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Lost Memories

Chapter Six: Epilogue: The Benefits of Losing Ones Memory


Two years later. . . .

A three-year-old James Sirius Potter-Snape was sitting calmly in the waiting room outside one of the private rooms in the Hogwarts infirmary, petting his Daddy's Phoenix, Fawkes. It had been his Grandpa's, but he'd died only a few months earlier and the Phoenix had refused to leave his Daddy. His Papa complained about the bird every so often but between James and his Daddy, they talked him into living with it.

His Papa, Severus Alexander Potter-Snape, was the Potions Master, Head of Slytherin House and Deputy Headmaster at Hogwarts. His Daddy, Harry James Potter-Snape, stayed with James and any of the other Staff's children during the day instead of working. Auntie Abby, Uncle Tony and their daughters, Melanie (barely 2 years old) and Olivia (7 months old), were sitting next to James waiting patiently.

Hermione, Seamus, Emily and Erin Finnigan were sitting across from them while Emily and Erin played with the toys. Draco and Alexander Malfoy were sitting next to the Finnigan's, while Lavender, Suzette, Sarah and Ronald Jr. Weasley sat next to the Malfoy boys. Minerva McGonagall, the now Headmistress of Hogwarts, was sitting next to Lavender and her children.

Sirius and Remus were sitting in the chairs just across from Minerva and Lavender with their own children. Delano had just turned two, while Nadine was just barely one, and Dante merely three weeks old. Sirius had insisted upon the end of the war and Harry's return that they not worry so much anymore.

So they both agreed to have as many children as they possibly could afford between Sirius's inheritance and his Ministry position. After Delano had turned out to be perfectly human and without being a werewolf like Remus, Remus had agreed and soon after Nadine and Dante were brought into the small family.

Severus was grinning from ear to ear when he came out holding two small pink-blanket wrapped babies. James was of course the first to react and asked happily, "Can I see Papa?"

Severus smiled at his son, sitting down next to the boy and said, "Of course James. These are your sisters, Sophia Lily and Sonja Thyme."

James kissed both of his baby sister's on the forehead before saying to them softly, "Hi Sophia and Sonja, I'm your big brother. Daddy and Papa said that I get to help with you."

Severus chuckled and kissed James's forehead before saying, "Why don't you run in there and say hi to your Daddy, James? I'm sure he'd like to see you."

James nodded before running off into the next room leaving Severus to show off his new daughters. He smiled as he introduced his little girls to the rest of the room. Sophia and Sonja both had black hair, but while Sophia had green eyes, Sonja had black ones. The only thing they seemed to have from Harry was his nose, with the exception of Sophia's eyes.

Harry looked over at the door when it opened and smiled at James who ran nearly full force to the bed, jumped up on it and gave Harry a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Harry hugged his little boy close and asked, "So do you like your little sisters James?"

James smiled and nodded before saying, "Yup. Papa showed them to me first."

Harry smiled at that, he and Severus had gone to extra lengths to make sure James would feel included with the girls through the pregnancy and their birth. James looked up at him and asked, "Now we go back home with Papa?"

Harry chuckled and said, "Well yes, but we have to bring your sisters home with us this time too."

James frowned, he hadn't counted on that end of it. He didn't want to share his Daddy and his Papa. They were his, didn't they understand that? Pouting, James whined, "But I don't want them to."

Harry blinked and asked, "I thought you liked Sonja and Sophia, James?"

James nodded, of course he liked them, they were quiet little things that were quite cute. Harry smirked and asked, "Well then what do you propose we do with them James? Leave them here with Madam Pomfrey?"

James thought about it for a minute and nodded, that sounded like a good idea. Harry chuckled and said, "No James, they're both coming home with you, me and Papa."

Severus had come back in at this point with the girls but stood still listening for a moment to the husband and son he nearly lost just three years ago. Harry had put James' first year in a pensieve for him and after looking through it quite a few times, he still didn't think he would have done nearly half the job Harry had with him. Harry smiled at him over James's head before looking back to James.

James pouted more and said, "They stay here! My Daddy and My Papa, not theirs."

Harry hugged James close and rubbed his back and said, "No James, we're still your Daddy and Papa, but we're Sophia and Sonja's as well. We don't love you any less because we have Sonja and Sophia now, but we love them just as much as we love you."

Severus sat down next to Harry holding his barely hour old daughters close to his chest while he kissed James's forehead and said, "You know James, I was under the impression that you liked your little sisters."

Harry chuckled and said, "Oh he does like them, he just doesn't want them to come home with us."

James nodded in agreement and Severus laughed and said, "James they have to come home with us. Daddy and I can't just leave them here without someone to care for them."

James pouted and said, "Madam can take care of them."

Harry frowned and asked, "James why are you behaving like this? You knew they would come home with us when Papa and I came in here earlier. Why don't you want them to come home with us now?"

James bit his lip and Severus shook his head, "They're coming with us James. We both still love you with all of our hearts, but we love your little sisters now too. You're simply going to have to accept that."

James sighed, he wasn't going to win this one. Pouting still he said, "Fine."

Harry yawned, but then smiled and said, "James go back to our rooms with Papa alright? I need to get some sleep, your sisters were much harder than you were to give birth to."

Severus kissed Harry before saying, "Make sure you let Poppy know if you need anything."

James kissed Harry's cheek before jumping off the bed and nearly giving both Severus and Harry heart attacks as he nearly hit his head on the next bed. Harry smiled as he watched Severus walk out of the Hospital Wing with James, Sophia and Sonja. He was never going through that again, if Severus wanted more children HE could go through twenty hours of labor.

Things had certainly turned out alright after spending nearly a year away from Severus with no memory of him. Harry had to admit he was lucky his husband was an understanding man. James took a while to call Severus 'Papa', but both had accepted one another fairly quickly. And the second pregnancy for Harry was spent nearly entirely between his bed with Severus and sitting in a chair in their sitting room watching over James, Emily, Erin, Alexander, Suzette, Sarah, and Ronald Junior.

After having lost one another once, Severus and Harry cherished their relationship and days together in a way that they'd never thought possible. Harry simply had to admit, losing his memories was possibly the best thing that had ever happened to both himself and Severus. Having lived without one another for just a year, they now knew that their love for one another and for James, Sophia and Sonja, was all they would ever need. Harry merely grinned at the thought, all of this, because of a few lost memories.