Chat Noir didn't know how he ended up here.

One minute he was in the middle of a battle against an Akuma and then the next minute he was in his bedroom with Ladybug in his arms and their lips firmly fused together. He had absolutely no memory of how this sudden change of scene happened but he certainly wasn't complaining as Ladybug's fingers tangled themselves in his hair and she gasped into his mouth as he greedily stole her breath.

They staggered back into his bed and Chat suddenly found himself pushed down as Ladybug straddled him. She shot him a saucy smirk that hit him straight in the heart before she swooped down and pressed her lips firmly against his.

He moaned delightedly as he returned the kiss as deeply as possible. He tugged her bottom lip between his and suckled lightly which induced the loudest groan he had ever heard before. Then, unfortunately, the need to breathe broke them apart.

His heart raced as he panted desperately, trying to catch his breath, and Ladybug tossed her hair back as she reached up and tugged at her mask.

There is a pale reddish light that almost blinds him and suddenly Ladybug is replaced with Marinette. Her cheeks bright pink and her demeanour has become a little flustered but her beautiful blue eyes still blazed with Ladybug's confidence and her lips were still stretched in that saucy smirk.

His heart stops for a moment.


"Yes," she replied, "this is what you wanted, wasn't it?" she asked nervously. "To know me and for me to know you."

His transformation had melted away and Plagg was nowhere to be seen. Adrien suddenly finds it difficult to breathe as he is keenly aware that he was lying on his bed with the most beautiful girl in Paris straddling his hips. Her warm thighs were caging his, her chest bobbed up and down over him as she tried to keep herself calm, and he was increasingly aware of how certain parts were pressed together as a heat he had never felt spread throughout his body.

"Yes!" he choked out. "Yes this is what I always wanted," he confessed, "to know you, to love you, the girl behind the mask, the girl that sits behind me, but….but you don't even like me."

"Silly Kitty," she murmured as she leaned down as pressed a loving kiss on his forehead, "I love you," she confessed and he suddenly found his breath had been stolen away once more, "I have always loved you, Adrien, since the day you gave me that umbrella, it's why I am so shy around you," she pressed another kiss on his right temple, "why I can't form coherent sentences when I talk to you," another light brush of her lips on his cheek bone, "why I stutter like an idiot," another kiss so tantalisingly close to his lips, "it's not that I hate you or am uncomfortable around you," she ducked down and kissed his chin teasingly, and he moans in protest, "it's because I love you. And that's why," her lips were close to his own and he could feel her warm breath tickle the skin of his lips, "I had kept Chat Noir at arms' length. Because I was so in love with the boy under the mask to see the hero he is," she dodged his attempt to lean up and kiss her and pressed her lips on the left corner of his own, "but I love Chat Noir too," she reassured him as she kissed his left cheek, "you drive me mad with your puns but secretly I find them amusing," she pressed her lips on his left temple, "you get me all hot and flustered with your flirtations and I admire you for your bravery and kindness," she kissed his forehead again, "you are my other half," a light, almost jokingly, kiss was pressed against his nose and she smiled radiantly at him, "I love you," she repeated breathlessly.

He moaned happily and just as she was about to actually kiss his lips after so much teasing, he suddenly rolled her over and slammed his lips over hers. He drank her in, the taste of her sweet lips, the warmth of her mouth as he explored every bit of it, the softness of her skin as he trailed his fingers over her pink cheeks, and the sweet, comfortingly, scent that was Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

It was everything he had always wanted and he relished every second as he pulled away long enough to catch his breath before capturing her lips in another, sweet, wonderful kiss. He kissed her cheeks, her forehead, her chin, just as she had teased him before he ducked even further and began to explore her neck.

"Chat!" Marinette suddenly cried out desperately. "You have to wake up!"

He frowned lightly in confusion. He was awake. He had to be awake in order to be able to kiss the love of his life.

"Chat! Chat!" Adrien flinched as it suddenly felt like he was being shaken by somebody but that wasn't possible because Marinette's arms were entwined round his neck and her hands were busy drawing little circles on the back of his neck and stroking his hair to be shaking him. "Chat Noir!" Marinette repeated in a panicked tone though her lips weren't moving. "Wake up! Wake up, Chat Noir!"

He shook his head and focused on the small patch of white, silky, skin where Marinette's neck and shoulder met. It tasted divine and he was in heaven. He didn't want to wake up.

"Wake up, Chat!" Marinette said desperately. "I need you! Please! Chat Noir!" his whole body rocked as he was suddenly shaken harder than before. "WAKE UP!" Marinette bellowed in his ear.

He gasped as his eyes suddenly shot open.

And a horrified realisation that everything in the last few minutes was a dream suddenly slams into him hard. He was lying on the cold, dirty, ground in the middle of Paris, his head was cradled in Ladybug's lap as her concerned face loomed over him.

"Oh thank God!" she cried out as she clutched him close. "You had been hit by the Akuma and just collapsed. I was worried."

"What…" his mouth is dry and he licked his lips and coughed in order to clear his throat, "what happened?" he asked wearily.

"The Akuma had been denied their greatest desire," Ladybug explained hastily, "she's been sending everyone into comas. Something about them dreaming about what they want most. She's very slippery and got away, I need your help to catch her before she has the whole of Paris in a coma." He nodded numbly in reply as he struggled to process what he had just been told. What they want most…. "Chat," Ladybug placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "whatever it was that you saw," she said seriously, "it's not real, you know that right?"

It's not real.

Marinette was not Ladybug.

It's not real.

Marinette did not love him.

It's not real.

He had not just spent the last few minutes making out with Marinette, who was Ladybug, in his bed after she confessed his love.

It's not real.

….but by God, did he want it to be real.