Chapter 2

Goodbye with a new start...?

Plot: Hinamori Amu, 23, was the new teacher hired at Seiyo Academy and was appointed as the substitute chemistry teacher for final year students. When you are the youngest teacher of the school, surrounded by hormonal young males, is it really possible to keep playing the role of the ideal teacher? Not quite possible in Amu's case because she's in the presence of the same boy who seduced her at that one night at night club. A pair of surprised looking jade eyes met her shocked honeyed ones. This is the start of their chemistry classes... But the twist? She's married.

Pairing(s): Amuto, Kukamu

A bar. She was again in a bar, a familiar looking one. The same old neon lighted signals that she has seen so many times decorating insides of her favorite place of all, the 'Black Diamond' pub.

'What was she doing here?' She

inspected her surroundings. A boy. She was sitting beside a boy who was looking directly at her. 'What did he want?' He was only looking at her, she was feeling weird under his gaze.

The loud blaring noise was filling the silence between them. She peeked up at the boy before her. The half of his face shadowed by his dark bangs.

"D-Do you need anything from me, Mister?" She tried. He shifted, and looked up under his bangs.

"Jewels..." She seemed to murmur in daze.

Whatever that happened next was hazy in her mind but the last thing that she remembers was the feel of his lips on hers. The world melt away...leaving her with the man of her dream.

He kissed her...and she was sure that she kissed back. Leaving both of them breathless.

Then he was gone...just like in a certain night. 'Why was he so mysterious?' He tasted so forbidden to her but that only excited her more than it should have.

Then the world scattered around her, like a glass that breaks into tiny pieces. She was pushed down into the depths of the abyss, and he was the disaster, what else can ruin her in less than a minute?

Everything blackened thereafter.


With a loud, deafening thud Amu landed facedown on the floor. Her sides twitched soundly when she picked her bare body up from the cold floor. She held her head in her hands, slammed her eyes shut and hummed the pain.

"Just a dream...nothing to worry about," Amu nodded to herself, gently getting on her feet. Her unrobed figure loosely concealed from view by the ivory cover. Her core throbbed painfully but she had no time to rest. "What an unusual dream..."

Her legs pressed together when she sat down on the side of her queen sized bed, she was fingering her phone. Her eyes flickered to the other side of the bed, and she turned grim.

'So he was really here...when was the last time he spend a night here?' Ikuto was hardly ever at home, for months he was away from her, and his career as a musician didn't help her either. Regardless to say, their love life is growing worse at the rate they were moving. But that didn't mean that she didn't love him, she chose him– her first love – as her life partner obviously for a reason. And that reason wasn't money or his looks.

'I wonder how long would he be here...' She wouldn't want him to leave her again. 'A week for most I suppose...'

Anchoring her attention to her phone, she signed. The clock read: 7:36am

"What a morning person..." Her eyes crossed in exasperation when she leaned over and felt the other side of the bed cold. He stays a night only for some time and he wouldn't even leave a chance to ogle his sleepy face. He looks really cute when he's sleeping, quite honestly. As dreamlike as it sounds, she wanted him to remain by her side till she wakes up, as they used to be in their early days.

"Oh well..." Amu looked down, her bright colored hair clouding a sweet, gentle smile. "At least he was here"

Nevertheless she was very happy that he was back.

The sweet smell instantly hit her nostrils the moment she left her room, dressed. She did not need to know what was being prepared for her downstairs.

'So he is keeping his promise...'

" expected of the son of world famous chef!" Amu said words of praise when she descended down the stairs. Ikuto Tsukiyomi was son of Souko Tsukiyomi, a celebrated chef at a famous hotel in New York. With that being said, he was also a gifted violinist like his father, Aruto Tsukiyomi, who was a famous violin player but his popularity is limited only to Europe where he had first begin his career as a musician, at a young age of 17. He was quite a prodigy.

"Ah, you haven't even tasted them and you are already so sure" Ikuto said without looking up, his hands busy into washing the leftover dishes from last night. The pancakes were sizzling in the pan and he knew what he was doing, after all Ikuto was good at multitasking.

"But the hell am I doing this? Life's so unfair..." Ikuto added softly to himself. But it doesn't go unheard by Amu.

"Oh please, you know that last night you lost the game. You are not in position to complain now, and I think you should be doing things like this more often." Amu smiled cheekily, the tint of red adorning her cheeks. Ikuto sighed, knowing well that she was right. But that reminds him...

"Why yes, the last night, you were really being rough there. Someone here really missed the feeling of lying in bed, don't you think?" Ikuto smirked when Amu who upon hearing this nearly tripped on her way to the dining table. He was not washing dishes anymore, instead he was checking out his arm. His arm had gone dull red from all the scratches and gash marks. "You are really harsh..."

"W-Wha– Wait! first, that impatient one is you!"—Amu points her finger at him in accusation —"And just who bites their partner as they fuck?!" Amu quickly interjects, her face burning red but her hands icy cold. To prove her point she pulls the collar of her top down and shows him the deep bite marks that he had left behind.

Last night, they had sex, after six months straight, and it wasn't much to her surprise that Ikuto had gone very rough on her last night. Who was she to complain when she had yearned for his touch just as much as he did for her? She loved it when they have wild night together. It was also one of the reasons why she loved him so much.

Ikuto chuckles lowly, and walks up to Amu.

"You speak as if you hate it. Plus I can pleasure my wife in whichever way I desire..." He tilted her chin up and with a grin that rivalled the chivalry of the Cheshire cat, he clasped her lips with his. "Or how she prefers..."

"Idiot..." Amu mumbles, her glare unwaveringly fixed on her husband. "My pancakes..." She poked on the hard texture of the desert. She didn't feel like eating it. Who knows the consequences of eating this...thing?

"Okay! I guess it was my fault. I completely forget about the pancakes that I left in the pan..." Ikuto said back, munching on the now-burned pancake. 'Awful...' Ikuto thought in distaste after feeling the bitterness of it in his mouth.

"Actually it was your fault, Amu, you are so distracting." Ikuto added with a smirk.

"What? But t-that...!" *RING*

Amu wanted to protest but her phone went off, taking both Ikuto and Amu by surprise.

"Uh...hello?" Amu answered the phone call. It was an unknown number.

"Morning, Amu" A familiar voice spoke up from other end, and her eyes lit up.

"Utau! Morning to you too, what's up with this number?" Amu chatted on, and Ikuto got up to throw the remaining burned pancakes into the dustbin. He didn't feel like ruining the taste in his mouth anymore.

Amu pushed her plate away from her too, and didn't meet Ikuto's eyes. He chuckled at her, and decided to make French toast instead. He liked them.

"Ah, I'm at my friend's house. She lent me her phone...because I forgot to bring mine..." Amu could really visualize Utau twirling the strands of her luscious flaxen hair in her fingers. She was so much like Ikuto, and they say right– like brother, like sister.

"That's so like you. You have a fad for new phones but you never bring them with you..." Amu heaved a sigh, her fingers got bored and begin playing with the edges of her top.

"That's because I always lose them...I don't do it intentio– tsk...ouch..." Shuffling and sound of hurried footsteps could be heard from other side. Amu felt the edge of her lip curling up.

"You bit your tongue, Utau" It wasn't a question.

"Whatever, Anyway, I called you for a reason, you know? Stop diverting me..." Utau complained with a stern tone. She was obviously ignoring her comment.

"Remember when last time we met, you begged me to find you a job? Yes, I've got you one!" Amu's eyes widened owlishly. She had almost forgotten to talk to Ikuto about her thing. Her eyes flickered to the lounging male in the couch. '...what should I say?'

"Really? But what about my deg–"

"You don't have to worry about it, Amu, I've got it all covered for you. You know the friend I was talking about, her elder brother is a teacher at this school. He said that their school is in need for a substitute chemistry teacher, and coincidentally you've done masters in chemistry too! If you want they are willing to take you in..." Utau explained, and Amu bit on her lips. She didn't know what she should be saying to her. While she wanted to say 'yes' to her, she haven't talked to Ikuto about it. There's only one thing that could be done now...

"Uh, I've not talked to I-Ikuto about it–"

"Say Amu, how's it going with him?" Amu froze in surprise. Her brow furrowed as lips turned grim. What should she say? That was everything was fine?

"Y-yea, it is going g-great!" She sounded so fake, Amu was sure that Utau wasn't convinced. But to her surprise she didn't force the truth out of her.

"...if you say so, by the way...did he tell you something?" Utau sounded very hesitant.

"Not anything I can think of, why?" He didn't tell her anything special last night. What could it be about?

"Uh, would be better if he tell you himself. Oh and about the job–"

"I accept" was Amu's quick but firm reply. "I'll join in the next working day"

"You sure? What about Ikuto?" Amu wasn't sure but something in Utau's tone told her that it was only right thing to accept.

"I'll tell him, I'm sure he wouldn't mind" Amu leaned back on the wall and looked down.

"If you say so. I'll message you about the school details later...bye" Amu only hummed in reply. The line cut off and a beep was heard. The gold gaze lingered on the screen which displayed the main screen wallpaper. She and Ikuto couldn't look happier than they did in the photo...

'5 years...'

Wordlessly, Amu walked over to Ikuto who handed her the toast that he made as she passed, they looked good. Amu only hummed in appreciation, and walked to sit on the chair across the table that separated the two of them.

"So what did that brat say? She wasn't badmouthing me, was she? She has made it her thing to say things behind other's back...that devil" Ikuto went on and on, looking as bored as he could. His azure eyes darted to meet hers, and they narrowed in question. "You look troubled, you okay?"

Amu looked up from her food and only shook her head with a hesitant smile.

"I'm fine. Ikuto, isn't there something that you would want to tell me? Utau, she told me everything" She refused to meet eyes with him, and planted her gaze on her perfectly toasted bread. She was using Utau in a way but it wasn't like he was going to tell her just like that. She needed to get it out of his mouth herself.

"..." Silence. He didn't say anything but it definitely hit a nerve in him. He clutched the fork tightly, and then loosened his grip. She watched him keenly from under her long bangs.

"She told you, uh? I guess there's no point in not telling you, fine, Amu..." When he started, Amu was beginning to get a good idea about what the news was going to be about. Her jaw tensed when he continued, "I'm going to go to London, a friend of mine – you know him, Sakamoto, right, well he works in this famous orchestra group and he offered me to work with him" Ikuto smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. Why? He was clearly upset that she brought up the subject, but it was needed to be done. He'd have again only let her know at the last minute. He knew she never liked to be left out.

"Again?" It wasn't the first time that Ikuto was leaving too. In fact

He returned back home from a trip only this week. He was always going, travelling place to place for the sake of his career as musician. 'What am I to him then, a housekeeper?'

"Yes, but try to understand, Amu. It is for our future...I know I'm spending less and less time with you...but I promise that everything would be over soon." Ikuto heaved a sigh, and got up from the couch. She watched him as he walked up to her. She didn't know what she ought to be doing. Cry? Lash out at him for leaving her back every time? For 6 months...

" know that I still love you, right?" Amu only nodded in response. She knew that he loved her, but she did not know to what extent. After all these months she wasn't sure if he even loved her as she did.

"...this time I'll make sure I've got everything settled, and then we'd move there, to London, you love that place...I...I don't want to leave you either, but I don't have a choice..." He sounded so genuine, but he was probably only using that tone to convince her. He made a promise with her, similar to this one, last time too, and she was starting to wonder why he never made it. Amu looked up him in eye, and he was frozen.

"B-but...I-I don't want you to leave...t-three months Ikuto... For freaking three months you were away from here! And you promised me last time the same thing too! Y-yea, but last time you said we'd move to India...haha" Amu ended up chuckling in the end, but her eyes, flooded with tears of helplessness, continued to hold him a hostage. Ikuto could only tighten his grip on her waist and remain silent. What could he say at her anyway? Sweet 'nothings' won't work all the time.

"And...I get lonely too! I missed you so much, and it is killing me...please don't leave..." Amu knew that it was no use in trying stop him, he was firm with his decision, like always. It felt nice to tell him her state of presence anyway, even if the relief was short lived.

"...I can't, Amu. I have to take up on this offer, I've already accepted anyway." Ikuto shook his head as if he was trying to disperse any thoughts of rejecting the offer. It was apparently more important to him, than his wife. "But Amu, remember this, I married you because you are the most important person in my life...and I want you to live like a Queen...away in a place that is made just for you...I'll never leave you behind, I love you so much" He closed the distance between them, with overwhelming passion, he kissed away all of her worries.

'He loves me...I wish he was true to his words...but it doesn't matter, I love him just as well' Amu thought, her arms locked behind his neck in an attempt to pull him as close as she could.

He was the one to pull away from the exchange, but he didn't move away.

"I'll be back in two months, and then we'd fresh start everything" He wiped away her tears, and smiled a smile with luminous glow of determination.

Amu couldn't wish for something better. It was everything that she wanted.

"Y-Yes, I'd love that"

Later that night, Amu talked to Ikuto about her job and to her delight he didn't oppose to her plans. With his support at hand, she was sure that she could do it. But she needed to be sure before she proceed to take step in this matter.

"Are you sure?" Amu smiled, feeling dubious. While she told Utau that she accept the proposal, but in case Ikuto really was against the idea then she could always take her words back and let Utau know about it. She wouldn't want to displease Ikuto in any way.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be? This way you wouldn't get bored, and two months would fly by before you know it too" Ikuto waved off her hesitancy and smiled reassuringly. He saw no reason why he should reject the idea of his wife. What he said was true and made sense, she wouldn't get bored or very lonely. And she was always going to get calls from him anyway.

"B-But what ab–"

"You don't need to worry about anything, and as long as it makes you happy then you are free to do it!" His words cheered her up, because the glow of delight was evident in her bright eyes.

"So any idea about this school?" Ikuto pulled her close to him when he asked. Lashes swept up and she blinked in alarm, then it hit her that she still had no idea about wherever she was going to teach.

"I...I don't know?" She only smiled sheepishly at the taller male who shook his head with a mirthful smile playing on his lips. She was amusingly cute, he really was going to miss every second with her.

"Seiyo Academy, I see..." Amu read the message aloud that Utau sent her. "I wonder what it is going to be like in there..." She was very excited.

And she was expected to join in the school on Monday, and that day Ikuto would also leave for London. After that it would be just her...

She glanced back at the sleeping form of her husband in the bed, and smiled fondly. She was sitting by the window. She was going miss him so much in these two months, but she knew that her new job would help her to cope up with the suffocating feeling.

New friends, New place and Brand new experience— there's no way that it can go wrong.

"Gosh, I can't wait to meet my students..."

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