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Chapter 1: Pun Wars

The hospital was unusually quiet for a Monday. Usually the nurses and doctors would be scrambling to try and save new patients or release healthy patients to make room for the sick. The hospital had been extremely busy as of the past six months since monsters had appeared again.

It had been one year since the small child simply known as Frisk had shattered the barrier and liberated the entire monster civilization. The first six months went by without any incidents between monsters and human. But after that...humans seemed to be divided into two groups in Ebott city. The ones who supported monsters and the ones who opposed monsters. The past month had been the worst by far. Both monsters and humans had been hospitalized due to attacks from the Anti-Monster extremists.

Rosalie Bartlett walked up to the nurses desk in the progressive care unit, carrying a bouquet of pink Lilies. She lightly tapped on the wood of the counter getting the attention of the middle-aged man who sat there almost every weekday. The nurse looked up from his computer screen and smiled brightly at the young woman.

"Good morning Rose. You are here early today!" The male nurse greeted. A small smile tugged onto Rose's pink lips.

"Hey, Jared. How's it hanging?" She asked the man. He chuckled,

"Oh it's hanging. Are those for your mom?"

Rose shrugged.

"It's mom's birthday today and since her name is Lily..."

Jared let out a hardy laugh holding his sides as he wheezed violently. Rose couldn't hold back her laughter and laughed with him. It took a good five minutes for them to finally calm down.

"Only you would find a way to turn your mother's birthday present into a joke." Jared said as he let out a few more chortles.

"Hey gotta stem up when it comes to jokes." Rose gave him a quick wink before heading towards her mother's room, giving Jared a wave goodbye.

She passed several rooms before going over to her mom's which was labelled 'P408'. Which was a semi-private room. Rose heard voices coming from behind the other side of the curtain. So her mom had a roommate now...Interesting...As soon as she walked into the room she was greeted with the bright smile of her mother. Her mother quickly signed to her.

"Hi sweetheart! I'm so glad you are here!"

"Hi mom." Rose said in a hushed voice. The two voices from the behind the curtain stopped but then continued after a minute. Rose chuckled and shook her head slowly. Her mother let out a soft chuckle as well.

"Happy Birthday, Mom!" Rose said happily as she held out the Lilies to her mother. The woman's expression brightened as she grabbed the bouquet of flowers and gave it a small sniff. She placed them on her lap and held up her hands to sign once again.

"Thanks sweetie. They are beautiful." Lily suddenly chuckled, "How fitting that they are Lilies."

Rose giggled and sat in the chair on the right side of her mother's bed. She set her purse on the floor beside the iv monitor. Rose sadly looked up at the five bags of liquid hanging from the pole above the monitor. Two of them were just fluids, one of them was for her chemo therapy, one was antibiotics and the last one was morphine for pain. Rose hated seeing how many bags it took just to keep her mother, Lily alive. The sound of Lily clearing her throat caught Rose's attention.

"Don't look at me that way, Sweetie. I hate it when you do." Lily signed sadly. Rose took in a deep breath before looking her mother in the eyes.

Rose had always admired the way her mom looked. To her, Lily was the most beautiful woman in the world. Though shared many of the same features, but she always felt Lily was far prettier than herself. While Lily had icy blue eyes, Rose had heterochromia which meant she had different coloured eyes. One eye was icy blue and the other one was deep green. Their eyes were well rounded and slightly larger than most eye shapes. They both had chocolate brown hair, although Lily's hair was mostly gone due to the intense radiation and chemo therapy she had to go through.

Rose had a heart shaped face similar to her grandmothers. But it was a bit thinner like her moms was. They both shared a cute, pointed up nose that Lily had always teased Rose about. It made her features softer and more inviting then most other people. Rose had a bit darker cream coloured skin than her mother did. Mostly because of how sick Lily was...

The only real difference between the two was the height. Lily was much taller than Rose was. While Lily stood at six feet one. Rose stood at an whopping five feet two inches...Rose was slightly curvier than Lily was. She was more rounded but by no means was she fat. She was average size for a woman her height. Though she had a more...plump bottom than Lily did but she was proud of it. Made men turn their heads just to look at it.

"Sorry mom..." Rose said in a hushed voice. "I just don't like seeing you like this." Rose smiled sadly. Lily leaned over and kissed the top of her daughters head. Giving her an 'it's okay' sign before grunting in pain as she straightened herself.

The two women chatted for a bit before Jared came in to give Lily her lunch and afternoon meds. Lily and Jared were very good friends. In Fact Jared used to babysit Rose for Lily when she was out on business trips when Rose was the age of five. He talked with Rose and Lily before going to the other patient that was in the room.

"Well look at you little one. Already looking strong." Jared said to the other person.

'A kid...Why aren't they in peds?' Rose thought as she listened to the conversation.

"Thank you for taking such good care of my child, Nurse Jared." A kind and gentle woman's voice said. It reminded Rose of her mother. 'Maybe that's what mom would sound if she talked.'

"yeah the kid might be a little choked up but they're stubborn. they'll be outta here in no time." A deep male voice said next. Rose couldn't help but blush at the voice. 'Hey he sounds kinda sexy...' Rose thought, looking over to her mom who was wiggling her eyebrows. Rose glared at her mom before mouthing 'stop it' making Lily giggle.

"Alright well don't forget to buzz me if you need anything. I'm just over at the nurses' station."

"Thank you, Jared."

"thanks bud."

Jared walked out from behind the curtain and gave Rose and Lily a wink before leaving the room. Rose giggled and helped her mother with her food tray. As Rose took the lid off of the plate, Lily wrinkled her nose. Liver and onions...Rose's favourite but not hers.

"Oh come on mom, it's just liver and onions. It's not gonna kill ya. Liver or let die." Rose said with a big goofy grin on her face.

Lily shot Rose a glare before groaning and face palming. Suddenly childish giggling followed by a chuckle from the woman and the man from beside her were heard. Rose smiled triumphantly.

"Well at least somebody gets my humour." Rose scuffed. Lily stuck her tongue out at her daughter before taking a bite of her food. "Anyways I'm gonna go to the cafeteria and get some lunch, want a coffee, mom?"

Lily nodded feverishly before mouthing 'thank you'. Rose leaned over and kissed her mother's forehead before leaving the room.

'I wonder who the kid is next to mom...' Rose thought as she walked through the hallway, the clicking of her grey bootie wedges echoing through the almost empty hallway. Her hands were shoved into her black trench coat pockets. It covered her grey sweater dress that she wearing; only the turtle neck was showing. Since it was the middle of winter, she had a pair of black leggings to protect her legs from the cold. She finally made it to the elevator and pressed the 'down' button waiting patiently. Her fingers played with a sucker in her right pocket, crinkling the plastic of the wrapper. Her mind wandered back to her sick mother.

Even through all the chemo therapy she was going through...nothing was working. She just kept getting sicker and sicker. Now she had to be on oxygen just to keep her breathing. Rose felt as if both her and Lily were fighting an endless battle with the cancer. And the cancer was winning...

"Ugh...why did it have to be mom...?" Rose asked herself, feeling tears sting her eyes. She took in a shaky breath and closed her eyes, tucking a loose strand of brown hair that had fallen from her braid. "At least she's happy...and she seemed to like her present..." Rose chuckled to herself, a light smile playing on her lips. "Even though it was kind of thorny..."

A sudden ding broke Rose from her thoughts and she walked into the opened doors of the elevator, pressing the cafeteria button. Before the doors could close a skeletal hand stopped them before quickly walking in. Rose fought back a surprised gasp as a short, rounded skeleton wearing a blue, tattered jacket with a fur lined hood and black tracks shorts with a white line down the sides of them. On his feet were a pair of worn white socks and a pair of pink fluffy slippers. Rose fought back a giggle as she looked at his slippers. The skeleton had a rounded skull with two large eye sockets that had glowing white pupils in the center. His mouth was up in a permanent grin that showed the rows of straight and smooth teeth.

"you know it's rude to stare at people."

Rose jumped at his voice. She recognized it...He was the 'man' that was behind the curtain in her mother's room.

"S-sorry..." Rose chocked out before staring at the elevator floor in embarrassment. The skeleton chuckled and shrugged.

"'s no big deal. humans aren't used to seeing a skeleton on the outside of their bodies."

Rose chuckled at that.

"Not around here. You kind of fit in." Rose said with a smirk looking at the skeleton. His mouth tugged into a playful smirk.

"i guess so. but hospitals kind of rattle me if ya catch my drift." He winked at her, making Rose blush.

"So you...uh going to the cafeteria?" She asked him sheepishly. He nodded and watched elevator doors close.

"so you are the one next to us huh?" He suddenly said. "ya don't look sick ta me." He eyed her suddenly, making the woman feel uncomfortable. The way he was looking at her was like he was trying to figure her out. Like he was...judging her in a way.

"Oh no. That's my mom...she's been in that room for about a month..." Rose said kind of sadly. Her gaze went down to the floor again as she chewed in her bottom lip. Tasting a bit of her lipstick.

"sorry to hear that." He said apologetically. Rose just shrugged, putting her hands in her coat pockets.

"It happens. Even to the best people." She retorted. "So that your kid that's in the bed beside mom?"

"not my kid. my friend's kid. they got a bad case of pneumonia so they might be in the hospital for a week."

"Ouch. That bad huh?"

The skeleton looked uneasy for a moment.

"yeah...i-i thought the kid was gonna die to be honest."

"I'm sorry." It was Rose's turn to apologize. The skeleton looked at her and gave her a small smile. He was about to say something when the elevator doors opened, revealing the cafeteria. "Here we are."

The two walked out together without saying a word to each other. It felt...awkward.

"so what's-"

"So do you like -,"

They said at the same time but stopped looking at each other. They both broke out into a fit of laughter before regaining their composure.

"you first."

"I was gonna ask if you like gyros."

The skeleton tilted his skull slightly in curiosity.

"what's a gyro?"

Rose gave him a bright smile.

"Only the best food ever!" Rose said happily. The skeleton chuckled at her sudden expressiveness making Rose blush slightly. "S-sorry...got a bit excited..."

He just shrugged.

"so ya gotta name?" He asked her as they walked towards the Greek food stall.

"Rosalie. But you can just call me Rose. You?"


'Sans? Like the font? Strange name...'

"Well...it's nice to see a friendly face around here for once. Place gets kind of miserable after a while."

Sans just shrugged and continued walking beside her. They eventually got their food and sat down at a booth together. They chatted back and forth about random things.

"So what do you do for a living?" Rose asked before taking another bite of her gyro.

"a bit of everything. jobs are hard to come by for monsters so i take whatever i can get."

Rose felt a pang of guilt.

"Man that must be hard."

Sans shrugged before taking a bite of his gyro. He hummed in delight at the taste.

"Am I right?" Rose said with a twinkle in her eye. Sans chuckled,

"not gonna lie. this is pretty tasty. but you know what would make it better."

Rose gave him a quizzical look as she chewed her food. Sans suddenly snatched the ketchup bottle that was on the table with them.

"ketchup." He said with a smirk and took a huge swig of ketchup. Rose swallowed her food suddenly and coughed loudly as some of it lodge in her oesophagus. She quickly drank some of her water, dislodging it from her throat.

"What the fuck?" She blurted out with a look of disbelief on her face. Sans suddenly burst out into hysterical laughter as he looked at her face. Rose's face was contorted between disbelief and disgust.

"you should see yer face!" he said between giggles. Rose couldn't help but laugh along with him. Several of the people in the cafeteria stared at the two as they laughed together.

"Oh man! I was not expecting that!" Rose said as she struggled to breath. "I was like 'Holy Fuck!'"

"oh that was great..." Sans wiped a tear from his eye socket. "gotta admit that reaction really left me pickled."

Rose smiled widely.

"I relish a good food pun."

It was Sans turn to smile brightly.

"mustard been a shocker to see me do that, huh?"

Rose giggled, 'oh it's on...'

"Not gonna lie, but that left me kind of saucy. But I'll give you a condiment about your puns, they give me the chillies."

Rose could have sworn she saw his eye lights turn to stars as he looked at her in disbelief. She stuck her tongue out at him playfully, revealing her pink studded tongue ring.

"i...think 've been beaten at my own game."


"but i have to say food puns aren't really my forte. i can get pretty humerus when it comes to bone puns. tibia honest i have a skele-ton of puns. i wouldn't be tellin' a fibia about how impressed i am that you tried out pun the pun master."

Rose's mouth hung open as she stared at him in disbelief. She had just got owned.

"get dunked on hun." He said as he winked at her. Rose gave him a smirk.

"Well done, Sir." She said with a chuckle as she applauded him. Sans gave a mock bow.

"thank you, thank you. 'm here all week."

Rose giggled.

"Haven't had a pun war like that since before mom got sick." Rose's happy expression turned to sadness.

"somethin' up, buddy?" Sans asked her as he finished the last bite of his gyro. Rose just shrugged and looked up at his face. His eye lights studied her facial expression as if he was looking for something.

"Just a little worried about my mom. She's...not getting any better, she's only been getting worse."

"what does she have if you don' mind me askin'?"

Rose gave him a look making him regret asking her. "s-sorry-,"

"No it's fine. She's got lung cancer pretty bad. She's been fighting it for the past three years but about a month ago she really deteriorated. Now she can't even breath without being on oxygen all the time. She can hardly even walk..." Rose felt tears sting her eyes but she just sighed and closed her blue eyes not wanting to look at Sans. "I feel totally useless...the only thing I'm doing is sitting down and watching her slowly die..."

"hey..." he said softly. Rose opened her eyes and saw Sans giving her a gentle smile. His eye lights dimmed slightly as his eye sockets closed half way. He looked warm and inviting compared to how tense he seemed around her. A small smile tugged onto Rose's pink lips. "don' beat yerself up. you are doing everything ya can by just being there for her. supporting her. it's clear how much ya love 'er and that love is what keeps 'her goin'."

Rose stared at the skeleton in utter shock. Her eyes wide, a few stray tears rolling down her cheeks. His expression hadn't changed in the slightest. He had barely even known her for an hour it was like they were friends already. Maybe it was the mutual interest in puns? Maybe it was because she wasn't afraid of him?

Or maybe it was something...deeper...

Rose gave him a warm smile that made Sans soul skip a beat. A soft blue hue dusted on his cheekbones.

"Thank you." She whispered softly.

"i- i should really be gettin' back to the kid and his mom." He got up to leave but Rose stopped him, placing her hand on top of his boney one. The light blue hue darkened on his cheek bones at the sudden feeling of her soft skin on his boney hand. He noted how much...softer she was compared to Frisk's calloused hands.

"If you give me a minute to grab my mom a coffee I'll go up with you." Rose said sweetly.

"sure thing, doll."

He watched as Rose went over to the coffee vending machine to grab a cup of coffee. He couldn't quite put his phalange on it but something was different about her souls energy. It felt...warm and inviting to him.

He had noticed it as soon as she had walked into their room the kid was staying in. Him and Toriel were chatting about who would be on shift that day to watch Frisk until it was time to go home. Sans had volunteered since he had the day off. Much to Toriel's dismay, but the school she was teaching at couldn't find a substitute who would be willing to teach a bunch of monster kids.

Suddenly he felt he felt something tug at his soul as it entered the room. He could feel how bright her SOUL was. He could feel every emotion her SOUL was conveying. It was almost too much...It made him want to tear the curtain down to see who it was behind it. After a while the girl left the room to get some food. That's when Sans acted. He just had to meet this human...

"'m gonna get some grub. 'll be back in a bit." He said to Toriel and Frisk.

He quietly followed her to the elevator where she waited patiently.

"Ugh...why did it have to be mom...?" She had said. Her SOUL dimmed in sadness once again.

"At least she's happy...and she seemed to like her present..." Her SOUL brightened again. She chuckled, "Even though it was kind of thorny..."

He couldn't help but smile at her pun. Her SOUL pulsed with joy...

"Alright. I'm ready to go." Rose said as she walked up beside him a kind smile on her pink lips. "Does your friend drink coffee as well?"


"Good because I got one for all of us and I got an orange juice for the little one." Rose said sweetly as she held up the tray of drinks. Sans felt his soul pulse slightly. He had just met this girl and already she was being so kind towards him and his family.

"uh...thanks. what do i owe ya."

Rose chuckled,

"Another shot at trying to beat the pun master." She winked and began walking towards the elevator with a bounce in her step.

Sans blinked and chuckled at the woman, a playful smile gracing his skeletal features.

'doll...i think i may fall for ya.'