Writing History, Part 7 By Kate O'Riley

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Six and a half months later.

"Chakotay!" Kathryn shook his shoulder. He groaned and turned over a bit. "Chakotay! It's time!"

Her only response was a snore.

She gave up trying to shake and instead punched his shoulder. "Oww." came from him. He sat up. "Whatcha do that for, Kathryn?" His words were slurred from having just woken.

"It's time."

"What?" He was wide-awake now.

"Emma's finally decided to grace us with her presence."

"You're only two week overdue."

"Yeah, well, two weeks is a long time when you're like this." She indicated her inflated belly. "Now I know how B'Elanna felt."

"Have you got your bag?" Chakotay asked as he slipped his shoes on.

"No, can you get it for me?" She hit a key on the small monitor. "B'Elanna, sorry to wake you, but could you pass the word on that we're going?"

B'Elanna, who had looked slightly grumpy at being woken up, and still sleepy, immediately perked up. "Of course. Have a good time. Don't let it kill you. But at least you'll be on solid ground, and not on a ship where the pilot's doing acrobatics."

Tom's voice came from somewhere out of sight. "B'Elanna, I said I was sorry!"

She rolled her eyes, grinned, and closed the channel.


Once again, Voyager's crew gathered together in front of Starfleet Medical; this time to hold their collective breath and wait for the good news. Unlike last time, this time, they knew there would be good news.

It was a long wait. Her labor lasted 30 hours. In that time, almost all the crew had managed to gather together. Chakotay, naturally, stayed by her side the entire time. B'Elanna and Tom took the responsibility of giving the crew updates. And, when a small girl slipped into the world, the crew agreed on one thing, from the picture that had been hastily taken for them; she'd inherited the Janeway Death Glare. At five minutes old, Emma Janeway was already pulling her face into the glare that Voyager's crewmen felt thankful to escape alive from.

The majority of the crewmen waited for a longer period still, in order to congratulate their much-beloved former captain and first officer. By the time young Emma was ten hours old, she'd met well over 100 people, many more then most newborns.

Finally, a day later, Kathryn, Chakotay, and Emma came home. This time, there was no large reception, as there had been last time. Only the officers were on hand to greet them. Miral, who'd already began to try a few words and was learning to stand, crawled over to "Aunt Kathryn". She'd inherited a hefty dose of curiosity, as well as her mother's engineering skills, her father's piloting skills (as far as they could judge from her sometimes-reckless crawling), and she was curious as to what the thing Aunt Kathryn was holding was. She clutched the chair's side where Kathryn was sitting and pulled herself onto somewhat-wobbly feet, gurgling happily at the sight of the baby. Emma opened her blue eyes and blinked at Miral. She stuck her little fist out of the blanket and waved it at Miral. Miral waved her fist back. The adults laughed.

"Looks like they're already friends," B'Elanna commented.

Kathryn Janeway sat back into the chair, smiling as she watched Miral crawl back to Tom, who picked her up and gave her a toss before settling her into his lap. She laughed happily. Janeway then looked at Emma, who'd fallen asleep in that brief period of time. "I wonder what life will be like for them," she said softly. "Will they be given their own Delta Quadrant? There were so many hardships there, but look at what we all got out of it. I feel as close to all of you as I do to my real family, maybe even closer."

As she looked around the room at her "family", she thought of how much she treasured each one of them. Life would be different without them. She looked at Miral, snuggled in Tom's arms, then at Emma, sleeping in her own.

She felt Chakotay come behind her and squeeze her shoulder. She smiled softly. "May the children of Voyager have adventures of their own. Let them face their personal Delta Quadrants and come through as triumphantly as we did."

The End.sort of.

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