Chapter - 3

Her job as Teacher

Plot: Hinamori Amu, 23, was the new teacher hired at Seiyo Academy and was appointed as the substitute chemistry teacher for final year students. When you are the youngest teacher of the school, surrounded by hormonal young males, is it really possible to keep playing the role of the ideal teacher? Not quite possible in Amu's case because she's in the presence of the same boy who seduced her at that one night at night club. A pair of surprised looking jade eyes met her shocked honeyed ones. This is the start of their chemistry classes... But the twist? She's married.

Pairing(s): Amuto, Kukamu

'Time sureflies fast...' Amu thought solemnly. Her gold eyes following Ikuto who chatted away with the driver about how he wanted to reach the airport before 7:00 am. Driver only nodded to the taller male and assured him, brushing his worries away.

It was Monday, but it felt like it was just yesterday when Amu and Ikuto discussed about the trip and everything else that was growing worse in their relationship. It made her feel horrible to recall back the last time when Ikuto left due to his work. Insecurity was eating her away and it never helped her the way her neighbors eyed her. Now the situation was much better, not only she'd be able to avoid the stares from them but she would get away from feeling lonely.

'Seiyo Academy'. She ought to make a good impression among the students and her colleagues. Amu was never good— or can say, Horrible— with introductions and first impressions so her resolution was close to impossible.

But it wasn't like she wouldn't be missing her husband, she has always yearned for every bit of his touch, attention and company, so 'missing him' would only be a understatement. Her eyes warmed at the thought, liquid pools of longing and grief ready to trail down her burning cheeks.

"I-It is...I can't...oh god" Amu turned away from the scene and brushed away her heavy tears, violently. Amu was angry at herself, Ikuto and especially at this friend who offered him the proposal of working abroad. It was all a ruin now, she would again be living alone and assaulted by stares of her I'll minded neighbours.

"Oh, Amu... I told you that I'd be back in few months didn't I? It will be alright...I will be home soon...don't cry" Ikuto clasped her in his arms, rubbing his hand on her back to sooth her cries. Sympathy, anger and guilt flooded his heart when she continued to cry and refused to hug him back. He loved Amu and he really meant his words so as to why she was acting unreasonable, it was beyond him. But argument was never a solution to a problem, so he was determined to not lose his cool.

"B-But I-I don't w-want...b-be alone a-again..." Her reply was muffled and quiet that he almost missed what she said. But he didn't. His sapphire eyes darkened in emotion and he hugged her tighter, almost crushing her in his hold. He was really being a jerk with her, it was a horrible realization to him. He could understand how it was hard for her, to live by herself and around strangers when she entrusted her life to him, leaving her family behind only to be with him.

Amu was born in a traditional family, something which required her to follow her family customs like a complete fool. When she and Ikuto first met, it took them a while to stand each other, a relationship which didn't take long to bloom into something more romantic. When Ikuto proposed her, which was at the graduation, she had instantly accepted his proposal. However they weren't very lucky in persuading her family to accept their relationship. When she become firm in her decision to marry Ikuto, her parents disowned her. It was tragic to her, but he helped her in getting over the grief and married her by the end of the year of their graduation. She had been 18 then, while he was 20.

His family, on another hand, had accepted Amu as one of them with opened arms.

"I know...its been not easy for you...heck, who am I kidding? Nothing could be worse than this but...believe me, I'll never hurt you just because...I only want you live the life that you deserve, when I'd return then it will be a definite happy ending for you," Ikuto leant close and kissed her forehead, then her cheeks, and finally closed the distance between them, trying to kiss away her worries and doubts. "Do you not believe me, Amu?"

She kissed him back when he whispered his worry. She believed him, a lot, but she had her doubts on whether it be last time that he'd be away from home. She knew that he'd return to her, one day, after 2 months, but she suspected that it wouldn't be last time.

"I'll be waiting..." She pulled away, her arms shifting over to wrap around his torso. "...for you, Ikuto..."

Her voice was barely above a whisper but Ikuto heard her anyway, and smiled reassuringly at rosette. His lips curved up when he replied, "I will be back, very soon, Mrs Tsukiyomi,"

Amu could only smile back at him with all her grace, albeit shyly. Both chuckled to themselves, happy and comfortable in their embrace.

"Uh... I don't want to ruin the moment, but I think it is time that we leave, Sir." A rough voice piped in, sounding amused and urgent at the same time. The couple flinched in surprised and looked over to the driver who smiled warmly at them. His cheeks were tinted red in embarrassment, but he looked to be touched at their display of affection.

"O-oh yes..." Ikuto pulled away, reluctantly and slowly, from Amu's hold and shot her a apologetic look. He nodded to the driver who busied himself in starting the engine. Ikuto's luggage had been placed neatly at the back seat.

"Good luck..." Amu waved at him weakly, with a smile that was as weak as it could be at most. Ikuto didn't return her smile nor did he said a word, he only pulled her in his arms for the briefest of moments. He never looked at her when he pulled away or when he got in the taxi. He only met her eyes, for a second, when the taxi drove away.

He could have sworn that he heard his heart breaking into pieces there and then when she smiled at him, for last.

The sound of heels clicked loudly on the tiled floor when a women, who had the word "Nervous" painted on her forehead, walked down the hallway. The rose haired female only stopped when she spotted the older women, who was sitting across the counter, quite possibly the receptionist she had been looking for all this time.

Amu breathed a sigh of relief. She always avoided huge buildings and crowded areas, it always made her feel nauseous. Being a countryside girl she was, she wasn't very used to city stuff. Only luxury that she enjoyed in city was going to bar where she is provided her most favorite drink in the world, Pinacola. It was that and nothing else.

Speaking of which, Amu was currently in the said 'Seiyo Academy' that Utau referred to her. It had amazing infrastructure, resembling that one of a huge church or even better, a castle. Ikuto wasn't kidding when he said it was one of the grandest schools in the city, however he also mentioned something about the school being more awkward than rest. She never understood the meaning behind his words.

After Ikuto left, she had spared hour to bawl her eyes in helplessness and insecurity and all of her messed up feelings. To make matters worse, Ikuto never said a word – not even a 'take care' when he left. All she wanted was to lessen the burden on her shoulders by crying her heart out. However she remembered that she was needed to get ready for the first day at school so she had no choice but to postpone rest of the wailing-program for night.

Amu glanced at her wristwatch. It read 9:47am. Amu was told to come by 10, so she wasn't running late, she couldn't be more relieved.

Exhaling, she calmed her nerves down and slowly walked to the counter.

"Uhm...excuse me, Madam... I..." Amu tried to grab attention of the older women but the receptionist was very busy with her phone to even look at the rosette, Amu guessed she was messaging someone extremely important as she had been the tapping the screen at the speed of bullet train, wearing a smile that rivalled the excitement of an 16 year old lovestruck girl.

"Uhm...hello?" Amu raised her voice in hopes that the brown haired women would look at her. Her attempt however failed, but then again, Amu wasn't particularly eye grabbing and her voice leant on more softer side.

"You, Mam, are you Amu Tsukiyomi?" A voice spoke over her shoulders, sounding placid and cheery. But that didn't stop Amu from lunging away in surprise. She nearly toppled over the decorative glassware that was placed at her side. Nonetheless she managed to hurt her forearm, like many times, thanks to her clumsiness.

The man who had addressed her, looked at her in mild amusement when she rubbed her arm in pain. He had worn a easygoing smile on his face. Amu's brows furrowed in distain at his impoliteness. What was he so amused about?

The male before her had extremely messy auburn hair, his dark colored strands were pointing at every direction. His eyes, shone brightly behind his glasses, the pair were colored in shade of his hair. He was overall a good looking, albeit clumsily styled man in his – most likely – mid thirties.

"So, you are Amu?" He repeated, sounding just as placid as before.

"Why, yes, I'm Amu, Amu Tsukiyomi. And you are...?" Amu resisted to frown at the taller male when he ignored her and only asked her to follow him off to somewhere.

"H-Hey, but y-you– w-wait!" Amu protested, mentally questioning why she should be following orders of a stranger. The brunette didn't look back to wait for her, so she was left with no choice but to follow him. She barely glanced over at the still-ignorant receptionist when the brunette voiced his irritation.

"Can you not waste anymore of my time, Mrs Tsukiyomi?" Amu wanted to roll her eyes at his demanding tone. Just who did he think he was? An irritated visage crossed her looks when Amu, reluctantly, followed after the Mr. Annoyance.

The duo maintained silence when they walked down the corridor. Amu had no idea about wherever the brunette was leading her. She couldn't blame herself, he was a stranger and she didn't even know his name. She shot an annoyed look at the back of the taller male. He was walking ahead of her so he remained oblivious to the looks she was giving him. Soon she got bored and inventoried her surroundings. The corridor was not very fancy as she expected it to be. The walls were only decorated with number of expensive looking paintings. To Amu, the artworks were hardly anything impressive.

"Majima informed me that you are interested in working here. You're very lucky since Mrs Darling will be out of town for a month or two..." He spoke up so suddenly that she flinched back, shocked. Amu blinked when he stopped on his track and turned to her with a friendly smile. She doubted he was feeling as happy as he looked. Wait– who was Majima?

"W-who?" Amu uttered out, confusion clouding her eyes. The male paid no heed to her question and continued.

"You better be grateful, it is thanks to me that you'll be part of the staffs of a school as good as this," Amu was at loss. She couldn't understand whether he was only exaggerating or was serious. She only nodded at him, looking just as much as doubtful she was feeling. The spectacled eyed man grinned at her soundless response. She looked funny when she sports expression as such.

"All that's left is meeting the principal and then we're done, I've completed rest of the formalities." He said, turning away from Amu. Wordlessly, he began to walk without waiting for her reply.

"That's thoughtful of him..." She followed him.

"This is this class that you'll be attending from today onwards," The principal, Tsukasa Amakawa, handed her the register file which had room 368 printed on the top. Amu gingerly took hold of it, and nodded at him.

"I'll do my best! Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Sir." Amu stepped back to take a deep bow to display a show of her gratitude. The brunette, or 'Nikaidou Yuu' as Amakawa called him before, continued smile cheerily at his now-junior. Amu glanced at him and pressed her lips firmly. How she wanted to laugh at him.

"We're very happy to have you, Mrs Tsukiyomi. Since you haven't had formal education in teacher's training, I'm sure Yū will be happy to assist you with it, isn't that right?" The platinum haired male tipped his head at Nikaidou. The look in his purple eyes challenged him to say otherwise, which was out of question, so Nikaidou only nodded his head shakily.

"I couldn't be happier...literally." He muttered through gritted teeth. The weak but over friendly smile tugged on his lips remained intact when he uttered the words.

Interestingly, Yū never ignored her in the presence of Amakawa. He started to treat her as if she were someone close to him, like a sister of some sorts, from the second they entered Principal's cabin. It was entertaining to Amu, so much that she hardly wanted to leave the room. She could probably stand here all day and never get bored. Amu smiled amusedly as Nikaidou, stiffly, conversed away with Amakawa.

Amakawa Tsukasa was very handsome for his age of 56. She found it very unusual that he told her his age when he introduced himself. Old age was taking toll on his platinum blond hair, but that didn't stop him from looking any good. In fact, his hair — greyish blond — complimented his pretty amethyst eyes. Amu found his character very interesting; he appeared to be a kind and sincere man to her, but apparently something about him seemed to frighten others, and prime example for that was Nikaidou who was too friendly and mechanical around the seemingly nice man. Despite all odds, Amu was starting to take a liking to the principal.

"Honestly I was surprised when I was told that a women was interested become a teacher here. After all that happened we never expected a lady teacher here so soon. Thank you, and if you are ever uncomfortable with anything then feel free to report it to me, or Yū." The principal confessed with a impressed smile. Amu only blinked, her mind processing his words. She had no reason why she should have reconsidered joining in the school, so why would he be saying that? Her brows furrowed in concentration. Was she missing something important?

"Well...I had no reason why I shouldn't so..." Her words lacked confidence, but were laced with confusion. Amakawa noticed it but didn't question her, he only smiled reassuringly.

"You'll be fine, for most part, but better if you stick to Yū. He has a reputation of a 'demon' teacher among students so I deem it best to use it to your advantage." He said, chuckling in amusement. He sounded solemn at his tone but his way of speech was coated with humor, so Amu didn't know whether or not take him seriously.

"It is almost time for your class, we should leave now." Nikaidou reported, urgency in his tone was clear as day. Amakawa's smile widened to grin and he nodded at the towering male from his seat. Almost instantly the speaker began to edge away to the door, wanting so bad to get as far as away from the grinning man. Meanwhile Amu watched the two interacting in most amusing manner.

"But I agree, it is time for chemistry class. It is good to meet you, Mrs Tsukiyomi, I look forward working with you,… " The purple eyed man got up from his seat to shake hands with the rosette. "I wish you good day."

"Likewise, Sir." Amu returned his smile politely. Nikaidou, too, nodded shakily when Amakawa's gaze flickered off to meet his.

"Again with the cool treatment? You know I've already seen your true cowardly self so better you don't ruin your image further..." Amu taunted with a smirk. Her first impression of Nikaidou was that he was a proud and conceited freak, but now he was anything but that. The said spectacled man glared at her, wordlessly. He was growing annoyed of her, and his fate. Tables had been flipped.

They were on their way to class 3-E. The corridors in the school were wide and airy. And the windows were adorned with heavy looking curtains at side, they looked expensive too. Other than that there wasn't anything special about the place, only more clubs and rooms. But as a teacher, it hardly appealed Amu. Any student would love to enroll into a school like Seiyo Academy. She was excited to see chemistry lab though.

"Whatever. Once you get to know him, you wouldn't be courageous anymore." He didn't elaborate, but not that Amu expected him to blurt everything out.

"Anyway...why should I be careful in the campus? Are there delinquent group in here or something?" She hadn't forgotten about what Amakawa told her earlier. It had been nagging her for sometime so she couldn't help asking her now-senior. Even if she was now going to be a teacher to last year students, Nikaidou was far more experienced in teaching than she'd ever be.

Her question stopped the older man on tracks. At once his gaze dipped to her, raked in disbelief. He wasn't sure if he heard her correctly, and if he did then was she being real?

"W-what?" Amu looked back at him, not knowing what went wrong. Was it something that she said?

"You have no idea, do you?" Nikaidou breathed out in exhaustion. He gently massaged his forehead to ease his nerves, it was too much for him. He could already imagine how the women would react when realize the truth. It wouldn't be ending peacefully, that he was sure.

"W-What? What do you mean?" Amu was now more alert. She knew that she was missing something important. What could it be? She had a weird, almost bad, feeling.

"You'll know, just see it for yourself." Nikaidou began to walk without waiting for her comeback. Amu stayed back and watched him as he stepped inside a classroom. She wasn't positive about anything anymore.

Amu waited by the door. She heard Nikaidou asking his students, who were being little too noisy, to stay quiet. It was followed by a quick morning greeting to his students. Strangely enough, they seemed to obey him. Tsukasa was serious when he said Nikaidou was feared among the student body. It was really hard to believe. He was more interesting character than anything.

'You'll know, just see it for yourself.'

Nikaidou's voice echoed at the back of her mind. Her brows knitted in a deep frown. It wasn't like she had any clue about the situation so she'll just have to wait to see it for herself. A long suffering sigh left her lips when she waited for her senior to call for her.

The door open and Nikaidou appeared from the other side, motioning her silently to come inside. Her gut feeling was telling her to run away and not look back but she wasn't swayed. Taking a deep— really deep— breath, she tried her to calm her erratic heart, hammering against her ribcage. Through her gritted teeth, she said 'yes' to the towering man.

'Oh god. My stomach is hurting...'

It always happened to her, whenever Amu was nervous beyond words, her stomach would start to hurt. It distracted her a lot, but not that it was any good sort of distraction.

"Well, boys, I expect you all to treat her nicely and with respect. She'll be your chemistry teacher from today onwards. However, she'll be replaced once Mrs Darling comes back to work. I don't want any complaints coming from her about you all, understand?" Nikaidou announced once they reached the front of the room. He sounded affirmed in his tone so the addressed students didn't complain or rose to speak. They had other plans in their mind. Amu didn't say anything, she was looking anywhere but the said students but she made it appear as though she was inspecting the room.

"She'll now introduce herself, and do the rest." The male teacher urged Amu to speak up. She met his auburn eyes, looking hesitant. He nodded his chin at the students, and gazed at the seated students. Tracking the other man's gaze, she found herself facing new faces. The hairs at back of her neck rose in alarm.

The rose haired women stepped forward, and after adjusting her navy blue pencil skirt and black blazer, she bowed before others. Her head raised, lashes lowered and she blinked, looking concerned.

Something was off about the class...

"H-Hello, my name is Amu Tsukiyomi. I'm here to work as a teacher, though I don't have any experience in teaching. But I'm confident I know the subject very well, and I'm only here to t-teach you that, and as already said by Mr Nikaidou, I'll be gone once Mrs Darling comes b-back. So while we're at it, I want o-our time together worthwhile, so I expect that you all show an honest effort and interest in the subject. I w-want you all c-comfortable enough to comment freely on the c-classroom activities... If y-you've got any questions then you may ask."

She turned back to face the board and scribbled her name neatly on it. She then stepped away so that it was viewable to rest of the class.

"I'll be off to my class then," Nikaidou nodded at Amu, and faced the class. "Be good." He then left the room.

Amu turned to the class, and asked if they had questions. When no one made a move, she moved on to observe her class. More the time passed on, more confused and shocked she started looking. It didn't make sense to her...

There were not even a single female student. Amu couldn't help but dropping her jaw to the slightest in shock and disbelief.

"W-Where are all female students...?" She whispered, more to herself than anyone. Nonetheless in the silence of the room, many heard her clear and loud.

A boy, the one who was sitting near the window, got up.

" you not know, Miss, that this was a boy's school?" His words sent her electric jolts. It shaken her up to the soul and she felt like she was about to pass out. No wonder she didn't meet with any women other than the receptionist here in school.

"Obviously, because it become a coed school just this year, you wouldn't find them anywhere in the school, expect in class 3-A. How could you not know of the information as important as this?" Another student, looking critically at her, explained. He was dressed in extremely appropriate fashion, his hair which was kept in a bowl cut, was ash blonde in color. His eyes shone in sheer doubt, probably in her abilities. "You are here to teach in this school, are you not?"

"Or maybe she's too biased." Another criticized.

"I...I...oh..." She couldn't hyperventilate, she needed to remain calm. She had more problems to worry about than something like this. They look down on her, it was obvious to her and she didn't know how to defend herself.

While she was thinking of ways to answer the obvious question of the class, the door burst open with a loud slam. It startled everyone in the room, especially Amu who jumped away with a yelp.

Two boys walked in, so casually as though they hadn't just barged into the class. Amu was only recovering from her momentary surprise when she glared up at the intruders.

"What do we have here? So it is just you who everyone were so excitedly talking about..." The one of the two boys voiced. He had fawn worthy hair, drowned in lovely shade of amethyst. His amber eyes implored on her figure boldly. A smirk tugged at his lips when he basically eye-raped her. "You're not bad, I'd give you only that."

While his comment had ability to keep her flustered for days, her attention was fixed elsewhere to even care. Her shock at the discovery that 'Seiyo Academy' was male dominated area was long forgotten and thrown at the back of her mind when her own honeyed eyes met surprised looking jade eyes. Her memories resurfaced, hitting her like tons of iron on the head.

"You... It is you."

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