Thoughts of green eyes and freckles kept her up at night.

No matter how hard she tried to fall sleep, the burning in the loins prevented her from doing so.

Astrid didn't want to admit it, but Hiccup really got her hot and bothered. He was just too sexy for his own good.

She had been obsessing over his long fingers and beautiful lips from weeks now. Wondering how it would feel to be touched and caressed by these parts of him on the most aching places of her body.

Astrid often fantasized about Hiccup sneaking into her bedroom at night, while she was fast asleep, and doing all kinds of wicked things to her.

First, she imagined he would carefully strip off all her clothes. She might shiver in her sleep from the cold but the warmth of his touch would quickly calm her down.

He would then squeeze her breasts and play with her nipples for a while, building up a deep pressure within her. Afterwards, he would take one nipple in his mouth and suck on it until it grew pert and hard. And then repeat the same process on the other one.

At this point Astrid would have grown incredibly wet and start to leak through her underwear. Hiccup would then carefully peel it off her and run a finger against her glistening sex.

The next part of her fantasy was incredibly dirty. She imagined Hiccup licking his fingers and then probing her with them, making her gasp while she still remained unconscious.

And then at last, he would kiss her... there. He would be gentle but eager, devouring her with his talented tongue. Astrid would trash violently against her pillow but Hiccup would keep a firm grip on her thighs, not stop licking her out until she came at least three times.

"Hiccup!" Astrid gasped out loud, rubbing her throbbing clit as the fantasies continued to play out in her mind.

She didn't hear the creak of a door opening, or see the dark shadow of someone standing in the doorway, watching her with bewildered eyes.

Astrid simply continued to finger herself, moaning his name louder and louder with every motion of her hand.

Hiccup couldn't sleep, but he also didn't want to wake up Toothless in the middle of the night, so he decided to go for a walk by himself.

As he passed by Astrid's hut, he heard some muffled noises coming from inside.

Afraid something might have happened to her, Hiccup decided to enter her hut. Nothing appeared to be out of place.

He complemented leaving until he realized the sound had been coming from upstairs and it was growing louder now.

If he wasn't mistaken, it almost sounded like Astrid was shouting his name.

Hiccup frowned. Why would Astrid be calling out his name?

He decided to walk up to her bedroom and carefully pushed against the door that was already ajar.

The candles were still lit so he could make out Astrid very clearly.

She was lying on her wooden bed with her eyes closed, squirming and crying out his name.

It took him a while, but it slowly dawned to him that Astrid wasn't asleep. Her hand was moving furiously under the front of her leggings.

Hiccup could only guess what she was doing and blushed.

After getting over that intial shock, he then realized Astrid was actually touching herself to his name.

Hiccup didn't know if he should stay or leave.

Astrid didn't seem to have noticed his presence so he could easily sneak away and pretend like this never happened.

But did he really want to?

Requested by Acorntree144 :) Sorry if it was too short but I still hope you liked it.