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"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch a tiger by his toe. If he hollers, let him go. My mother told me to pick the very best on and you are i... Son of a...how the fuck did he find us way out here? Quick, put your guns away," he ordered.

Rick's eyes snapped up when he heard a motorcycle pull up and stop behind the RV. Looking around, he noticed that every one of the Saviors had their shoulders hunched, even Negan. The man with the barb wire wrapped baseball bat even looked nervous.

Looking frantically around, Negan tossed his bat Lucille to Dwight, not caring if the barbs hit the man or not. He personally couldn't stand the ugly, sniveling bastard. "Baby doll, what are you doing way out here at this time of night? You should be home warm in bed safe and sound."

Rick watched as a petite person dressed all in black leather slowly approached Negan. Stopping next to the much larger man, the person brought their hands up and pulled off their motorcycle helmet, revealing surprisingly that it was a male. With the height and build of the male, plus the nickname baby doll, he had been expecting a woman.

"What's going on?" the newcomer asked somewhat wearily.

Looking down into the greenest eyes he had ever seen, Negan gave a nervous chuckle. "Nothing's going on, baby. Just some of us guys blowing off some steam."

Rick gasped when the young man turned to look at him, his green eyes almost glowing. The young raven haired man didn't look much older than his son Carl, but there was something about him that just screamed power.

Frowning, Harry pointed to the eleven people that were kneeling on the ground looking like they were terrified. "Who are they? They don't look like they're having much fun."

Negan nervously tugged at his red scarf, it had been a gift from his lover. "They're fine, doll. What are you doing here?"

Scowling, the young man turned to glare at his mate. "Don't doll me, Negan. I woke to find you and almost everyone else missing from the compound. What's going on?"

Negan reached out for his lover, sighing when the boy quickly stepped back. "Doll..." Negan cringed when his lover's eyes flashed dangerously. "Harry," he quickly corrected. "I'm just having a friendly talk with our neighbors, that's all."

"The guys from Hilltop?" Harry asked curiously. He didn't leave the compound much so he hadn't had a chance to meet their neighbors yet.

"No, this group is from Alexandria," Negan corrected.

Harry looked back at the kneeling group, not missing how some of them looked like they were in serious need of healing. One man was even bleeding profusely from his shoulder. "Why are they on their knees?"

Negan flashed Harry one of his trademark sexy smiles that always worked on his lover. "Harry, why don't you go on home and I'll be there shortly?"

The left corner of Harry's mouth twitched up. "Are you trying to get rid of me, Negan? I wake to find everyone gone, including my mate, and a note on your pillow saying that you were taking care of some business and that you would be back before morning. Curious as to what was going on that would include everyone but your mate, I decided to activate the tracking charm I placed on you."

"Dammit, Harry, I asked you not to place a tracking charm on me," Negan grumbled.

"I know," Harry smirked, "but like you keep reminding me, I'm not very good at following your orders. You are my mate, like hell will I let you wander around without a few safety charms."

Negan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He loved his little lover, but fuck was he a stubborn little shit. Unfortunately he was also a bleeding heart who wouldn't approve of what he was doing, he had hoped to return to the compound before Harry woke and found him missing.

Giggling, Harry got up on his toes and placed a soft kiss on his mate's lips. "I'm not stupid, Negan," he mumbled against the man's lips. "I know you're up to something. Are you being a bully again?"

"What?" Negan cried, looking sheepishly around. "Why would you think that?"

Harry stepped away from his mate and waved his hand towards the kneeling group. "I don't know, maybe it's the eleven people kneeling at your feet looking beat and terrified. Or maybe it's that fact that you have forty heavily armed men and they're completely unarmed."

Negan opened and closed his mouth a few times trying to come up with a good lie. He normally didn't lie to his lover, but a pissed off Harry could be downright frightening. "Alright," he finally conceded, "this is the group that has been killing our people...our friends."

Eyes widening, Harry turned to look back at the kneeling group. They didn't look very tough, but he knew that looks could be deceiving. He, himself, didn't look tough, but he was one of the most powerful wizards ever born. Smirking at his mate, who let out a small groan, Harry approached the group and stopped in front of the man that was in the middle. He could tell by the man's aura that he was the leader.

"Which one of you killed Paula and Michelle?" Harry asked with a small smile.

"Harry," Negan sighed in exasperation from behind his mate. Rick and his group may be outnumbered and defenseless, but he didn't trust them. This group killed damn near half his men and he wasn't going to take a chance with his precious mate.

Ignoring his mate, Harry asked again. "Which one of you killed Paula and Michelle?" Negan normally didn't tell him much of the happenings that went on at their compounds because he really didn't care, but he had told him about Paula and Michelle's deaths.

Trembling from both pain and fear, Maggie looked up at the boy through her sweat soaked hair. "I did," she said, trying to sound stronger than when she felt. Her stomach was cramping horribly and she was close to passing out. She was doing her best to remain kneeling, not wanting to risk angering Negan more, but all she wanted to do was curl in a ball and cry. She was almost positive that she had miscarried her and Glenn's baby.

Harry walked up to the woman, but stopped a few feet shy when a Korean man lunged at him.

"Don't touch her, you bastard!" Glenn cried, struggling to kick the man off of him that was preventing him from attacking the kid that was approaching his wife.

"I'm not going to hurt her," Harry said gently, glaring at Dwight who was manhandling the Korean man. Merlin he hated that man, he was such an ass kissing fucktard. He didn't know why his mate kept him around, he was useless.

Rick didn't know what to make make of the newcomer, but he did notice that everyone, especially Negan, were acting differently now that he was here. He also noticed that all the guns had been pocketed and the lethal looking bat that Negan had threatened to beat the holy hell out of one of them with was nowhere to be seen.

With one eye on the Korean, Harry knelt in front of the woman who admitted to killing Paula and Michelle. "Did you really kill them?"

Biting her bottom lip, Maggie jerkily nodded her head. Carol may have been the one who physically killed Paula, but she had killed the reanimated Paula.

"Thank you!" Harry cried, grabbing the stunned woman's hand and giving it a shake. "Merlin I hated those two bitches. They thought they were better then everyone else and was always trying to get in my Negan's pants. As if he would want to fuck nasty sluts like them when he has me. I would have killed them myself, but I'm physically incapable of hurting anyone."

"Harry," Negan growled warningly. He didn't like it when Harry told people that he couldn't hurt them, he didn't like anyone knowing how vulnerable he was. That was why he worked so hard to make others fear him. He had to keep his mate safe.

Without turning from the woman, Harry rolled his eyes. "Don't mind him, he's just extremely protective of me, to the point that it's become an obsession with him. Still, he had refused to kill Paula and Michelle when I begged him to claiming that there were too few woman for all the men at the compound. I hated Paula so much that just her voice made me want to stab knives in my ears whenever I heard it."

Negan grabbed his mate by the arm and tugged him up to him. "Doll baby, you can't go around thanking people for killing our people...that's just now how it is done."

"They weren't my people," Harry grinned cheekily. "Just because it's in my nature to care for and heal people, doesn't mean that I have to like them. Paula and Michelle were bitches who would have happily slit my throat to get to you if given the chance."

Sighing in defeat, Negan released his stubborn lover. "Can you go home now, baby? I'll have Dwight escort you back to the compound?"

Eyes narrowing, Harry sneered up at his mate. "So help me Negan, if you send me off with that prick you won't be getting any ass for a month."

Negan hissed dangerously when the large ginger haired man started chuckling. "Watch yourself, champ. We still have business to take care of," he warned, smirking at the ginger. He was the one Lucille chose to kill.

Stepping back away from his mate, Harry angrily placed his hands on his hip. "What the hell is going on here, Negan? I swear on my magic, if you don't tell me the truth I'm going to hex you into next month."

Grinning that perfect grin of his, Negan sauntered up to his mate and wrapped a beefy arm around his waist. "Now, baby, you know that your nature won't allow you to hurt me."

Not for the first time Harry cursed his creature inheritance. Two years ago on his sixteenth birthday he had become an elf, not just any elf, but a healer elf whose magic specialized in healing and nurturing. Unfortunately his magic wouldn't allow him to physically hurt people, only heal them. He could still do everyday wizarding spells and such, he just couldn't use them with the intent of hurting someone.

Smirking, Harry brought his hand up to cup his mate's handsome face. He loved Negan with all his heart and there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for him, but his mate could be stubborn and extremely overprotective of him...to the point where he would murder just to keep him safe. He wasn't blind to his mate's dark side, but he couldn't hate him for it or walk away from him. Negan honestly believed that he was protecting him and keeping him safe from any possible threats.

"Love, I don't have to physically hurt you to make your life miserable," Harry said sweetly. "Even if my nature didn't prevent me from hurting people, I would still never hurt you. I love you more than anything. That being said, I also can't allow you to hurt these people...even if they did kill your men. Men, by the way, that were mean bullies who probably deserved it."

There was only a handful of his mate's men that he actually liked...which is why he normally kept himself hidden away in their house. He didn't want anything to do with the day to day running of the compound, he was content to work in his gardens, read, and heal people that needed healing. He also liked to spend a great deal of his time with the animals they had acquired over the past year and a half.

"And do you think these men are any better?" Negan snapped, motioning to the kneeling group.

"No," Harry said sadly. "I can tell from their auras that they have all killed humans, just like you and your men. Hell, I'm probably the only person left on the planet that has not taken a life since the world went to hell."

"Only because you can't," Negan corrected fondly.

"Details," Harry said with a shrug of his shoulders. Turning to the kneeling man whose aura screamed leader, Harry gave him a thoughtful look. He could tell that this man had a good heart, but like with his Negan, he would kill without a second thought to save the ones he loved. "Why did you attack us? From what I heard, you attacked in the dead of the night and killed my mate's people while they were sleeping. That doesn't seem very sporting."

Adam's apple bobbing up and down, Rick looked past the boy to Negan who was subtly shaking his head no behind the boy's back, his eyes promising pain if he talked. Not knowing what to say and not wanting risk his people's lives, he decided to keep his mouth shut for now.

"Because your lover is a dick faced prick," Abraham stated flatly.

Harry's eyes sparkled with amusement. It wasn't often that someone spoke against his mate, everyone was bloody terrified of him. He was the only who dared to do such a thing, but his mate would never hurt him. "He can be at times," he giggled, "but that's still no reason to murder people in their sleep."

"Harry," Negan sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Just go home."

Harry spun on his mate his eyes flashing dangerously. "I'm not leaving while there are people hurt and in danger. Danger from my own mate at that."

Spinning back around, Harry knelt down again in front of the pale and trembling woman. "Your baby is in danger," he said gently as he reached out and touched her burning forehead. "If you don't allow me to help, you will lose him within the next hour."

Maggie collapsed onto her hands, her body shaking violently with her heart wrenching sobs. She didn't know who this boy was or how he knew about her pregnancy, but she would do anything to save the life growing inside of her. "Please," she begged.

"Maggie!" Glenn hissed frantically. He desperately wanted to rush to his wife's side, but one look from Negan kept him rooted to the spot. The boy may seem to be good and caring, but Negan was a ruthless murderer who wanted nothing more than to kill one of them.

"Love, I can feel you glaring at them from behind my back," Harry said in frustration. "I don't know what was going on before I got here, and right now I don't really care. This lady is suffering a miscarriage and there is a man near the end that has a gunshot wound to his shoulder. You know that I physically cant walk away from them and not help, my magic won't allow it."

Negan wanted to snatch his little lover up and toss him in the RV and lock the door while he finished beating the holy fuck out of the ginger bastard, but the last thing he wanted was a moody, sulking, teenage elf on his hands for the next few months. Harry wasn't playing, he would withhold sex from him, and sex with Harry was fucking incredible.

Harry tried to give the woman a reassuring smile, but her eyes were clouded with fear and pain. "Big Red," he called, addressing the outspoken ginger man. "Can you please allow her to lean against you and hold her?"

"D'fuck for?" Abraham asked, narrowing his eyes at the boy in an attempt to intimidate him.

"Don't try to scare me," Harry smirked. "Have you seen my mate? I don't scare easily, and despite not being able to physically hurt anyone, I do have ways of protecting myself. I need you to hold her so I can stabilize the baby before she looses him."

Abraham stared at the young man unblinkingly for a full two minutes before breaking eye contact and reaching out for Maggie. The kid was a tough little shit to not back down from him. He was more than three times the size of the scrawny brat.

Harry carefully helped big red uncurl the woman so her legs were straight out in front of her and her back against the large man's chest. "What's her name?" he asked the ginger.

"Maggie," Abraham answered simply.

"Alright, Maggie," Harry said kindly as he rubbed his hands together to build up his magic. "What I'm gonna to do won't hurt you, but it may feel strange. I need you to try to stay still and not fight me. Can you do that?"

Panting, Maggie nodded her head. She didn't know how a boy with no medical supplies could help her, but she didn't have any other choice than to let him try to help her.

Smiling at the woman, Harry briefly looked up into the ginger's eyes. "I promise I won't hurt her, but if she starts fighting me, I'm going to need you to hold her down. I would hate to see her lose her little boy just because she's scared of me."

"What are you?" Abraham asked, sensing that there was something not human about the boy. Maybe it was the eyes, no human had eyes that bright of green that seemed to glow with his moods.

"No time for explanations now," Harry said, focusing back on the woman. Taking a deep, he placed his hands on the woman's bare stomach and started to gently push his magic into her and into her womb. He could feel the little life that was just starting to grow in her, his heartbeat weaker than that of a healthy fetus'.

Stepping behind his mate, Negan pulled out a gun from under his leather jacket and pointed it at the ginger, just daring him to attack his mate while he was occupied trying to save the bitch's baby. Unlike Harry, he didn't care about anyone but his mate. The rest of the survivors in this world could get devoured by the fucking dead for all he cared, even his own men, Harry was the only thing that mattered to him and he would protect him until he took his last breath.

He had watched his little mate heal enough people by now to know that he was about to freak this group out. Hell, it had freaked him the hell out the first time he witnessed Harry heal, and it had been him that he had been healing. At the time he had known nothing about magical creatures or wizards, all he knew was that he had been completely smitten with the teen the second he had stumbled across him wandering Virginia all alone and scared not long after the outbreak first started. He had been stupidly trying to impress the boy when a walker jumped out making him stumble and fall down a ravine. If Harry hadn't been with him he would have died for sure. He had broken both his legs and three ribs in that fall. He was a tough mother fucker, but even he wouldn't have been able to get up and walk away from that.

He had been in so much pain at the time and close to passing out that it hadn't registered to him that Harry had appeared next to him in the blink of and eye and with a loud crack. He now knew that his little mate had apparated to him, desperate to get to him before the dead found him. That's when the boy knelt next to him, begged him not to freak out and then laid his hands on his legs. That's when the glowing started.

Warmth spread through his legs and up into his chest as a pale blue light surrounded Harry's hands. He had been so shocked at the time that all he could do was sit there with his mouth hanging open like some idiot. It was while he was shocked speechless that Harry confessed everything to him. He told how he was a wizard who had just recently come into a creature inheritance on his sixteenth birthday and how the pull to find his soul mate had led him to him...his mate. He tried to fight it, he honestly had. The boy was only sixteen years old and he was more than old enough to be his father. He had managed to fight the pull for a week before he cracked and took Harry's virginity, thus bonding them together for life.

He never regretted it, not even when his little elf was in one of his moods. Harry was headstrong and bullheaded, but he was also kind, caring, and loved him with every fiber of his being. He knew that his mate knew that he had committed cold blooded murder, and yet he was still with him. Even though he felt that he didn't deserve him, Harry loved him unconditionally.

"Mother dick," Abraham cursed, wrapping his left his arm protectively around Maggie's chest and holding his right hand out to push the boy away when his hands started glowing.

Growling, Negan placed his gun right between the ginger's eyes. "You even think about touching him and I will shut that shit down. If it wasn't for him, your skull would be scattered into a million pieces throughout this forest right now."

Harry wanted to scold his mate for being a bully, but he couldn't break his concentration, the little boy that Maggie was carrying was proving very difficult for him to heal. There wasn't much that he couldn't heal, with the exception of bites from the dead, but when he did fail it destroyed him. Healing was what he was made for, and when someone died in his care, a part of his soul went with them.

Closing her eyes, Maggie relaxed when a strange, yet comforting warmth, entered her body. She could feel the muscles in her stomach relaxing as the cramps started fading. She could also feel that her fever was breaking as she no longer felt cold and hot all at the same time.

Whimpering, Harry tore his hands off of Maggie's stomach and fell back onto his ass in the dirt. Healing the little boy and Maggie's womb had taken a lot out of him. He probably should have given up and admitted defeat, but he was too stubborn to do that. It was also nice to feel a new and developing life in a world that was surrounded by nothing but death.

Negan stepped between his mate and the ginger, using his body as a shield. "You alright, doll?" he asked in concern.

Still feeling out of it, all Harry was able to do was nod his head. It would only take a few minutes for him to recover enough to get back on his feet, but unfortunately it would be another hour or two before he could heal the shot man's shoulder. He hated leaving someone in pain, it went against everything that he was.

Rick wanted to demand some answers, but he knew that his group and his son weren't out of danger just yet. The boy was the only thing keeping Negan from killing, but he didn't want to press his luck. It ate at him something horrible kneeling submissively in front of the sadistic bastard, but he was in a no win situation. He had never felt so helpless or vulnerable in his entire life.

Finally regaining enough energy to talk, Harry sat up and took Maggie's hand. "I healed both your son and your womb, as long as you take care of yourself, eat properly, get lots of sleep and cut back on your stress, you should deliver a healthy baby boy in five months."

"A son!" Glenn said breathlessly, his teary eyes on his wife who was already starting to get some color back to her.

Harry turned to the Korean man and gave him a smile. "I take it you're the daddy? Congratulations."

"Thank you," Glenn cried sincerely.

"Enough!" Negan barked. "Harry, enough with being nice to them. I have to finish what I started so go the fuck home."

Harry fidgeted uncomfortably under the weight of his dominant's direct command. "Go home so you can kill them?" he shot back, despite his elf screaming at him that they had to obey. Negan very seldom ordered him around, but when he did he normally obeyed without question.

"Just fucking one of them," Negan finally admitted, getting fed up with everything. He had been having fun before his mate arrived, now his killing just wasn't going to have the same effect on the group.

"Why are you going to kill one?" Harry asked angrily. It hurt his heart that his mate could be so heartless to everyone else except him.

"They killed my men."

"Did you do anything to cause them to attack?" Harry asked carefully.

"Not to them we didn't," Dwight snorted.

Turning to the grossly disfigured man, Harry raised a singe eyebrow. To this day he didn't know how Dwight had melted half his face, but the man hadn't been at the compound so he hadn't been able to heal him. "Not to them, but to someone else you did?"

Gulping nervously, Dwight looked fearfully to Negan. He wanted to cry when he saw the look in the man's eyes. He was going to pay dearly for that little slip. Everyone knew to keep their mouths shut in front of Harry. He had no problems with the kid, but he didn't fit in with the rest of the group. He didn't understand why Negan was so infatuated with the him, maybe it was because of his magic.

When Dwight didn't answer him, Harry shook his head knowingly. "I think I get it now. This group attacked us because you attacked another group?" he asked, turning knowing eyes to his mate.

"We had a deal with the group," Negan corrected.

"Deal my ass," Abraham spat.

Harry quickly snatched Negan's gun from his hand when he went to point it at the large ginger. "No shooting," he snapped. "I already have one gun shot wound to heal, if I have to heal someone else tonight I'll be weak for days."

"Don't worry, doll, I'll make sure you won't be able to heal him."

Harry closed his eyes and counted to twenty. "Tell me about this deal. I assume we are talking about Hilltop?"

"It's simple," Negan said casually. "In exchange for our protection, they give us half of their weekly haul."

Harry thought that over for a few minutes, it really didn't sound like a bad deal. There were a lot of horribly bad people left in this world, not to mention the walking dead. If a group wasn't as strong or as skilled as another group, it was only fair that they offer something in exchange for their services.

Harry looked to the kneeling man that was the leader of the other group. "That doesn't sound like an unreasonable deal. My mate's men are strong, well trained, and they have more than enough weapons. Why then did you attack us?"

"Your mate left out the part where he was the one attacking Hilltop and the deal was half their stuff in exchange for not killing anymore of their people."

Harry's head snapped down to the end of the line where the man with the gunshot wound had just yelled that out. He didn't want to admit it, but that sounded more like something his mate would do. Spinning around, he slapped Negan hard on the arm. "What the hell did I say about being a big, mean, bully?"

Negan shrugged his shoulders. "Everything I do, I do to keep you safe. If others fear me then they won't attack us."

Growling loudly, Harry threw his hands up in frustration. "And how is that plan working out?" he yelled. "How many of our men has this group killed so far?"

"Harry, I have kept you safe since this fucking shit started," Negan snapped. "And I will do everything within my power to keep doing so. Others have to fear us if we want to survive. They have to see that I am serious and a man of my word."

"By beating in the head of a sixteen year old boy with a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire?" Rick asked, speaking up for the first time.

All color drained from Harry's face and bile burned the back of his throat. "Please tell me he's lying," he pleaded of his mate. He knew Negan had killed, but that was just barbaric.

As furious as he was that he had been ratted it out, it broke something in Negan to see his little mate look at him in such a way. He kept Harry away from all his dealings with other people because he knew that he couldn't handle what needed to be done in order to survive in this new and brutal world.

"Fear is how you control people these days," Negan explained patiently.

A single tear slipped from Harry's eye. "And you control them by killing one them? What, you just roll in and single out one from the group and beat them with that fucking bat of yours? You told me that bat was for the dead."

"Baby doll, it's just one life," Negan said as if it really didn't matter. "If taking a life guarantees yours then I will beat the fuck out of every person here

Harry sadly shook his head. "There is so little life left on the earth, it's not just just a life you're taking, but a chance for our survival. You can't keep doing this, and you can't keep using me as an excuse. I won't allow it."

Eyes narrowing, Negan stared hard at his mate. "What the fuck do you mean by that?"

Harry took a cautious step back. Negan would never harm him, but he was very large and volitale. "I can't live knowing that you are killing people because of me. It's one thing to kill in self defense, but what you are doing is cold blooded, senseless murder. Which of these people were you going to kill tonight if I hadn't showed up?"

Smirking, Abraham raised his hand. "I believe that I had been chosen as the lucky bastard."

"Big red?" Harry cried in outrage. "But I like him."

"You can't like him, Harry," Negan growled. "You don't even know him."

"I can like whoever I want," Harry childishly snapped back. "I find him funny."

"Back at you, little raven," Abraham snickered.

"Enough!" Negan roared. "Harry, I'm the leader and my word is law. The only reason we have survived this long is because I'm strong enough to do what needs to be done. I am going to finish what I started so I suggest that you go the hell home."

Harry flinched as if struck when his mate yelled at him, Negan very seldom raised his voice to him like that. Negan knew all about his past abuse at the hands of his relatives so he had always been very carful with losing his temper with him. Even now, after almost two years, he still suffered from nightmares, flashbacks, and panic attacks.

Regretting losing his temper with his precious mate, Negan reached his hand out to him, surprised when he stepped into his embrace and wrapped his arms around his waist. Even though he couldn't hear anything, he could tell from the dampness on his neck that Harry was crying.

"Negan, I love you more than anything and I'm proud to have a mate strong enough to protect me, but I can't live knowing that your killing innocent people because of me. I don't care if you kill because you're being attacked, I understand that, but what you are doing I can't condone."

Sniffling and wiping at his eyes, Harry stepped away from Negan and away from from his warmth and safety. "I'm not going to stop you from killing one of these people, but it won't be the only life you will be taking tonight."

The smile Negan was sporting after hearing that his mate wasn't going to stop him slid off his face. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm not going to let you use me as an excuse for murdering anymore," Harry said, voice barely above a whisper. "I'll be taking my own life when I get home."

Harry jumped back and fell backwards when his mate lunged for him. Whimpering, he brought his arms up to protect his face. Negan had never struck him before, but years of abuse was hard to forget about. He learned from a young age how to protect the more vulnerable parts of his body.

Harry let out a loud oomph of air when a large body fell on his. "You lay a hand on him and I'll rip your arm off and shove it up your hairy ass."

For once speechless, Negan just stood there pale and in shock. After a few minutes of silence, he looked to the large ginger who was shielding his lover with his massive body. "Get off of him," he hissed dangerously. "He's mine."

Abraham didn't blink or break eye contact with the man. "You can beat the holy fuck out of me, but I'm not going to sit back and watch while you hurt this boy."

"I have never laid a hand on him and I'm not about to start," Negan said somewhat taken aback. He couldn't believe that the man he had been seconds away from killing was protecting his mate from him.

Slowly sitting up, Harry placed his small hand on Abraham's shoulder. "He speaks the truth. He won't hurt me."

"Then why are you acting as if being struck is something you're use to?"

"My past is my own," Harry mumbled, finally getting the guts to look up at his mate.

"You can't kill yourself, you can't hurt anyone," Negan said, his heart in his throat. Harry was his everything, just the thoughtful of losing him scared him more than anything.

"Anyone else," Harry corrected. "I can take my own life and I will if you keep killing innocent people."

Clenching his teeth painfully together, Negan turned to Rick. "Get your men and get the fuck out of here. If you or your men kill another of my group I will hunt you down and kill every last one of you."

"What if your men attack first?" Harry asked tiredly, slowly getting back to his feet. He just wanted to go home and go to sleep cuddled up against his mate. Even though he was horrified that Negan had killed innocents, he still loved him with all his heart and there was nothing that would change that.

"Harry," Negan growled in warning.

"No," Harry cried in exasperation. "Dammit, Negan, I just want to go home." Turning away from his mate, he looked to Rick. "Do you promise not to hurt or kill our men unless provoked?"

"Yeah, I can agree to that," Rick carefully agreed, "but it's more than just killing. He's taking almost everything from Hilltop."

Wanting to cry, Harry rubbed at his tired eyes. "Can we just agree on this for now and then meet at a later time to discuss everything else?"

"Will you be at the meeting, little Raven?" Abraham asked. He really liked the spunky little brat.

Harry said yes at the exact same time that Negan said no. "I will be there," Harry stressed, narrowing his eyes at his mate. "I don't like leaving the compound or getting involved, but I see now that I have to."

"That's not how things work around here," Dwight said petulantly.

"Did he just talk to me?" Harry asked Abraham with a shake of his head.

"He did indeed," Abraham nodded with a smirk. He liked this kid, he was kind but he also had fire in him.

"That's what I thought," Harry sighed heavily.

Dwight gulped nervously when the green eyed wizard turned his glare on him. He hated the kid as much as he hated him. Unfortunately he couldn't take him out, Negan would very slowly and very painfully kill him if he so much as even looked at Harry wrong. He normally tried to steer clear of the kid, and luckily Harry normally kept to himself, but there were times like this that he just wanted to beat the shit out of him for interfering in matters that didn't concern him.

As much as he wanted to hurt or kill him, it wasn't just Negan stopping him. The kid was scary powerful. He never knew of the existence of witches and wizards until he joined Negan's group, and Harry was the first warning that Negan gave. You didn't mess with Harry or question his magic, anyone who did ended up dead. Harry himself couldn't hurt anyone for some unknown reason, but he had been known to prank people so horribly that it left them almost wishing for death. One man that pissed him off he cursed him so that every time someone said the word gun, he lost control of his bladder and bowels. The poor bastard was constantly pissing and shitting himself. Even after he begged on hands and knees to Harry to lift the curse, the little brat still refused. The guy took off late that night and was found three days later wandering the woods as a walker.

Harry pulled out his wand and started twirling it. "Dwight, do you have something to say to me?"

"No," Dwight hissed between clenched teeth.

"Pussy," Abraham mumbled.

Harry threw his head back and laughed. "I really like you, big red. My mate has all these people at his disposal and they're nothing but bullies who think they're better than everyone else. I don't know how my Negan can put up with them."

Negan grabbed his mate and roughly tugged him back against his chest, he didn't like seeing him all cozy with the ginger. "You owe me for not killing one of them tonight," he said, dropping his hand and squeezing his mate's tight little ass.

"Not tonight, love, I'm exhausted," Harry smirked. He could feel Negan's considerable bulge pushing against his stomach. His mate always did get turned on when he was threatening someone. "Maybe if you would have stayed home we could have had some fun, but alas you had to go and be a bully."

Groaning, Negan rested his head on Harry's shoulder. "I'm being punished, aren't I?"

"Maybe just a little," Harry chuckled. "I love you're body too much to hold out too long. I would only be punishing myself at that point. I'm just too tired tonight and I still have to heal the man with the gunshot wound to the shoulder."

Negan knew not to argue with Harry, his little magical elf couldn't walk away from an injured person, even if he hated that person and wanted to see them suffer. He was compelled by his nature to heal any injured person that he encountered.

Harry reluctantly pulled away from Negan and approached the man with the hole in his shoulder. He didn't look the friendliest, but he also didn't look like he would hurt him. "What's your name?" he asked, dropping to his knees in front of the man.

"I don't need you to heal me?" Daryl growled roughly.

"Of course not," Harry said sweetly. "It's great fun to walk around with a hole in your shoulder bleeding all over the place. I bet you will be a big help to your people that way. If you don't allow me to heal it, you will have permanent damage to that shoulder and arm. Having a disability isn't safe in this new world, just ask Dwight, he's mentally disabled."

"He's got you there, Dwight," Negan laughed loudly.

"I said that I don't need no..."

"Shut up," Harry sighed tiredly. "Do I have to call big red over to hold you down like a little whiny toddler? I swear I will if I have to. I can't go home and crash until you are healed and I get seriously cranky when I get tired. It would be in your best interest to just shut the fuck up and let me get to healing."

Sneering, Daryl dropped the blanket that he had draped over his shoulders. "Daryl," he muttered.

"Hi, Daryl, I'm Harry," Harry introduced. "I'm going to be healing you the same way that I healed Maggie and her baby. It wont hurt, but it may feel a little weird." Waiting a minute to make sure Daryl understood and agreed, Harry reached out and placed his hand on Daryl's injured shoulder.

Daryl gasped when heat shot through his shoulder and down his arm. "What the fuck are you? Are you an alien?"

Still concentrating on healing the wound, Harry gave a soft chuckle. "Well I am from England and not a legal American citizen, but I don't think that shit matters anymore. As for being an alien from outer space? Sorry to disappoint, I'm mostly human."

"Mostly?" Daryl asked shrewdly.

Panting slightly from the strain healing Daryl was taking on him, Harry glanced up and winked at him. "Mostly," he confirmed. "You would be surprised how many non human creatures are in the world, and I'm not counting the dead. Well with the exception of vampires, they're obviously dead."

Daryl wanted to protest the existence of vampires, but it was hard to deny the existence of anything supernatural when the dead were walking and his shoulder was knitting back together from just a touch from the boy.

Swaying slightly, Harry looked up and smiled gratefully when his mate swooped down and scooped him up. "You're riding back with me, Simon can bring your bike."

"So tired," Harry mumbled sleepily. "I can see the sun coming up."

"You can sleep all day, doll."

"M'gonna," Harry yawned. "Took a lot healing Maggie. Her baby was almost dead."

"They didn't deserve healing," Negan said grumpily.

Groaning, Harry rested his cheek on his mate's shoulder. "Neither do your men, but I heal them anyway. Promise that you won't kill Rick and his men."

"For now," Negan sighed.

"I like them, they're under my protection now."

"Of course they are," Negan said moodily. Feeling that Harry was out of it, Negan turned back to the kneeling group. "Think about what could have happened tonight and what would have happened had Harry not interfered. I don't give second chances so count yourselves lucky. We will be having that meeting as soon as my little one up to it. I want you to remember what he did for you this evening. You can hate me all you want, hell I want you to hate and fear me, but you treat my boy with the respect that he deserves. If you hurt him, I will fucking kill you and there wont be anything he can do or say that will stop me."

Turning his back on the group, Negan walked briskly to their RV with his precious cargo and gently laid him on one of the seats. He wasn't happy that Harry interfered with his plans, but there was nothing he could do about it now. He didn't like looking weak in front of his men or the group from Alexandria, but he couldn't deny Harry anything. He knew that if he would have killed the ginger in front of his boy that he probably would have never forgiven him. Harry seemed to take instantly to the crude loudmouth.

Still, he wasn't going to let them off that easy. He took their RV and left them with no other transportation and it was a good twenty miles back to Alexandria. They would probably make for Hilltop, which was only ten miles away, but either way they had a hell of a walk ahead of them through Walker infested territory.

Rick almost collapsed onto the dirt ground when the last of the Saviors drove away. He could admit, he had never been so scared in his life or felt so helpless. Negan hadn't been bluffing, he would have beaten Abraham to death if that strange boy hadn't showed up.

"What in the hairy saggy balls just happened?" Abraham exclaimed loudly.

"More like, what the hell was that boy?" Daryl growled.

"Maggie!" Glenn cried, stumbling to his feet, his numb legs giving out on him.

"I don't care who or what he was," Maggie said softly, one hand resting on her stomach. "He saved my baby."

"We can't know that for sure," Rick pointed out. "We need to get to Hilltop and have you looked over by their doctor."

"But I do know," Maggie grinned. "I don't know how to explain it, but I just know that my baby is alright...my little boy.

"I know how she feels," Daryl said, rubbing the shoulder that had been shot. He had aches and pains in his shoulder and arm that went back from when he had broken it as a kid, but now it felt perfect, brand new. The boy had healed more than just the gunshot.

Rick got to his feet feeling numb. "Let's head to Hilltop anyway and have the doctor check you over."

"What are we going to do about Negan, dad?" Carl asked.

"Nothing," Rick reluctantly admitted. "He's smart and has more men and guns than us. I think we should try to work with him."

"Not him, but the little Raven," Abraham corrected. "We will never be able to work peacefully with that bastard, but the kid is another story. I say we give him a chance."

"He does have Negan wrapped around his little finger," Michonne chuckled.

"Not to mention he saved my ginger ass," Abraham added. He had been close to death before, but this had been too damn close for him. He had seen his life flash before his eyes.

"We're all alive," Rick said, "that's all that matters. We will worry about Negan and the boy after we get safely behind Hilltop's walls."