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A figure slowly walks across a desolate and cold ground, the tormented screams of the damned echoing over the hills. The atmosphere is dark as shadows seem to crawl and hug him, caressing him as he nears his destination … and a destiny greater than any could have known. His posture is tall and proud even as his heart beats a sand song, his features hidden under a thick cloak. Betrayal … one of the worst feelings any could experience.

He'd sacrificed so much for them all … to end with nothing. His life had been ripped apart at the tender age of 12. Every year had been one hell-ride after another, each time his sanity and hope coming dangerously close to a cracking point. He'd faced the worst of monsters, bared the curses of his enemies and allies alike, and still carried on … but no longer … not for them.

He gave a tired sigh as he looked at the rocky ceiling over him, wondering what they were doing now. Had they realized he was gone? Would they look for him in worry? He snorted at the thought, knowing exactly what would happen. 'They'll definitely search for me, sure. After all, can't have their greatest weapon suddenly pulling a Houdini on them … but they'll be too late.' He almost smiled at the thought but in the end his lips remained a flat line.

He should have felt crushed. His fatal flaw should have rendered him immobile and tearing his mind apart … and yet none happened. In the end there was just a sad acceptance. As if he'd always known that this betrayal would come and now, rather than kneel over and wait for death … he pushed forward. He knew it would be difficult but he needed to do this. So he continued on, his destination already in sight but as he walked, he couldn't help but think back to just yesterday … and the goodbyes.

No. Not goodbyes but … see you later …

24 Hours Prior

He looked around his cabin for the last time. His bed off to the side, the sheets in neat condition, and most of his pictures left on the wall right above his bed. The spring his father left him as a gift trickled almost sadly, as if knowing that the sole occupant of this cabin was leaving for good. He sighed sadly as he shouldered his pack and walked outside, the night sky and moon greeting him. He glanced up at the satellite and couldn't keep the grimace from appearing on his face.

This only made him sadder. He was loved to gaze up at the moon, especially while walking along the beach. The cool breeze of the sea would calm him as the gentle glow of the moon would cast a gentle light … but not anymore. The sea was now an unwelcomed abode, hiding lies and deceit like the very king that ruled it. The moon's light was now cold and scathing, as proud and unforgiving as the girl who hunted under that very light.

"Why did it have to be this way?" he asked himself sadly as he walked to the amphitheater, knowing that one he couldn't leave without telling was there.

It didn't take him long to spot her, tending her flame as she slouched over, the fire burning low and almost blue to reflect her mood. Seeing her looking so down brought something more to him than sadness. It was rage. He wanted to skin alive anyone who would dare to so much as harm a hair on her head … and who knows, maybe he'll get that particular pleasure later on. Still, for now he approached her, letting his footfalls alert her to his presence but she didn't really turn to look at him.

He knew why. She was probably buried in guilt and sadness but he wouldn't let her keep that burden. He sat beside her, their shoulders brushing against each other since she was in a 16 year old form. Her light brown dress snuggly displayed her figure yet kept her modest, her hair falling loosely over one shoulder. He waited for her to look at him but she remained adamant on not looking. He sighed as he slowly reached over and cupped her chin before gently tilting her face towards him.

If anyone had seen him they would have thought that he was suicidal. Who in their right mind would dare lay their hands on a goddess … an Olympian goddess at that, without their spoken consent? Maybe he was a little crazy but then again, it was that crazy that saved his bacon half the time in war. So, he didn't hesitate to make her look at him … and what he saw made him sadder if possible.

Her normally glowing, orange eyes were dim and red rimmed them, letting him know that she had been crying. Even now a tear or two fell down her smooth cheeks. He sighed as he used his free hand to wipe away the tears before focusing on her eyes … after subtly checking one of her cheeks and looking for any purple marks. 'Good … it healed already or wasn't that bad,' he thought in relief before speaking, knowing that this news would devastate her but it needed to be done.

"I'm leaving."

She opened her mouth to speak, alarm and concern filling her eyes but he placed a finger over her lips to stop her.

"… I know … all of it …"

Her eyes widened at his words but he continued.

"… I know what's going to happen and I need to leave now … but that doesn't mean I'll be gone forever," he said softly.

"But …" she started as she searched his eyes for something, "… They'll … k-kill you … if you try to run …"

"If they can catch me," he replied with a familiar smirk on his face. "But they don't know where I'm going … and wouldn't dare to follow if they did."

"Where are you …"

"I can't tell you Tia," he interrupted, using the pet name that only he knew and no one else would dare use.

He saw the hurt in her eyes but continued on.

"I know you wouldn't betray be like them," he spat out the last word as if it was sour, "… But you not knowing will keep you out of harm's way … but believe me … I will come back … someday."

He stood up as he finished, knowing that if anyone could convince him to stay, it would be her. However, as he turned and prepared to walk away, her felt a warm pair of arms wrap around him in a gentle hug from behind … before an orange glow covered his body. His eyes widened as he immediately knew what she did.

"Why?" he asked in a near whisper, not expecting this action in the slightest.

"Because …" she whispered back, her voice slightly muffled from his shirt, "… You've done so much for me, how could I not do this for you?"

He chuckled slightly at her reasoning, though a little thought at the back of his mind said there was more than wishing him simple protection or paying a favor. He didn't probe further though and turned in her arms to hug her back firmly, taking in the scent of a warm campfire and something that could only be described as home. He relished in it but knew that he needed to get going soon so he begrudgingly released the hug. He almost laughed at the pout the goddess sent his way … but nearly had a heart attack with what she did next.

She leaned closer and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek, making his eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. His thoughts stopped as he just stared at her, finder her sudden blush adorable. Then, with one last smile she left in a burst of flames. He couldn't really move for a good five minutes but when he did, he sighed as he ran a hand through his unruly hair. 'Goddesses … I will never figure them out,' he thought as he turned and walk through the silent camp.

He glanced at some of the cabins but didn't really feel any attachment to them … not anymore. He didn't give any second glances as he arrived at the hill, Thalia's pine standing tall with Peleus wrapped comfortably around the trunk. He smiled at the sight before he glanced at the shadows near him. He watched as the shadows condensed until it formed an enormous body of packed muscle, black fur, and glowing red eyes. Mrs. O'leary, his hellhound. He smiled fondly at her before he climbed onto her back and pointed her back at the shadows. The massive dog understood easily as she bounded at the shadows before jumping in as she dissolved along with her passenger.

And as they left, he didn't so much as glance back at the place he once called home …

Back to Present

He sighed again as he left those memories. It wasn't time to dwell on them. He already missed many of them though … the ones that did him no wrong. His cousins, Tia, his mother, and a spare few others … but he would see them again, in time.

With that thought he stopped as he arrived to his destination. Before him lay a pit that dropped into the worst abyss. A place of horror and madness that even the gods fear … but there wasn't a trace of it in his glowing green eyes with what looked like glowing flames dancing around them.

"I guess this is it," he mused as he inspected his own hand for a moment before speaking in a strong and clear voice. "I, Perseus Theseus Jackson, hereby revoke all ties to Poseidon, God of the Seas."

Thunder crackled even though they were underground. He felt his body slump for a moment as a decent amount of strength left him … but his resolve remained strong. His once sea green eyes seemed to dull for a moment before they took on an almost hazel, earthly shade with the flames growing stronger within them. His pitch black hair turned to a deep brown as his frame glowed in a mix of earthen green and fiery orange before fading.

"Huh … looks like they mix well," he muttered before looking at the pit. "I really am out of my mind …"

With that cheerful thought he jumped … and plummeted to the darkness awaiting him …

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