A long term project and one of my first attempts at a first person story. So keep this in mind.

Disclaimer: Touhou project is owned by ZUN.

Warning: Multiple places are made up for the story to expand Genskyo. Also the main character is an OC. Well technically just a named mook so yeah.

I calmly hum as I walk down the path. It isn't any particular tune I'm humming though. I'm just doing it to fill the void of silence as I walk down the dusty road. This world I am walking in is Genskyo, the Eternal Paradise. At least for youkai it is. I'm not to welcome here.

Let me explain that a little better. My names Shizukesa. I'm a demon from the world of Makia. Which means I'm not exactly like here. I'd still be standing around the Crystal Gardens if not for my job as a messenger.

A yawn escapes my lips as I continue to walk down the road. Looking around I sigh upon realizing I've gotten lost once again. I count to five before launching a sphere of magic into the air. It explodes letting off a light breeze. A smile slowly creeps across my lips as a fairy appears. She carefully looks at me. I already know she's trying to decide whether to attack me or not. After all most fairies are cannon fodder in this world. I calmly walk towards this fairy while ignoring her slightly terrified gaze.

"Can I help you?" The fairy says as she flutters away from me. I calmly nod.

"Can you point me in the direction of the Forest of Magic? I have business there." I ask. The fairy nods before pointing towards what I assume is the west. I calmly nod before beginning my long trek yet again. One of the few bonuses of being an actual demon in Genskyo is the fact that most fairies are to terrified of you to give you crap. Even a low level demon like me gives off an aura of terror to the poor things.

I'm sadly to say not much stronger than the average fairy. I failed at becoming a Makia Soldier and barely even passed the test to become a messenger. I can't fly and the only magic I know is a concussive blast which makes me very bad at danmaku. The nail in the coffin is even worse though. I have a terrible sense of direction. So I'm a very big disgrace when it comes to being a demon. I still wish to serve Mother to the best of my abilities.

I laugh to myself as I continue to walk down the road. I then pause in confusion. I don't remember this sunflower field being next to the path. I look up at the sun and sigh before turning around and walking the other way. Like I said before I have a terrible sense of direction.