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L: Kill the New Ruler: Old Enemy; New Ally

THE BATTLE WAGED ON; AKAME and Merraid continued to struggle. Their clashes became increasingly animalistic by the day. Each struggled for absolute dominance over the clashed along with her fellow rival, however, at an odd twist, Najenda noticed that Esdeath was holding back. At what purpose was she holding back. Instead of questioning these matters, preventing her from distracting her from battle, she continued on the fight, despite how odd on how Esdeath was fighting.

"She's not going all out like she used to," Najenda noted, "At what prominence does she have to gain from holding back. Was she trying to die or was she hiding something. Akame would normally focus on the bigger threat, but instead focused on Merraid instead of Esdeath. She's the biggest threat on the team; why in the world was she avoiding her.

Esdeath too! She also avoided contact against her. Okay, yes, she would go after me, which was normal, but under these circumstances, she was holding back.

Kurome, one of Akame's sisters, also held back against Kevin, though, knowing how Kevin's braggadocious attitude could quickly raid on someone's nerves, she also did not give in to the bloodlust. It was almost as if they were hiding something. Not sure what?

Was it something to do with the Alien Force? Ben's Ultimarix? I'm not particularly sure. I have to find out what's really going on here, unfortunately as of now, I have to defend myself. I really do not know her motives are, but I need to end it as soon as I could. Ben and the others, to which I could assume, were faring well without us. Even without Akame, Ben and Sheele are a powerful group; by themselves they are just as deadly, but together, it's a whole 'nother story. I'm not worried for them. I know they got this handled. I mean it's just Seryu; she may be insane, but not insane enough to swallow up power," Najenda thought.

Akame parried against Merraid's superior attacks; it was not the first time Akame struggled to get a hit, but it was getting increasingly difficult.

"I noticed that you are holding back, Akame," Merraid began, "you could have finished me off, but yet you refused. What happened to the young woman who kills without hesitation? What happened to the cold-blooded killer who walks away to get a sandwich after the deed had been dealt with?" Merraid questioned. Akame did not pander to Merraid's taunts, "What happened to the Akame I know?" Merraid brutally kicked Akame to the ground; she kicked herself back up, dodging the fatal slice from Merraid.

They clashed both of their blades together, tethering as they struggled to overcome the other, "Why don't you just finish me off? Why are you holding back? Is it that you miss me, dear lover?" she asked.

"No," Akame said coldly, "It's not in the credo to which I established myself. Sticking my blade onto you based on revenge is worthless. I've already gotten my acrimony when I killed you. There's no sense of me killing you again."

"No sense huh?" Merraid was getting pissed, "No sense? How about this for sense, my dear lover?" Merraid kicked her off, "After I kill you, I will hunt down your new lover and chop off his head? How's that for sense?"

"I'm not worried about that," Akame said.

"Then, what happened to that fancy threat?"

"Because nothing is absolute; in the result you do succeed, I will kill you with no hesitation," she said, "And instead of a traditional burial, this time, I will cremate your ashes and throw it in the river, where they belong."

Merraid smiled, "Then let's make it into a reality, my love."

In a very rare occurrence, Akame smiled, "Sure."

As Merraid charged towards the red assassin, Akame held Murasame on one hand, dug in her back pocket and pulled out the Null Void Egg, activating it from behind. Merraid got closer; Akame prepared herself...and then…

She threw the egg in the air, batted it like a baseball on the base of the Murasame blade, wacking it to Merraid's throat, this in turn activated the egg to suck her in fro the inside, her head blew up while the rest of her body harmlessly got sucked into the orb.

Akame walked towards the egg, and programmed it to release the headless corpse of her former lover, shooting her to the wall.

"Good night, Merraid," Akame said, blowing the egg like it was a firearm.

Seeing the brutal murder of Merraid, Esdeath pushed Najenda away from her; still stuck in the heat of battle, Esdeath clapped.

"Well done!" Esdeath said to Akame. Akame nodded; Najenda stopped, confused.

"What?" Najenda began.

"That's enough Kurome, that's enough," Esdeath ceased. Kurome dodged the fatal attack coming from Kevin; she quickly unsheathed her sword and kicked Kevin back.

"What's going on here?" Najenda asked, "Akame, what is the meaning of this?"

"I think the definition would be an alliance?" said a strange voice. Behind Najenda was a strange man wearing a lab coat carrying a small frog wearing some sort of futuristic garb; the man with the lab coat had a strange belt draped around his left shoulder. Accompanying surprised Night Raid.

"Chelsea?" Najenda said.

Chelsea was frozen in absolute shock; Najenda assumed that she learned something absolutely shocking after all of that. She knew of Paradox, but this other fellow was completely new to her.

"Tragedy had struck in the next canyon over," Paradox said.

"Between Ben and Sheele?" Najenda asked.

"Only Ben," Paradox said with a hint of sadness. This in tell did not leave Akame; her heart skipped a beat at the mention that there was a possibility that something bad had happened to Ben. As Najenda questioned on the involvement of Esdeath, akame's hearing was heavily distorted, barely hearing everything else. Kevin was the first one to notice Akame's blank stare.

"The reason I held back, Najenda was because…"

"This is not true," Akame suddenly said.

"What's not true?" Najenda asked.

"Nothing happened to him. He's fine. He's always been fine," she said, "Anything...anything that had happened to him he'd fought and he lived! Nothing could go pass him. He has a plan for everything. He's not dead!" Akame yelled passionately, scaring most of Night Raid. Esdeath was not surprised by this, she knew how madly in love Akame was.

"I believe Ben will make it," she finished.

"But, he was eaten," Kevin said.

"He was swallowed by Korro and he still made it out okay," Akame said, "If he were dead, i would know. He's still alive."

"We're not insinuating that he's dead," Azmuth said.

"Then do not hint to it," Akame said with a venomous glare.

Ben grudgingly woke up, covered in slime, stomach juices no doubt. He tried to hold up his lunch seeing the slime mostly covering his body. He looked around and discovered that, thank god, that he was no longer in the belly of the beats but inside of a bird cage; his arm was chained up on two opposite ends of the cage, preventing him from using the Ultimatrix.

"Ew, yuck!" Ben hurled, "Gastric juice? Wait? Was i swallowed? Was that even real? Oh man! First Korro and now the psycho? What am I? Delicious?"

"Be happy I did not digest you," said a demonic voice from nearby, "Besides, you taste like rotten fruit!"

"Says the ones whose insides smell worse than her personality!" Ben shot back.

"Quiet!" Ultimate Seryu roared grabbing the cage, snarling at the teen hero with rancor. Her snarl spewed black smoke to emit from her dinosaur snout. Her beady red eyes combusted into hellfire of hate and animosity. Nothing about this creature spelled love and admiration. Her hatred for the green teen was staggering.

"You mad bro?" Ben asked with a smug look on his face.

"Cocky until the end, huh?"

"Spoken like a true dehydrated mess," Ben shot again.

"Oh ha ha! I could have killed you at any time and thought nothing of it; however, fortunately for me i have...other plans," she said.

"And that's what?" Ben asked, "despite the fact you chained me up, that's not going to stop Night Raid you know? And i'm the nice one."

"Yeah, and I am Santa Claus!" Ultimate Seryu said, "Thus, killing you is only a swift justice. No, I want you to suffer."

"Like Cersie did with that other chick when she kissed her daughter with poison? Oh yeah, that'll show me," Ben said, referencing a series that Seryu had no idea about, earning her confusion.

"Referencing things that do not exist will not save your life, knave!"

"Wishing you don't exist would be a Biblical beginning I might say," Ben said, really not taking Seryu seriously.

"Make jokes while you can, Green boy, because I, ultimate Seryu have a surprise for you."

"If it's you flashing me, that'll kill me faster!"

Ultimate Seryu ignored that insult entirely; in fact, much to Ben's surprise, someone did come. Someone Ben did not expect, especially from this universe. Accompanied by Korro, a slender man, wearing a purple outfit while walking with a metal cane, walked in, giving the teen hero a cold smile.

"Hello there, Tennyson!" Eon said.

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