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Chapter 25 - Hard Decisions

Nick's POV...

The lion was just mumbling words to Omid. Nick was standing behind him and looking away from him, but he noticed Omid had his eyes closed with tears in them. That hurt him a bit to see. But, he had to distract them both in order for his plan to go through. It had to be done. Nick chuckled to himself and his smile grew more.

Nick started grinning. Maya noticed Nick was grinning a lot and she raised an eyebrow, looking confused. He put one of his hands on his pocket and pulled out the device he got from a room before.

"Oh my GOD- NO-" Maya was about to rush over to Nick and grab that device but, It was too late.

Nick pressed a button and Maya's plate stopped running. Maya screamed and started falling down to the bottom of the area. Her guards gasped, the lion boss looked behind him quickly and screamed. He let go of Omid who was in the edge about to fall and Nick knew that was the moment to go. The lion jumped inside the pit to where Maya was falling. Nick put the device away into his pocket, conceiling it.

Suddenly someone is seen at the top of the roof, and they destroy the glass in it. A bunch of smoke grenades come down, making the guards cough and distracted from the top.

Nick gasped and sprinted as soon as he saw Omid slipping down to the pit. And this was the time. Nick jumped down onto his general direction and he grabbed Omid. Nick held him tightly and noticed he was now falling down to the bottom of the pit along with Omid. Is this...the end now?

Nick closed his eyes and knew, he had to accept their fates. But a voice was heard from the top. He wasn't let down at all. A rope was falling down onto his view. He opened his eyes again and grabbed the rope in-front of him. He clinged onto it with Omid in his other arm.

"Nick!" That familiar voice was heard from the top. He knew exactly who it was as soon as he saw who was at the top.

"Shen..." Nick's eyes widened and gasped. Nick was breathing heavily and pretty scared. He was nearly about to touch the tip of the water along with his son, but he grabbed the rope in time.

Shen started to pull the rope up as Nick hold's onto it tightly. Nick looked at the bottom again and then looked at Omid. He was completely passed out and wouldn't open his eyes at all. Nick only sighed, he knew what he had done is going to ruin his relationship with his son a lot.

Finally, Nick reached the top and took a deep breath out. He hugged with one arm and still held Omid in the other one.

"Where are the guards?!" Nick asked Shen.

"Down there." Shen said pointed to his side.

"And the other two...?" Nick asked about the lion and the rat. The two biggest criminals out there.

"Down there too." Shen said and shrugged.

"So...you mean. This is all over...?" Nick asked him again.

"I think so?" Shen responded back as he rubbed his chin.

This couldn't had been so easy... Nick thought to himself. He knew they don't give up so easily, and he was right.

"You're both wrong." A voice was heard coming from the side. A paw was seen on top of the ground now. It was the lion boss'

He climbed all the way up along with the scientist, who was passed out in his back. He placed her down on the ground and the lion boss was furious with the two of them. The lion boss cracked his knuckles tightly.

"Shen...run. And take Omid." Nick said as he handed him to Shen. Nick was ready to do this alone.

"N-No! I'm not running away Nick! I promised to you- I'd return the favor-" Shen said trying to help him out.

"I know I'm asking for a lot but. Please, Shen. Just go, and take Omid somewhere else safer. I will deal with him alone. Please tell. My family, I love them. And If I don't make it out- Please. Raised him for me. This is all I ask for now." Nick closed his eyes and smiled at him.

"N-Nick-" Shen was going to attempt to convince Nick to come with him, but it was too late.

Nick didn't listen to Shen at all. He pulled up his sleeve and started to sprint onto the lion and the lion did the same as well.

It appears It's showdown time...

Shen took steps back along with Omid and headed for the hallway, in hopes of finding some more help without getting caught.

Nick tackled the lion boss to the ground and pinned him down, but he was pushed away with huge force that it sent him flying onto the wall. Nick's back hit the wall and he groaned in pain. The lion rushed towards him and grabbed him by the shirt.

But Nick only grinned. He was smart. Nick unbuttoned his shirt from the bottom and got out of it and grabbed the boss by his legs,
making him fall to the ground. But the lion kicked him away, sending him to the wall again. This time he hit his face.

"You- are such an annoyance Nicholas!" The lion growled at him and got up from the ground.

"Shut the hell up. You are GOING TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE." Nick got up from the ground as well, wiping away some blood from his nose.

"I will end you Nicholas. I am WAY more stronger than you are." The lion boss pulled out a knife from his pants and rushed to Nick.

Nick saw him pull the knife and rush to him and he was about to be lunged at with the knife, but Nick dodged it by crouching.
He punched the lion in the gut, making him drop the knife. But that was still not enough for Nick to lay another punch on him.

The lion grabbed his shoulder and pressed it tightly, making Nick grunt and fall to the ground from the pain.

The size difference between Nick and the lion was a lot. The lion being much bigger, stronger and taller than Nick.

"I'm sick and tired of you always ruining my plans. ALL MY PLANS." The boss said as he kicked Nick onto the ground.

"It's not my fault- you're such an ass." Nick groaned from the kick and glared at him menacingly.

"Even at school- you'd ruin everything. I hate you so much- I want you GONE." The lion stepped onto Nick's chest, making him cough and groan even more.

"We we're children! You still hold a grudge against me ever since we we're children! You're ridiculous!" Nick tried to push the foot away, but it was hopeless. Nick was too weak to get it off.

"But I'm more succesful than you, aren't I?" The lion smirked at him and put his foot away from him.

"You're nothing but a criminal." Nick coughed and looked at the lion who was heading for his knife again.

"Hmmmpt. You knew I wanted to go to out with her, but you always ruined everything about it. Everything. You did all you could to embarass me, prevent her from liking me. You're selfish and stubborn." The lion said, reminding Nick about their childhood years.

"...Shut up. I apologized for it before-" Nick said, trying to get up from the ground.

"Oh well, I won't ever accept it. Even if It's in the past now. It's time to finally end your life. After years and years. Now I get the chance to end you myself." The lion chuckled and smirked at Nick as he headed towards him.

Nick looked straight at his hand and knife just rushing to his direction. Nick slid to the side, avoiding the knife completely.

He then looked at the lion's tail and he yanked it, causing him to drop his knife again and scream.

Nick got up from the floor, yet again and this time he managed to tackle the lion to the ground and pin him down. He was about to grab the knife on the ground next to him but Nick stepped on his hand.

"Son of a..." The lion growled at Nick but Nick only smirked at him.

"You may be stronger, bigger and much more physical than me. But I am smarter than you." Nick smirked and stepped on his hand even more, hearing it crack.

"Are you now?" A voice was heard from behind Nick. Nick then gasped and knew what that voice was. Nick looked behind him and noticed a gun pointed into his head.

"..." Nick was speechless now. With no words to say or how to react.

"Step away from him, now." It was Maya, and she was aiming directly to his head.

Nick stepped away from him and did just as Maya said.

"Now now. You thought you had me, huh?" The lion got up from the ground and chuckled. His hand was completely smashed though, and it hurt him.

"Come come, unless you want to do this the hard way." Maya said as she kept the gun loaded to his head. The lion grabbed Nick from his arms and pulled him to where they we're going to head to.

And they went to the pit area again. The giant circle. The lion walked along with Maya keeping Nick in his place. They arrived to the end of it, yet again. The same area in which Omid was about to be dropped to.

Nick was at the very end with his arms up, him being surrounded by the lion boss and Maya looking straight at him.

"So, mind giving us the device you have?" Maya asked nicely to Nick about her device.

"Why?" Nick raised an eyebrow and asked her.

"Unless you wanna be shot right here, you better give it." She loaded the gun, threathing and scaring Nick even more.

Nick shook a little bit as he went inside his pocket, grabbing the device and giving it back to Maya.

"Are we really gonna keep him alive now?" The lion glared at him and looked at Maya.

"Why should we kill him, thought? We can just keep him imprisioned forever in here. Working to our desires, along with everyone he loves suffering." Maya suggested and smiled at the idea.

"That's good and all but- I really just-" The lion was still debatable wheter or not to keep him alive.

"If you want me to kill him, I'll do it." Maya said as she looked at him.

Nick looked at the lion with shock in his face, is Nick. Defeated? Is this, truly the end for Nick now?

The lion smirked and glared at Nick. Nick was a bit intimidated, feeling scared and afraid knowing he's at a few moments to just dying.
All of this. His whole case. Has been a huge, defeat.

"Go ahead. Kill him. He had his chances already to stay alive didn't he? We did agree onto sparing him if he gave us the child. Anyways the child is probably still around, we just need him dead along with him now. Sounds good doesn't it?" The lion said and gave reasons to kill Nick.

"Holy crap, good point! Yeah, yeah. Let's just get this over with." Maya laughed and laughed feeling all the power right now.

Suddenly Nick noticed behind them, another familiar face was seen. Someone, he has not seen in weeks. Someone who he has been waiting for, for a while. They we're giving him signs and symbols on what to do. They had a tazer in their hands as well.

"Wait-" Nick yelled out, looking at Maya with puppy eyes and looking as sad as he could.

"What is it, Nicholas? Gonna beg us to spare you now? Gonna cry? Want a final saying now?" Maya laughed at him, making fun of him for being powerless.

"Actually, yes. Can I get a final saying. Please...?" Nick said and gave out a sigh.

The two of them chuckled and nodded to his plead.

"Go ahead. What are you gonna cry about? Your failure at saving your own child? You begging god for forgiveness? Hahaha!" The scientist laughed manically along with the lion boss, but Nick just smirked and smiled.

"Look behind you." Nick said and pointed at the front of the hallway. The two of them turned around, and this was the perfect moment for Nick now.

The familiar person threw their tazer, hitting the lion boss right in the eye and making him spazz out for a bit.

Nick then used his feet to knock down Maya and she fell down to the ground succesfully, but then suddenly her gun let out a shot as soon as she fell. She shot directly at the lion boss' direction, hiting him in the knee with a bullet. The lion boss yelled and fell to the ground, bleeding his knee out.

Nick then aimed the gun towards Maya's head now. Nick was now in power of the situation again. And this time, it looks like Nick has won.

"Hahaha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHA." Maya was on the ground, giving a giant evil laugh.

"What's so funny?" Nick asked her with his eyebrow raised up.

"You're so silly Nick. So silly. Why don't you kill me? Why don't you KILL ME? You're going to be labelled a murderer, you're going to live with the guilt for the rest of your life. You're never going to find the true answer to your son's birth. I hold all the answers, right in here." Maya laughed and pointed to her brain.

"I don't care for the answers. You've lead me to your doom. You guided me right here as you impersonated someone else and that was perfect. I appreciate that." Nick smirked at her.

"Heh, never through you'd defeat us like this. But It's too late now-" Maya said and she pulled out the device Nick had handed her and she pressed a button. But nothing happened. She kept clicking the button and nothing was happening.

"Looking for this?" Nick pulled out another device from his pocket, it was the real device that Maya had.

"Y-You gave me the FAKE ONE?!" Maya gasped and was completely shocked at him.

"Told ya' I'm smarter than all of you combined. Tch." Nick said and smirked.

The whole island was now shaking now, you could hear it rumbling and rock's we're falling from the roof.

"Looks like. You don't have much time left anyways." Maya was calm now, and began to smile.

"What'dya mean?!" Nick looked around and the ground was shaking a bit.

"I set the whole island is set to self-destruct a while ago once you arrived. It appears the effect is gonna happen now. I was originally going to leave along with Kevin and your son but. Looks like that won't be happening anymore" Maya said.

"How do we stop it?!" Nick asked her.

"By killing me. Of course!" Maya laughed and laughed but Nick didn't laugh back.

"No way-" Nick said.

Maya then pulled up her sleeve and showed him a watch, the same exact watch every single robot-animal has been wearing.

"If you kill me, this watch will disable every watch out there in the citizens. And everyone will return to normal, ya get me. I was the one who started this all, ya get?" She explained to him the reason's for killing her.

"..." Nick was still speechless, no idea what to say.

"Do it Nick. Do it. Unless you want all of us to die here, including myself. You gotta kill her." The lion said, struggling to get up from the ground.

"I-I..." Nick was still trying to comprehend what he had to do.

"This is what you've been waiting for, ever since the first day Nick. You're going to LOVE it. A world without me, or him. Everything will go back to normal. Everything. Don't you want that back? Want your wife back, and your kid? Then I suggest you end my life now." Maya kept telling him to do it.

"G-God damn it." Nick knew he had to kill her now, for the sake of ending this all. But murdering her, was something else for him.

"You'll be doing the right thing. Sorry for being like this. You'll understand if you read my books, which you probably had! I had my reasons to do this, and so did your childhood buddy over there, but there's no time left. I am not going to ask for any pity or mercy. None at all. I'll gladly accept this, as a blessing. Goodbye!" Maya closed her eyes, waiting for Nick to pull the trigger.

Nick looked away from her and waited a few seconds and pulled the trigger right in her head, not showing anything after that, it appears she has fallen to the pit now. He then threw the gun onto the bottom of the pit and screamed.

"It's alright, Nick. It's over now. It's over. It's finally over now, you did it. Now everyone is going to go back to normal now." The familiar person noticed Nick was crying and he went towards Nick and gave him a hug.

The ground stopped shaking now, and everything was calmed down. You could hear voices outside and from inside going through the whole building.

"Thanks, Chief...for helping me out there. Sorry I've caused- all of this. This is my fault, for not doing this as quick as I could." Nick finally revealed his identity. It was Chief Bogo, who helped him defeat them both.

"It's no problem Nick, it's not your fault anyways. I already know everything now, Haha." The chief patted his back and tried to calm him down.

"How did you even, escape? What even- where we're you this whole time?" Where's- where's everyone else?" Nick was shocked this was his real Chief.

"Why don't I tell you outside everything you've missed so far?" The chief responded to him back.

"So...far?" Nick raised his eyebrow and asked him.

"Haha, you'll see." The chief smiled and laughed, trying to cheer Nick up but Nick was still feeling upset about having to murder someone for real. Taking someone else's life away.

"What about, Kevin over there? Is he going to be alright?" Nick was a bit concerned for him despite the fact he's been trying to murder his son this whole time. Maya mentioned they had reasons to do all of this planning and right now, all of that has been gone to waste. Criminal or not, Nick still felt sympathy for them somehow.

"Eh- he's not going to be a harm anymore. Even if he lives or not- he's being incarcerated forever." Chief Bogo shrugged and said.

"I see." Nick said as he looked at him fainted on the ground with a puddle of blood. Nick then headed over to the area where he was fighting the lion boss before and he grabbed his shirt from the ground, full of dirt and a bit of blood. He grabbed it and put it back on anyways.

After that, the two of them now started to walk out of the giant room now, finally. Once and for all, defeating the evil criminals. They can now rest in peace without any more problems. Nick can finally live a normal life like he used to do. But, what is his son going to think about him from now on?

Find out what's next, on the next chapter.

Chapter 25, END.