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This FF is not going to have a definite plot or anything; they will rather be independent of one another in each chapter. They're drabbles (though this chapter comes bit longer than being a 'drabble') and are meant to be short: very, very short; and they will be lighthearted ones and barely angst-y (there might be a couple of angst-y ones too, but not very much).

This is a format I'm working for the first time in, and in case you guys find it lame, do let me know.

Chapter 1

"It was your fault!" Ishani shrieked at the fuming Ranveer.

"Mine? Mine?" he squeaked back, grabbing Ishani's hand who now carelessly turned away.

"For God's sake, Ranveer, we were supposed to be attending our Valentine's Day party. And we were the ones late there. How could you give more importance to your office meetings today? They were laughing at us!" Tears brimmed in her eyes.

"Oh, only if you weren't busy applying the buckets of makeup on your pretty face, we would have got there sooner."

"No," Ishani shouted back, unsure if she was to blush at the mention of "pretty face". "You had to wait for me instead of going to the meetings. Oh, they were not even meetings, were they? You did nothing there. It all got spoiled because of the impatience of yours! When I came back you had disappeared."

"Ishani, we were getting late!" Ranveer said, trying to cool himself down. It was their first Valentine's Day after marriage and they had been the ones not there in the party after planning the evening since last one week. The day had to be special but it was ruined now.

"Whatever!" Ishani said nonchalantly and moved towards her closet to fetch her nightie while Ranveer sighed in resignation.

As Ishani said so, they heard a click at the door as if it was closed from outside. Ishani and Ranveer froze, their hearts barely beating. Ranveer moved towards the door but found none. The silent invader had left.

He quickly tiptoed back to Ishani and smiled mischievously. The plan was finally successful!

"Looks like Baa is gone," Ishani whispered, coming close to Ranveer, and smiling.

He wrapped his arms around her tightly. "And now there's no one to disturb us anymore." He kissed her cheek.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Vaghela."

"Happiest to you, Mrs. Vaghela."

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