Before we begin, let me ask you all to point out a mistake in the timeline if you see one. I'm researching this all as I write, so there may be some inconsistencies with the Campione! Canon. I'm still not entirely clear on the time intervals between when the different Campione were reborn. I know that Alec was reborn, then Doni became a Campione very shortly after. It would help if someone could tell me if "Fourth" was the right chronological placement. Thank you.

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Prologue: A Report on the Conditions of Kusanagi Godou and the Lost One.

Excerpt from Japanese Reports Concerning the Verification of the new Campione (2012)

One month ago, as June was nearing its end, the Heretic God Verethragna, Persian god of Victory, descended in Cagliari, Italy. In the Persian mythology, this god had the ability to transfer into ten different forms; an impetuous wind, a gargantuan bull, a horse that embodied the sun, a divine camel, a raging bull, an eternal adolescent, a racing raptor, an undying ram, a goat imbued with the power of lightning, and a warrior with a golden sword. Regardless of the form he had taken, Verethragna would always emerge from battle as the victor.

Until that day near the start of June, when Kusanagi Godou vanquished the god, usurped his authorities, and was born again as a Slayer of Gods, a Lord, a Devil King- a Campione.

[Report on Kusanagi Godou], Compilation of the Greenwich assembly

As the aforementioned document states, the newest Campione has been born. The Japanese youth, the man by the name Kusanagi Godou, recently slayed the Heretic God of Victory and usurped his authorities. It is unknown whether Verethragna's various forms are all different manifestations of the same authority or if they are ten separate authorities. As of the time this report is being written, Kusanagi-sama has displayed five of the ten forms used by the God of Victory, which has caused us to doubt our initial assumption that all of the divine forms were separate powers. We can only hope that the assumption was true; if Kusanagi Godou truly has inherited all ten of Verethragna's victorious forms, then he may be the most dangerous Campione to be born in the Iron Age.

Luckily for us, and the rest of the world, Kusanagi Godou is not a Campione who looks favorably upon wanton destruction. And, judging by his recent encounter with the oldest Campione, Sasha Dejanstahl Voban, Lord of the Balkans, it seems that he has the personality of a protector. If this information is put to good use, we can subtly manipulate the young Campione into doing us favors.

However, I, as most sane people, normal citizens, magicians, knights, and paladins alike, would advise: do not attempt the manipulation of a Campione. It is a dangerous game, and certainly not one worth betting an entire association on.

Make no mistake; Kusanagi wears the skin of a pacifist, but there is no doubt that deep underneath that façade lays battle lust and the desire for control.

He, despite what he may seem, is undoubtedly the Eighth Campione!

[Report on the Fourth Campione], Compilation of the Greenwich assembly

In addition to the news about the birth of the Seventh, we recently uncovered something of incredible value.

As most likely have previously heard, during that tragic event fourteen years ago, two of our best Knights were dispatched to help with the evacuation of the local people, so that the casualty number would be lessened. The story that we heard, in which both of the Knights that our organization called to help had died honorably while stalling the Heretic Gods, had been proven to be false. Or rather, it proved to be a half-truth. One of the Knights probably had fallen whilst delaying the gods, but the other most certainly did not. Elayne, the stronger of the two, with her dying will, had left something for us. Information on the Fourth Campione.

Now, while this information is, undeniably, important, it is not plentiful. The Knight left this for us while she was on her last legs; we have no right to expect more of her. In her writings, she has left with us the information on the two massive presences that appeared that day. Yes, with her help, we have now identified the two Heretic Gods. One of them, the less powerful of the two, is confirmed to have been Hebe, Grecian Goddess of Youth. Hebe, the cupbearer for the Olympians, wife of Heracles, and mother to the divine hero Ganymede, was slain on that day, fourteen years ago. The implications of her defeat are both fascinating and horrifying. We have deduced that, by usurping her authorities, the Fourth likely gained up to three different Authorities:

Hebe, despite also governing the domain of Youth, was also considered a goddess of pardons and of forgiveness. Because of this second domain of hers, many prisoners would thank her when they were released from confinement, believing their release to be a sign of the goddess's forgiveness. They did so by hanging the shackles that once bound them on the branches of the trees in her sacred grove. Because this was such a common practice, the branches eventually became so wrapped in iron that they became indistinguishable from the chains themselves. Because of the way that the sun shone in on the grove, the people mistakenly thought that the branches were made of steel, so they took to calling the grove "The Forest of Sacred Steel." This has led us to believe that the goddess herself might have developed another affinity, for iron or for steel we still do not know. For now, it is safe to assume that if the Authority has been usurped, it has taken the form of either one or numerous chains, if it acts in accordance to its legend.

The second possible Authority is a little bit more troublesome. Hebe, before she was wed to Heracles, was the Cupbearer of the Olympians. Serving ambrosia as food and nectar as the drink, she pleased the Olympians by attending to them dutifully. While this may not appear to be as powerful as a warrior's Authority, it is certainly just as potent. Ambrosia, in the Grecian myths, was said to clean all defilement from the flesh. Minor cuts, diseases, mortal wounds-they all can be cured by this Authority (if it does, in fact, exist) It is not dissimilar to Kusanagi Godou's Authority, the Ram, in this respect.

The third, and what could be either the most lackluster or the most dangerous Authority, comes from Hebe's main domain- Eternal Youth. If what this Authority grants is simply incomplete immortality, then can be considered trivial, a waste of an Authority. A Campione is already granted longevity upon their rebirth as a King, although they will die eventually. An incomplete form of immortality, although it would keep the bearer young forever, yields no notable advantages over the form that is granted upon the ascension to Campione. If, however, this Authority were to give complete immortality…

Then the Earth might be doomed to suffer under the reign of an indomitable Tyrant for the rest of eternity.

Sadly, Hebe was the weaker of the two. The other Heretic God was Kronos. And he hadn't been vanquished.

We cannot fault the Slayer of Hebe for this, though. Kronos was not a god that any of the Campione could have fought and slain- not without at least two of the Godslayers working in unison, that is. I assume that we all have been painfully made aware that the cooperation of our Kings isn't quite at the level of a daily spectacle. Excuse me, I digress.

The next issue that I would like to discuss stems from the sudden appearance of Kronos. It seems that our Fourth Campione did, in fact, meet the one we call 'Father Time.' From what I was able to gather from the notes, the Heretic God saw something he liked deep within the Fourth and was appeased, gifting one of his Authorities to the Campione (and I know not which it was), then returning from whence he came, with a one-sided promise of future battle. I do not know what to make of this, whether the good outweighs the bad or vice versa, but this is not where my report ends.

The Campione had used an Authority, one completely unrelated to Kronos, to slay Hebe. This brings a question to mind: Just when, exactly, did this Campione kill their first god?

It is because of the lack of this knowledge that we have now agreed to change our title for our mysterious lord:

"The Lost Campione"

And the most surprising news of all? The one who gained the respect of Kronos, the one who slew the Goddess of Eternal Youth…

Was a child, around 12-14 years old.