He had found himself throwing up, in the toilet for the 10th time this week pulling the chain he leaned back against the wall letting the cool brick he frowned as he looked at the other wall and touched his stomach. His hand went to the snake tattoo around his waist touching it head that rested on his wrist were he old scars lay. "I have to see him." He said to the empty room "I have no choice." He looks to the door and see Hermione walk in.

"There you are!" She half yelled, her voice a little too loud for his liking. He winces at her voice and she blushes and looks down at her hands "Sorry I'm just worried for you." She tells him. Pushing himself up the dark haired teen walks to the skin and cups water into his hand and being it up to his mouth and then spat it out.

"Harry." She said softly to him, as she touched his shoulder and Harry flinched at her touch she tell her hand up and away from him as she looked her friend. "I think Harry you need to see Madam Pomfrey, I think you're pregnant." Harry looked at her though the mirror and frowned at the brown haired witch.

"Really? How so?" He asked

"Well I read that if wizard had a strong core then when the wizard is 16 – 17 they can become fertile." Harry nodded, as he turned to look at her "Harry if you are pregnant you know who it is?"

"Not really." He mumbled, as he titled his head "Tell me then Hermione, if I did see Madam Pomfrey and I am pregnant what do you think will happen when Dumbledore learns of it?" He asked, she looked at Harry with wide eyes and then frowned and looked down at her hands "Do you think a baby should be killed just because of who the father is or what the father has done?" He asked her, she shook her head.

"B…But what if it's his… could you… I mean…" Harry walked up to her and on his own terms touched her shoulder

"Are you going to tell anyone?" He asked her

"No of course not!" She snapped at him,

"I trust you." He smiled at her and then whispered "Obliviate." To her, Hermione's eyes widen and then they slide shut slowly.

Harry took a step back and forced a smile on his face "Hermione, Earth to Hermione come on you haven't fallen asleep on me yet have you?" He said, open her brown eyes she looked at Harry and frowned as she rubbed her head.

"Oh what happen?" She said, Harry picked up his bag and lead her out the bath room

"Stress Hermione, you are under a lot of stress." He smiled at her and she smiled weakly at him.

"I have been worried about you, that year was horrid Harry, I didn't know if you were alive or dead." She told him. Harry rubbed her arms and kissed her on the forehead

"I'm not a 100% Hermione I don't think I will ever will be, but as long as I have you and the others I will be okay." She hugged him, and then pulled back. "Look why don't you go and have a bath in the prefect's bathroom and read a book." She smiled at him and nodded.

"Sounds good to me." Hermione then turned to leave. Harry watched her go before he turned and headed for the potion lab.

He knocked on the door of the potion class room and waited for the voice on the other side "COME IN!" He came the hissing voice of the potion professor. Harry walked in and then locked the door before walking up to the desk, where Snape looked up to see him and stilled for a moment. He hadn't seen Harry fully since he manage to return Hogwarts, the teen had made a fuss about Severus being in the hospital wing while he was there. He narrowed his eyes at the boy as the teen pulled out his wand and pointed it at him.

Harry glare at him still remembering how the man treated him while being the dark Lord's pet, he pressed his wand at the man's throat and watched as Severus titled his head and sneered at him "What do you think you're doing Pot…"

"Crucio." Harry hissed, he watched as the potion master falls to the floor and spasms on the floor. The teen took some joy as he watched Severus twitch and jerk on the floor. Lifting his wand up and he freed the potion master of the curse. "You forget I have plenty of pent up anger and hate not just for you but for a great deal of people. So now you know that my bark is as bad as my bite you will help me." He told him dully and coldly. Pushing himself up Severus looked at Harry with wide eyed as he panted as he couldn't believe that the boy who was once so pure hearted could use such a dark curse and mean it.


"I can easy tell Dumbledore about what you did to me when I was Voldemort's whore. What you do think will happen if I decide to walk into St Mongos unable to sleep from nightmares and then threaten to kill myself. I'm sure you remember when I did try." He tells him as he plays with the tip of his wand "Imagine if I told them it was you. Let's forget about the Dark Lord shall we let just say it was you. You who kidnapped me, you who locked me up in your bed room and raped me?" He snarled, Severus open his mouth and blinked at him as if he could believe what he was hearing.

Again Harry pointed his wand at the potion master and pressed it under the man's chin, much in the same way the Dark Lord did to him on many occasions and the gestures wasn't lost on Severus…the boy has change…he thought. Harry looked into the dark eyes of the man "Don't mess with me I'm in no mood, I need your help and you will do it or I will destroy your whole life, I will make what my father did a walk in the park." Harry said as he watched the dark haired man.

Severus frowned as he looked at the dark haired teen he hadn't looked at him this closely the Dark Lord ordered him to fuck the teen. But he knew the boy changed who could he not after a year in the monster company. He knows that Voldemort wants him back and he has never seen the Dark Lord like this before, it was like the man's heart was broken. "Very snake like." He finely said to the boy as he pulled out a potion for himself to ease the pain of the Crucio. Harry watched him and waited for the man to sit down.

"The hat wanted to place me in snake house, I argued against it. But we are not here to talk about my bad choices." He told him. Severus nodded and sat in his chair and looked at the teen.

"What is it that you want?" He asked, as he watched the wand in the boy's hand.

"I want you to cast a pregnancy spell on me." He told him "I will not go to the medical wing because I know it will go back to Dumbledore." The dark haired potion master frowned at him and sat there with a dry mouth.


"I'm sorry am I speaking parseltongue? I asked you check that to see if I'm pregnant." He told him, stand up Severus walked over to him pulling his wand from his robes.

He waved his wand and pointed it at Harry's stomach as a soft blue grew out of his wand and pressed around Harry's stomach and then formed a ball of dark blue light and then it broke off into two other balls. Harry tilted his head and looked up at the older wizard "It seems congratulations is in order." He told him, Harry hummed as he rubbed his stomach.

"Can you tell who the fathers are?" He asked,

"Yes." With a flick of his wand it came up the name of the father and Harry sighed as his fingers when to the tattoo that Voldemort burnt into his skin.

"Well congratulations to you to." He told him with bluntness of a butter knife, Severus froze as he looked at the teen and stumbled back his hands pressed to his mouth. "What's the matter professor don't like the idea of being a father? Or maybe you don't like the idea of sharing me with Lucius and my master." Harry hissed at him.

"Shut up."

"No"" Harry snarled at him "You will deal with this! You drugged me with your potions, and you and Lucius and Tom used me like a whore so you will deal with it!" He snarled, Severus had slipped on the floor and sat there looking at the teen.

"I…I…I didn't want to do it." He finely said,

"What?" Harry snapped, his hand gripping his wand tightly, as the wide eyed potion master just looked at him. He couldn't help but think of Lily as he looked at those painful green eyes, he knows he let Lily down by hurting her son, the same son he promises to protect and love. "I didn't want to, I went to Dumbledore the day Fenrir brought you to him. I told the old man that he had you and… and you were bite by Greyback. But he told me to play along he said I had to stay in the Dark Lord's good books…I didn't want to hurt you. If the Dark Lord found out that I am working for Dumbledore he would hav…"

"Oh please he knows you work for Dumbledore. Who do you think told him? What did you think our pillow talk was about? How we saw ourselves in the future, what we are going to name our children? If you think I'm going to feel sorry for you because you feel trapped forget it. Trying being me! I didn't want to fight in this bloody war, I didn't want to be the gold child, the Boy Who Lived. I just wanted to be me! To be loved because of who I am!" He yelled at him, he could start to feel tears well up in eyes. Closing his eyes for a moment Harry took a deep breath as he as wiped his eyes away…no one will see me cry again…he told himself, as he open's eyes and looked down at Snape "Get up and man up and take reasonability for you've done." Harry told him, his hands balling into fists as he seethed about Dumbledore…I knew I couldn't trust him…he thought bitterly.

The potion master blinked at him as he stood up and walked over to him and looked down into Harry's oval face, he then dropped to his knees and pulled the 17 year old into a hug warped his arms around his waist. Harry stood still as he let the potion master nuzzle his stomach. "Forgive me Harry." He whispered, Harry let his hand weave into the man's hair and let the man hold him. "All I ever wanted to do was take care of you but he stopped me, I know I have failed you but let me make it up to you and my child. I will do anything for you." It dawn on Harry that Severus may really feel guilty for what he has done.

"What I want is to get away from Dumbledore, I maybe 17 but that won't stop him from trying to control me." He felt Snape nodded against his stomach.

"What can I do?"

"You are going to go back to Tom and beg forgiveness." He told him, Severus was confused as he look up at the teen.

"I don't understand?" He asked, as he looked up into the bright green eyes of the teen "You escaped from him, why go back?" He asked, Harry placed his hands on the man's face.

"I never escaped." He said quietly, as he stroked his face "He begged me not to leave him, that he needs me. But can I believe the man who went from trying to kill me to keeping me as his sex slave? Can he ever love me?" Harry asked difficult questions.

"He is acting like you broke his heart." Severus tells him and Harry hums and then his face brakes out into a smile and it worries Severus.

"What about Lupin and Black, they will worry about you." He tells him, Harry smiles at him and kisses his forehead.

"They know everything and they will follow me to the ends of the Earth, but the question reminds will you?"