CM ch 6

First off I'm sorry for the long wait. Finals were last week and I just wanted to take a break from that so I did. This chapter is just a quick ending to this story. I will start another for the Season 5 of MLP after another chapter for Journey to World's End. Hope you like this and leave a comment below if you do.

After the main seven boarded the train to head home, Twilight and Ash stopped at Canterlot to discuss what had happened in the village and the wonderful news of their unborn baby. They made their way those the city observing the reconstruction of the castle.

"Terik seriously did a number on this place." Twilight said in wonder as she observing a tower being hoisted up by tall cranes.

"That was actually my fault." Ash admitted rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.


"After Queen Chrysalis attack the first time around I secretly installed a last resort switch that would bring down some of the castle in order of any remain ponies inside could escape."

"Oh." Twilight muttered she didn't want to dread on that day when they almost lost her brother but a small smile came out. That was still the day Ash and herself got together as a couple. They walk into the main throne room to see both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna discussing some legalities over districts lines. They both turned to see Ash and Twilight walking in.

"Welcome Ash and Twilight." Celestia greeted hugging her student while Luna hugged Ash. "So how was your trip back to the human world?"

"Both good and bad." Ash rubbed his head. "But today has been a long day." He groaned wearily Twilight nodded too letting out a deep sigh.

"In that case lets all go to the royal spa here in Canterlot." Luna offered and they all left for the spa. After some time they all hopped into a new luxury hot tub. Ash had tied a cloth around his eyes in respect of his sisters. Celestia and Luna sat on left side of the tub while Ash and Twilight sat on the right. The warm water soothed their aches and pains away. Twilight told the royal sisters what had happened with Sunset Shimmer in the human world and with Starlight Glimmer and the whole time they were held captive.

"If I ever see her I will reap the joys of punishment upon her for what she as done to my brother and his wife!" Luna declared in anger. Celestia was too angered by the account but the thought of pony with the power to remove cutie marks was most disturbing.

"But it maybe something more to her hate of cutie marks." Ash added making the other alicorns look at him "she must have had a great emotional trauma or unforeseen circumstances that lead her to these immoral acts on ponies. But I don't know for sure."

They all sat in silence pondering Ash's words. But Twilight rapped her front leg around Ash's he turned to her and didn't need is eyes to know that look of concern that had grown on her face.

"Is there more Ash?" Celestia asked noticing the look on Twilight face.

Ash took in a deep breath and let out a long sigh as he but more water to have more steam.

"While I was separated from the others; Darkrai gave me a vision of the future." He shivered at the memory with made the girls very concerned.

"I saw Equestria in ruins." He said slowly. The other eyes went wide. "Flashes of images were shown to me; Ponies starving to death, fields of grain turned to sand and dust, once glamorous cities in rumble, Manehatten was gone and all that was left was a crater and a cloud shaped like a mushroom loomed over it."

Everypony was trying image what he was describing but nothing compared to what Ash had seen.

"But out of everything I saw the last image still haunts me." He lowered his head and tighten his hold on Twilight. I saw the bodies of everyone I know and love dead at my feet." Tears began to leak from the blindfold as he spoke on. But I heard a laugh of a mad man taunting me of my failure to same anypony. His shadow cast over me both I awoke. But the last thing the shadow did was howl."

Tears were shed by all of them now. "Ash..." Twilight muttered to her love.

"Why?" He asked to no one "I lost everything the first time around back in the aura kingdom. Now that I have everything I could have asked for here in Equestria and something else wants to take it from me again!" He screamed out in frustration but the girls said nothing. "I can't. I can't lose everyone again. I couldn't bare it a second time." He finally broke down in tears. Twilight with tears in her own eyes gazed at her mentor for some way to give her husband some peace.

Celestia moved across the tub to him. Twilight let go of Ash and Celestia pulled him into a tight embrace. Ash was stunned by this but let her stay.

"The future is not set in stone Ash. You can change that future so it may never come to pass. We will face what ever happens together because we are your family." Ash gazed up at his sister as more tears spilled over. Luna and Twilight moved in to hug Ash as well. Ash felt their aura reach out to his own bring comfort and peace. Then in his heart a wave of peace; even his unborn child seemed to sense it's fathers fear and wanted to help him.

"Thank you"

They all back away and smiled at the young colt. Ash then ask something of Twilight threw their physic connection. She blushed deeply but smiled broadly.

"We have some good news though." She said holding on to her husband. "We are having a baby."

The two sisters gasped in delight and congratulated them and swooned over Twilight on names and baby showers. Ash just gazed out into space knowing everything will be alright in the end.