Blood Moon


20 Hours until Dawn

Maddy Smith sat on the edge of her bed, tears running down her face. Her boyfriend, Rhydian Morris, sat beside her. But this time, the arm that rested on her shoulders did nothing for her. The grip that this time was slightly too tight offered none of its usual comfort.

It was only as she felt the discontent inside her build that she noticed a smell that seemed to calm her slightly. But this time, it wasn't Rhydian's familiar and warming scent. This was cold and metallic. This was the ice that wanted to extinguish the fire. She looked down to see red liquid running out of small holes between her thumb and forefinger. She'd bitten into her own hand without even realising she'd done it. As Rhydian's grip tightened in concern, she had no words to comfort him. Instead, she said the one thing that was on her mind.

"This will be a night like no other."

Author's Note: This is the prologue to my multi-chapter Wolfblood story as promised. The rest will be up once I finish the Honesty trilogy I'm working on. I've finished the second one for that, so it should be up either tomorrow or the day after. Now it's just a matter of juggling the final one and Uni. It will be done soon though. (I hope.)