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Chapter 2 - Shopping

We arrived upstairs. Everyone was still leaving for some reason. We headed over to our classroom. B-6. It was at the end of the hallway. We all headed towards to the door, and it was locked.

We looked at the paper in front of the door. "Class cancelled. (For Today)"

"I woke up for freaking nothing." I groaned and was going to head downstairs until Mark stopped me.

"This isn't the only cancelled class, damn." Carlos said as he looked all of the upstairs doors we're closed.

"This is great. That means we can prepare our sleepover!" Mark said.

"Isn't that supposed to be done tonight?" I asked him.

"We we're gonna, but why don't we set up things faster by gathering everything?" Mark chuckled.

"Mark's right. I'm also annoyed at the fact we don't have class but let's take advantage of it instead of doing nothing all day." Mike said and smiled.

"All I have gathered are the sleeping mats, nothing else." Jessica sighed.

"Hm. Why don't we head to the mall then?" Carlos suggested.

"Good idea!" Jessica cheered.

"Oh, girls and their love for shopping." Mike chuckled.

"Don't you dare stereotype me." Jessica warned Mike with her index finger waving around.

"Sure, sure." Mike still chuckled.

"So, where are we heading? To the Central Mall? I asked him.

"It's not like there's another mall. The other one is probably closed today." Mark said.

"But It's monday." I said.

"Exactly, they hate mondays." Mark rolled his eyes.

"Hm... we're missing the food, some movies and some board games. I have my credit card." Mark also said.

I find it pretty incredible Mark already has a credit card. He's the same age as me, 16. We're all in our sophomore year of high school. Jessica? She's just a regular white blonde that enjoys starbucks. Hey hey, I still love her even though she's basic. Well, she's not basic. She's pretty different from them, but likes to act like one. Haha. Understand? Guess not.

"All I have is my lunch money." I said.

"Good, and you Mike?" Mark asked him.

"I have the money for the food." Mike said.

"I can buy the board games and anything else." Carlos said.

"Sweet, shall we head on now?" Mark asked everyone. We all nodded and began heading downstairs.

The school was a huge enviroment. It was a public school but everyone got along, there was rarely any bullies here, or any fights, or even any incidents happening. Apparently this is the safest school on the country. Hard to believe that...But It's true.

We all got out of school together, kids we're being picked up by their parents, some of them we're waiting outside for them. But we did something different, each one of us together.

Down the sidewalk we headed, Jessica pulled out her phone and opened the GPS app.

"Are you kidding me?" I said while I rolled my eyes.

"What? I'm just making sure we're going the right way." Jessica said.

"It's only a few streets away, where the highway is at." Mike said.

"Yeah that's right, It's not gonna be hard to find it." Mark said.

Minutes and minutes passed by, everyone was quiet and woudn't say anything. We all just walked, it was pretty early in the morning and not many cars we're passing by. I decided to open up my phone. I had a notification.

"New movies 75% off at the Shopping Centre!" The notification said. I decided to open it.

Lots of movies showed up, most of their ratings being from low, to medium, to high.

I obviously, decided to check the highest rated. The highest rated movies we're movies I've already seen. Most of them we're comedy and animated. I enjoy those films a lot. But a certain movie catched my eye. 'Zootopia' It had the highest rating on the whole catalog. I looked at the trailers while walking our way to the shopping mall. It looked weird, It didn't catch my attention.

They seriously created a movie for furries? God...this is...just...I decided to quickly put it away. I felt disgusted seeing this.

"Hey, what happened? Something making you feel weird?" Carlos noticed my expression.

"Oh It's nothing, I was just checking something on my phone." I said as I closed the tab and turned off my phone.

"Alright man." Carlos shrugged it off and kept walking.

I sighed. I don't want to piss them off just incase they loved the movie. I'm hoping, If we're going to buy movies, they don't buy that one.

Jessica was still texting on her phone, Mark was up on the front, Mike was listening to music and Carlos was walking in front of me, while I was in the back. We we're getting close to our destination. And we did.

After a few minutes we arrived to the store. I was dang happy because I'm tired of walking.

We entered the shopping mall, lots of adults we're around. Lots of shops we're open and the whole area was running smoothly. We we're walking around, until suddenly.

"Can we just relax for a bit? I'm pretty tired." Carlos sighed.

"Yeah...I agree with Carlos. We've been walking for a long time now." I said.

"Alright alright, I don't feel like resting but you all can. If we want we can split up for everything." Mark said.

"Good idea. I'll be right over there." Jessica said as she quickly headed over to the shoes store.

"And there she goes." Mark sighed.

"Just let 'er be. I can go on ahead and buy something to eat for the party." Mike said as he left the area, searching for a shop that had supplies for a sleepover.

"Alright Mike." Carlos said.

"I'll head on to that store over there, and see if they have board games." Mark pointed to the side over there a few feet away from them and started heading to it.

"Alright alright." Me and Carlos said.

We both sat down on some chairs next to a a table inside the cafeteria. There was a Subway, A Pizzeria, a McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, lots of fast food in one single area. I wasn't feeling pretty hungry but, I asked Carlos anyways if he was hungry.

"Hey Carlos, are you hungry?" I did ask him.

"A little, why?" Carlos raised an eyebrow.

"Should we buy something to eat? I mean this seems like a pretty good time to eat. It's noon isn't it?" I said and asked.

"What about the others?" Carlos asked.

"They can join in. What should we eat? I was thinking of some KFC." I said and chuckled.

"Oh yes! Everyone can eat then. It's good food anyways." Carlos smiled.

"I can't name a single person that does not like fried chicken." I said.

"Me neither." Carlos said.

"Yup, so I'll be right back. If anyone arrives, just tell them I'm gonna buy lunch." I said as I got up from the seat.

"Alright, I'll be waiting." Carlos said.

I started walking towards the mini fast-food stores. Most of them we're full, lots of mothers with their children's or people who we're working we're eating in all the tables or ordering. Today seemed to be a busy day. I finally arrived to the KFC's line. It was completely empty except for one lady ordering. Apparently she was ordering while taking care of her kid, talking on the phone and talking to the cashier. Jesus christ, that was so crazy level of multi-tasking.

God, I started to realize the reason why nobody was waiting in here and the rest we're filled. This lady is still ordering and It's been five minutes. Whatever. She finally finished after another five minutes thought, this was getting tiring.

All of her orders we're there. She somehow managed to pick up all those gigantic trays full of food. The cashier's and workers seemed pretty tired from her obnoxious ordering. She finally left. I smiled and headed to the cashier, of course the cashier was tired as hell.

"Hello...may I take your damn order?" They groaned and asked.

"Uh yeah sure, just give me the 10 pack." I asked them.

"That'll be 15$." They said.

I pulled out my wallet and got out a ten dollar bill and a five dollar bill. It was practically all my money. Thank god it wasn't that expensive.

They instantly got my order and I was happy. They placed it on the counter and I grabbed it from there but before I could go-

"Would you like a tie with your order?" They said as they pulled out a blue and red striped tie.

"Why a tie?" I raised an eyebrow and asked.

"Oh, It's just part of our sponsors. Just take it damn it I need people to get em for a raise. Don't tell anyone I told you this."
The cashier handed it to me and grinned their teeth, trying their best to smile.

"Uh...weird, but sure." I said and shrugged it off, I put the tie on and it looked pretty neat.

I wonder who would of sponsored them to give out such a neat prize. I guess they noticed I was a teenager and not an adult? Or maybe I look like a kid? I should probably, look at other people and see if that's right.

I shrugged again and headed over to my table, in there Carlos, Jessica, Mike and Mark we're sitting down waiting for me to arrive.

"Oh hey, you got Nick Wilde's tie!" Mike smiled as he noticed the tie I was wearing.

"Dude..." Carlos looked at my tie and gasped.

"Nick Wilde...?" I raised an eyebrow as I put the food on the table.

"Sweet! I'm hungry as heck!" Jessica quickly dug into the bowl of chicken and grabbed some fries from inside and two drumsticks.

"Jeez, you really are..." Mark chuckled.

"You don't know who Nick Wilde is?" Mike asked me.

"No I don't." I responded.

Everyone stopped what they we're doing, Jessica even dropped her drumstick, and looked at me with a weird stare.

"What...? I really don't know..." I was starting to get creeped out by their stares.

"You seriously haven't watched Zootopia?" Mike asked me.

Of course, I somehow knew this had to do with that. The tie seemed familiar when I looked on my phone this morning, I just remembered some Fox guy was wearing it. Ain't that just nice?

"No, I haven't watched it and I don't care." I said.

"Oh boy, we are gonna get that movie now and we're gonna watch it, you're going to love it man!" Mark said as he got up from the table.

"Zootopia is one of the best movies in this whole wide world. You really haven't seen this beautiful masterpiece? Come on." Mike said.

"Even I have watched Zootopia and enjoyed it and you know me, I hate movies." Jessica giggled.

"I loved that movie, It's so entertaining, cute, funny and I love all the characters! Come on give it a chance." Carlos smiled.

"But-" I tried to speak but Mark grabbed me by the hands and started taking me to one of the movie stories. I started to get annoyed by Mark right now, considering the fact that I haven't eaten yet, and I don't want to watch the movie.

"You all better leave some chicken for me and Mark, got it? I payed for that!" I yelled from across. Carlos nodded and Mike and Jessica started to eat like animals, they seemed to be extremely hungry.

And so the two of them started walking around the mall, looking for the movie shop.

Chapter 2 End.