day in the sun, since you girls always seem to enjoy that so much." He said with a smile.

"You just want an excuse to look at our bodies while we try to get a tan, but since we don't mind it when you look at us like we are the most beautiful women in the world, we're okay with it." Fleur said with a smile.

"You are the most beautiful women in the world. But I can't deny that it is a definite turn on to see you girls all tanned and sweaty, a guy could get used to that sight." He said with a wink.

The girls blushed at that. "Come on loverboy, let's get some breakfast before we keep you in bed all day." Hermione said as she pushed him out of bed with a smile.

He stumbled a little and smiled at them as they gathered their towels for later while he made his way downstairs.

After breakfast he followed his still stark naked wives outside where he let out a soft groan as they all bent down to put down their towels, giving him a perfect view of their perfect asses and already glistening pussies.

As much as he tried, he couldn't help but get his dick hard at the sight, and it seemed that they noticed, since they looked at him with a blush.

"Ready again love?" Luna asked softly.

"Always my sweet, but I'm okay for now." He said with a smile.

The girls smiled at that, and after sharing a quick glance with each other, Luna made her way over to her husband with her towel, which she put down next to his. "I've always dreamed of falling asleep in the sun while I am in your arms love, I'm glad I finally get the chance to do that." She said as she curled herself into his side and gave him a kiss.

He smiled and wrapped an arm around her. "I have dreamt of this as well love. I love you so much." He said softly.

Luna smiled and cuddled even closer into his body, tracing the lines of his abdomen with her nails. "I love you too baby, always have and always will." She murmured softly.

Fabian smiled and kissed her as she fell asleep and as he watched next to them, he saw that his two sisters, his Aunt and cousin, and his brunette Kitten and redheaded Vixen were already asleep in each other's arms. The sight was enough to bring a tear to his eye, and as he rested his head on top of Luna's, he quickly drifted asleep with a smile on his face.