This is the third series I've been wanting to make a prologue for. It's the longest prologue, and I think it has the most potential for character interactions and development.

Credit is given where credit is due. The idea for this story was given to me by core of justice in a PM. If it wasn't for him, then this series would never have been made.

That said, I hope you enjoy the prologue for The Avatar's Apprentice.

The Avatar's Apprentice

Chapter 0: Prologue

Korra trudged through the streets of Republic City. A bruise was already forming on her eye, a shiner that, from experience, would probably stick around for the next day. She was constantly shifting her bag around on her shoulder, at the exact spot where she was hit by a chunk of rock.

Her limp wasn't helping matters much, either. Thanks to her clumsiness, she had managed to slip during her ring match, leaving her wide open for an attack, that just so happened to put the pressure on her right leg.

Of course, the whole situation would not be complete without the fans of the sport, one in particular the size of a donkey buffalo, who smelled like a month - old clothes wrapped in Pabu's flea - rich fur.

Korra sighed to herself. Even the though of Pabu's disgusting hide couldn't stop her from wishing she was back with her friends. The past three years had been tough on her, but without the comfort of her friends, she had been especially lonely. With the exception of Asami, Korra had no idea about what was going on in Republic City's high branches. What she would give to find out…

Korra jerked out of her daydreams, as she saw someone duck into the alley in front of her. Normally, this wouldn't have been a problem to Korra, but this person was wearing suspiciously accurate Water Tribe clothing, and there was nothing Korra wouldn't give - in particular because nothing she had was of any sentimental value - to see someone from her tribe.

She dashed into the alleyway, only to be confronted by a dark figure in front of her, and the slow and methodic clinking of chains. As she stepped forward, so did the shadow, until it seeped out of the darkness and into reality.

Displaying a stark difference between herself and the figure, shadow Korra still had her long hair, Water Tribe armbands, Water Tribe tank top and parka tied around her waist. As Korra looked into her glowing eyes for the hundredth time since leaving the Southern Water Tribe, she wondered if this is what her enemies saw when she entered the Avatar State.

Growling to herself, Korra dropped into a low fighting stance, while her opponent mirrored her actions. Leaning back, Korra delivered a powerful earthbending ripple of the ground, while simultaneously extending her arms and sending a barrage of fireballs at her opponent. A rash move, by any standards. Her opponent seemed to know exactly what she was planning, because even before the ground split apart at her feet, she was already moving.

Korra's quick barrage left her open to attack. With all the time in the world, her opponent sent a wave of water - seemingly from nowhere - right into Korra's torso. She was thrown back into the street, narrowly missing a Satomobile that swerved around her.

Korra looked into the alley. There was no one there. She felt her mud - colored and stained clothing, but it was completely dry. People stopped to gawk and whisper about the crazy girl, as Korra quickly picked up her satchel and hurried down the street.

It was the third time this week. All around town, she could not stop seeing herself in dark alleys, in the corners of her apartment and her dreams. It was like a shadow, not far behind her, always waiting for the perfect opportunity to rear its ugly head.

As Korra ran down the street, she saw a Satomobile screech to a stop ahead of her. Korra did the same, apprehensive about the car, not only because Republic City was filled with gangs, but because her alternate self might have figured out how to operate a motor vehicle.

Thankfully, the car's occupants were not interested in Korra. Rather, they threw open the door and shoved out a child, no more than the age of 13. The other doors then opened, including the driver's side door. A group of adults gathered around the child, all of them with some sort of painful weapon, ranging from a club to a spiked mace.

"G - Get away from me!" The boy punched his fists towards the adults. Shockingly, two bolts of lightning ejected from his hands. However, thanks to his shaking arms, they veered off into the sky, completely missing the bandits.

All 12 eyes followed the lightning as they fizzed out in the twilight sky. The bandits then returned their gaze to the boy. "Nice trick, kid, but my boys here don't like it. Let's see if we can beat out some more sparks," the bandit with the mace growled. As a unit, they advanced on the boy.

"Get away from him!" Korra shouted as she charged the 4 bandits. Stopping about 10 meters away from them, she made an uppercut motion, sending two of the goons flying into the air, propelled by an outcropping of rock. The third bandit advanced, swinging a metal rod Korra's height.

Ducking and dodging, Korra managed to evade two strokes from the giant rod, before going on the offense, repeatedly punching the man with two giant blocks of stone. With one final blow, Korra sent the man tumbling to the ground. Finally, she turned her attention to the last bandit, the one who had verbally threatened the child. However, instead of making a move, she dropped onto one knee, and stared directly into the glowing eyes of herself in the Avatar State.

"What's wrong, girly? Can't handle a few guys at once?" The man snapped. He took his sweet time, strutting with the authority of a king. He planted his feet less than a meter away from Korra. "You're going to learn that nobody around here messes with the Triple Threats!"

Raising the mace around his right shoulder, and towering over Korra, he prepared to swing the gigantic weapon, until the smell of ozone filled the air just as the man was electrocuted. Bellowing, he crumpled to one knee, and then fell face - first onto the asphalt.

Korra looked up, and she saw the boy with his hand outstretched. "That's the last spark I got," he muttered under his breath. Jogging over to Korra, he helped her up. "Thanks for saving me. I don't even know what they wanted with me."

Korra looked at him. About the size and build of Kai when she first met him, the boy bore a strong resemblance to Mako: Brooding, mellow but energetic. They were even both firebenders. "It was no big deal. I would have done the same for anyone," she said offhandedly. "What's your name?"

"Kyon," came the short reply. Korra waited for any more information, but none was forthcoming. "Well, Kyon, if you want, you can come to my apartment. It's the least I can do for saving my life." Instantly, Kyon brightened, and the duo went to Korra's residence.

At Korra's place, Kyon began to eagerly dig into some of the food that Korra left for him. As Korra watched him, she began to sigh. "What's up?" asked Kyon, through a mouthful of food. Korra sighed once more. "It's just that - I remember a time when I would have never been in this position. Now, I'm living in a cramped space that others would be ashamed to live in. It's been a long road from where I've been to where I am now."

Kyon straightened. "I hear you. I've been living on the streets nearly my whole life. Had to beg and steal to get where I am now. I can firebend too, but it's a bit uncontrollable, as you saw outside."

Korra thought for a moment. As much as she could see differences between herself and the boy, the similarities were also becoming more apparent. "I've got a proposition for you: You stay here and help me earn some money, and I'll teach you firebending."

Immediately, Kyon's ears perked at the offer. But he was wary. "Why would you do that for someone you just met? What's in it for you?"

Korra laughed, which almost prompted Kyon to smile as well. "Because you remind me of myself," she explained. "We're both lonely, we're separated from friends and family and we both wish we could go back to a day when everything was right. Besides, I did save your life."

Dumbstruck, Kyon nodded. Korra chuckled again, saying, "All right. We start tomorrow. But for now, let's eat."


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