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DZ2's 'The Green Moon' Challenge

Plot: Lily was neither an only-child (magically-speaking) nor a Muggleborn, but a Pureblood with a brother: his name...Remus Lupin!


Grey Harry

When Harry learns of Remus as his uncle, it must either be before or when they meet in 3rd year.=meets in third year

As Lily's son, Harry magically inherits some wolf-like traits e.g. heightened senses/agility/healing factor etc.

If Remus meets Harry before 3rd year, he must become Harry's legal guardian

Remus can control the change

Sirius and James knew of the connection between Remus and Lily

If Harry meets Remus before Hogwarts, he cannot go to Gryffindor


Harry asks Remus to turn him into a werewolf=yes

If not the above, then Harry's Animagus form is a wolf=no

Good Fenrir Greyback=yes

If Remus meets Harry before Hogwarts, Harry goes to another school=no

Harry's friends become a sort of 'Pack' to Harry with him as the Alpha=yes



Remus unable to control the change

Harry fearing Remus

Dumbledore or Voldemort gaining Harry's allegiance

Other than that, it's up to you

Other Information:

Good Petunia/Motherly Figure Petunia

Abusive Vernon/Dudley

Parsletongue/Parslemagic inherited

Life debts called in

Key Pairing:

Harry Potter/Padma Patil

Other Pairings:




*word*=wolf speech

Italic=flashback, letters, dreams, news articles

bold italic=thoughts


AN: So I know I shouldn't be starting a new story when I put my others on Hiatus but this one has been sitting in my head for a while. I hope to have this story go from third to at least seventh year.


The train pulled out of Platform 9 ¾ and Harry started for an empty compartment, dragging his trunk behind him. He had done a bit of thinking over the summer about his friendships with Hermione and Ron and had decided to cut them both out of his life. Hermione was just too bossy for his tastes and got mad whenever Harry or anyone else did something better than her and Ron was just a jealous lazy brat who Harry had begun to realize was only friends with him because of Harry being the 'Boy-Who-Lived', a title that he hated and would gladly do without. Nobody understood that Harry hated his fame and would give all the money in the world just to have his parents back with him. Harry thought that they both were a hindrance to his studies at Hogwarts although some of it had to do with how Uncle Vernon would beat Harry if he did better than Dudley. The thirteen-year-old had written to Professor McGonagall about dropping Divination and taking Ancient Runes and Arithmancy instead. Thankfully Professor McGonagall had allowed the change. Harry resolved to do better this time in all his classes. He wished that Hogwarts had something about careers so he could know what career options were available in the wizarding world.

Reaching an empty compartment, Harry opened it to see it was occupied by a man who was sleeping on one of the seats by the window; Harry hefted his trunk up onto the luggage rack and sat down opposite the stranger. In his trunk was his signed permission slip to Hogsmeade, a wizarding village down the street from Hogwarts that all third years and above could go to on weekends if they had a signed permission slip from their parent or guardian. Sitting down on the seat opposite the sleeping adult, Harry pulled out his new wand. His Holly and Phoenix Feather wand had been destroyed by Vernon when he had arrived home from Hogwarts so Aunt Petunia had gone with him to get a new wand. His new wand was Blackthorn with Dragon Heartstring, 11 inches, Pliable. It worked a lot better than his old wand as well when Harry thought about it. He admired the wand for a few moments before putting it back in the wrist holster his aunt had mentioned he get. Pulling out the warm bag of chocolate chip cookies his Aunt Petunia had baked for his journey to Hogwarts, Harry opened the bag and pulled out one of the cookies before nibbling on it.

Harry was glad that he had Aunt Petunia in his life. She did her best to protect Harry from Uncle Vernon, often getting beaten herself, when she took her nephew's place. Dudley was too much like Uncle Vernon for Petunia to control though she had tried to control her son. It didn't help at all that Vernon insisted on his son being spoiled rotten and allowed Dudley to get his way all the time. He was just glad that he had heightened senses, fast healing and agility so that he could avoid Dudley's game of 'Harry Hunting' though it didn't often escape his ability to avoid trouble with his uncle or at school.

Harry had spent the summer when he wasn't doing his chores going over his Potions textbook and had rewritten all his summer homework. It was a shame that he couldn't practice magic outside of Hogwarts or brew potions in his room. Harry wasn't sure how anybody was supposed to retain what they learned at school during the summer if they were from a muggle or half-blood home. Maybe if he proved he had learned something during the summer, then Professor Snape would be nicer to him. Then he snorted to himself at the hopeless thought. There was no way Professor Snape would end up ever giving him a good grade in Potions even if he were as good as Malfoy.

For once Harry was glad of the solitude and quiet of an empty compartment. As the train began to leave London, Harry pulled out Oliver Twist and flipped to the bookmark that was in the middle of Chapter Fifteen. He was lucky that Dudley hated reading and had never touched the books that were in Harry's room. He would have preferred a bigger room, even the attic would have been nice, but Uncle Vernon wouldn't have allowed it. After all Harry, had done well in primary school and Aunt Petunia had always been proud of how smart her nephew was even if the only way she could show it was at night when Vernon and Dudley were asleep. Harry had been doing his homework right and then copying it so it was done wrong ever since he had been beaten for bringing a report card home that had been better than Dudley's by Uncle Vernon when he was in first grade.

He kept the homework he'd done right in a box, including his homework he did at Hogwarts since he had started two years ago and showed it to Aunt Petunia. But now he was on the Hogwarts Express and beginning his third year to become a fully realized wizard though he had to admit that his last two years at Hogwarts hadn't been fun at all. The Sorcerer's Stone, fighting Quirrell and nearly dying at the hands of Voldemort, discovering he was a parslemouth in his second year amidst the Chamber of Secrets fiasco, nearly being expelled at the beginning of second year because he had stupidly gone with Ron's suggestion instead of doing the smart thing and sending Hedwig with a note to Hogwarts and nearly being oblivated by that fraud of a man Lockhart. Harry smiled as he thought of how he had tricked Lucius Malfoy out of his house elf Dobby at the end of second year though Aunt Petunia had not been pleased that her nephew had almost been killed again.

Harry let out a sigh and leaned back against the seat before looking out the window. He wondered if he would be put into a life or death situation this year. If Hogwarts was supposed to be the 'safest place on earth besides Gringotts' per Hagrid's very words the summer before his first year, then why had Harry been forced into life or death situations since reentering the magical world at eleven years old? It had worried his Aunt Petunia as well though when Harry asked if there were other magical schools that Harry could go to, his aunt had replied that she only knew of Hogwarts. Harry resolved to find any information he could on other magical schools and consider transferring if possible though he knew Aunt Petunia didn't have the money to send him to another wizarding school. But even the raven-haired youth wasn't sure how he would be able to pay for another school to go to. He only had one vault and knew that money needed to last his seven years at Hogwarts. There couldn't possibly be enough in there to register for a different school in another country.

Harry looked up and saw a tattered briefcase with the name 'R. J. Lupin' written across in fading gold letters. He then looked to the still sleeping man across from him and realized that this must be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. I wonder if he'll be a better professor than the last two we had, Harry thought to himself. He didn't know why but he felt like he knew this man from somewhere. But that was impossible. Harry James Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, had no other family besides the Dursleys.

Remus Lupin had picked up on the scent of his cub when the door had opened. He couldn't believe after thirteen years that he had finally found his cub, his nephew, after all this time. Instead of introducing himself right away, he feigned sleep so he could see if he could learn anything about his nephew. He remembered Harry on the toy broom that James had bought him for his birthday. Lily had nearly had a heart attack at seeing her son flying around the house even though the broom had been enchanted to only rise two inches off the ground.

Remus had always been a shy and studious child. Life as a werewolf would do that to a person but especially a child and Remus Lupin had been bitten when he was five years old after his father had angered Fenrir Greyback. His parents had been afraid of him and he hadn't been allowed out of his home after he had been bitten. As a child, he had been locked in his room until he grew too big to control and then taken down a cell within the basement where he had been chained up every full moon. They had moved a lot as well and Remus had been homeschooled all his life. Neither his parents, nor himself, had ever thought that he would end up being able to go to Hogwarts but Albus Dumbledore had taken safety precautions by having the Shrieking Shack and the tunnel that led underneath Hogwarts Grounds built for his use. A Whomping Willow had even been planted over the passage leading to the Shrieking Shack so that nobody could encounter Remus in his werewolf form when he was taken outside by Madam Pomfrey at sunset on the nights of the full moon.

Towards the middle of his forth year however, Remus had felt an odd drawing towards Lily Evans. Moony had been confused by the strange drawing to Lily as he didn't see the bright witch as mate but as pack. Such a feeling nagged the young wolf so during the Christmas holidays, he and Lily had gone to Gringotts to get inheritance tests done and found out that they were in fact brother and sister as well as being purebloods.

Needless to say, the siblings were shocked to discover that they were both purebloods, though none more than Lily who had thought up until that Christmas of her fourth year that she was a Muggleborn witch. They hadn't told anybody, not even their friends Sirius and James, as neither child wanted to answer questions they didn't have the answers too but from that point on they had caught up with each other about their home lives and were often seen studying in the library or Gryffindor common room. However when they had been confronted by James in their seventh year about why they were so close, the siblings had been forced to come clean to their two friends.

Honestly I don't know how Lily ever ended up with James, Remus thought to himself as he thought back to the Christmas holidays before fourth year. James was always jealous of Lily spending time with Severus. I secretly thought Severus and Lily would get together.


Remus stood outside Number 4 on a road called Privet Drive, debating whether he shouldn't just run home right now and forget about going to Gringotts with Lily. He felt Moony claw at the inside of his mind and knew the werewolf wanted to find out why it, why they, were drawn to Lily like she was a member of their pack. Taking a breath, he raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Footsteps ran down the stairs and came running to the door before it was flung open and there stood a breathless Lily, her red hair still wet from the quick shower she'd taken just before Remus arrived. "Remus!" she shouted happily and opened the door wider to allow him to enter.

"Hey Lily," Remus said as he came inside. Mr. and Mrs. Evans were a nice middle-aged couple who were always nice to Remus and welcomed Lily's friends over to their home all the time. They just loved having a witch in the family.

"Lily who is it?" Mr. Evans called from the living room where he was setting up the Christmas tree.

"It's Remus, dad. We're going to Diagon Alley today to shop for some school friends," Lily called.

"Bring back some of those Chocolate Frogs," Mr. Evans called as Lily and Remus walked out the door. The two fourth years walked to the corner of Privet Drive and Remus held out his wand. Seconds later the Knight Bus appeared with a loud bang out of thin air and they boarded the steps before requesting to go to the Leaky Cauldron.

Five minutes later, the two friends were walking to Gringotts as people hurried around doing their Christmas shopping. Both friends were understandably nervous but also anxious about what it was that drew Moony/Remus to Lily Evans and why the pair seemed to share some connection with each other that seemed to go beyond the bounds of friendship. Snow gently fell on Diagon Alley and the shop windows were decorated in lights, wreaths and even a few Christmas trees lined the storefronts. It was indeed a festive occasion.

End Flashback

A sad smile appeared on Remus's face as he pretended to sleep when he heard the door to the compartment open as well as the irritated huff of annoyance from the boy sitting across from him. Harry slipped a bookmark into his copy of Oliver Twist and set the book aside as his two soon to be ex-friends barged into the compartment. One would think that the 'best witch of her age' at least, there was no hope for Ron, would understand that not answering the letters Ron and Hermione sent meant he no longer wanted to associate with them at all.

"Harry! There are you! We've been looking all over for you mate," Ron said as he came in and plopped down beside Harry, tossing Oliver Twist on the floor. Hermione came in as well went over to Harry before stopping in front of him with her hands on her hips.

"Problem Granger?" Harry asked as he got up to pick up his book, missing the incredulous look on Hermione's face and the look of rage on Ron's. Tucking the book under an arm, Harry went back to his seat, brushing past Hermione without a word. "I'm not your mate either Ronald Weasley," Harry said as he set his book in his bag.

"What do you mean I'm not your mate? Of course, I'm your mate. We've been mates since our first year at Hogwarts," Ron protested.

"I've been wondering about that," Harry said to himself.

"What do you mean mate?" Ron asked, obviously not getting the hint that they weren't best friends or mates anymore.

Before Harry could tell Ron to shove off, Hermione moved in front of him with her hands on her hips and glared down at Harry. "Harry James Potter! What do you mean by ignoring my letters all summer?"

"Oh if it isn't Miss-Know-It-All aka the Buck-Toothed-Beaver," Harry said with a low growl rumbling in his chest. Not that it seemed to phase the beaver at all as there was suddenly a resounding SMACK across Harry's face which knocked his glasses off.

Remus had to keep himself from tearing the girl's head from her shoulders as he saw his nephew get smacked across the face. Werewolves were very protective of their cubs and pack and Harry was both. He had failed his nephew in so many ways since Lily had died. He wouldn't fail to protect his cub now that he had finally found him. The reason Remus had accepted the position of DADA this year was because it would allow him to see his cub and perhaps get to know him again.

Harry raised a hand to his cheek, eyes widening in surprise. Oh, Uncle Vernon had always smacked him around while Dudley and his gang had often practiced Harry Hunting and given him a sound thrashing when they caught him but he had never expected Granger to hit him before. Even Ron blinked in surprise at Hermione hitting Harry because he hadn't thought she would do something like that. "What…?"

"Miss Granger!" Remus shouted, suddenly unable to hold himself back from taking retribution on this pompous human for hurting his cub as he stood up.

"Who are you?" Ron asked.

"Professor Lupin. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor," Remus said. "What is the meaning of hitting another student who you claim to be your friend?"

"How do you know my name?" Hermione asked as she turned to Remus.

"I heard Mr. Potter here call you by your last name," Remus said. "Violence and bullying of any nature is not tolerated on Hogwarts or the Express. You will serve a week's detention with me and lose ten points from Gryffindor. I will be notifying Professor McGonagall of this when we arrive at the school. Now I suggest you both leave since Mr. Potter obviously doesn't want you here in his compartment."

"But we always sit together. You can't throw us out," Ron said. "It's none of your business anyway."

Harry shook his head. Idiot, he thought to himself. "Well now is as good a time as any to tell you why I didn't answer your letters. I would have thought you would have gotten the point Granger that I wanted nothing to do with you or the Guzzling Garbage Disposal over there," ignoring Ron's face beginning to get red in anger, "since you're supposed to be the brightest witch of our generation but you're obviously too stupid to figure out I'll spell out it for you in words you can understand. I...am...not...your...mate. You're no longer my friends."

"But mate we've been best friends since our first year at Hogwarts! You can't just stop being my friend!" Ron shouted.

"Harry think about what you're saying. You won't get anywhere in life without me," Hermione said snootily. "You and Ron wouldn't even get A's in your classes without my help. Everyone knows all you care about is breaking rules, getting into trouble and Quidditch."

Harry just smirked at Hermione and Ron as he leaned back against his seat. "Touch me again Mudblood and I'll call in that life debt you owe me for saving your life from the Troll in first year," Harry said. "You do not know anything about me and don't presume that you're better than me or any other pureblood that attends Hogwarts or has grown up in the magical world. You like to think that you're better than everybody else in Gryffindor, always nagging on about how backwards the wizarding world is like every other one without magical parents that attends Hogwarts. Trying to change our traditions and ways of life. You get so jealous when I-no-when anybody does anything better than you in classes. You just can't bear to be wrong about anything and as far as you're concerned if it isn't in a book then it isn't true."

Ron snickered. "He has a point Hermione. You can get awfully bossy when it comes to homework. We don't need her right mate?" he asked Harry.

"Weaselbee are you deaf? I changed one of my electives from Divination to Ancient Runes this summer after writing Professor McGonagall. She was glad that I am intending on taking a more active interest in my studies and doesn't believe in the magic of Divination. You are either a seer or you're not a seer. A gift like that cannot be taught. All you care about is stuffing your face full of food like you haven't eaten anything all summer and talking about Quidditch. You're the one who signed me up for that Midnight Duel with Malfoy in our first year, upset Granger and forced us to go looking for the Troll because you couldn't accept the help she was trying to give you in Charms with the Levitation Charm and wanted to go back to see Fluffy after we nearly got killed when running away from Filch because your pea-sized brain can't think of anything except showing up Malfoy. No wonder you and your family are a disgrace to wizarding kind. I'm just sorry that I didn't take Malfoy up on his offer of being friends our first year and instead palled around with you and Granger there. Well I've had enough of you being jealous of me for my money and fame Ron and I'm sick of you Granger always getting angry when I answer a question before you in class or do better than you on a test. You are not the next Lily Evans so quit acting like it!"

"Right I think that is enough," Remus said though he was proud of his cub for standing up for himself. "Both of you can leave or I'll take more points away for harassing a student," Remus said. Huffing, Ron and Hermione left the compartment and Harry sighed in relief when the door closed.

"Sorry about that Professor. I would have thought that at least Granger would have understood that I didn't want anything to do with them when I didn't reply to any of their letters this summer. I didn't think they would be stupid enough to come in here and bother me or wake you up from your nap."

"It's alright Mr. Potter," Remus said. "I wasn't sleeping anyway to be honest." Remus sat back down after casting a locking charm on the door as well as a Notice-Me-Not spell so they wouldn't be bothered. "I knew your parents when I was in school and was good friends with them though I didn't become good friends with your mother until our fourth year."

"What were they like?" Harry asked as he looked at Remus.

"Well James was a bully in school. Always playing pranks on the Slytherins especially Severus Snape. He was always getting into mischief and using his Invisibility Cloak to sneak down to the kitchens after curfew. I was part of a gang known as the Marauders. James was the ring leader with his sidekick Sirius Black, myself and a boy named Peter Pettigrew. We were all sorted into Gryffindor though Mr. and Mrs. Potter were always nice people to me. I'll never understand how he became Head Boy in our seventh year with all the pranking he did. He never really seemed to grow up until after we all graduated."

"Nobody ever told me that my dad was a bully," Harry said. "They all say he was a good flyer and an exceptional Chaser and how I look so much like him. I never hear anyone talk about my mother at all either at school."

"Lily was a gentle soul. She was excellent in Charms and I know she was going to study under Professor Flitwick when she graduated. Lily was very studious and I'm surprised she didn't end up in Ravenclaw with her brains but she never flaunted her knowledge like Miss Granger appears to do. In fact, I believe she was considered a Charms prodigy and was also good with Potions. I'd be surprised if you didn't get any talents from her. Your father on the other hand excelled in Transfiguration. Lily and Severus grew up a few streets apart from each other and were best friends in school. I think James hated the close friendship they had with each other and that was why he always bullied Severus and continued to pursue Lily. To be quite honest with you Harry, I always thought Severus and Lily would end up getting married. Lily rejected James' advances all throughout school. She called him an 'insufferable toe rag' more than once throughout our years at Hogwarts," he said with a fond smile.

Harry smiled at the explanations of his parents and was happy to talk to a friend of his parents as well as hearing the truth about his father. "Professor Lupin? Do you think that is why Professor Snape doesn't like me? Because my father bullied him?"

Remus sat back and considered Harry's question to himself before sighing. "I think that the reason he may hate you is because you remind him of your father and he can't see past your looks," Remus said. "But he should realize that you are also Lily's son as well."

Harry nodded. He hadn't thought why Snape hated him though it had been obvious since his first day at Hogwarts that Snape hadn't liked him at all. He made a vow to himself then that he would do his best to succeed in Potions and not be a dunderhead like Weasel. "Professor how do you know so much about my parents? About my mom?"

Remus sighed. He hoped Harry wouldn't hate him for not being there for the first twelve years of his life. "I was friends with both your parents growing up Harry," Remus said. "But it wasn't until my fourth year that Lily and I discovered something about us, something that explained how I was…how I was drawn to her as more than a friend," Remus said.

"Did you have a crush on her?" Harry asked.

Remus laughed. "No nothing like that. You see Harry…well there's no easy way to say this so I'll just come out with it…your mother wasn't a Muggleborn."

Harry frowned. "But I thought mom was a Muggle?"

Remus shook his head. "Nobody knows this but myself, Sirius Black, and your parents. Lily was a pureblood witch and I'm…well I am your uncle. Lily and I were brother and sister, twins in fact."