In the blink of an eye, Hiccup managed to pull the covers over himself and Astrid, successfully concealing her from view.

When the guys entered the room it looked as if Hiccup was sitting in his bed by himself and the only thing seeming out of place was the sweat glistening on his forehead.

"Told you he was awake," Fishlegs greeted in elation. "Hiccup, you have to take a look at this!"

He pulled forth a map and pointed at the marked coordinates.

Snotlout snorted, rolling his eyes in exasperation. "Hiccup, please tell this big buffoon that it's all just a big ploy."

"No it's not!"

"Yes, I'm very sure it is!"

Hiccup tried to control his breathing, running a frustrated hand through his auburn mop.

"Could we- maybe.. I don't know.. talk about this in the morning instead?" he said with a shaky laugh, cheeks flushing. It was difficult to focus on anything but the delicious heat resting against his lower body, tickling and arousing him all at once.

His male peers ignored him, continuing on with their obnoxious bickering back and forth.

"Guys!" Hiccup gasped at last, trembling slightly as a soft hand squeezed him. He had to bite his bottom lip to refrain from groaning as something brushed over the tip of his hardness. It certainly didn't help that he had been on the verge of climaxing just mere moments ago.

Snotlout regarded him with a frown.

"He is going to get us killed!" he exclaimed, pointing at the husky boy accusingly. "...Are you even listening to what I'm saying, Hiccup?"

Hiccup blinked, opening his mouth to form a coherent retort but only managing a weak nod.

His big cock was now resting against her beautiful, sweet lips under the covers. Hiccup wanted nothing more than to push inside but restrained himself because it would definitely draw attention from their unexpected company.

The timing really couldn't have been more impeccable.

"Hiccup?" he could hear Fishlegs ask in concern, stepping closer and causing Hiccup to snap his head up.

"I.. I need to you to leave," he blurted out in panic and then swallowed a moan that was threatening to escape.

Mighty Freya, was Astrid torturing him on purpose? He could swear he felt her kiss his arousal.




"What?" Snotlout yelled, frowning at his cousin, slightly offended that he was being shown to the door.

Hiccup took a deep breath.

"We will talk in the morning."

Snotlout however looked unfazed, proceeding to glare at him.

Hiccup turned to Fishlegs. "Please," he pleaded in a desperate tone.

Fishlegs paused for a moment but then nodded with a smile.

"Sure thing Hiccup. We will let you sleep on it," he agreed. "Come on Snotlout."

"Thank you Fishlegs."

Snotlout shot Hiccup another skeptical look before retreating with the husky boy and fortunately shutting the door behind him.

Hiccup let out a sigh of relief and then hastily stripped the sheets away only to find the head of his cock engulfed in Astrid's mouth.

She looked up at him with a naughty smirk before letting go of his member so she could lick him from head to base and then back up again, lapping up the leaked cum.

"Mmm," she moaned, so irrevocably in love with the taste of him. His cock was simply exquisite and out of this world.

Hiccup sensed something swell in his chest at the clear joy on her face. He had never felt so worshipped and at home than in that moment.

It didn't last long. The door suddenly barged open again.

"Sorry! Forgot the map!"