Hey, this is my second story aside from Kun: The New Avatar. Just like The Desire for Honor, I hope to turn this into a real series.

Like The Desire for Honor, I will be posting this sporadically, but there will be weeks, and especially breaks, when I might post up to three chapters in quick succession. This is really more of a pastime in between the regular updates of Kun.

I hope you enjoy this story as well.


P'li was the first to surface, followed by Zaheer and Ghazan. Their air bubbles popped as they left the safe haven of the water, and they quickly swam to the icy shore of the lake in the cavern.

Through the opening of the cave, they could see the steam rise from the house of their target. The house was very simple and unassuming, but only for a while. In a few days, the target would be under heavy guard, by both the White Lotus and bending masters. They had to strike now.

Zaheer's teeth chattered as Ghazan erected a makeshift tent of earth while they rested. He looked at P'li. "Too bad your combustionbending doesn't extend to making fire. I'm freezing," he said in his gravelly voice.

Zaheer smiled. "But then I would have never fallen for her," as he pulled into a kiss with P'li. Ghazan rolled his eyes.

After a few minutes, the group snuck down the small cavern that separated the plateau of ice on which the house was built and the cave where they surfaced. As they peeked over the berm, they could almost see the inscription on the door of the house

"Words won't solve problems; actions will"

Zaheer's face twisted into a smile at the irony. He slowly unbent his knees from a kneel into a crouch and continued moving towards the house. Ghazan and P'li followed close behind.

As they approached the house, a phalanx of White Lotus soldiers ran out from behind the house and positioned themselves between the invaders and the house.

"Stop right there! Turn around, go back from where you came, and we won't hurt you!"

P'li snarled. "You must be joking." With a deep breath, she shot a bolt of concentrated heat at the feet of the White Lotus. With a pop and a bang that echoed in the valleys, the White Lotus soldiers were thrown back, and a charred circle the size of the house itself remained.

Zaheer leaped through the steam caused by the explosion and charged towards the house. Even in the face of dozens of new White Lotus soldiers, who were easily separated with Ghazan's earthbending, Zaheer continued forth. Until he was stopped in his tracks by an amazing sight.

Fire Lord Zuko, Chief Tonraq and Master Tenzin, three of the most powerful benders in the world stepped out of the house at the same time. Without a word, Tenzin leaped over Zaheer and towards P'li, while Tonraq attacked Ghazan with his waterbending, forcing him to focus on Tonraq rather than the White Lotus soldiers.

Zaheer turned to Zuko. "I thought we got rid of you in Omashu." Zuko's lip wavered between a scowl and a smile. "I guess I'm not as easy to kill as you thought."

Without a moment's pause after Zuko's sentence, Zaheer jumped towards him, both arms outstretched behind him holding small, serrated knives. Zuko's hands blazed with fire, making them as dangerous as the knives themselves.

Zuko and Zaheer engaged in a fight from there on, that if one was a witness to the fight and a tap dance, they would see no difference. Both Zaheer and Zuko dodged, blocked and averted each other's arms with the skill and ferocity of dancers, never stepping too close or too far away from each other.

Zuko initiated the first major offensive, kicking at Zaheer with fire blasts from his hands and feet. Zaheer managed to avoid each and every attack with a duck, a dodge or a movement of his feet. It was then that Zuko realized: I've fought this style before.

P'li and Tenzin were still engaged in combat, with P'li concentrating and missing every one of her combustion shots while Tenzin avoided them and blasted her with air. Thankfully for P'li, the blasts were too weak to cause her serious damage.

Ghazan and Tonraq engaged in a serious fight of bending on their end, using long - range and melee forms of their respective elements. While the long earth swords that Ghazan created mauled the short sickles of ice that Tonraq sported, his ice and water evasion left Ghazan breathless and ineffective on the long - range front, leaving neither at a clear advantage.

All of the White Lotus soldiers were momentarily distracted from attacking P'li and Ghazan when a whole layer of ice dropped from below them, plunging them into the icy - cold waters of below - ground rivers. This left the invaders time to overpower each of their opponents.

While P'li and Ghazan tended to their wounds and tied up the White Lotus members still above ice, Zaheer jumped into the house and went directly for the bedroom of a young toddler.

Coddling her in his arms, he ran back out to P'li and Ghazan, who led him back to the cave and into their makeshift tent. Ming - Hua was there ahead of them, drying herself off by bending the water out of her clothes. Before Ghazan went into the tent, he called out, "Thanks for the save out there. Wouldn't have made it without you." Thankfully for Ming - Hua, he failed to see the blush rise in her cheeks.

Inside the tent, P'li was gripping the hand of the young girl, and closed her eyes. The third eye on her forehead lit up as she opened her eyes. "It wasn't for nothing. The girl is the one."

Zaheer breathed heavily. "Our mission is a success. The Avatar is ours."

This prologue is really short, less than a thousand words, like my other prologue, but I wanted to keep them short and introduce the alternate world to the regular ATLA and LoK stories that we are used to.

More information in the stories will be releasing soon. I promised that the second chapter for The Desire for Honor would be updated this week, but I can't make the same promise for this.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed the prologue, and let me know if you do want this to be a long series. See you later.