Sorry to break anyone's heart about adding this non-chapter into the story and making you think it was a continuation. This was my first story I've written in years and I continue to get praise for this piece and I just wanted to thank everyone who had read it, whether you liked, loved, or loathed it. I had a lot of fun penning it out and continue reading your reviews and PM's with joy. I am considering making a sequel to this down the road or maybe making a new fluff piece which I do already have plans for. If anyone does like my writing and wants to continue, I do have another story currently in progress "Fighting true Savagery". It's overly dark but there will be light in it as well (although that takes a while).

I do want to mention some phenomenal AU stories I have read, all that I think you would enjoy so I urge you to check them out.

Hear Me - A big admirer of time

Pride goes before a fall - Libious

Tails of the high seas + Red tails and wilde skies - Selaxes

Thank you again to everyone who has read and continues to read my work. It's been a blast so far and I hope it keeps going.