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Lost Memories

Chapter One: Waking Up


Harry dazedly came into consciousness, stretching slightly and finding that his stomach was rather larger then he remembered it. He felt a sharp pain and moaned, as it was almost unbearable. The last thing he remembered was that man, Hagrid was it? Leaving him in King's Cross to find his way onto the Platform to get to the Hogwarts Express. What happened?

A woman came bustling over to him and asked, "How are you feeling? Do you know where you are?"

Harry blinked at her and said, "Pain, sharp pain, and why is my stomach so large? I have no idea where I am, all I know is the last thing I remember is being in King's Cross Station trying to get on the train to go to school without instructions on how to get onto the Platform."

She scrunched up her nose and said, "Well, I'm Abby Thames, your nurse. Darling your stomach is that large because you're about to have a baby. I need you to tell me a few things alright? What's your name?"

Harry smiled a bit and said, "Harry James Potter."

Abby nodded, wrote that down and asked, "How old are you dear?"

Harry frowned and said, "I feel like I'm supposed to be eleven, but I can tell I'm much older."

Abby frowned, but wrote that down and then said, "Well dear, it appears you're having a bit of a memory problem. Did you know you were a Wizard?"

Harry nodded and said, "Hagrid told me so, where am I?"

At this Abby smiled and said, "You're in a Wizarding Hospital, named St. Mungo's. A branch of it anyway, in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm assuming you're either Muggle-born or Muggle-raised, so just to let you know, Wizards these days tend to have babies with other Wizards through various charms. You appear to have used one of said charms, as you're about to have a baby yourself. According to the body scans we've been running, you're twenty-three years old, bonded, which is similar to the Muggle form of Marriage, and of the High Mage level in your Magical Power."

Harry blinked and said, "Bonded? Do you know who to?"

She shook her head no and said, "We're sorry Harry, we thought you would know who you were bonded to. It's obviously a male, as you're the one pregnant. After the birth we can file papers to find out through the Ministry. Now that you're awake though, I think I'll go get the doctor and we'll start on labor, how's that sound? Hmm?"

Harry nodded slightly, anything to ease the pain. Abby rushed out of the room to find a doctor, leaving Harry to his thoughts. The only thing running through his head at the moment however was currently, 'I'm literally missing twelve years of memories. And I'm about to have a child, and have to deal with missing twelve years of my life at the same time? This husband of mine had better be worth this.'

Nearly five minutes later Abby came back in with two other women who smiled at him. One walked straight to him and said, "Hello Mr. Potter. I'm Dr. Childs, you know Abby already and my other assistant here is our newest resident, Zoey Hayes. Now, Abby tells me you don't remember much of anything Magical at the moment, so I want you to know that your lower half at the moment is currently female as you're pregnant. Once you've had the baby, I'll charm you back to your normal self. It only takes a few hours to recover from this, but we'll keep you overnight with the baby. Now relax and let us do the work for you alright?"

Harry just nodded trusting the doctors. Fifteen minutes later Harry was holding a crying, flushed baby boy with black wisps of hair on his head and the same green eyes that Harry had. One of the nurses took pictures of Harry and his son, for which Harry was eternally grateful. Abby smiled at him and asked, "What do you want to name your son, Harry?"

Harry smiled and said, "James, after my Father."

She smiled and said, "And a middle name?"

Harry thought for a moment and said, "Sirius. James Sirius Potter."

She nodded and said, "We've finished with all the charms. I'll have someone stop by in a while to take little James off your hands so you can get some sleep. Do you have any place to go dear?"

Harry frowned, he couldn't imagine the Dursley's letting him in their house with his son. He shook his head and said, "My relatives would be slightly less then pleased to see me I'm afraid. They're rather hateful of anything magical, and I'd rather not expose James to them."

She chuckled and said, "I remember my parents were like that. You know, if you'd like, I'm rarely home anyway, so if you'd like, until we find out where your husband is, I'd be glad to let you and James stay with me. I doubt it'll take more than a few weeks, and I'd be happy to have you both as guests."

Harry smiled and said, "I'd love that Abby. Are you sure though? I wouldn't want to impose."

Abby laughed and said, "Harry, honestly. You've just had a baby, it wouldn't be an imposition at all, I promise you. I'll go file the paper work for the Ministry and hopefully we'll get an owl back soon. I'll write that the response should go to my house as you'll be staying with me until we find your beloved."

Harry just grinned and said, "I can't thank you enough. James and I would be thrilled to stay with you."

Five minutes later Abby left to send the owl to the Ministry. She'd never met anyone like Harry before, and she'd known they would be friends almost immediately. The poor man had lost twelve years of his life! She huffed and sat down to write the letter quickly. Once done she left to send the owl, by putting it in the pile to go out to the Ministry by the large crate that they charmed for one owl to carry at the end of the day.

She walked away not knowing that the letter she threw in got stuck between the boards not to be found until two and a half years later when another important owl didn't make it to the Ministry. She smiled and walked back to Harry's room, glad to have helped the man and smiled to see him holding his new son close and talking softly to him.

Harry was grinning at James and saying, "You're not making it very easy to figure out who your other Dad is you know James. You look too much like me! I'm sure he misses both of us though. We'll just have to be patient though, I'm sure he'll show up."

James just yawned at Harry and snuggled into the warm embrace of his Daddy, who smiled down at him truly happy that he had actual family that he could love, and have love from in return. He only prayed he didn't inflict any harm on his son, the way the Dursley's had 'raising' him. He watched his son slowly fall asleep in his arms, wondering whether he and his husband had other children at home, and what his husband was like. Hopefully the man was understanding, because Harry truly had no idea how he got here.