The shouts and sounds of a full bar were the soundtrack to Leonard Snart's evening. Beer and stale peanuts covered the circular bar table he was sitting at, the seat having lost most of its cushion. How he would have preferred to be home, but he had been called out tonight.

The beer in his hand wasn't doing near enough to muffle the rabble around him and his shoulders rolled up in his parka, physical barriers between him and the rest of humanity.

The music blared in the background, nearly drowning out the screech of the opposite chair as Mick Rory took the seat across from him. He stared at Leonard, something disbelieving in his eyes. Leonard waited for him to speak, but Mick just stared, gaze darting across Leonard's face.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Leonard asked, suppressing his frown.

"Wasn't sure you'd seen what was going on." Mick's gaze moved around the room pointedly before returning to Leonard.

Leonard rolled his eyes. "It's the job."

He knew exactly what Mick was referring to. Sara, over by the bar, flirting quite successfully with their mark for the evening. The man, Roger Caspen, had gotten ahold of part of Savage's timeship and they needed to get it out of his hands before he passed it along to someone who actually knew something. Caspen had his hand on Sara's wrist as she laughed at something he said. Even from here, Leonard could tell it was fake.

"He's getting a little close," Mick observed, the annoyed growl proving more than anything else that Mick was truly a part of this crew again. In the past year, since the explosion of the Oculus and Savage's deaths, he looked out for Sara almost as much as he looked out for Leonard, though his help wasn't needed quite as often for the blonde.

"Tell me," Leonard said, leaning forward, "what can I do to him that Sara wouldn't be able to do herself?"

Mick raised his brows and nodded at that. "Good point."

"When she needs us, she'll let us know."

His grin turning wicked, Mick said, "Any other plans for this evening?"

"I already told you, it's not like that." Leonard was unable to help the chill that clipped his words. Mick took no offense, relaxing in his chair.

"Seems like it."

"It's not."

"Why here?"

The Saints and Sinners wasn't the nicest establishment, that's for sure. But when Rip told them what they needed to get, and where and when it was, it seemed too perfect to pass up.

"Because it matters," Leonard said. He glanced at his watch, tracking the time.

As Roger turned to order a drink, Sara caught Leonard's eye and smiled slightly, jerking her head infinitesimally. With a smirk, Leonard stood. "Excuse me."

He approached the bar slowly, coming up on the opposite side of Sara, ordering a drink. Her companion left, excusing himself to go to the bathroom, and the second he was out of sight, Sara turned to him with an annoyed face.

"I've got it, can we go now?" she asked.

Leonard smirked at her frustration, taking the piece of the timeship she handed to him. Her lips were turned down in a scowl and the dress was far fancier and more revealing than anything she usually chose to wear. Her makeup was heavy, a mask in its own right. But beneath it all, he could see her. His Sara.

He pocketed the piece, but kept his hand in there, not returning to his seat. Instead, he traced his finger along the inside of her wrist. "Do you know what day it is?"

"Wednesday?" she asked. Amazing how they'd been together for a year since the Oculus exploded and a single touch of his could still make her eyes go darker.

"Thursday, actually," he corrected. "December 3rd."

There was a hint of understanding in her eyes, but he kept going. He glanced over to where Mick was sitting, drinking his beer. "Five years ago today, in this timeline at least, in this very bar, you came up to me. Said you needed one hell of a thief."

She smiled, glancing over at the seats they had and hadn't occupied five years ago, depending on the timeline.

"Lucked out and got me, instead," he said.

Sara softened as she looked at him, turning her hand so their fingers were intertwined. "I was lucky."


"Oh, don't start," she said, her eyes rolling with a grin.

"Can't argue facts," he murmured. "Three times I've met you. Sometimes knowing you, sometimes not. And three times, we ended up together. Or on our way." Fidgeting with his pocket, he said, "Makes you at least think consider it."

"Destiny makes it sound like we did nothing, though," she argued good-naturedly. "Getting here took hard work. Effort. Commitment. We're together because we want to be, not because something else told us to be."

"Glad to hear it." Leonard pulled out a silver ring from his pocket and held it out to her. It was a claddagh ring where the heart had been crafted into a small cage to hold a single stone. A small, imperfect sapphire. The one she'd stolen.

Her eyes widened briefly, then darted back up to his face. "I didn't think you were that traditional."

"I'm not. This isn't a proposal."

Her brow arched, but the smile smoothed away into something more comfortable. "Then what is it?"

"A promise. If you'd like."

She grinned, leaning towards him. "What kind of promise?"

"Me and you."

She glanced down at the ring again, her eyes dancing.

"How about it, birdy?" he asked quietly, pretending this wasn't the most important question of his life. Any of his lives.

The smile spreading across her face was answer enough, but he would have liked to hear what she was about to say. Instead, from behind him, he heard-

"That bitch robbed me!"

Pocketing the ring, Leonard turned in time to see Caspen coming at them, his fists clenched and face furious. Standing, Leonard heard Sara shifting behind him, watching his back. Shoulders tense, Leonard prepared himself.

Only to have Mick step in and knock out their mark with a single punch. Caspen dropped. Hard.

The echo of his fall was, for a moment, the only sound in the Saints and Sinners.

Then, as in all good slum bars, all hell broke loose.

Leonard, Sara, and Mick threw themselves into the fray with pleasure, taking far fewer punches than they gave. Leonard made sure the device was secure in his pocket, but he enjoyed the fight.

Actually, he enjoyed being with his friends in the fight.

Home wasn't really a thing that Leonard ever had. A literal house, yes. But a home - not so much. There was never that loving, caring, safe place in his past, at least not like others had described.

But this, right now, felt like home.

It wasn't a loving, caring, or safe place, that was for damn sure. Not with bar stools coming at his head or broken beer bottles being brandished.

However, Mick stood behind him, watching his back and making himself available to talk if Leonard wanted to. He kept an eye out for Sara, concerned about her well-being.

Sara was next to him, keeping him safe, saving him over and over again. Even before he knew her, she was watching out for him, because she loved him.

He didn't have a physical home. He might never. That was fine by him. Because regardless, he did have one.

It was right here. Between Sara and Mick, in the middle of a fight.

There was a breath in the brawl, between the flying stools and the shattered glass, and Leonard grabbed Sara's arm, needing an answer. Needing to know the path of his future.

Needing her.


She grinned, her cheeks flushed from the adrenaline and her hair in disarray. Dangerous and beautiful. "I'll take that promise, crook."

"This'll be one hell of a story to tell your kids," Mick said from behind them. He took a step towards a man who was glaring at the trio, making him reconsider attacking them.

Sara laughed and smiled at Mick, as Leonard took out the ring from his pocket and took her head. Holding it up, he let Sara read the small inscription on the inside. She grinned at him and he slid it onto her finger.

"Love you, birdy."

Grabbing his jacket, Sara pulled him close and kissed him as the rest of the bar - the world, for all he cared - was in turmoil. Leonard wrapped his arms around her, knowing instinctively that Mick would keep them safe for the moment.

Because this was his home.

"I love you, too." Sara pulled away from him, her eyes dancing. "I hope this is durable," she whispered against his lips.

"I can always steal you a new one."

She laughed, "Let's get out of here."

"Mick," Leonard said, "make a path."

"Got it. Blondie, on my right," Mick said, rolling his shoulders as he turned towards the door.

Sara glanced at Leonard, "Watch my back?"


She caught the reference and wiggled the hand with the ring on it, smiling at him as she started forward.

Leonard fell into step behind them, watching their backs whether it be from a bar fight or Time Masters, past, present, or future.

He fought tooth and nail to get here, and he'd be damned if anyone tried to take his home away from him.

I promise.

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