Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

What I Love About Her Series: Her Determination.

He was panting, left hand raised forwards, palm open. His other was poised near his sides; palm also open. With his legs standing apart, he was poised for his standard kata.

Ahead of him Tenten was steadily decreasing the distance between them as she ran towards him at full speed, skin glistening with sweat. She held no weapon in hand, she was to use her bare fists to accomplish her goal.

When she was a few yards away, she dropped to the ground and swiped a spinning kick to his feet but Neji easily saw through it and jumped. Using the momentum from her kick, she immediately spun upright, an elbow poised to meet the side of his jaw. Her sparring partner blocked it with his forearm but Tenten calculated, counted on, that movement and spun quickly again and this time effectively boxed him on the side of his face, rattling him.

The second he was stunned, Tenten tensed her legs and jumped, tackling him to the ground with a hug.

"I did it," she looked down on him, smiling cheekily and panting. Her arms were loosely coiled around his neck and she lay on her stomach on top of him.

Neji felt his chest warm when she rested her head in the crook of his neck, breathlessly laughing. He mirrored the gesture and breathlessly laughed with her, a hand resting lightly on her nape, the other on her back, gently holding her close.

"It took three hours," he said mid-chuckle, "But I guess you did."

("I will hug you Neji Hyuga, else I would give you a hundred kisses or die trying!

Her eyes were set ablaze and Neji grimly nodded his assent, inwardly giving her the most tender of smiles as she pelted him with waves upon waves of projectiles)


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