Present time

The dirt and grime clung to his shoes as he was reflecting upon the previous months events. The sorrow, pain and loss of which was filled with love security and hope. D'Artagnan could believe how it happened he went from a boy who had lost his father to a man who had gained three brothers in the space of a short month. He knew how lucky he was and he knew that his brothers would be there for him when he needed the, he would certainly be there for them. How could he ever have doubted them….?

One month previous

The letter had arrived at dawn, he was the only one out in the yard at the garrison so luckily no one was there to witness his reaction. The letter held the family name, his own cousin had written, the cousin he thought dead. His knees buckled as he read on the front of the parchment. Laying in the dirt of the previous days training which features eked a layer on the floor he bit his top lip, drawing the courage to open the impossible letter. What it contained made his heart pound through his chest.

My dearest cousin,

It is with great regret that I write to you, I knew you thought me dead and while that fact was useful for me, the time has come that I reveal the truth of what happened. After watching you my dearest cousin I discovered the existence of your new found friends. I must say that your dearest Athos, Porthos and Aramis are very honourable men and while it pains me to see those forming relationships with them to be pulled apart I must request that you leave Paris and join me here at the spot we held so dearly as boys. While I cannot ensure your safety once you arrive with me I can assure the safety of your friends, however if you do not take my offer their pain and suffering, that I assure you will come, will rest upon your shoulders. I shall see you in a week my dearest cousin.

Terrence D'Artagnan