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C'mon Nick, just do it already.

Are you insane? I can't just put myself out like that.

You're talking to yourself right now. Of course you're insane. Just look at her. Even I haven't taken up as much time in your head as she has the past few months.

Almost against his will Nick cast a glance to the vision of beauty next to him. The small, gray ball of fluff laying into his side. Absorbed in the movie they were watching, she didn't notice his mask completely vanish. His trademark smirk was gone. The mischievous twinkle in his emerald eyes replaced by a sad longing.

Why fate had to be cruel and decide his heart should be tied to this mammal, a bunny of all things, he'd never understand, but tied it was. For so long she had been all he could think about. From the moment he woke to the last sight of night, she encompassed his thoughts. Even his dreams weren't off-limits. Some of them so risque he would have to take a few cold showers each night just to not go insane.

Just do it already.

I can't! She's my friend. My best friend. The entire reason I even have this life.

But it's not enough anymore, is it?

It damn well can be! I'm not going to ruin the best thing I've ever had simply because my hormones can't keep stay in their pants.

HORMONES? You lying sack of shit. You and I both know this ain't a temporary thing. You've been pining for this girl for over a year!

I have not. Maybe a few we-

You know damn well this started during the Nighthowler case. Add on the 9 months of the Academy where you called her every single night, and now the 3 months you've been together on the force. You can't even admit it to yourself how badly you want to move past the 'friend' stage. Look at her. Take a good long look and if you can convince yourself that it's not what you want, then we bury it for good.

Nick carefully let out a breathless sigh knowing Judy's overly sensitive ears would pick it up. He gazed at her. Let his eyes wash over her small form. Admiring the tips of her ears to the bottom of her feet. She was dressed in a simple outfit designed for the comfort of their movie nights. A flannel shirt that he teased her about being a farmer's girl and a pair of black leggings that, while innocent, gave him ample opportunity to admire her form.

While she was indeed beautiful, there was so much more to her than simple looks. The way her nose twitched when she started getting excited by the movie. How her ears would flop down her back during the romantic scenes. The tears that built up in her violet eyes when the two lovers finally met. Yes, there was so much more to this special bunny. His bunny.

He knew what he had to do. But man was it going to push him way past his comfort zone.

".…C-" His first attempt caught in his throat barely making a audible squeak. "Carrots?"

"Yeah Nick?" Judy replied not taking her eyes off the movie.

"I, um, I need to talk to you about something," he stammered.

She raised herself into a sitting position. "Yeah sure, what is it?"

He took a deep breath. "I…I…" She looked at him quizzically, head cocked to the side.

I can't say it!

If you can't say it then just do it!

He reached out and grabbed Judy's face and quickly hauled her in for a hard kiss. It wasn't passionate, it wasn't chaste, but it was meant to portray all the emotions Nick had been bottling up for so long. To make sure she wouldn't misunderstand anything.

Opening his eyes he wasn't sure what to expect. Anger? Embarrassment? Dare he hope to see love reflected back? A genuine look of shock was certainly on the list but not to the degree Judy showed at that moment. Her ears were standing up straighter than he had ever seen and looked locked in place. Her amethyst eyes were completely wide open and her muzzle showed no emotion at all.

Nick wasn't sure what to do. None of the scenarios he had imagined played out like this. He had no plan, no strategy, nothing. All he could do was sit there as Judy stood, pocketed her phone, and left silently.