*Authors Note*

Welcome to my New Fanfiction about Zootopia! The P.O.V of the protagonist in this is in first person and occasionally third person. I've been wanting to make a fanfiction about Zootopia for a long time and here it finally is. I've been inspired by other fanfictions I've read on this site and on Wattpad and they inspired me to create this story! Just a warning, English is not my first language and I am not perfect when It comes to writing, so If you see any errors please notify me via PM's and I will correct it. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading!

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Morning has arrived. The birds are chirping, I can hear the chickens from outside our house. It marks another regular day for school. I just had woken up from my sleep, exactly at 6:30 A.M. I got awoken by my alarm clock.

I got up and groaned, turning off the alarm. I rubbed my eyes and yawned. I got up and looked at the mirror. My hair was all messy, my shirt was on backwards, my pants were about to fall. I opened the drawer and grabbed fresh new clothing to wear for school today. I headed over to the shower next door. I knocked on it and nobody was in.

I opened the door anyways. I began brushing my smelled horrible, but now it smelled better after I washed and rinsed it. I took off my clothes and put it on the ground. I turned the knob on the shower on and got in.

After a few minutes I finished taking a shower. I put on my new fresh clothes. My mother was already yelling at me at come down. I put my dirty clothes on the basket.

"I'm coming! Jesus!" I said as I rushed downstairs.

"You need to stop sleeping so late!" My mom yelled at me.

"Mom! It's 6 A.M..." I said as I looked at the clock in the kitchen.

"School starts in a few minutes so you better head over there or you're grounded." She said.

"I will. Stop yelling." I protested as I grabbed the breakfast of the tablet. I put it inside my backpack which was in the living room.

"Look, I'm sorry for yelling but you know I need to hurry up and get to work." My mom said.

"It's alright ma' I understand." I said.

"Check up on your brother upstairs, he's probably still sleeping." My mom instantly asked me.

Did I mention I had an annoying little brother? His name was Ray. He's only thirteen years old but the kid is a devil, he's a trouble maker and very hyper. It's my mom's fault for always letting him do whatever he wants. I have four brothers, most of them are living with dad at another city except for this one. He decided to stay with mom along with me.

I got upstairs and knocked on the door. I got no answer. I knocked again, still no answer. I decided to open the room and he was still sleeping. I sighed and headed over to him. I shaked him to wake him up.

"Huh..." My brother groaned.

"Get up you're going to be late." I said as I opened his window's curtains.

"Shut up, you're going to be late as well..." He said.

"Just hurry up before mom yells at you too!" I said.

Life has not been easy ever. I've been tired of living. Ever since my best friend went missing, I haven't felt the same, the news report says he's been killed, but I don't believe it. My parent's always tell me they're in a better place. But I don't believe it. There's no heaven or hell. There's nothing valuable to life. I don't believe in this nonsense.

They we're my best friend in the whole world. We we're always together since we we're little. They we're the only person that understood me, I always went to his house, he always went to my house, we played together, we laughed together, we always we're together. It was a really strong bond we had.

What happened to him to ask? He ran away from home. I don't know why and the news said they found a 'young boy' dead on the streets, but they woudn't show us who it was. His whole life felt like despair the articles said, I don't know why he would even run away, he was always happy being around me. Or was he not? We're just moody teenagers, yeah. He was only sixteen when he ran away. I'm the same age as him. Kevin was his name. His parents and my parents don't know how he even managed to ran away they always kept an eye on him.

**Flashback, The day before he went missing.**

"I love being with you. It makes things so much better." Kevin said as he was laying down watching the stars with me.

"So do I, I'm really grateful to have met you." I chuckled and smiled.

"Oh look a shooting star!" Kevin pointed out to the sky, a shooting star was passing by.

"That means make a wish." I said.

"I wish for-" Kevin was about to say his wish until.

"You say it in your mind, you don't say it out loud." I cut his sentence off and giggled.

"Oh right, haha." Kevin chuckled.

We we're both laying down and I was near to falling asleep. Kevin asked if we should sleep, and I said "Sure."

We both fell asleep until the next day, but that next day I didn't see Kevin anywhere. He wasn't around me, He wasn't around the area. I went to his parents house and all I was greeted with was with their parents being pissed off. I asked them what was wrong, and they responded about Kevin. Kevin had ran away from home and left a note.

I could barely understand the writing, they coudn't understand the writing either. It was written on french, his second language he was learning at school. I could only understand a few french words he wrote. One of them obviously said the words suicide, love and goodbye. I wanted to use google translate, but I coudn't. Their parent's took the note and tore it appart. I coudn't say anything, or ask for it. I didn't want to seem rude. But his parent's seemed a bit affected.

I can't really say much more as I don't remember. But I do remember. There has to be a reason for Kevin to run away. Did he really kill himself? I don't believe it. I stopped thinking and headed back home, I locked myself in the room and began to tear up, was he really gone?

If I haven't introduced myself. My name is Omid. I'm a young sixteen year old guy who's about to finish his year of high school. I've been pretty much upset my best friend took his life away. It's been two weeks since that happened. Haven't felt the same. I just want the answer. Why did he do it? Was it because of me? I don't even know. I've been debatable wheter or not to take the same choice as him. My dreams are pretty pointless as well.

Is there really hell or heaven? It's all not true. I say.

I sighed as I stopped talking to myself in the head. I went dowstainrs with my brother and to my mom and hugged her goodbye.
Mom was getting ready to head to work, which is why she's so bossy in the mornings.

"Take care and good luck at school." My mom said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you 'ma." I said.

I opened the door and headed outside, I took a deep breath and sighed. I had to walk to school everyday, It wasn't easy. Mom can't take me to school because she instantly has to work and won't have time to arrive since she has to take the opposite road from where school is at. She can take my brother to his school because his school is actually near where she works.

Ain't life just great? Not to mention the fact I get exhausted easily I am not a physical person. I still think about my dreams, I'm unsure what I want to be.

I kept walking for lots of minutes. My phone started to ring. I groaned and pulled it out off my pocket. It was a call from my friend, Mark.

Even thought Kevin was my best friend in the world, I also had a few more friends. Mark was the second closest to me, Mike, Jessica, and Carlos. We had a little squad together. They we're wondering why I didn't go to school for days, my mom understood why I didn't want to go to school and wrote a letter to the principal, excusing me for a while. My friends we're also worried about me. They heard the news about Kevin and wanted to do something to cheer me up, a sleepover.

I answered the call, I could barely hear him from all the police sirens that could be heard from the distance. I was a bit curious why there was cops already on the morning being loud, but I decided to shrug the thoughts away, they weren't important right now anyways.

"What is it?" I asked him, my tone as usual was grumpy, annoyed and pissed off.

"You need to come here today, we've been missing you man. Where are you?" Mark asked for me.

"I'm still walking over to school, what's the problem?" I asked.

"Dude, It's about the sleepover we discussed a few weeks ago, we seriously need to discuss about it again." Mark said.

"I already said I was going, you texted me last night if I was still down for it and I said 'Sure' ." I responded.

"Do you think Mike will go?" Mark asked me.

"I haven't seen him at school in a while, is here over there?" I asked.

"No, I'm only here with Jessica. Wait- he just arrived- Hey Mike!" Mark said as he greeted Mike while being on the phone call.

"She's going right? Don't you think she's gonna be a bit...odd..." I said.

"Hey I heard that!" Jessica said and I cringed, forgetting the fact Mark always has his calls on speaker.

"So- What are you gonna bring for the sleepover?" Mark asked me.

"I have no idea still. Maybe some stuff to eat?" I suggested.

"Ah I see. The sleepover is at Jessica's place remember by the way." Mark said.

"Why at her place?" I asked.

"Because It's the cleanest. My room's a mess. Carlos' place is being renovated, and Mike- don't even bother." Mark sighed.

"Kinda hoped for a guys only party." I said.

"I heard that again!-" Jessica said from the distance.

"Mark, take the damn speakers off!" I sighed.

"Fine fine!" Mark took the speakers off.

"Mark, No! I need to hear him talk MORE about me!" Jessica chuckled.

"Alrighttt, I'm almost there. I'm gonna hang up." I said, Mark said he'll see me there and hanged up as well.

I was getting near to school every second. I walked on the sidewalk for a few minutes, seeing students from far away, the school was seeing from the distance. I started to sprint, seeing the time getting shorter and shorter each second.

I arrived at the front. The gate was open and everybody was getting inside.

I headed to the front door and opened it. The place was cold, It had air conditioners everywhere for the heat. I looked at the time, It was 7:55. I sprinted to the cafeteria and there we're my friends!

They saw me and waved at me, they we're getting up from their seat.

"You're late! As usual..." Jessica shrugged at me.

"Not my fault I get tired a lot!" I responded back.

"You're finally back, haha!" Carlos smiled in joy, he seemed happy to see me again after some time.

"Yeah. I'm glad you're back again, sorry about...those last weeks. But we're here for you man." Mark patted his back.

"Don't worry guys I'll be alright, hopefully." I sighed, lying through my very mouth to not let anyone feel bad for me.

"Ey man, just in time. We should be heading to class. Bell gonna ring any second now'" Mike said as he pulled his hand for a handshake, I shaked it back.

"Hm. Let's head on over." Mark said as he started walking towards the stairs.

Mike, Carlos, Jessica and I started following him from behind, kids we're getting down from the stairs and I was wondering why.

We kept going up the stairs and headed towards our classroom's room.

Chapter 1 END.