Bonded Souls: Year of the Snake

C25: Epilogue

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Six Years Later

"Daddy, get up, you promised we would go shopping today." Katrina said as she and her sisters jumped onto the bed, which was suspiciously empty for once.

Fabian groaned and sat up, his hair a mess from last night's lovemaking. He glanced around and saw his seven beautiful daughters on the bed, either cuddled up to him or sitting around him.

"Good morning my sweets, could you give daddy a moment to properly wake up?" He asked softly.

The girls nodded vigorously and cuddled up to him, much like their mothers would usually do. All seven of them were the spitting image of the women that bore them, but they had inherited his kind and loving personality, something he couldn't be happier about, since that rarely sparked fights in their household.

Soon enough they began tugging at his sheet, impatient as always. "Yeah okay I'm up. Why don't you go and join your mothers, who are no doubtedly downstairs while I go shower and get dressed." He said with a smile.

The girls nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek before they went downstairs, leaving him alone with his thoughts again.

Knowing they would be back if he didn't hurry, he got out of bed and padded into the bathroom, showering quickly before he got dressed and made his way downstairs.

"I suppose I have you to thank for sending the hellions to wake me today?" He asked after giving is wives a kiss.

They smiled at him. "Of course we did, you promised them that we would go shopping today, and being the good mothers that we are, we would hate to see that promise broken." Bella said with a wink.

He just smiled and planted himself on the couch next to Yvette, who immediately wrapped an arm around him. "You we didn't mean anything by it when we sent the girls up, but they are beyond excited for today, so we couldn't really stop them when the bounded up the stairs." She said as Josephine sat next to her. "Mommy, can you do my hair, the bow got loose again." She said with a soft pout.

"Of course Josie, we can't go shopping with your hair in a mess, now can we. Just think of what Aunt Pansy will say when she sees you." Yvette said with a smile.

Josephine smiled and settled herself so Yvette could fix her daughter's hair, much to the amusement of the little redhead.

After Yvette fixed her hair, Josephine crawled into her father's lap, demanding to eat her breakfast there, much to the amusement of Fabian and her mothers.

After eating breakfast, the entire family Floo'ed to Diagon Alley, where in the last few years several shops had opened that held the latest Muggle Fashions, mostly run by some of their old school mates.

They had agreed to meet with Draco, Pansy and their four year old son, Scorpius there, and the girls were excited to see their nephew again, since they always doted on the boy when they saw him.

To their surprise Eliza and Narcissa were there as well, as were the twins, now seven years old and insepperable, being as close as he and Luna were at their age.

"Good morning everyone, how have you been?" Narcissa asked with a smile.

"We've been doing good Mum, your granddaughters are very excited about today." He said with a smile after giving them a hug.

"So are your brothers and sister, although I don't understand what's keeping Draco and Pansy." Eliza said softly.

They smiled at that. "Probably having trouble getting Scorpius dressed, he is a little fussy in the mornings." Hermione said with a smile.

"Contrary to popular belief, my son is not always fussy, we just overslept." Draco said as he walked up to him, Pansy having trouble containing her son as he spotted his nieces.

"Hi Scorpi, it's good to see you again." Rosalind said once he ran up to them and they had given him a hug.

He just smiled and relaxed in their embrace. "I'm glad to see you again too, let's have lots of fun today, kay?"

The girls smiled at him as Victoire and Dominique took one of his hands, the blonde boy smiling as they followed their parents through Diagon Alley.

As usual their sizable company drew some strange looks, but they were used to this by now, and the girls just reveled in the attention.

They had fun shopping the entire day, and after a quick dinner at one of the newly opened restaurants, they took their children home, all of them tired but happy with how the day played out.

"Daddy, will you tell us a story before we go to bed?" Katrina asked softly.

He smiled at them. "Of course my sweet, what would you like to hear tonight?" He asked softly.

They smiled and shared an excited look with each other. "We want to hear your story daddy, how did you meet Mommy?" Josephine asked with a smile.

"Well I guess you are old enough to hear this story. It all started when your mommies and daddy was just as old as you are now. Daddy met Mommy Luna and it was love at first sight, although we didn't realize what was the true depth of our feelings for many years. Daddy's first relationship was when he confessed his feelings to Momma 'Mione, who was in the same House at Hogwarts. We started dating at the end of our third year, and in our fourth year we discovered the Soul Bond between us. not soon after that we saw Fleur and Gabrielle again, and we met Yvette in that same year. They were at Hogwarts for a Tournament that was held there, and we quickly discovered there was a bit more between Hermione, Fleur, Yvette and myself. During our Winter break, we saw Mommy Bella again, who was hurt by some bad people. We researched the things we started to feel towards each other and discovered we shared a Polyamorous Bond, which made your Mommies my mates. We could never love another and soon we found that Luna was also a part of this, and during our Summer Vacation between our Fourth and Fifth year we were already married and living here when we completed our Bond with Momma Gabby and Momma Nym. We fought a very bad man six years ago to make sure the future was safe for you girls, and from there on it's all history because about nine months after we beat that bad man, our lives were turned upside down a final time when seven beautiful girls came into our lives."

The girls had tears in their eyes and attacked them all with hugs and kisses. "That's so romantic, now I get why you always look at each other like you mean everything to each other." Carina said with a soft smile.

"That's because that is the case my sweet. Daddy means everything to us, just as much as you all do." Nym said softly.

The girls smiled and gave their mothers and father a kiss before Andromeda and Felicia led them upstairs to go to bed.

Five years later

It was the first of September and the Coven and their children were on Platform 9 ¾ to see their daughters off to Hogwarts.

"Now girls, are you sure you have everything?" Nym asked softly.

"Yes Mom, we have everything, you only made us check three times." Celeste said with a roll of her eyes.

"Now Celeste, don't be like that, you know your mother means well. And remember listen to your Aunts in class, and keep each other safe. Of course your cousins will keep an eye on you as well." Fabian said with a smile.

They nodded and gave their parents a big hug before they boarded the train.

"I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. It seems like only yesterday they were born. Where have the years gone to?" Bella asked softly.

He smiled and nodded. "I know what you mean baby. Time has flown by, but it has been a joy to see our girls grow into the confident young women we see now."

"And I'm sure they'll do even better than we did while we went to school, they are after all a product of our combined genes." Luna said with a smile.

He smiled at that. "That will only mean more trouble for Pansy and Parvati, they have a tendency to get soft around them."

The girls nodded and as the train rolled into motion, they waved their children goodbye with tears in their eyes, their daughters not faring much better inside the train.

This was their life together, their Bonded Souls having produced seven beautiful and independent daughters who now started their own lives at school, and Fabian had to smile on how it all started, with a confession to Hermione in their third year, which ended up with them being married for over twelve years with children of their own.