Episode 129: Heart of Darkness, part 2

Author's Note #1:

This chapter is the third part of the final battle. This focuses on fighting on the red Gemdeus, the blue one was destroyed in the previous chapter. The next chapter will be the final battle itself, culminating in the battle against Sylux and Omega Weapon.

Before I forget, I caught up with a review from EeveeNicks from the previous chapter; since this is part 2 continuing from the previous, the two-parter's title is indeed a reference to the novel of the same name by Joseph Conrad.

For those who have seen the scans about the reveal of the Rider that will come after Ex-Aid, Kamen Rider Build. It looks like it's Kamen Rider Double all over again, judging by the Rider's design, it's the closest thing to be the Kamen Rider equivalent of Kikaider; since both feature a red and blue form, much as with HeatTrigger with Double. I gotta admit, Build's suit design is amazing.

-"You're Going to Pay!"-

Upon reaching into the very heart of darkness of Planet Destron, Ex-Aid and his party made it to the sanctum where they find Omega Weapon's chamber. Sylux has been waiting for his enemies to show up. It seems he has returned to his normal form after regurgitating Gemdeus from his body, but his insanity is still intact.

"You maggots really don't know when to quit.", Sylux taunts the CR personnel and Parado. "Don't you all realize that everything will end once Omega Weapon will unleash its true power?"

"What about you?", Emu rebuked. "What are you really going to do with Rider Chronicle Master Gashat? That thing is the only way to bring those lives that were lost."

Sylux continued, "Heh. Do you still actually believe on that scam that it can really revive those lost lives? Face it, everything you so valued about life is nothing but a disease. You'll only die once and why bother coming back from the dead? The only thing that holds true is destruction before creation! What I am doing is for the sake of justice, and it is for the sake of changing this forsaken world that I will rule with an iron fist!"

Even Hiiro of all people couldn't help but express his ire towards Sylux's nihilistic rhetoric, "And, are you willing to sacrifice innocent lives in the name of justice?!"

"I. AM. JUSTICE!", Sylux snaps and boomed his voice in anger. "And I desire to change things in the name of justice itself. Why cling to the life you so valued? Not knowing that the end is inevitable. If I were God, I would decide for myself what is good and what is evil. To me, the concept of good and evil are meaningless to me. To think you still see me that way, it is like a childish interpretation of how you see everything around you. I said before, only those with power will decide that!"

Taiga, just like Hiiro, dismisses Sylux's delusions of grandeur clearly making the evil bounty hunter worse than Dan Kuroto was before. "No, you're just a murderer, Sylux.", he even points the hull-like arm cannon at the evil hunter, "You are no better than Genm was and Cronus of all people. To you, you kill people indiscriminately for your petty schemes, and use that Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat to turn the whole universe into your dystopia. Brave, Genm, Para-DX, Huntress and myself are not alike from you in all ways ever. You betray those who you see as extensions of yourself and you didn't even regret about killing Cronus. And you call yourself a bounty hunter?! You chose to hurt people for your own pleasure, curse them with misery and suffering. Now, I will make sure your days of harming people are over, you miserable bastard!"

It doesn't help that Sylux's hatred towards Samus indeed turned him into the nihilist that he is now. Even Parado points out how petty Sylux really is. In turn, the Bugster executive has some words to see how awful the evil bounty hunter really is. Parado himself is aware that he and Sylux are not so different towards each other...

"Snipe has a point. It really makes sense that you and I have a lot in common. You really want to change the fate of the whole world. You saw too much of Brave, Snipe, Genm, and even myself! You're really expecting us to see you as twisted reflections of ourselves. Unlike you, I never took a life from the day I was even born! All I cared about is a fair fight with Emu. Plain and simple. You can harm Emu whatever you want, but you... the way you murdered Graphite, once you crossed that line on me, you should have realized the consequences!", Parado points his Gashacon Parablaygun at his most hated enemy. "But, to me. You're just a petty, spineless coward who whines about his nihilistic bullshit to say that you alone see yourself as a messiah. You killed Graphite, the only one who's dear to me and the closest thing to my brother. Then, you did the same thing to Cronus when you stabbed him in the back. Now that has come to this, I will NEVER... EVER... forgive you for everything you've done!"

The Kamen Riders inside Omega Weapon's chamber are through with words, Ex-Aid, Brave, Snipe, Para-DX and Poppy ready their guard. Moments later, Sylux pulls out his version of the Gashacon Bugvisor, dubbed the Gashacon Bugvisor Custom. This Bugvisor has Sylux's colors unlike the original and the Bugvisor II. He then pulls out the Kamen Rider Chronicle Master Gashat in his possession; the very same Gashat he stole from Dan Masamune after killing him.

"That's a...", Emu couldn't believe what he just saw.

"That's right. With this, I can dispose all of you for interfering with my plans!", Sylux equips his Bugvisor Custom into his Bugster Buckle, turning it into the Buggle Driver Custom. "With this Gashat, everything will come to an end to make way for a new beginning! Henshin!"


After Sylux pushed the red button of his Buggle Driver Custom after inserting the Master Gashat, he undergoes a painful transformation, complete with sparks surrounding his body. Since transforming with the Rider Chronicle's Master Gashat needs the user the perfect Bugster antibody, and just like how Sylux had infused himself with Gemdeus's virus, he purposely allowed the Bugster infection to answer to his whim and the evil bounty hunter transform into what appears to be a disfigured form of Cronus. Only that it lacks the spiked-up hair of the original Cronus, Ex-Aid, and Genm, instead it has demonic horns, and the shoulders have these dorsal-fin like protrusions that resemble that of Sylux's usual form.

*Ten no Tsukame Rider! Kizame Chronicle! Ima koso toki wa Kiwamareri!*

"He purposely allowed himself to be infected with the Master Gashat's virus so he can transform!", Hiiro exclaimed.

By transforming with the Rider Chronicle Master Gashat, Sylux took form into what appear to be a grotesque form of Cronus, only that the colors are all blue and green instead of black and green. The mad bounty hunter dubs this form as Ultimate Sylux, symbolizing the ultimate power he acquired.

"What an eyesore!", Parado has had enough as he goes Leeroy Jenkins as he charges at Sylux. Since he has Cronus's powers, minus the time manipulation, the evil bounty hunter wasted no time by swatting Parado and Taiga like flies when they attempt to charge him.

Then, Brave Level 100 goes toe-to-toe with Ultimate Sylux, only to fall into a receiving end of a one-shot from the latter. It seems Sylux's current form is far superior than Cronus without using the power of Pause.

Sylux continued boasting his power after he singlehandedly outmatched Brave, Snipe, Poppy, and Para-DX. Like with the Buggle Driver II users, Sylux makes good use of his Bugvisor Custom as his only primary weapon. When he clashes blades with Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer...

"Something the matter, Ex-Aid?", the bounty hunter taunts the intern. "Did you all came this far to fight a madman? And, instead you found...a GOD?!"

Only Ex-Aid in Muteki Gamer are on par with Ultimate Sylux, as he manages to hang in there despite the latter's stat boost.

-vs. Red Gemdeus-

On the outside, Ange, Tusk, Salia, Hilda, and Salamandinay continue their struggle against the red Gemdeus. Even their Ragna-mails, and Ryuu-Shin-Ki, respectively are really having a bad time dealing with this omnipotent monstrosity.

"Jesus H. Christ! How can that thing can kick those robot asses in just a single stroke?!", Mach (Chaser) cussed.

Like the blue Gemdeus earlier, it's likely that the red one is also susceptible to Pause. But, there's another problem; are the Ragna-mails also affected by it? Though, it is implied that the Villkiss is the only one's immune to Pause.

"Man, how are they going to deal that thing?", Makoto asked.

Just before things become sour for everyone, Samus has another thing in mind. Though she still has the five GoRider cards, perhaps she needs to start with first part of the symphony.

Gekkou emerges from Samus's Bugvisor II, contemplating the situation has becoming even more difficult. "This isn't good, Lady. We need some reinforcements.", the frog Bugster looked at Samus.

But, Samus hasn't lost any hope yet. "It ain't over until the fat lady sings, Gekkou. And the orchestra hasn't started tuning up yet!", she replied, as she asks everyone to look up in the sky, that is a twinkle blinked above as something descends below...

By looking right through it, one of Samus's suits, the Athena Suit descends into the frey, along with her other Legend Rider suits that are capable of flight - the Phoenix, Shuttle (through the Rocket Module) and Dragon Suits, whose powers are influenced by that of Kamen Riders OOO, Fourze and Wizard.

"It's...", Ryugen recognizes the presence and return of the Power Suit Legionnaires! Right before the Riders, the Light, Dark, PED, and Fusion Suits descended from the sky, followed by the other four Legend Rider Suits - Xtreme (W), Shogun (Gaim), Tridoron (Drive), and Phantom Suits (Ghost).

"Happy birthday.", Samus said, the reason she brought back the Power Suit Legionnaires again is to please Mitsuzane since his birthday is coming soon. It has been a long while he saw the Power Suit Legionnaires ever since Samus has been mastering the use of her Rider Gashats.

"Alright, now for the fireworks display!", the young Kureshima continued.

Huntress Level X begins to give orders to all of the remotely controlled suits, both are now controlled by Samus's will. "All legionnaires, be advised. The target is a red giant Bugster designated as Gemdeus. Commencing destruction of the target with extreme prejudice. You are cleared to engage!"

All of the Power Suit Legionnaires followed Samus's instructions without question, as they proceed to swarm the red Gemdeus like bees, the giant Bugster has no problem swatting each of the controlled suits like flies. But, it brought the Ragna-mail pilots, Space Explorers, Genm, and Lazer to overpower it.

Then, Samus pulls out the five GoRider cards from Aka-, Ao-, Ki-, Momo-, and MidoRider. She tosses the cards to her fellow Space Explorers. To the Game Master's surprise, he somehow recognized those. But, needless to say, it should be better enough to weaken Gemdeus before Huntress Level X can finish it off with Pause.

"Guys, use these. Make them count!", the bounty huntress tells them to transform into GoRiders immediately.

When Go receives the Aka-Rider card, he nods and says, "Alright, it's go time!"

"Yeah!", Mitsuzane added.

"Let's do this!", Makoto added.

"Here we go!", Mayu added.

"Altogether!", Alain finished. As the five Space Explorers chant "Henshin!", as they invoke the transformation into each colored GoRider.

The cards began to emanate power on their respective users, as they transformed into caped Kamen Riders - Mach Chaser into Aka-Rider, Sin Specter to Ao-Rider, Yujou Necrom into Ki-Rider, Mage into Momo-Rider, and lastly Ryugen Jimber Dragon Arms into Mido-Rider. Go, as Aka-Rider leaps as he and the others roll call...






After all five introduce themselves, Aka-Rider finishes by saying, "Kamen Sentai...", before everyone else shouted, "GoRider!"

"Just who...", Aka-Rider shouted.

"...in the hell...", followed by Ao-Rider.

Before the two and the other three shouted in unison, "DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!"

"Let's do this! GoRider Dynamite!", Aka-Rider leads his fellow GoRiders for the team attack.

"DYNAMITE!", Ao- and Ki-Rider chanted...

"DYNAMITE!", followed by Momo- and Mido-Rider as all five GoRiders jumped in the air and spin, becoming five balls of light which merge and attack the red Gemdeus on its chest, leaving it with a huge gaping hole. But, that hole didn't last as the giant Gemdeus slowly regenerates.

But, it didn't stop the Ragna-mails to overpower the all-powerful Bugster as Enryuugou, Villkiss XX R and XX L fire their Space-Time Convergence Cannons, vaporizing Gemdeus's left arm in the process, and it no longer regenerates.

Samus's Gunship appeared and joined with the Ragna-mails, on the top, we see the five GoRiders, Huntress Ninja Gamer Level X, Genm Zombie Action Gamer Level X-0, and Lazer Turbo Level 0. The other three Gashat users back up the GoRiders as they hold what appears to be a giant cannon.

"GoRider Bazooka!", all five GoRiders proclaimed their weapon...

Followed up by Huntress Level X, "...with Genm, Huntress, and Lazer!"

"Three!", Ao- and MidoRider started counting from three, whilst holding the cannon on the right side. While Ki- and MomoRider hold the left side of the cannon.

"Two!", followed by Genm and Lazer Turbo, in a crouching position with the barrel of the cannon on their shoulders.

"One!", AkaRider and Huntress Level X finished the countdown. Then, each of the GoRiders' belts have their turbines started whirring as they gathered latent amount of energy to charge the GoRider Bazooka. They finally shout, "Shoot!", and fired a rainbow-colored energy ball from the Bazooka, aimed at Gemdeus's head. The shot resulted in a huge explosion, at the same time gave Gemdeus the lobotomy of a lifetime and as well obliterating its head!

With Gemdeus decapitated, Kuroto gives Samus the signal to use Pause so the red Gemdeus cannot regenerate itself.

"Huntress, now's your chance!", the Game Master shouted.

Then, Huntress Level X prepares to press the A and B Buttons of her Buggle Driver II...


The forehead gem on Huntress Level X's helmet began to emit a field distortion signifying the activation of her Pause ability, the entire battlefield's coloration began to be all negative as the flow of time is stopped.

Huntress jumps on top of Villkiss XX R and XX L, who are unaffected by Pause since Ragna-mails can bypass any time distortion. Ange prepares to toss Samus into Gemdeus as the latter prepares for to use her Buggle Driver II's Critical Crews-Aid function.

*Kimewaza! Critical Crews-Aid!*

Villkiss XX R tosses Huntress Level X like a baseball as the latter immediately performs a Rider Kick on the red Gemdeus. Samus punched through the giant Bugster like an armor-piercing bullet to the heart. Once Samus lands safely on the ground after the attack, she pressed both the A and B Buttons of her Buggle Driver II...


The flow of time returns back to normal. The red Gemdeus starts to explode as it is being engulfed with lots of explosions after being finished off with a combination of Pause and Critical Crews-Aid from Huntress Ninja Gamer Level X. Gemdeus slowly collapses into the ground as it explodes violently, leaving no trace of it. As a result...


The game is cleared. But, the battle is still far from over. Now that Gemdeus is out of the way, there are two more enemies left; Sylux and Omega Weapon.

"Now Gemdeus is out of the way... We must destroy Sylux and Omega Weapon.", the Game Master notes the next objective.

"Bear in mind, once Omega Weapon is destroyed, and so will Planet Destron.", Samus also noted because Omega Weapon is biologically bonded to the whole planet itself.

With no time to waste, everybody headed their way inside of Planet Destron's depths as they head into Omega Weapons chamber to regroup with Emu's party.

-The Last Dance-

Back inside Omega Weapon's chamber, it seems Ultimate Sylux has already outmatched Para-DX Level 99, Poppy Level X, Snipe Level 50, and even Brave Level 100. But, he has a big problem with Ex-Aid in Muteki Gamer, his golden form provided him the ultimate invincibility.

"Give up! You are all powerless before me!", Sylux taunts Ex-Aid into surrender. But, Emu relentlessly gives his all to weaken Sylux.

"Never!", Emu replies to the mad bounty hunter's sentence as they clashed blades (in Ultimate Sylux's case, the chainsaw of his Bugvisor Custom. It only took Sylux tanking a lot of hits from Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer until he succeeds counterattacking Ex-Aid and forcing him out of his transformation.

But, hope is not lost yet as Huntress Level X and Ryugen Jimber Dragon Arms intervened and they hand Sylux a double Rider Kick, only for him to swat them like flies, the same thing he does with Sin Specter, Yujou Burst Necrom, Mage, Mach Chaser, Genm, and Lazer Turbo when they attempt to charge at him. Everyone is forced out of their transformation. And Genm ends up having 30 lives left. Since he somehow used 29 of them earlier during the fight against the red Gemdeus.

"Haven't you all had enough?", Sylux gloated.

Samus stands up on to her feet, and calls out her archnemesis. "How long are you going to let this senseless destruction continue, Sylux?"

"I have acquired the ultimate weapon along with this ultimate power that will decide the fate of everything. Behold!", the mad bounty hunter boasted Omega Weapon to everyone. He commands the brain-like bioform to fire lasers on everybody, to the point they get away from being shot. "Omega Weapon's power is magnificent. You are nothing more but ants to be crushed under my feet! I will destroy everyone and everything and return you all to dust!"

The other Riders rebuke Sylux's rhetorics of nihilism.

"People will rebuild what they've lost. No matter how many times you destroy them!", Emu shouted.

Sylux refuses to be silent, and continued, "And so, what? I'll destroy all of them no matter what. Why do people rebuild such meaningless nonsense for they know that they won't last forever? Then, what do they value in this forsaken universe? Just how much more you let your mind be clouded by that sweet poison you call fate?"

Even Kuroto has his own roasting against the evil hunter, "Because it's not the end what matters. It's about knowing you have something to live right now, at this moment! Something that's worth value! You find no meaning in destroying everything in your path, you killed my father for the sake of your petty schemes. And now, you're using Kamen Rider Chronicle as a means to turn everything into your dystopian world. I created that game for people to enjoy an adventure that they want to experience protecting themselves from Bugsters. As the Game Master, I will eliminate you, Sylux!"

Parado has his own. The Bugster executive stands up into his two feet and rebukes the mad bounty hunter back, "Genm has a point. But for me, I will still never forgive you for what you've done to Graphite. I will make sure that Emu will finish you once and for all, and that's a promise."

"We will cut you out, in the name of justice!", Hiiro added his contempt against Sylux.

"This time, we will end you here!", Taiga added.

"You see, Sylux...", Samus continued. "You love to betray people who have no use for you and you have no remorse in doing so. You blindly talk about justice in a sense you take it to nihilistic levels. You think of nothing but destruction. You cared for no one other than yourself. You are truly no better than Mother Brain and Ridley in the way they tormented me.", she points out to Sylux that he is clearly as worse as her two deceased Space Pirate adversaries: Mother Brain and Ridley. "If you really want to know what real justice is, I... WE will show it to you, right here, right now!"

"This is it, everyone!", Emu tells everyone to ready and transform. "We will change the fate of the universe... With our own hands!"

Both the CR Doctors and the Space Explorers prepare themselves into the ultimate final battle that will decide the fate of the galaxy itself.

"Grade X-0!", starting with Kuroto holding Proto Mighty Action X Origin and Dangerous Zombie Gashats.

"0th Gear!", followed by Kiriya with Bakusou Bike in hand.

"Tactics Level 50!", Taiga selected Bang Bang Simulations on the Gashat Gear Dual Beta.

"Skill Level 100!", Hiiro pulls out the Taddle Legacy Gashat.

"Engage X Power!", Samus prepares the Hurricane Ninja Gashat, with the Buggle Driver II equipped.

"Max Dai...", Parado followed after inserting his Gashat Gear Dual in his Gamer Driver

"Hyper Dai...", Emu readies both Maximum Mighty X and Hyper Muteki Gashats and inserts the former into the Gamer Driver, then Hyper Muteki itself into Maximum Mighty X's socket.

"Let's...", on the Space Explorers' side, Go leads the chant, before everyone altogether shouted, "Henshin!"

All 14 Kamen Riders once again transform into their strongest forms. From left to right: Genm Zombie Action Gamer Level X-0, Lazer Turbo Level 0, Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50, Brave Legacy Gamer Level 100, Huntress Ninja Gamer Level X, Poppy Toki Meki Crisis Gamer Level X, Para-DX Perfect Knock Out Gamer Level 99, Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer, Mach Chaser, Ryugen Jimber Dragon Arms, Sin Specter, Mage, and Yujou Burst Necrom.

Sylux finds himself confronted with all 14 Riders, whilst in his disfigured Rider form. Only one of him and 14 of his enemies.

The time has finally come, with Sylux and Omega Weapon are the only remaining enemies left. The Kamen Riders must make everything in their utility belt to end Sylux's evil once and for all.

"Everyone, we can't afford to hold anything back!", Samus exclaimed. "This battle will decide the fate of our worlds. Let's go all out! EVERY POWER! EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT!", as she pulls her Bugvisor II from her Bugster Buckle and fires its beamgun at Ultimate Sylux.

"Right!", the other 13 exclaimed in response, as they charge at Sylux head on.

See you next mission...

Bugsters remaining: 5 out of 12 [Parado, Poppy Pipopapo (defected), Genm, Gekkou, Gemdeus]

Bugsters Deleted: 9 [Loverica, Graphite, Salty, Alhambra, Revol, Motors, Vernier, Kaiden, Charlie]

Genm's Lives remaining: 30 out of 99

Proto Gashats Recovered: 10 out of 10 [Proto Bakusou Bike, Proto Drago Knight Hunter Z, Proto Shakariki Sports, Proto Mighty Action X, Proto Taddle Quest, Proto Bang Bang Shooting, Proto Gekitotsu Robots, Proto DoReMiFa Beat, Proto Jet Combat, Proto Giri Giri Chambara]

Author's Note #2:

Samus comparing Sylux's actions to Mother Brain and Ridley justifies that she fully recognizes Sylux as her arch-enemy. For some reason's Sylux's hatred towards Samus are mostly out of petty reasons.