Just a short one-shot where Wade is sweet :)

There is an established relationship.


Fort for Cuddles

It had been an exhausting night. Patrolling the streets of New York was no easy task. Peter had stopped one mugging after another and had taken part in a street chase that had caught his attention when he thought the night had finally ended, and he was heading for his apartment. Well, of course he wouldn't ignore a car chase. But now it was 3AM and all he wanted to see was the backsides of his eyelids.

Not that anything ever worked out so smoothly for Spider-Man.

Climbing into his bedroom apartment window, Peter tore his mask off and flopped onto his bed, ready for sleep to take him…only to discover he had no sheets or covers on the mattress.

"What the…?" Peter knew he hadn't taken them off at any point during the day. Hell, the last time he had actually been in his apartment was around 7AM that morning, and had left because his Spider Senses had flicked on because of a firetruck passing by his building in the streets below. He had left in enough of a hurry that he knew, for absolute certainty, that he hadn't had time to strip the bed.

Where were his sheets?

As unusual as it was, Peter was just too tired to really care all that much. He could just go sleep on the couch, where there was a throw blanket waiting for him.

Trudging out of the room, Peter was nearly floored by what he saw.

There, in the middle of his living room, was the answer to the missing bed spread mystery.

A massive blanket fort compiled of, what was likely, every blanket, sheet and pillow he had in his apartment stood impressively tall and wide in the middle of the room. Peter stared gapping openly at it when a figure crawled out through the forts make shift entry way.

"Spider-Babe! You're home!"


Fully geared, and exceptionally wide awake at such an un-Godly hour, Wade Wilson awkwardly scrambled out of the blanket fort and tackled Peter in a bone crushing hug.

Peter, still a little dazed, had the air crushed out of him as Deadpool lifted him off his feet and twirled around happily with Peter grasped firmly in his arms.

"Wade?!" Peter said, pushing and struggling against the Mercs hold. "Put me down!" After a few more moment of wiggling while Wade twisted side to side, the Merc finally put him down.

"Do you like it?" Wade exclaimed theatrically, not even missing a beat, and throwing his arms wide in the direction of the fort.

Peter just gaped at him, staring back and forth between the piles of blankets and Wade in utter confusion.

"What are you doing here?!"

Wade physically recoiled at that, drawing up one of his legs and covering his face with his arms. After a moment he peeked out from behind one of his arms, seeming to assess Peter. The action was so childish, Peter actually felt a small grin tug at the corner of his lips despite the annoyance raking his body.

Wade put his arms back down and hung his head low, actually looking sheepish. Like, genuinely sheepish.

"Well," He started, twiddling his thumbs. "You've kind of had to blow off a lot of dates because of superhero-ing, or whatever, and I was gonna make the move on you-"


"Nothing serious, geez." Wade groaned. "Just Mexican food and spooning is all…"

Peter actually smirked a grin at that and averted his gaze to the floor. He had blown Wade off quite a bit. He felt bad for it, but being Spider-Man was a full time job, especially with the Avengers and S.H.E.I.L.D seeking out his assistance, and possible recruitment, now-a-days. And he had work and his finale semester of classes to deal with as well. Dating just…got pushed aside.

"We were supposed to watch a movie." Wade went on. "At home, ya know? Sprawled out on the couch... Which was my gateway for placing the-"

"Wade." Peter again interrupted, but there was a laugh hidden within the groan too.

Wade looked up, and with no understanding for how he was able to do it, Peter saw a smile through the black and red mask.

"I knew you'd probably be tired." Wade said, rubbing the back of his neck. "So I…more or less, broke into your apartment and ram-sacked it for all the bedding I could find, and built this masterpiece!" He turned to gaze at his handy-work, and it was no doubt anything less than impressive. Wade turned back to Peter. "You're not getting out of our cuddle time, nuh-uh!" The 'nuh-uh' was exaggerated with a wag of the finger.

Peter smiled. He smiled rather genuinely, extremely touched at the gesture. Wade built a blanket fort when he could've just waited in Peter's bedroom if he wanted to cuddle. But no. He took it to the next level, which truly touched Peter. Wade did that little extra just to make him smile.

How could he say no?

Sighing deeply through a smile and throwing his head back, Peter trudged forward and grabbed Wade's hand. He grinned at him, kissing his masked cheek, and pulling him to the fortress.

Without a word, Peter easily settled into Wade's form, tangling their legs together. Almost immediately, Peter could feel himself drifting off, his weariness from the day catching up to him in full force. But before he drifted all the way out, he felt—


"Sorry baby boy, my hand slipped."


Just a little further elaboration on the story. This is a collection of one-shots, which will jump back and forth for different point in times in Peter and Wade's relationship. Sometimes, there will be an established relationship and there wont be other times. Not all the chapters will be related unless I do some sort of arch or mention it's related. They may be AU as well.

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