…Flash Back….

He walked into the room after hearing a scream, there he stood looked at the dark haired teen. The boy stood in a dressing gown and is covered in blood and the wand in his hands is dripping of the tip. Bellatrix lay lifeless on the floor in a heap as her blood started to pool out like a crimson ocean. Tom looked at Bellatrix seeing the deep craw marks cross her throat and the puncher marks on her chest where the teen used the want to stab her. Tom looked back to Harry who just looked wild with his messy hair, his bright green eyes that seem darker than normal drew to the wolf bite and the blood splattering his face, to Tom he found this made the teen look even more beautiful "Harry." Tom whispered, the teen pointed his wand at him as an animal growl left his throat.

"Harry." Tom tried again as the teen just stood there with his wand ready to hurt the man "Let me clean you up." He said softly, he moved closer and Harry jabbed him in the arm with his wand and then watched as the Dark Lord back up and hiss as if felt like he had been bitten by a snake he held his arm as he looked at the dark haired teen.

"Don't touch me!" He snarled, the teen pushed the window open behind him and climbed onto the ledge, he crouched there as he looked at the Dark Lord.

"Harry please don't, I'm sorry for what I've done to you, I didn't…"

"Didn't what? Mean to kidnap me? Turning me into wolf? Rape me? Or is it that you might be sorry for falling in love with me?" The teen asked, almost spitting his words to him. Voldemort held his hands up to him as he as he moved a little closer.

"For hurting you my soul."

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Harry yelled, and flicked his wand at the man but the Dark Lord moved out the way as the explosive spell broke the bed in half. He could feel the teen's anger it overwhelming almost choking. "Don't ever call me that." He growled.

"Just listen to me Harry, I knew I had to have you but I didn't understand what I was feeling not until these last 4 months when I heard you talk to the vampire." Harry tilted his head and growled again. Weaver was a nice to him and treated him like a person and not a object, he held him when he cried and didn't hurt him, he didn't use him.

"You had him killed." Harry sneered at him as he stood up on the window ledge.

"I had to kill him, he was going to take you from me."

Harry turned to look back to look over his shoulder when he heard a howl, he closed his eyes and let out a painful sigh as he reopen his eyes and to show wolf amber have taken over. "My Soul don't leave me." Harry turned back to him and growled

"I don't belong to you." He snarled, as he stop a step back and fell backwards and disappeared into the darkness of the night. Tom ran to the window and looked down to see Harry on the ground, the teen stood up and looked up at him before turning into wolf before his eyes and then disappearing into the forest.

….End of flash back…

That was 4 months ago and Tom grew into darker mood as he thought about that night, he had truly broken the teen soul and most likely his mind. The dark Lord never knew he would be guilt this painful for anyone but since the first night he had Harry he felt something was off with himself. It took him a long time to figure out why he felt pain all the time. It was then he started to do research and learnt that the night he tried to kill Harry he felt a part of his soul behind. Harry become his last horcrux and living one like his Nagini, that is where this all started he told himself. He sat in his offices looking at his glass of whisky, even now he could still feel the teen's anger though their bond and alcohol seem to be the only thing to drown out his own pain.

However what he was not expecting was Severus Snape came though the fire place of his office, the Dark Lord stood up and snarled his wand ready to not only kill the man but hex him until he begs for death. But then he see the only person he wanted to see and that is Harry stepping out of the fire place dressed in pure blood clothes. He looked perfect image of a pure blood, Severus held his hand out so the teen could take it and helped him step out of the fire place, as two more people stepped out of the fire place and stood behind the teen. "Harry."

The teen looked at him with the same dark green orbs as he did the same night he lift, the boy walked over to the chair and sat down and looked up at the Dark Lord. "Harry you come back?" He asked as he stood close to the boy he didn't understand the body guards, it seem Severus was staying close to the boy as were the other two. One is Sirius black and the other one was Remus Lupin he has seen their photos before but never really met the men, well he did met Sirius once and then handed him over to the vampires when he was 15. They were dressed in pure blood clothes and stood behind Harry.

"Did you miss me Tom, how touching." Harry said with venom, the red eyed man flinched at the icy tones of the teen's voice. "I didn't come back because I missed you, I came back because I don't want Dumbledore going anywhere near my children, also after what you've done to me I don't think I could go back to being myself anymore." He stopped and sighed "You wanted to brake me Tom and you have done a wonderful job at that. So much a better job than my Aunt and Uncle could have ever done. So here is what's going to happen, I have my own rooms and you and your Death Eaters will treat me and family with the same respect you want yourself…"

"Wait did you say children?" He asked

"Is that the only thing you picked up from what he said?" Sirius growled at him. Harry smirked up at him and tilted his head as he placed his hands on his stomach.

"Yes children, I'm pregnant and there are three of them." There was a hopeful looking in the man's eyes and it made Harry chuckle at him. "Severus is the father, never trust the potion master who makes the potion isn't that right Severus?" Harry smirked as he looked up at the pale face wizard beside him.

"I didn't plan to piss him off."

"No you didn't, but I plan to piss him off." Harry said as he looked back at Tom.

Hours later…

Remus and Sirius are sharing a room next to Harry's while Severus is on the other side. While the dark haired teen looked out the window of his new home. He felt bitter about returning to his prison he closed his eyes as he remembered Weaver, he heard a knock at the door and wiped his eyes…don't cry…he told himself, it seem to be his mantra to himself as he turns to the door. "Enter." He calls out, the door open and in walked Tom. Harry frowned and turned to look back out the window.

The Dark Lord walked into the room and closed the door and walked up to Harry and stopped "May we talk?" He asked, he saw the teen nodded but as Tom stood there by the bed and let the silence stretched and Harry found himself getting angry.

"Well talk?" He said, as he turned to look at him. He could see the tried look on the man's face he looked like he hadn't slept in the four months since he left and while Harry felt like being vindictive he did want to try make a life for himself and for his children, without the threat of his master's wrath.

"Do you know why I call you my soul?" Tom started with. The teen moved around the room removing his jacket and placing it on the chair as he shook his head.


"I can feel your anger Harry, your pain I can see into your dream and change them. I know you hate Dumbledore more than you hate me, I know in your mind you still me master and not moments go you were crying and told yourself don't cry." Harry looked at the Dark Lord and snarled at him "I know you have been using Light spell for dark usage, and Dark spells to make a point."

"What are you telling me?" Harry growled at him as he kept his wand in his hand but hidden from Voldemort's eyes.

"The night I tried to kill you, the night my body was destroyed a part of my soul become part of yours. I made you my horcrux." He told him, Tom watched the teen as he glared at him.

"You are my soul, I need to keep you safe."

"Safe." He snorted "Safe yes of course that makes perfect senses!" He yelled at him as he ran his fingers though his hair "What was I thinking of course I was safe, I was safe from the Order from my Uncle. Yeeeah it's all so fucking clear Tom you did it to keep me safe." He stop and let out a low growl "There is one problem with that thought I wasn't safe from you or your people." He spat

"I know and I know you will never forgive me."

"Your right about that."

"The babies." The red eyed man finely said, the green orbed teen hummed as he placed his hand on his stomach and then warped his arms around himself "You're hiding something from me about them." Harry glared at him.

"I can never lie to you can I?" Harry asked him dully "Every well Severus knows this as well as Sirius and Remus. Severus is the father to two of my children and you are the father to my third child. I guess it's one of the reasons I came back." He said "And your right I hate Dumbledore more than you, because he knew I was here and he knew what you were doing to me. He also ordered Severus to change the potion so I would become pregnant. Tho it is meant to be just Severus who got me pregnant but there we go Lady Magic likes to fuck with me."


"What?" The teen asked, as he looked back up at him

"Bond with me." He asked, Harry just looked at him with a raised eye brow.