Writing History By Kate O'Riley

Normally, I don't write post-"Endgame" stuff. I don't read it either. But I had to explain how Emma Janeway came about. So this is a prequel to "True History". Second part will be up.sometime.

Time: After "Endgame" Rating: PG Disclaimer: Ohhhh/I don't own/ these characters/ But the story's mine / it is not yours / but Paramount / take my idea / and fix our Voyager / that you have broke / Die C/7 die / you are not right / Go back to Janeway / Chakotay must! / This song is bad / and doesn't rhyme / so I will quit / until next time!



Tom Paris ran across Sickbay, skidding to a stop next to B'Elanna, who was on the biobed. He looked at the bundle she was holding and hesitantly touched it.

"She's not going to bite. She doesn't have teeth." B'Elanna said, smiling.

"Yeah, but she's so.so.little." Tom said.

"Actually, she's rather big. Nearly ten pounds." The Doctor appeared next to Tom.

"She's still little." Tom mumbled. "How are you, though, B'Elanna?"

"How do you think? I just delivered a baby with the ship jumping around so much it's a miracle I wasn't thrown off the bed! What were you doing?"

"Getting us back to the Alpha Quadrant." He said matter-of-factly.

B'Elanna froze. "What?" she whispered.

"We're back."


"Yeah. By the way, thanks for winning the bet for me."


As soon as another crewman had come to take the helm, Chakotay went to Astrometrics. He knew what he had to do, but that didn't make it easy.

"Seven, I have to tell you something."

Seven turned around. "Yes Commander?"

"This isn't a formal situation. This is between us."

Seven took a deep breath. "There's something I need to tell you too."

"Go ahead." "I must break up with you."

Chakotay took a step back. "Why?"

"I feel that we are not compatible."

Chakotay was stunned. He had come to tell Seven the same thing, but hearing her say it.he hadn't expected it. "There's got to be more than 'we are not compatible'." He said.

Seven looked at the floor. "I know how you feel about Captain Janeway."

If Chakotay had been stunned before, he was positively floored now, but he didn't try to deny it. "How?" he asked instead.

"I must apologize. I was.bored, one day. I was exploring some files in the computer, and accidentally came upon your log. Stardate 54381. You said, to quote you, 'I still love Kathryn'. Again, on stardate 54954, you mentioned how you would always love her. Your attitude towards her confirms this."

"You read my log?"

"I'm sorry."

He put his hand on her shoulder. "Seven.thank you. I have to admit, I came here to tell you the same thing. It's easier, knowing you feel the same way."

He left without looking back.


"Captain's personal log, supplemental

After so long.I can't believe it. We're home. I've gotten us home. We'll be in orbit in an hour.

I just came back from visiting Sickbay. B'Elanna and Tom have had an absolutely beautiful baby girl. She's adorable. She couldn't have picked a better set of parents. She'll be spoiled rotten within a week.

They're so lucky. There have been so many times I've wished for a child. A little girl, maybe with Chakotay's eyes.

I'm just kidding myself. I might have had a chance with Chakotay once, but not now. I've lost all chance. I can't believe what my older self told me. It was difficult enough to see myself as an old woman. To tell the truth, I think her life affected her mind. I don't think she was entirely sane. But telling me about what would happen.Tuvok's disease, Chakotay marrying Seven, Seven dying.I would do anything to make Chakotay happy.

Even if it meant losing him forever."


"Kathryn, can I talk to you?"

Kathryn Janeway slammed her hand down on her computer screen, turning it off. She didn't want Chakotay to see the picture of them at the luau Neelix had held four years ago.

"Of course." She said. She took a deep breath. This would be difficult.

Chakotay stood in front of her ready room desk, shifting somewhat nervously from one foot to the other. "Kathryn, I.I."

"Yes?" she prompted.

"I have to tell you something. I have to tell you the truth."

Her outward appearance gave no clue, but inside her heart broke. He was going to tell her about his seeing Seven.

"Seven and I - "

Harry Kim broke in via comm badge. "Bridge to Janeway."

"Go ahead."

"We're in orbit. Admiral Paris is requesting to beam aboard."

"Granted, of course. I'll meet him in the transporter room. Janeway out."

She stood. "I'm sorry Chakotay, it'll have to wait." She felt a secret pleasure that she had avoided his telling her.

But inside, a voice was nagging her.you may have avoided it for now, Kathryn, but he'll try again.


"Admiral Paris! It's good to see you again, in person." Janeway greeted the admiral as he stepped off the transporter.

"Likewise, Captain. Where is Lieutenant Paris?"

"Computer, locate Lieutenant Paris." She requested.

"Lieutenant Paris is in Sickbay."

Janeway nodded. "I thought he would be."

"Why?" Admiral Paris asked. "Was he injured?" His voice spoke of concern only a father could have.

"No, he's fine. But I think you should see him and let him explain."

Janeway led the way to Sickbay, stopping the admiral right before the doors opened. "Janeway to Paris." She said.

She heard a sigh. "Paris here."

"Tom, I thought you should know, your father's aboard."


"Would you like to see him?"

"Um.yeah, I guess."

"Good. Look at the door. Janeway out."

She practically had to shove Admiral Paris through the door. But it was worth it to see Tom's reaction.

Tom blinked several times, as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Dad?" he whispered.


Father and son met each other in the middle of Sickbay and hugged each other. Tears were streaming down their faces. B'Elanna was smiling. Janeway walked over to her.

"Makes the trouble worth it, don't you think?" Janeway said.

"It's all worth it." B'Elanna said. Janeway patted her shoulder.

Tom and Admiral Paris had now stopped hugging each other and instead stood shooting incomplete sentences at each other. "I can't believe-" "How?" "What?" and more. Finally, Tom squared his shoulders.

"Dad, I'd like to introduce you to B'Elanna, my wife, and Miral, our daughter." He was obviously proud to say the words.

B'Elanna gave Admiral Paris a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you sir."

Admiral Paris looked like he could be knocked over with a feather. "Wife?!?! Daughter?!?! Thomas Eugene Paris, what *have* you been up to?" he said, shaking his head.

"Tom, you didn't tell him?" Janeway asked incredulously.

"No he didn't!" Admiral Paris exclaimed. "Now what is this about you being a father?"

"As of approximately an hour ago." B'Elanna put in. "Not that he was making it easy for me to have her, with those piloting tricks."

Janeway decided to leave the family alone. On her way out, she noticed a pair of eyes peering over the Doctor's desk.

"Doctor." she said. "Let's go. Give them some privacy."

The Doctor sheepishly crawled out from under the desk. "Aye Captain."


Two weeks later.


Janeway bit her lip to keep herself from crying. How would that look? OK, she admitted to herself, people would probably understand. But she still didn't want to cry.

"Captain Janeway?" Admiral Paris showed her to the podium. She gave him a weak smile. He didn't buy it.

"It'll be fine." Admiral Paris told her before she stepped up to speak.

Once the cheers of the crowd had died down, she began to speak. "Thank you all for being here today for the decommissioning of the U.S.S. Voyager. As you all know, I was - am, captain of Voyager. And always will be, at least in some part of myself.

"Voyager was more than a starship. It was our home, for seven years. She brought us through good times and bad. She took the worst the Delta Quadrant could offer and kept on going. There will never be another ship like Voyager, or another crew as fine as hers.

"Who could have imagined such a bunch of misfits getting thrown together as us? Starfleet and Maquis, a situation that could have gone much worse. But it didn't, and I have my first officer to thank for that. He was offered a commission in Starfleet, but has turned it down. I think it's a shame, but I have to admit, I'm glad, for the rather selfish reason that I don't want anyone to have a first officer as good as mine!" She waited for the laughter to die down. "Our doctor is an EMH. When he was first activated, he was gruff, rude, uncooperative, had a terrible bedside manner - " She was interrupted by the Doctor, who was seated behind her, with the rest of the senior staff. "I think they get the idea, Captain!" he said loudly.

Janeway smiled. "But he has become a kind, caring person. And that's what he is. A person. Perhaps a hologram, but also a person. If it makes any sense." Again, she waited for laughter to die down. "Our chief engineer, B'Elanna Torres, is a former member of the Maquis. She was kicked out of the Academy. When she came on board, she was angry, and often let her temper get the better of her. But she's the best engineer I've ever met, and she's turned into someone who's very caring, and to top it all off, she's a terrific mother. She was one of the reasons we made it back. Without her inventiveness, we'd have been in the Delta Quadrant a lot longer. That's probably why

"Her husband, Tom Paris, was dishonorably discharged from Starfleet. He joined the Maquis, and was caught. When I first talked to him, he was in a penal colony. I originally brought him on board to lead us to the Maquis base. However, once we got to the Delta Quadrant, he showed that he could be depended upon in a tight spot, and despite a few rough spots, he's turned into a fine man, one of whom I'm proud. He was also the best pilot on the ship, and it was his idea to build the Flyer. I personally think it's somewhat fitting that the pilot married the engineer.

"Harry Kim was also a very reliable officer to have. He did his best at all times, although he got mixed up into some of Tom's schemes at times. But he performed the best he could, at all times. He's always given 110%.

"Tuvok has been a friend of mine for years. He repeatedly risked his life, in order to protect the ship. How many of the captains here have Vulcans on their crews?" Several hands raised. Janeway smiled. "Then you know that they tend to be the cause of headaches for a captain. Tuvok gave me several, but he also helped me out in many tight spots, and he's got a keen sense of humor. Don't deny it, Tuvok!

"I couldn't skip Neelix. Although he is no longer with us, we try to remain in contact, and he remains a close friend. He helped us with all sorts of things. He was cook, morale officer, ambassador, guide, and most importantly, friend. Although no one really liked the leola root dishes he came up with, he made many other delicious dishes, and he always had a smile ready.

"Kes, too, is no longer with us, but I don't think any of us will ever forget her. She was always willing to lend a hand, and she served as a gardener, medical assistant, and again, friend. We will never forget her."

Janeway steeled herself to continue. "Seven came aboard as a Borg drone, who we disconnected from the Collective. Her knowledge of space and the other species in the area saved us several times, and even saved Neelix's life. Again, she was essential to our survival.

"These are my officers and other senior staff members. They all contributed to getting us home. We also had many other crewmen, who helped as well. Unfortunately, we lost many crewmen too. We will always honor their memories."

She stepped down from the podium as Admiral Something-Or-The-Other stepped up and finished the ceremony. It was over. She would never again be in command of Voyager, as the ship fought battles, discovered scientific wonders, or arranged meeting with various aliens. Instead, the ship would sit, within sight from Starfleet Academy, as a museum.

Now, she was going back to Indiana. She was going home.